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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Briefcase Ch. 06

group MissSenses 2018-06-20

Eric dropped the other knee, planting both on the floor between her heels, as one hand released the material of her gown, "Hold her for me, Justin," he instructed, lifting her leg to curl it over his shoulder, grasping her raised cheek into his hand. She whimpered against Eric's lips as she felt Justin's gentle hands part the cheeks of her rear and a second later, his tongue. A second later she slapped Eric's shoulder with the palm of her hand and then curled her fingers nails into his flesh, as she felt the heavy pressure of whatever toy he'd promised. Eric sat back on his ankles, pulling her up onto his thighs, moving into her at different angle, as Justin stood on his knees, rubbing the tip of his cock against the circle of her nipple.


Lucy, A Letter From Work

group Chaingun 2018-06-20

When I found out I had to stick around, I considered telling him to fuck off, but I did my usual "good employee" bit and said, "Yes, Sir." And that's how you got the text message with the disappointing news that I wasn't going to make it home in time for the bedroom fun we've been planning all week. "Yep, that sounds like a personal problem." So I was failing to make any impression on her of the anger I was feeling or the fact that you were waiting at home for me in the hopes that I would finish earlier than expected and get to spend a little time with you.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-06-20

Amber laughed, knowing that Mike was teasing, "Fourteen thousand, but I had to pay out a little over two thousand in marketing expenses to a limo driver and a concierge who had recommended me to their customers." On the way back to the city, Mike said, "I want you to meet a couple of special people, but you can't ask who it is until we get there." He drove on some back roads through Newburyport, and ended pulling through a wrought iron gate, and driving up a long driveway to a stately home. Amber muttered, "I guess some Chardonnay if it's not too much trouble." Before she sat and just as Kir turned to leave, Amber said, "Oh, let me come with you to help carry things outside."


How I became a BBC slut. (Part Three)

group SFS 2018-06-20

I went down on her, her thighs gripping my head, as she came in one massive orgasm, squirting in my face, his cock sliding in and out of me as his wife watched from below. She kissed me, her tongue in my mouth, as Tyson berated Eamon for not filming us, her bare tits pressed on mine, I caressed her arse, she was naked, but for her heels. I looked again, and saw Tyson had brought the twins close, so they could watch their whore mother being fucked, as he fingered them both. Then he slipped it inside my cunt, fucked me quickly, until I came, the had the girls suck it clean.

The Party

group bluehowler 2018-06-20

I am happy that you like my home, and if John doesn't mind, maybe I could give you a grand tour later on." Don smiled as he took Beth's hand and kissed it gently. Johns cock twitched as he watched them being pulled down his wife's arms. By now John was slowly stroking his cock as he watched Don step away from his wife to look her up and down. The pre cum on Beth's breasts glistened as she stood up and walked towards Don. Don sat stroking his cock as he watched this young wife obeying his demand. Mike was soon standing in front of Beth offering his cock to her lips, and she happily obliged by opening her mouth.


Sex in the Champagne Room

group realife 2018-06-20

At last we convinced a few other people to join us in the bubbly hot tub, grabbing 3 bottles of champagne to enjoy in the water. Chris licked the champagne off of my tits, circling my nipples lightly with the tip of his tongue. In the meantime, John was licking Jen's tits while Crystal finger fucked herself. (On a side not, I think that girls DO know the right things to do to one another.) Still riding Chris, faster and faster as my cunt became more soaked, I pulled Crystal closer and kissed her. I used 2 fingers on Crystal, shoving them into her as hard and deep as Chris was shoving his cock into my cunt.

Imagine (broken style)

group grandcokin84 2018-06-20

She knows how to stroke less or stop so I dont cum You hope having permission to suck She tells you: slut, wrap your mouth tight around his glans. She's making me cum very hard the next seconds Some cum left your mouth, came on my cock and her hand There she slaps your ass so hard that your cheeks become red and blue The only thing you know is that the taste of my cum is still in your mouth You just feel a hard cock sliding in your puss, beginning to fuck you so hard that you cry again, from having pleasure finally and from the pain cause your slut ass hurts so much You feel so slutty then, nobody ever came in your ass

Show me the way to go home.....I'm tired and

group fmac 2018-06-20

Tracy was no more than 5 inches from the blow job happening in front of her eyes and when she pushed her finger right into the tramp’s arse she could see at close quarters the rippling of his cock and the almost choke and sneeze of the woman as he shot his load into her sucking mouth. ”Gwaan Charlie” said Katie and Charlie did what nobody had done yet tonight.He reached down and ripped her pants off her with a single swipe which nearly split her in two, and thrust three fingers straight into her cunt...Three dirty, long-nailed fingers thrusting into her deep and hard.

