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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

California Adventure

group Nimue_Sage 2018-06-19

Straddling John's lap, my breasts near his face I rocked my hips against him and whispered, "I'm wet...can you feel it...?" One of his hands slipped under my skirt, his eyes rolling closed with pleasure as he felt the dampness of my frilly little panties. You guys have your fun...I'm content to watch," Darren smiled devilishly and to my surprise winked at me as I settled onto a pillow at John's feet. "He ain't gonna last long you guys—so you best be quick so we all get a turn!" one of the men laughed as I cupped John's balls in one hand, gripping his unabashedly hard cock in the other and wrapped my red lipsticked mouth about him.


The Lingerie Club Ch. 02

group maxxmann81 2018-06-19

So, Penny started telling Mark the story from the time she got to the mall, but she never used Katie's name, or point out that it was their neighbor. As they finished eating, John looked over at Penny and said, "I understand that you joined Katie's Club." Katie took Penny by the hand, "I have lots of outfits we can model for them," she said leading her towards the bedroom. This time on the last pass, as they embraced again, Katie gave Penny a quick kiss on the lips. "Your wife has great tits, Mark," said John as the girls were changing into their last outfit. Starting at her head, Katie crawled along the floor kissing her way down Penny's excited body.


Carribean Sail

group LovesNipples 2018-06-19

The tightness grew deep and higher, anticipation building with the knowledge that the eyes that were riveted to my tits and the rest of my body wanted me, now, not the "later" that the sea and wind demanded. As I settled back slightly and allowed the movement of the boat to shake my tits and my small but rounded belly, the men's hands were rubbing their dicks as they grew long and hard within the confines of their clothes. I looked over at the cockpit, and saw dicks rigid and reaching, but both men had their hands entirely full of the lines and wheel, the demands of keeping the boat on a steady reach taking physical precedence over the demands of their cocks.


Double Feature

group The Source 2018-06-19

She imagines she’s a bit of an anomaly here, a fact reinforced as she watches three drag queens slide through the shadows, enticing the men scattered through the darkness. She thinks about feeling a faceless cock slide into her pussy or her ass as another pumps into her mouth, and she’s already so wet that her pussy lips slide against one another with such ease that she’s almost embarrassed. Almost amazed with herself, thinking of how far she’s come in such a short span of time, she hesitantly wraps her hand around his shaft, slowly sliding it up and down. She’s had her ass fucked before, of course, but there’s something about the sensation that makes it feel like new each time.


The Good Neighbor Ch. 03

group Jenny6969 2018-06-19

I’m having fun writing from the man’s perspective. I guess some things never go out of style. “I’d be a fool to say no,” I replied. “Well, Ron. Looks like you’ve done pretty well for yourself since the divorce.” “Thanks,” I replied. I’m trying to line up something that pays better than this delivery gig,” she replied. This bawdy innuendo was fun, but I knew it was just a fantasy. “Thanks, Ron. I’ll be seeing you around. I’ll bring you a coupon so you won’t forget us for next time.” Just pent up energy, I guess. She’s some great piece of ass.” It didn’t matter that we were unacquainted. Seeing no one else nearby, I turned behind the bushes and walked away.

Meeting the Neighbors

group blueeyedkitty 2018-06-19

I looked around and Sandy had one of her hands up her shirt, massaging her tits; Gary was rubbing his dick through the fabric of his jeans. As I stood there with my wife sharing sucks with my neighbor, behind me, Tiffany carefully slid the vibrator into my ass. When Sandy let go of Gary's cock and took mine back into her steaming mouth, it did not take long and I exploded. "I want you to fuck this sexy little neighbor of ours." She said as she motioned towards Tiffany. Sandy moaned over and over with each thrust of Gary's cock as she vigorously sucked Tiffany's tits.

Lilac's 18-year-old Friend: Anya's Fetish

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-06-19

I love that accent when we phone fuck, it's hot hearing a Russian bitch get horny and talk about my "cock" and her "pussy" with that dialect -- comes out more like "coke" and "poosy." His cock is 10 inches and I just can't believe it, I can't even dream of a big dick like that forcing its way into my tight teen cunt. I have all three holes filled, sucking and fucking, and I love it, I have your hands all over my tits and ass and body, and I can't hardly move, you men just hold me tight and ram your pricks into my body over and over.

HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 1

group AerinThomas 2018-06-19

Sammi's second shock came when Diana asked her to alter that schedule, booked solid until 8pm, freeing up an hour at 3pm for a meeting with one of the employees, someone named Mark Grayson. Sammi showed him into Diana's office and at a nod from her, quietly closed the doors and left the room, leaving Mark standing in front of Diana's desk. "Take them off" she ordered, sliding her hips forward; Mark reached forward and ripped her underwear from her in one hard motion, drawing a gasp from Diana and showing again his desire to be the one in charge, and hurled them across the room. His erection stood up proudly; Diana reached down and lifted him to his feet, guiding him with her hand on his cock, and pushed him into the chair.

