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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Directions Ch. 02

group InnocentThai 2018-06-20

I could not of course see what was happening but I could certainly feel Malee's body stiffen and then relax and I assumed that the rear end approach and the cold gel caused the initial tensing but I could see that Tip's hand was now moving up and down and she was obviously gently massaging the lubrication into Malee's arse, causing her to relax with the pleasure being felt from the gentle application. I quickly realised that the feeling was considerably different than when Malee had been attacking me but I was not given any chance to think too much as I felt a massive surge from beneath me as Tip's excitement seemed to be building very rapidly and she rose with some urgency, seeking to engulf my cock into her pussy while at the same time I was being pounded from behind with increasing fury.


Bimbette's Valentine Fashion Show

group Jackson Blacke 2018-06-20

"And we're having a hell of time picking out Valentine's Day presents for our girlfriends, and we're looking at your store and thinking you must have lots of good stuff here." He paused and gave her a hand a little squeeze. As the rest of the men introduced themselves, one by one, she shook their hands or gave a little wave and smiled, making eye contact with each. By now, the men were beginning to close in around Bimbette, the unsubtle bulges in their trousers and the awkward way they shifted their weight giving away their stiff excitement.


Slechts Groot Ch. 01

group thexxxee 2018-06-20

"Jaimie, he still wants to know how much." And the interpreter, smiled upon seeing her exasperated face, then quickly turned around and in some, apparently, direct manor, terminated the other man's request for sex. Now that Kees could see that he had the attention of both Jaimie and Dave, he went straight to the truthful definitions. The sex in that club is more open, and, of course, much more intense." He looked into Jaimie's eyes, as if to try to lock in her attention and emphasize. Kees introduced both Dave and Jaimie, and quickly addressed the need for Jaimie to be shown just exactly how things go in Aardbei. As the two girls were arriving at Omar's booth, Kees had decided to distract Dave in a major fashion.


Blackout in the Quarter

group H piltdown 2018-06-20

The dark skin of the couple stood out from the graying walls, but the murky glass of the door window, and the low light kept Jeanne from seeing any detail. Only the grimy glass and a few inches of empty air separated Jeanne's face from the handsome and distinctly masculine face of a smiling, middle-aged, black man. The woman smiled suggestively at Jeanne while she ran her hands across her lover's body as if to show off her prize. Jeanne could see everything spread before her, and was surprised to discover how beautiful she thought Pam's pussy looked. In response to these new sensations, Jeanne stood up next to her stool while she continued servicing Jimmy's steely shaft.


Cap'n Angie

group ms_cream_puff 2018-06-20

There was music, and shanties, and plenty of jug-swaying and jigging as the whole crew, Captain Angie and Victoria included, got drunk and danced long into the wee hours under a cloudless starry sky. All of the crew stopped what they were doing, some of the men even stopped while they was still balls-deep inside some of the women, and a couple of women stopped while still sitting on the faces of other men/women, and they all looked towards the captain, as she began to sing in her pleasant, almost heavenly soft vocal tones. Victoria looked at Angie, obviously puzzled as to why, out of all the men in her crew, did she pick him as her personal cabin boy.

Tropical Delights

group vodkaseven 2018-06-20

Smiling, the waitress gave a wink to Henry, returned her attention to the woman and said, "But of course. About an hour later and 3 empty drink glasses in the sand and with the sun hot enough to roast a pig on an open pit, Henry decided it was time to cool down in the closest pool. As he walked across the hot sand toward the pool, Henry hoped his high school-style hint had not fallen on deaf ears and his sun-tanning neighbor would join him in the cool waters of the resort pool. That's Angel, we met on the flight from St. Louis, Julie said to Henry as she got up and headed to meet her bikini-clad friend.


Kept After Class

group johnnymindcrime 2018-06-20

Looking over at him, Miss Banks ran a hand over her backside and told Anthony to get to work. Anthony’s cock continued sliding in and out of Miss Banks’ pussy. She eased herself off of Anthony’s cock and sat down on Michael’s in a reverse cowgirl and began bouncing up and down on it. Anthony looked at how Michael’s cock stretched Miss Banks’ pussy. Anthony took hold of her tits again and squeezed them and teased her nipples with his thumb and tongue while he helped Michael fuck the hell out of her. She moved in circles on Michael’s cock, making Anthony’s feel different inside her each time he thrusted. A huge moan erupted out of Miss Banks and the boys felt her cumming all over their cocks.

Bisexual Women Wild in Strip Club

group huntershesse 2018-06-20

As they waited Jen started to softly rub Gail's leg thinking about all that had cum before. Then he stood up and presented his hard cock to Jen and she took him in her warm mouth, still rubbing the other guy's dick. Before long Gail was jacking one guys, sucking the other and fucking Jen's ass with three wet fingers as hard as she could. Drunk and willing, Jen was helped to sit back down, but this time the guy's hard rod was waiting and her ass took him all the way in. Jen was laying there trying to recover as the guys got off of her, when she felt a hand on her wrist pulling her up.

