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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fat Frank

group LustyLee77 2018-06-19

I knew you were a hot slut." Fat Frank told her to take everything off but her stockings and high-heels, he dropped his pants and lifted her on the pool table, pushed her down on her back, spread her legs wide and stuffed his cock in her hungry pussy. When the blond woman lifted her soaking wet cunt from Joan's face and got off the table; her friend Laura straddled her head and lowered her steaming pussy to her waiting mouth and said, "I have something better for you slut! The red hot redhead pushed away Joan's glistening face and got up and walked behind the well fucked little wife, she exclaimed!" Oh my god, her ass hole does look like the Grand Canyon!" Blaze put her hands on the exposed buttocks, squeezed her ass hole open, and closed.


Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 02

group SueNH 2018-06-19

When I asked if she had read more of my stories, she said, "Oh yes, but I can't talk about it now," and in the background, I heard Dick speaking, so I let the subject drop. She was staring holes through Dick's head, as she finally got around to mentioning my stories, and how they opened up a brave new world for her that included fantasies and concepts that turned her on, liberating her from the confines of her straight-laced lifestyle. When I took one hand and placed the tips of my fingers up behind your balls and pressed upward and forward right in front of your asshole, I pushed a dollop of precum up through your rigid cock, and it drooled out onto my lips."


The Sexual Emancipation of Louisa K

group Byron_Orlok 2018-06-19

She arches more and her breasts press against that va va voom blouse like the Colorado river trying to outrun the Hoover Dam. I kiss her neck and ease her face around to meet mine; our lips are together and my hands ease around her body gently. No. Though I still come harder than I ever have, I mean to simultaneously grind my pussy into Creed's face in a show of defiance but the waves of pleasure are too hot and unrelenting and when I open my eyes he's somehow already slithered from underneath me to retrieve his clothes, leaving just OS to remove her wet fingers and smile up at me.

Two is Better than One

group brokenangelwings 2018-06-19

He began to thrust with his hips, fucking my mouth gently, while occasionally tugging on the chain leading to the nipple clamps causing a flare of pleasure/pain to flood my body. Aidan was pounding deep inside of me, each thrust causing his balls to hit my sensitive slit, his fingers pinching and tweaking my hard clit. We collapsed in a heap on the bed breathing heavily, Talon still deep inside, my head laying on Aidan's thigh next to his softening cock. Talon slid his hands around my hips and removed the clit clip, drawing another hiss from me, his fingers rubbing away the soreness, but increased the surprisingly still powerful arousal I was feeling.


Round 3: Wife Is In Heaven

group curiousandkinky 2018-06-19

I feel like I’m floating on a cloud, my husband is eating my creampie and I have Eric’s dick in my mouth and I’m going to suck him for all he is worth. Mike wastes no time as he starts to pump my pussy with is dick telling me how good it feels, how much he wants to fuck me and how much he loves watching me suck Eric’s dick. This is too good to be true, I am getting fucked and am sucking two of the hottest looking men with two of the greatest dicks and my husband not only wants it all but loves it and is encouraging every bit and then some.

Three is Company Ch. 02

group freeman64 2018-06-19

Wondering where the boss was and what the hell was happening, Joe poured the lotion on his hand and began rubbing it on her arms and shoulders while Frank focused on her legs. Joe gulped at the sight and began massaging her boobs as she lifted her hands above her head while Frank pulled down her bikini exposing her shaven cunt. Then she rubbed some lubricant in her vaginal passage and, asking the guys to hold their cocks together, proceeded to sit on them and slowly slid the two penises inside her narrow, tight alley. "Have you been to the boss' beach house," he asked and Frank began coughing nervously, surprised at Joe popping such a question at Lucy.

Health Suite Fun

group liketoshow74 2018-06-19

We are both so horny and the risk that anyone could walk in makes it even hotter, my hand reaches round and unties her bikini top releasing those lovely tits, Jenny initially feels nervous but then relaxes as my hand moves back to her naked breast. I look across at Mike and he is totally turned on rubbing his hard cock watching me and Katie kissing Jenny's tits. Jenny reaches out and grabs hold of Mikes cock and starts wanking him off while Katie continues to rub her pussy. Jenny starts breathing heaving and panting before a loud scream as she orgasms with Mike's cock pounding her, this pushes Mike to the edge and I can see him starting to tense up ready to cum, he pulls out of Jenny's pussy and sprays a hot jet of cum all over her lovely 36DD breasts and the side of Katies face.