Staying with Friends

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-06-19

George breaks their kiss and asks me, "Would you like to join us for some fun in the bedroom??" I nod, unable to believe my luck, and we all go into the bedroom, where the two of us men begin the task of pulling off Lori's shirt and giving her firm little breasts all the attention we can. With Lori's face glowing with sexual excitement as her pussy muscles squeezed my cock and George's dick in front of my eyes, covered with pussy juice and come, I hardly know any more who I am or what I wanted. George bends down and spreads Lori's sweaty thighs and sucks on her pussy lips, drinking our juices, and then together they turn their attention to my dick, licking off the accumulated juices with eager tongues.

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 4

group Blue Rose 2018-06-19

Do you want to suck mine?” Peter felt his cock getting hard at just the thought. Peter took Rob’s cock in his hand, and gently ran his fingers along the length of it before cupping his balls. He felt Rob’s cock twitch in his mouth when his tongue hit one spot on the head, right under the helmet shape. Peter lightly scraped his teeth along Rob’s cock as he pulled it out of his mouth and felt Rob shiver. As Peter watched, he realized that Rob had his tongue thrust up Shelly’s ass, Shelly had her fingers inserted in her own pussy. Peter let go of the cock and moved his mouth down to explore Rob’s balls.

Adult Theater Sexaholic

group kinkyengr 2018-06-19

But nothing compares with sucking a nice hard cock.] A while later (with me still on my knees nursing on the cross dresser’s pleasure pole) this guy about my age came in and sat down next to us (where I had been sitting), pulled out his big dick and started jacking off, but he wasn’t watching the movie…he was watching us. Then a couple of other guys came over and started nursing on my nipples…that always gets my bl**d boiling (I’ve got really sensitive nipples that seem to have a direct link to my cock) and I was soon hard as a rock and aggressively face fucking the guy’s throat.


group MisterUgly 2018-06-19

She walked up to my window and said, "You're going to have to come with too." I rolled up the windows and locked the doors and followed the officer back to the squad car, and was put into the back seat. She stood not wanting to kiss another woman, but when the officer reached down and touched her wanting pussy, she opened her mouth to moan and the cop stuck her tongue into Denise's parted lips. It wasn't long before I was hard again and I fucked Denise from behind as she ate out this cop's pussy like an expert.

There's A First Time For Everything

group lemon 2018-06-19

Why did she wait so long to have sex, if her own fingers felt great, she could only imagine what a guys cock would feel like inside her cunt. Grant was ready to cum, but he held back, he watched as Eric slid his cock deep into Misty's cunt. Grant pulled her off of Eric and just as he got her mouth off his cock, he came and hit her in the face. Eric and grant laid back down, and Misty went and took a shower. Grant looked up and saw her standing there and went straight into an apologetic mode, but Misty just stopped him and moved his hands to her tight black lacy bra and settled on top of him.

Joe's Surprise

group bawdybloke 2018-06-19

She kissed me like we would never see each other again, consumed with passion as her hands wandered and squeezed my nipples with lust in her eyes; it was heaven. Fellatio was a once-a-year treat and she looked at me with fire in her eyes as her head bobbed along my shaft; I groaned, pushing the back of her black hair as my cock slid over her tongue, enjoying the debauched acts with relish. I wanted a threesome: I had asked for one several times, prepared to watch as another man pleasured my girlfriend if I was not allowed to join in, but at that moment I desperately needed adventure.

Darkling Prince

group DeirdreThyme 2018-06-19

One dark satyr put his hand directly between the legs of the red haired mortal woman. Darkling watched, and allowed the little mortal woman to caress and suckle his cock. The woman kneeling in front of him, her lips still wrapped around the head of his cock, gazed up into his eyes like the personification of carnal lust. Flaccid cocks erected again, and hands stroked the floating woman's body with more fervor. Darkling shoved his throbbing, aching cock into the floating woman's wet pussy. Her mouth was full of satyr cock, and each of her hands held the pussy of another woman. Simone slid her pussy up and down Eldridge's fat cock and winked at Darkling Prince.


Amelie part 9

group Ortsal 2018-06-19

At the same time, the person behind Amelie pushed her forwards a little, while holding her arm firmly. “I´ll fuck you, bitch” one of the women said in a deep, low voice, her mouth close to her ear, “ you have not earned a real prick yet, bitch...” Amelie opened an eye, testing, just to see if one of the women should be the petite Asian she had met twice when she had visited her boss the other night. Then, after maybe 15 minutes, the door was opened, and a man entered the corridor. Even with her eyes wide open, she could not see anything, just feel and taste their cocks, fresh from fucking other women.