Three in Bed

group normadel 2018-06-20

When I was fully aroused and wet, I lubed my cock-shaped dildo and began to fuck my pussy, imagining a big-breasted shemale putting her cock in me while she leaned down so I could suck her tits. Tina needed to talk, so Ray went on to bed. He drew back, but I moved his hand back to my breast, pressed my butt against his cock, and reached over Tina and began to rub her nipples. I began the back and forth movement that rubs my clit on Ray’s pubic bone, faster and faster, harder and harder, until Ray groaned and shot his load into me. When he was hard, Tina got on her knees and Ray entered her.

Last Laugh

group SueBry 2018-06-20

No other person on earth knows how to pleasure this woman, my wife, as well as I do, yet Cindy was quickly and rather obviously persuading Sue into the position most commonly reserved for fucking: Sue was totally reclined on her back, with her legs spread and her knees propped up high. Sue sought her private pleasure while opposite ends of her were fucked by opposites: My dick was cycling in and out of her mouth as Cindy's talented tongue was circling around her inner lips and clit. As Sue fucked another woman with her favorite personal sex toy, she began to run her lips and then her tongue over the delicate tissues of Cindy's most personal flesh, tasting the honey of Cindy's orgasm.


72 Virgins

group DennisPsmythe 2018-06-20

Well, it was morning, when any healthy male tends to be a bit engorged, and having Deb stick her ass in my face finished the process; my cock was quite hard and looking for entertainment. Deb got up on her knees, rested her head and shoulders on a pillow, pointed her ass toward me, spread her cheeks with both hands, and said, "Take a good sniff, Bobby. We didn't know Mike and Mina very well, but were planning a next-weekend cycling getaway up the coast for my birthday and wanted to see if they were interested in riding with us. While I had ogled Mina's body in a slinky dress the previous weekend, Deb and I hadn't had any discussion about having Mike and Mina join us in bed on this trip.


Sunday League - 0 Slutwife lost count

group 1daymayb 2018-06-19

We went back to watching the game, my wife would later tell me she'd heard the shout for the goal but as she had a cock she'd been working on and making stiff in each hand she didn't really care. "Fucking your sluts sloppy cunt is the best feeling I've had in ages, but I haven't spunked up her yet." "Go on!" I urged him, "Do it, fill her up, she's wanted your muck for ages, give her your load!" "Cum up me baby!" my wife growled to him in a husky turned on voice "Do it up me, fill me to the brim, I know your balls are full and I want it all!" Well that was just too much and he shot his wad deep inside her.

Night of Cards with Friends

group TPAcouple 2018-06-19

"Ken, I want to suck your cock and I want you to come all over my tits, can you do that for me baby?" she asked as she looked up with those brown doe eyes. Once Ken's load was fully released, she began to slowly lick from his balls, up his shaft to the head and then would engulf his entire cock into her lovely mouth. Fuck me hard...." she said as her voice began to trail off and she clenched for an enormous orgasm upon Ken's cock. As she rocked now between the both of us, I could feel Ken's huge cock in her pussy with each thrust I made into her ass. oh god yes," Ken says as he pulls his engorged cock from the warm caress of Monique's pussy.

Story Reqested From old GF part 2

group hj1413 2018-06-19

Deb had to flick her head to the right to break free from Josh hands and pulled back until his cock popped out of her mouth trailing a line of saliva that fell across her breast. While Debbie had been working Josh's cock V had been enjoying the work of his hands on her pussy and it was only the distraction of touching her that had kept him from cumming due to Debbie's actions. AS Josh was probing and teasing V's pussy and ass Debbie took a break from sucking his cock to get her breath back. With this encourgement Debbie lock her lips around the nipple and brought her hand up to tease V's other breast as Josh stood up and reached under V to hold her ass began ot thrust harder and steadier.

Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls,... and th

group timbo101 2018-06-19

Kim's mum Sue was next, and she too made a point of saying how much her daughter enjoyed my teaching, and also said how much she had enjoyed the extra time I had spent with them after school. "Well, I said, I chose Kim first at school, so I suppose it is only fair I choose you first this time Jenny, as Amy's mum." "Skirts next," Jenny said, and this time much quicker I removed both their skirts, making sure I ran my hands over their bums, feeling how firm they both were, and running my hands up their bare thighs, my thumbs just touching their pantie covered sex.

New Year's Eve

group Snow Princess 2018-06-19

Jennie loved rubbing Dave's cock as she was sucking him but with Damien it was hard due to the size. Jennie wasn't really paying attention to them since she was concentrating on sucking Dave's cock; however, the next thing she felt was her being moved into a doggy style position. With her eyes wide with lust, she nodded yes and stated, "Please!" She turned back to concentrate on sucking Dave's cock but soon that concentration was interrupted with a feeling of a cock head entering her pussy. He came back around and sat back down in front of Jennie but not before kissing her and telling her, "Baby, you are so beautiful with your pussy stretched with that enormous cock in you."