Everyone Has Katie

group TessMackenzie 2018-06-19

She tried to check her own messages, but couldn't work out how to ring her own voicemail from a different phone from overseas, and somehow, while she was messing around, she ended up looking at Peter's email. "Look," Katie said to Peter, pushing the phone closer. Peter looked at Katie, then at Mark, uncomfortable and looking away, then nodded and picked up his phone and left. "I think I want to have sex with someone else," Katie said. He groaned suddenly, and pushed down against her, and with that little groan it felt like some of the hurt from Peter went away. She tried from behind, because Mark said he wanted to look at her ass, and even though normally she didn't like that because it was impersonal and usually went uncomfortably deep, with Mark seemed fine.


The Velvet Curtain Ch. 01

group VelvetMarie69 2018-06-19

Derrick snapped his pants open and let them drop to his ankles and sat down on the couch against the wall, he grabbed her by the hips and turned her to face the two waiters in the room, knowing her love of showing off. He kept pumping himself until the cum stopped and Brit went over the edge watching him, she felt her whole body tighten up and fly as she came, coating Derrick's cock in her juices. After cleaning themselves up, Kevin went back to serve his tables in whatever way they wanted, Derrick went back to the kitchen and Brit ate her dinner meal quickly then sauntered back to the greeting area of The Velvet Curtain.

Truth And Dare Game Turns To Orgy

group indian_slut 2018-06-19

Ravi – Ruchi I want you to eat Priyanka's pussy for five minutes. Gaurav chose dare and Ruchi was very quick to ask him to suck Ravi's cock for 5 minutes. Ravi – Who else than slut fucks herself in-front of 2 guys and a girl, who gets her pussy licked by her g/f than a slut? I took Ravi's cock in my mouth and started sucking the head of it while playing with Gaurav's balls. Ravi started fucking her ass slowly, I could see his entire cock going inside, coming out and repeat and facial expression of Ruchi too. After some time, Ravi filled Ruchi's ass with his cum and Gaurav came inside my mouth.

Swinging Away

group DancingWithKafka 2018-06-19

"Do you think you can take both of us baby?" asked Andy, knowing she couldn't refuse as Ryan began to firmly rub her clit and bite her nipples, his cock also throbbing hard. Cat moaned deeply as she felt Ryan's long cock slide into her well-used cunt, slick with her lover's cum and her own juices. The sensation on Andy's cock after fucking the tall woman's tightest hole and now feeling his slut's orgasm reverberate through her body and onto his cock, caused him to shoot right down her throat, her nose buried in his pubes. Knowing that his lover had just had the most intense orgasm of her life and feeling Ryan cumming in her tight arse pushed Andy over the edge once more, his cock deep into her cunt, he loosed his cum inside her.

Office Sluts: The Flight

group sandymonroe 2018-06-19

I just plunged my rod deep into her hot pussy when I saw a flight attendant slide the red curtain aside. I just looked into her eyes and pictured how she could see us -- a young brunette lying in the reclined chair with her skirt pulled up and the eye mask still on her face, being fucked by a horny guy dressed in his suit and she sucking another guy's dick. The red curtain slid aside slightly and I saw two female flight attendants peeking through the small opening, while we continued fucking Bonnie. My cock popped out of Bonnie's ravished asshole with an audible 'pop.' I untied my tie around her hands and took Carl's tie from her neck and gave it back to him.

The Two Brothers

group Foxy21 2018-06-19

Looking Mark squarely in the eye, I hand him back his magazine open at the page: "I'd say that is about the right ratio of men to women, wouldn't you?" I'm grabbed around the hips and lifted to my knees by Chris, who promptly enters me "doggy fashion." His brother removes his clothes first before presenting his cock for some oral attention, and I suck it with relish. The thrusting from behind is getting quicker and more urgent; Chris' forward momentum drives my face downwards onto Mark's huge cock as he rams it piston-like inside my open mouth, forcing it down my throat deeper just that little bit more each time.

Just Another Rainy Day at The Beach

group GeeGee2 2018-06-19

She looked at me again as if to ask "Are you really sure this is what you want?" With a reassuring nod of my head she again closed her eyes and hesitantly lowered her arms again uncovering her wonderful full breasts and now erect nipples and, accepting Kurt's advances, she let herself go and submitted to this stranger's intimate caresses. Kurt's eyes, as well as mine, followed the path of his bronzed hand as it circled gently over her naked body stroking her quivering softly rounded white belly traveling further and further down until he let his fingers play upon Geri's almost hairless puffy mound. As Kurt continued to pleasure Geri swirling his tongue over around her sensitive clitoris his fingers lightly roamed over her body caressing her thighs, hips and belly until eventually he put both his hands beneath her and lifted her up to his mouth.


