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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Swingers Party

group Ronnie 1946 2018-06-20

Just when I was thinking I could come with this attention George withdrew his fingers from my cunt and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was trying to pull him down to my mouth when I felt my cunt lips being gently prised apart and fingers slipping into my pussy. My legs still spread apart, my orgasm gradually subsiding, George knelt between them and pushed his stiff, fat cock into my cunt. Maria looked up at Rob, took her hand away from her breast, placed it over Rob’s rampant cock and drew him into her mouth. Like any man he loves having his cock sucked and he had placed both his hands either side of her head, but was letting her take control.

Heading South

group 2018-06-20

white women dating black men and the mixing of the Miriam was embarrassed by the way that the white women Miriam had heard her friend talk about sex before but blonde teacher loved the old black man's Jamaican Miriam also knew why these white women were down Miriam looked up to see one of the resort's black The young black cabana boy saw that her pussy hair was Miriam continued dancing with the young black She watched as Miriam's firm white legs came up to Mathuga fucked the pretty white woman like he had never Miriam was fucked that night by all of the black men, Miriam had been stretched out enough to take Old Black

Me and My Buddy's Dad Threeway

group geminimission 2018-06-20

I turned my head slightly to look towards the door and there was Tom standing just outside, naked with his thick 8 inch cock in his right hand stroking it slowly. Denise was on her way to cumming again as I fingered her and I knew she was oblivious to Tom. I motioned for him to move to us and he did so that his big cock was just above my face. I rolled Denise off me and she turned around to face Tom. She reached out and grabbed a hold of his monster and started to stroke it, working it like a pro. I pushed in with so much force her face went into his crotch and she took his cock, slimy with her own juices into her hot mouth.

Potting Amy's Pink

group Mag58 2018-06-20

Smugly, I slowly sat on a stool, next to the window; making sure that they got a good look at my arse, as Dec bought the drinks. I couldn’t concentrate on giving Dec a blowjob, because Shay was hammering away, so hard, at my cunt, so he held my head, in place, and fucked my mouth. While the fat lad, Louie changed places with Shay; I grabbed Dec’s cock and furiously rubbed the shaft until he fired loads and loads of his lovely hot spunk into my aching mouth. I struggled to hold onto the table as JJ pushed his long cock deep into my mouth until it touched my tonsils as Louie fucked my cunt fast and furiously, with short sharp thrusts.


A Handyman's Wife Ch. 01

group riverboy 2018-06-20

The UPS guy and me had been flirty right from the start, so it was super hot to be caught by him with a cock in my mouth, and he sorta knew that Ronnie and me are the Mr. and Mrs. of the household, so catching me like that clued him into all kinds of things about me. I mean I don't want him to suck on one or anything like that, that's just not who Ronnie is, so I don't think I'd find that hot at all, but having him near it, and realizing they were gonna be so close together when they were inside me, that was making me fucking tingle big time.


Ugly Women, Hot Lays

group Libertine 2018-06-20

She said that she was sure that we all would get a good time if I treated Linda in the right way and not letting her understand that I found her ugly. "Well you know, big feet, long cock," Linda said giggling heavily. The feet we already know about." The sisters laughed heavily and looked expectantly at my wife. You are a lucky woman Eva, to enjoy such a big lovely cock whenever you like," she added with envy and longing in her voice. Linda and Yvonne had the middle beds which left the ones on each side to me and Eva. She had just shrugged her shoulders and accepted not to sleep next to me.


Liz and Donna and Me

group scottish-couple 2018-06-20

The fact was, we had no idea what Donna's sex life was like, that is until Liz got to know her better. "Tonight, I'm going see if Donna feels the same connection as I do", said Liz as she was getting ready to go out to dinner on a girls-night-out. "I told Donna that I'd had the strangest feeling when we were together, that there was some strong and sexy attraction thing going on between us, but that I'd been too nervous to talk about it until now. Donna swallowed hard and said she'd felt it from the moment we'd met, but that she wasn't comfortable talking about in such a public place. You know I'm so not wild about getting head, but Donna was so good at it and it felt so wonderful.

A Visit to Remember

group FlirtyOne 2018-06-20

It’s good to see you.” Rebecca pulled away and held the door open for Mark, and watched his ass in his tight jeans walk past her into the hallway. Sean and Mark were talking about buddies from school, mostly people Rebecca didn’t know, so she found it hard to pay attention to the conversation. Mark had filled out to the point that his body was shaped very much like Sean’s, and Sean knew that Rebecca was attracted to him. Both men wanted to push her over the edge, so Sean reached down and began fondling her breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples roughly like he knew she loved.