My First Threesome

group countryboy09 2018-06-19

"Well," Ashley starts, "we were experimenting again and I had my tongue in Tammy's mouth and my finger in her sweet pussy." After a few minutes of the kissing Tammy puts her hand on Ashley's beautiful tits and starts to rub on her nipples. Ashley starts to kiss Tammy's neck then goes straight for her moist pussy. I start to kiss her gently and I run my hand through Ashley's hair. Tammy climbs on top of me and starts to ride, moaning and scratching my chest as my big cock penetrates her tight pussy. Ashley climbs up and sit on my face and I eat her put as Tammy rides my hard cock.


group justtheone 2018-06-19

Those differences have widened considerably further since her (admirable) reboot, and continue to do so as the new take evolves (I'm quite pleased with the recent casting announcement for the next cinematic effort, yet the protagonist of my tales will continue to look like Angelina Jolie inside my head, more than anybody else). Necessary or otherwise, she spread her sex wide open with her fingertips and bent backwards far as she could stretch while still staying upright on her feet, thus allowing the waterfall to enter her down there and cleanse her inside, and sooth those extra-vulnerable, extra-sensitive surfaces. The tops of the stone steps were smooth and evenly cut, not too steep; they weren't dangerous to walk on, they wouldn't hurt her bare feet or make her trip and fall.


Hartstein Ch. 07

group Grouchojim 2018-06-19

Holding her up until she regained strength in her legs, Paul kissed her again, this time flush on the mouth and finding it open sent his tongue in to trace over her teeth and gums. "Sarah, just lose the top, will you?" Carol said, obviously put out that Sarah had covered her breasts after she had told Paul how lovely they were. "Hello, Sarah," Paul said from the bed where he lay with wrists cuffed to the bedposts. Carol tried to stifle her laughter as Sarah climbed up on the bed and moved between Paul's legs. Having told Sarah what she wanted, Carol suddenly began to scratch at her own crotch.


Three Is Better Pt. 03

group scarlettshea86 2018-06-19

"Amanda, baby, why don't you get over on the bed on your hands and knees, and Scarlett, I want to see you eat her ass while I fuck you," Matt encouraged. Matt started out slowly, thrusting his perfect cock in and out of my wet pussy while I tongued Amanda's ass. As I started to feel an orgasm build, I buried my face in Amanda's dripping wet pussy, tasting all of her sweet wetness mixed in with Matt's delicious cum, and in no time I was moaning into her pussy, my face totally soaked with cum as my hips began bucking and shaking with an orgasm.

A Man's Opinion

group Dancing Sprite 2018-06-19

"In other words, you want a dress that screams 'Fuck me!', right?" Melanie asked sweetly, still no trace of shock or disapproval in her voice. "Turn 'round, I want to eat you too," Melanie said when she felt Roxie's hot breath on her pussy. Roxie licked up and down Melanie's red and swollen pussy lips a couple of times before she swung her backside around and positioned it directly over the other girl's face. The man she had called Frank stopped in the door and looked Roxie up and down appreciatively, a smile spreading out on his face. Roxie had been surprised when Frank had given Melanie's naked body no more than a casual glance; the openness with which they talked about having sex on the job left her thoroughly perplexed.


Their First Time

group Alliece 2018-06-19

The kiss ended, Anya's hands at Rhianna's waist while she turned her attention to the woman's fine breasts. She planted her hands on Rhianna's ass, holding on as she licked at her clit, her tongue moving to the woman's lips, loving the scent of arousal. Sven put a hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards him, licking his wife's cum from her face, slipping his tongue into her mouth to get more. Anya continued screaming her pleasure against Chad's dick as she and Sven moved together, Rhianna finger fucking her with four fingers now. Sven moved his hand precisely up and down Chad's shaft, gently sucking the head, his tongue teasing the slit.


group Oceanus 2018-06-19

The words of their Bible assured their victory; " Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of sea, and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the creatures that moved along the ground." With these words they justified the murder of the Indians whom the Spaniards did not recognize as equals or even as men. The men made the Women drink first, so they drank the first half of each bowl of pulque to show the men that it was safe. Being pleasantly drunk, they all laid down early that evening and the Women made sure that a strong orgasm carried each man into a natural deep sleep.

Just Good Friends?

group essex_guy_0365 2018-06-19

I was all for ringing Terry and Wendy and cancelling completely, but Sally Ann talked me into going along. I shut my eyes, remembering how her little breasts moved gently underneath that light material, and my hand began moving up and down, occasionally drawing my thumb and forefinger over my cock head. Wendy had the same slutty expression on her face as Terry put his hands on her hips and began pumping into her. If I'm honest, I was scared, but the scent of Wendy's juices, even mixed with Terry's cum got me going. I'd imagined myself going down on Wendy, even when I was eating Sally Ann, wondering how she would taste.