Bus Ride

group Jinxskunk 2018-06-20

What I thought was going to be a little bit of innocent groping on the bus turned out to be much more. As I have said, the bus was very crowded, and I noticed that it was all men my age pressed in next to this cute young thing, my age being 35. Hesitating only for a moment, I reached my hand forward and placed it solidly on the roundness of her ass. I reached my fingers up under her shorts, revealing the curve of her ass to my hand. He was much faster and harder about fingering her, and the other man, being displaced, found the next available hole, the round tightness of her ass.


An Emily Story: Gangbang

group B5040905 2018-06-20

Emily, already nude from sucking off the sales rep that was by chance in my office when she walked in, dropped to her knees before the first man to get naked and started stroking his cock to life. Autumn smacked Jr. boy's ass and he stopped with his dick still in Becky's bald pussy. Becky moaned around old dude's wide load and started to buck on Jr. Boy's cock, trying to get him to move again. Not sure if was the dirty talk or Autumn licking Becky around his cock but Jr. Boy went next. She got some cum off of Emily's face with her middle finger and stuck it forcefully in Becky's mouth.

My UK Adventure Pt. 05: Conclusion

group kat4funn 2018-06-20

He started to laugh and before he could to say something to me, an ugly very fat guy with a beard hurried out, caught us and shouted, "Wait bloke; how much to shag your lovely old-lady?" He smiled, took my hand, turned me to look at three other blokes who watched me getting it and said, "Do any of you guys want to shag my old-lady too?" Standing I front of them; I took off my thong and sensually said, "Such nice hard cocks you guys have. Laughing Danny said, "Well, I'm going to fuck that beautiful arse you have Kathryn. He chuckled and answered, "Well Kat, some of the guys saw you at the castle today and wanted to know how much to shag you.


My bi dream

group newsub4rall 2018-06-20

I started to raise to answer it, only to be pushed down back on the couch as Sarah walked to the door, opened it, and swung her arms around a man easily 6'2", 190lbs with a solid frame who I could only assume to be Brandon--handsome in his own way, though rugged would not be the word used to describe him. So, with that in mind, I broke contact from his dick, closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could and tilted my head back as Sarah simultaneously rushed around to our side--it was her turn for the perfect view.

Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 09

group Megamuffin 2018-06-20

"Oh nothing," Matt said as I watched Sarah stride into the kitchen with a big grin on her face, and I saw her eyes dart down to my still-erect cock. With the shower now shut off, I could hear the sounds of vigorous fucking coming from the living room, and smiled at the idea of Melanie and Amber switching back and forth for rides of Jack's and Ryan's hard cocks. "Yeah, I'm going to have one of the door guys from the bar working the elevator to bring people up," he said. "I'll see you guys in a little while," Matt said, and he set off down the hall back toward the restaurant-end of the building.


Lilly Ch. 02

group Nox661 2018-06-20

Lilly looked through eyes half lidded with lust and pleasure and saw the mirror which was positioned against the wall in such a way as to give her a direct view of the slightly open door, and what's more she realized in shock to give the person who was watching her masturbate a perfect view of her exposed body, but it wasn't a teacher like she had expected but instead Tom. The feeling of being watched made her even hornier and she decided to give him a show worth watching. Lilly could feel her orgasm starting to build inside of her and kept her half closed eyes locked on the sight of Tom stroking his cock in the mirror while she continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy.

The Toy Shoppe

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-06-20

We have come for the vibrator for my ass that you promised me, but we spend plenty of time looking around at all the different items available. I whimper in desire, only to scream out in surprise as I feel the paddle come down on my left ass cheek. She begins to land blow after blow on my ass, sometimes on either cheek, sometimes right in the middle, pushing the vibrator into me and making me scream in painful pleasure. You realize that I cannot take much more, and with a final thrust of your fingers, a final sucking of my clit, and a final twisting of my nipples, you crawl out from under me, and hold your hand up for the store girl to stop.

Pool Boy Ch. 08

group BigZeke13 2018-06-20

The guy cop had come around the van and had pushed his cock into Erin's pussy from behind. I began a slow and long fucking motion and Erin was in a continuous moan of, "AAAHHH AAAHHHH AAAHHH." I could feel her body beginning to tense and when she crashed over the top of her orgasm her mouth flew open. I instinctively looked down to watch my cock disappear in her mouth but Emma planted her naked pussy on my face before I could even get a glimpse. Alexis' blowjob was incredible but short-lived as she pulled back and maneuvered her legs up my thighs and pushed her pussy down on my cock.