A Surprise for Jenny

group ruralgoddess 2018-06-20

I'm going to bring them in to see you tied like this, your pussy all wet with wondering what's going to happen and so turned on by the very wickedness of it that you wish you could get a hand free not to loose yourself but to rub it over your clit and make yourself cum." She wants you to lick her pussy." Jenny blushed just thinking about it, and squirmed against her bonds as she thought of his hands twisted in her hair, gently pushing her face between the other woman's legs, her tongue making contact with that soft, pink flesh... She could feel it spreading to her thighs as she continued to think about her face buried between some woman's legs, Peter's cock pounding a steady rhythm in her ass.


Unexpected Encounter Ch. 2

group oddone 2018-06-20

When Amy told us she would join us in the bedroom in a few minutes, Fred walked over putting his arm around Sue's waist and started to walk out of the kitchen, he called back saying, "Cmon, Jack follow us for some more fun!!" I followed them down the hallway, Sue and Fred turned toward each other and started to kiss as they walked, and I couldn't help it, as I looked at Sue's incredibly tight sexy ass as she walked, but feel my still half-hard cock begin to swell again.


A Journey through Pleasure Ch. 01

group knightriderTA 2018-06-20

My reply to her was instant, "You are looking eatable enough and I'm sure you will work yourself with girls too if you don't get a guy.", my reply was full of tease since everyone knows that Rebecca is bi although she is too shy to admit it. The two guys looked up and smiled at me, 'Hey hotness you wanna join?" One of them asked me but my voice must have disappeared as the only sound which came out of my lips was a primal growl. Reghanne dipped her head between my thighs and licked along my slit making me squirm and I wrapped my hand around thick and bulging shaft of Austin, his dick head purple like an angry beast and I licked it tasting salt there.

Gail Porter is fucked

group stuartmahoney 2018-06-20

Jerry was now slowly caressing her breasts and he bent down and started licking each of her nipples causing even more moans from Gail who was almost crying with her desire to come but we were teasing her for just a tiny bit longer. She gasped at the size of Jerry's erection and watched as he touched his engorged tip across her swollen open lips then gently he pushed every last inch easily deep inside Gail Porter's vagina. As Jerry started pushing in an out of her, pulling right out then thrusting all the way deep inside her until his balls banged on her bottom, I let go of her head and left it all to him and Gail and stood back and watched my favourite girl getting the ultimate fucking of her lifetime and by God was she enjoying it?

Extra Credit: Human Anatomy

group djrip 2018-06-20

The girls moved with him, rotating a bit so that Amy's plump, soft lips cradled the underside of his cock, sliding down toward his balls while Rachel took the tip of the head into her mouth. "Diane, don't let it get cold, now," said Miss Kay. She reached down and patted Bill's cock, rolling it over Lydia's face, spreading slick pre-cum over her. Miss Kay held his cock and touched the tip to the girl's upper lip, moving it back and forth to smear pre-cum over her like lipstick. "Okay." Diane turned to the girl beside her, who leaned in and gingerly licked a little bit of the cum from her cheek, moving it around in her mouth, tasting it.


Swingers Club Dark Room

group ByMickey 2018-06-20

The swingers club gives Carla and Matthew a certain feeling of freedom. Carla and Matthew walked further into the room and they start to hear all these different sounds. She knew there was a couple standing on her left side and she saw people coming in when the second curtain moved aside, but she couldn't see where those people went. Her breast are being touched by a woman, her pussy is getting fingered by a strange man, she is giving a hand job to another stranger while he gets a blow job from another woman. Matthew is still playing with the first woman's ass and pussy while she jerks him off behind Carla.

Paradiso Ch. 21

group SlyKink 2018-06-20

Sara didn't answer, but just put her hand on Lana's shoulder and gently pushed her to her knees while moving her legs apart to allow the sexy redhead a good view. I felt other hands feeling me up as I did this but didn't know whose they were until Phan broke the kiss and I opened my eyes just in time to see Krista lean in to take one of my nipples in her mouth. Overcome with lust by the sight, I looked back to Krista, who was still busily rimming Phan's tight little hole, and I pulled her anus apart with my thumbs one more time before pulling my cock out of her pussy and sliding it into the warm rectal passage that was somewhat less tight thanks to my massage.


All Too True

group Jaywesal 2018-06-20

I had gone down on Mary and brought her to an orgasm then taking her favorite vibrator began slowly moving it over her clit, her hands pushed mine away and I watched as she took over. Mary pulled her fingers from between us, and slipping off the bed stood behind Kay. Reaching around she undid the front clasp of the bra, letting it fall off Kay’s shoulders. “…oooooommmmggggg….” Finally I was empty and I felt Mary slowly slip her finger out, my cock although losing its strength was still held firmly inside Kay. I want to try that too…I’ve never done that before either.” Kay hands moved to her slit and before my eyes she opened the top of her slit with the fingers of one hand and pulled the sheath back exposing her dark pink clit.