Tiny Bubbles

group mars99 2018-06-19

I was relishing in the warmth of the tub and the conversation, trying to think how to respond when Sheryl appeared, wearing a hotel robe identical to Carrie's. My eyes drifted from Carrie's breasts to the pleased look on Sheryl's face as she enjoyed the steamy water. I kept an eye on Carrie's heaving breasts, trying to make out the outline of her nipples underneath the top, picturing myself kissing and fondling them, cupping and squeezing them, sliding my erect member between them. "Come on Carrie, that's the way the game works." Sheryl said in her most prodding manner. I thought my hard-on pretty much answered that question but I guess Carrie wanted to hear me say it.


Post club three way

group 2018-06-19

As the head pushed past my hole, the pain began to dull, and I groaned deeply as I felt him slide deeper inside me. Their two cocks plowing my ass gave me a massive orgasm, and my whole body shuddered and shook in uncontrollable pleasure as the continued to push deep inside of me. As I collapsed on top of Matt after this colossal orgasm, my cum sticky between our sweaty bodies, he started groaning loudly in my ear. And then, after a few more minutes of awesome fucking, he let out this low deep groan, then in one hard push, shot his hot load inside of me. I was in heaven, and felt like my ass was full to overload with these 2 cute guys' hot cum.

A Weekend of Perversion

group Mandyxxx42 2018-06-19

David whistled, I dropped everything and went downstairs, David was waiting in the kitchen "Come on Bitch, follow me we're off for the weekend." He attached a leash to the collar and gave it a pull. "Best Bitch, you keep going, you're going to make your mistress cum." I kept working on her pussy with my tongue sucking her lips, nibbling her clit; it didn't take long "Fuck yes." She shouted. "Now Fuka on your knees, your master is going to fuck your tight arse." Alan did as he was told; Christine spread the gel around his arse then on David's cock.


A Warm Night in the Southwest

group Goode2shoos 2018-06-19

Floating there, I slide my hand down my belly to my crotch, and rub my clit before parting the lips of my pussy and pushing it in. I slide my hand down under the water and find her clit...watching her face as I first touch it with my finger. Supporting my butt cheeks in your hands, you lower your head and kiss my wet belly, raising my hips farther out of the water, until your lips touch my clit. As my asshole relaxes, you stick first 1, then 2, then 3 fingers up my ass, fucking in and out and feeling your cock in my pussy. I suck on Jane’s clit and then fuck her pussy with my tongue in rhythm with your cock.

1990s Blow Job

group Gindrinker 2018-06-19

"I was thinking that you might want to show us your cock, as it's already looking a bit stiff isn't it Lisa?" Dee looked at Lisa and then gently took my cock in her hand and began to run her fingers up and down its length. "Okay, I'll start." Lisa looked up at the wall clock and when the second hand reached twelve she leant forwards and took the head of my cock in her mouth. Dee grabbed me and took my cock in her willing mouth, Lisa's spit adding to the squelching mess of sex. As Lisa came to the end of her allotted time, she began to remove my straining rod form her mouth just as a thick wad of spunk jetted from my hard cock.

What have I gotten into now!

group ptsteve 2018-06-19

Tom remarked “hey guys I think she likes being used like a whore” The words excited her more and she sucked deeper, this man pulled his cock from her mouth before he could cum and another took its place. She was still on her elbows and knees, ass exposed, pussy open for their gaze, her eyes blurred with passion, her mind numbed by want, her embarrassment and morals gone so she looked up at the 5 of them and moaned,“ Ken, Joe, Tom who the fuck ever ,I’ll be your whore tonight, I am sorry I didn’t fuck you in school, just use me like the slut I am, eat my pussy, fuck me, fuck my ass, fill me with your cum, I’ll swallow your cum, I’ll do anything you ask just lets do it now.”

For Her Too

group SyleusSnow 2018-06-19

Susan studying me intently at the start of dinner didn't help, but soon she was joking and telling embarrassing stories about our Melissa. Susan said "I never knew that getting your brains fucked out would have changed you so much, Melissa." She eyed me for a reaction. Melissa said, "What she means is, Susan attracts every asshole in the universe. Susan said, "Guys have been hitting on me since I was like, eight." "Oh yeah, speaking of that," said Susan, "You know, Melissa, at school you never even got naked in the locker room. Then Melissa looked at Susan and said, "Flip a coin?" "None got on the couch." She stood up and Susan and I looked away from each other, feeling a little guilty.


Irish Slave Girls and Negro Men.

group Fridagirl 2018-06-19

Oliva waited behind the large curtain out of sight when Coleen arrived on the back of the cart, she was a beauty and all the coloured men turned to watch her as she passed, this made Olivia jealous, being ages with Coleen, she enjoyed the attention she felt from the Negro men and always looked down their bodies to if their cocks moved to her presence, her warm smile a reward for the men willing to let her see them in their excited state.