Feast Of The Rose Garlands

group OhMissScarlett 2018-06-20

On the day of the feast, Hannelore was dressed and groomed by her sister-in-law, Fye. Fye was a buxom and loud country girl who was married to Hanne's eldest brother, Jakob. "My father told me all about your looks and how you might bear me many children, but nothing of your interests." Alaric said while admiring the way she sat with her small hands folded in her lap. "Willhelm Van Broyen told me yesterday he believes that you are the most beautiful and intelligent girl in Germany, I'm glad to see he didn't lie to me." Alaric said and kissed her hand again. "As you wish, then I shall devote much of my time to pleasing you." Hanne said and Alaric once again couldn't help but grin at her, so pure and radiant.


Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 04

group hotmann 2018-06-20

As the blowjob went on, I saw Anna look towards the bedroom, wondering if my wife Amanda was going to join us, or what my plan was. Anna had even put her hair up in a bun, so while it wasn't wet and clean like Amanda's, it did not look like the bedhead it did when she went into the bathroom. Amanda froze, apparently more nervous that I knew she was naked under her dress, while Anna gave me a look of 'happy now' as I proved there was no bra under there either. After picking out my entree, I lazily kept looking at the menu and slid my left hand up Anna's leg and under her skirt.


Hotel Threesome

group 2018-06-20

A continued and unbuttoned her blouse before sliding it off her shoulders and then stood in front of M in her bra, corset, stockings, suspenders, panties and boots. I knelt on the bed beside A's head, she mouthed 'I love you' and then began to suck my cock slowly. M began to fuck A slowly whilst she sucked on my cock with me supporting her head and playing with her nipples which I know she loves. M quickly moved round the edge of the bed pulling off the condom and then knelt opposite me by A's head with the tip of his cock by the corner of his mouth. She leaned over and whilst rubbing his cum into her neck and down onto her tits and corset she sucked his cock clean.

Valena the Witch

group drelord2102 2018-06-20

Letting their third orgasm subside a bit, Valena lifted herself from Samen and shifted on top of Vedro with Harold latched onto her pussy keeping the juices inside by locking it with his tongue and mouth. As she withdrew from Vedro and moved on to Jerak, her first two exhausted love slaves held her from both sides and Harold started eating the her double creampied pussy. Naturally, Harold became an interested party to ensure Valena receives regular doses of creampie loads inside her pussy which he needs to eat to survive. She has been living alone in her secluded small home in the Red Mountains with her cuckold slave Harold and four love slaves Samen, Vedro, Tony and Jerak comfortably.

Don't Let Me Go

group HornyMissHell 2018-06-20

He is going in," her lover soothed her, his eyes on her widening pussy, the lips wrapped around another man's cock. I need to be fucked." He loved seeing her this way, hearing her say such things while he held her open for another man to take. She cried out when his cock rammed her cervix with all his strength and they both had to hold her down hard until the man pulled out of her at least, leaving her pussy gaping and trailing a string of her juices that dripped to the floor. "Yes, my love, let him inside you." The man pushed a little harder, feeling the strong resistance of her pussy.

Pilots Get Lucky

group sssofftee 2018-06-20

I leaned back in my chair with my eyes closed, visualizing Kristi sitting astride a supine Jason, riding him like a wild cowgirl on her first stallion. By the time we met for dinner that night, Kristi and Jason were already pretty happy. I hadn't tried to hide my interest in that girl's braless condition, and as she walked away with Jason, I could feel Kristi watching me stare at the disappearing beauty. Jason had already seen us kissing, but, as if to remove all doubt, Kristi turned right in front of him and lip-locked me again with another long, wet kiss. As we watched, with Kristi softly stroking everything she found inside my pants, two women in the movie embraced and fell into a long kiss.


Slightest Intentions Ch. 03

group supahstoopid 2018-06-20

I wanted him to fuck me harder and swiveled my ass and hips around his cock, and in response Jay rammed his manhood deep inside me making me gasp, making Fred's cock to once again pop out of my mouth, this time smearing my lips and chin with juices and saliva. Having regained his composure, Jay put his hands on my ass and would push down as if to help me maximize the amount of cock I could get inside me, obviously enjoying watching me fuck his friend. In the weeks that followed I soon found myself living at the behest of Fred, Jay, Mike and Sam. The only deterrent, it seemed, was my insistence that these encounters occur in a motel or hotel of my choice, for which the guys had to pay.


Louise and Simon Visit Pt. 02

group Annatartywife 2018-06-20

As Peter slammed into Louise and began fucking the crap out of her really hard, Bill had worked his way to the side of her and she dipped her head down and sucked on him at the same time. Bill was watching and wanking, sweat dripping from his forehead until she finally let go of her hold on the tree and was shoved forward onto her hands and knees and the two guys really got to work on her doggy-style, kneeling on the woodland floor like a set of rutting deer. The session was fantastic and as Franks spunking subsided over my face and Simon plopped out of me, I watched intently as Bills final spurts shot over Louise's face and tits.