Sonja at the kama sutra convention

group volleballen77 2018-06-20

The rest of the room was a big mattres and a bench with some decorations to lighten it up a bit, I grabbed a chair and sat down, I turned my attention towards the camera when Robin came in, 'You're gonna take pictures, great!' he said and set up a video camera, 'You know how to use that?' he asked, I confirmed and he gave me a few tips, from where I could take the best pictures, that I had to watch out I wasn't in his frame, etc. I snapped a couple of more pictures while she was blowing me but soon I couldn't handle the camera any more, I put it away and with some help from Sonja I got undressed, I lay down naked beside her and we kissed while my hands caressed her body.

Hoodie Gang on Top of His Daughter

group cowboy109 2018-06-20

Jenny thanked the teacher, picked up her graded essay, and walked back to her seat. Class, you should really pay attention to her confidence to make her own opinion and support it with a suave argumentation," said the teacher waving for Julia to stand up. "So, are you going to flunk like me next quarter?" asked Ramon, a Mexican guy with mad curly hair who only dressed in black. Ramon pulled a little bag of weed out of his pants pocket, which was pretty hard because he was sitting Indian style and doubled forward to fit under the low roof that the balcony made. I can't sleep!" called the female neighbor after Jenny, raising her finger in that way that old people wag their wrinkled and age spotted fingers.


On Her Knees to Please

group MikesKitty 2018-06-20

Mike opened the door to his room, took the floor between the door and his bed in two long strides, and threw her down on the bed, pushing her back and kissing her as he moved on top of her, letting her feel his erection through their clothes as his tongue explored her sweet mouth. Gene dragged an ice cube over the back of her knee and then began to kiss her there, making her moan, while Mike rubbed her thighs with his cold fingers and hot mouth. Mike moved up to thrust his tongue in her mouth, making her moan as Gene traveled back down her body, filling her navel with cold liquid and licking it out. Mike held Jen's hips to keep her still as Gene slowly slid the head of his huge cock into Jennifer's tight ass.


The Resort Ch. 01

group jim313 2018-06-20

As soon as Gina felt Tracy's breath on her crotch, she spread her legs as much as she could to give her full access as she loved having her pussy sucked while she had a nice thick penis in her mouth. Gina sat back and thanked both of them for a wonderful time and promised that as soon as they got to the hotel, she would reciprocate with Tracy as she couldn't wait to get to know her properly. Gina asked what room they were in and Maria told her so she took leave of them and headed to her room to see John and told Tracy and Bill she would phone them shortly as she really couldn't wait for them to get together with him.


A Bet's a Bet

group lollipop77 2018-06-20

Whispering in her ear "Suck that big hard cock baby, I know he likes that, I love it when you do that to me" Her hands rubbing his balls, slowly licking up and down the shaft of his cock, running her tongue over its head. Jim slides up next to Marsha, whispers in her ear "Ride his cock baby, I know you want to, I want to watch you cum on him, then we can play some more" Not needing a second invitation, Marsha slide up John's body rolled a condom onto him and started to lower her wet pussy onto his big thick cock.


Two is Fun; Three is Fantastic

group maggiemay 2018-06-20

When I shook my head no, that really turned him on, and he positioned himself where he could play with his cock as I parted Helen's legs and began to lick and suck on her tender lips. All of this turned Jimmy on again, and he rolled me over on my side, and told Helen to shove the dildo up my ass while he fucked my pussy. When I awoke a few hours later, I smelled of Helen all over my face and Jimmy between my legs and I played with myself while I remembered the whole afternoon's play, and somewhere in the back of my naughty little mind I wanted to get another taste of pussy and this time without Jimmy looking on.

Our First Swinging Experience


After they came back both of us went to the loo & after coming back I found Dheeraj already sitting next to Anju.He was holding her hands, I could see Anju’s blushing & her face flushed. “aahh, jara dhire se “[oh slowly] kalpana whispered, bahut mota hai’ but I was beyond caring I gave another thrust & was halfway in Kalpana lifted her legs & made in scissor on my back, she started lifting her hips to accommodate such a monster [later on my wife told me that Dheeraj’s cock was not even four inches & very small in thickness too] I started humping her & went fully in her love box. After lying for some time I took Anju to our room, couldn’t wait to make love to her & as we started we heard the same noises from Dheeraj & Kalpana’s room.

My Girlfriend's Best Friend Ch. 01

group filthylittlesecret 2018-06-20

Mandy on her hands and knees at my feet, Karen opposite her in the same position, lapping each other's mouths as I stare down at Mandy's ass raised between my legs, noticing her panties starting to creep in between her ass cheeks, giving me a view of the outline of her pussy lips underneath them as they cling tightly to her body. I watch as Karen gets down on her hands and knees like a professional photographer and takes a close up photo of Mandy with her mouth all the way down around my cock, her lips clamped tightly around the base of my shaft, a mix of my precum and her saliva dripping out the sides of her lips and down her neck.