For Her Too

group syleussnow 2018-06-19

Susan said "I never knew that getting your brains fucked out would have changed you so much, Melissa." She eyed me for a reaction. "Oh yeah, speaking of that," said Susan, "You know, Melissa, at school you never even got naked in the locker room. I glanced up and Melissa was right beside her, lovingly watching her friend's face and holding her hand as Susan, with her eye tightly closed, grimaced and gasped and sighed. When I buried myself in her all the way and held myself there I couldn't feel her cervix like I could with Melissa but Susan squeezed me with her inner muscles like she never wanted me to withdraw, pushing back and levering her hips to get me even deeper into her.

Making the Squad

group kimbelina 2018-06-19

Why don't you go into your bedroom and start working on that cock of yours, so you're ready to fuck my wet pussy, and I'll be right with you!" As he quickly followed my instruction, leaving his bathrobe in a puddle on the floor, I found my purse and positioned myself in front of the mirror in their hallway, where I could watch myself as I brushed my hair up into the pigtails he had requested. "Oh, yeah, Julia, I want to shoot my load all over this hot young cheerleader." She replaced his hands with hers on his cock, and began quickly jacking him off.

My 1st threesome turned into a night i would never

group xxcalxx 2018-06-19

After a while she went into her box and got some lube and said (bend over its pumping time ) i was so horny at this point i bent over on top off the bed and waited for her to insert the strapon, she was behind me now and started to squeeze the strapon in my tight ass, after a minute she was in and was slowly pounding the shit out of me (which i must say felt amazing) after about 15 mins she jumped off the bed and said she needed to lube me more, so after being lubed a bit more i could hear her saying are you ready and felt her coming onto the bed again and starting to insert it in me, so round 2 was away and i suddenly felt it being very different i turned my head rd to see chris was the one that was fucking me while being dressed in a corset, white stocking s and i pulled away in a shock.

Coed Blowjob Buddies 2 by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-06-19

"Go ahead, touch him." Allison guided Bethany's hand to Keith's cock and balls. "Don't be a dick hog," Allison said, pulling Keith's hard-on away from Bethany and putting him inside her mouth. It looked like something out of a porn movie the way Allison wrapped her hand around his prick, tugging and pulling while she bobbed her head up and down. "Do it in Bethany's mouth," Allison insisted, pushing his swollen cock back towards her friend. . ." Bethany began and gave up on finishing her thought as Allison sat down next to the surprised looking man. Not wanting to be a "dick-hog," Bethany pulled away and watched as Allison pressed her mouth against Andy's furry ball sac.

black gang bang

group eyestolove134 2018-06-19

A little about myself, I was 28 at the time, 5'9" tall, 125 lbs, with great legs and short blonde hair. Well I guess that I had had just enough to drink that I agreed. The sex was good but we were both a little afraid of getting caught. The idea both scared me and intrigued me. The idea of having raw sex with men, some of whom I did not know was almost overpowering. I agreed. What I did NOT know was that they had set up a video camera and were taping the whole thing. Here I was this blonde white house wife on my knees getting fucked while I sucked on this HUGE black cock.

this is not a fake

group 2018-06-19

Last nite for the first time my woman let me get a blowjob from a different woman it was her bff. she sat on the floor in the livingroom while her friend sucked my cock she was so turned on by this she began to play with her pussy during the suckjob. licking her finger occasionally she slowly moved closer to us watching so closly while her bff gagged and spit all over my member. it was fucking so cool! next thing you know my cock was in her while her bff licked up and down my dick and her pussy at the same time.

The Begining

group 2018-06-19

you were panting loudly as his balls banged against you … with one final push he was really deep in you arse ,, he shot his cum deep inside and very slowly pulled his cock out … you let out a very loud moan and it was clear to see you had come as well .. It was impossible to see who came first and in truth you probably all came together , the sound deafening with a mixture of grunts and groans along with lovely white cum all over the furniture , all three of you collapsed in a heap … Slowly the first gent slipped out of you then you got off the second guy ..

Sharon & Jackie & a Double-Dong

group Boxlicker101 2018-06-19

As my tongue was stroking her there, and Jackie was starting to fuck her pussy even harder into my face, I heard Sharon say, “Well, you two look like you’re having a good time. We would both enjoy her climax much more, I knew, if we took a long and pleasurable time to reach it so I left her clit and, after savoring all the fresh juices, started licking the other pair of pussy lips. The second pair of pussy lips, by now, spongy and engorged, was treated the same as the first and, after I reached her clit hood again, Sharon was moaning and her upper body was thrashing on the bed from the intense pleasure.


Cooling Off at the Lake Ch. 01

group Azuldrgon 2018-06-19

Preparations included not only a full shave of Shari's pussy since Tony preferred shaven, but also plenty of time on her knees taking Mychelle's strap on since it was made to Tony's exact dimensions. Even though she knew Tony's dick would soon be inside her, she still packed a few clothes to put up the illusion of being on a normal boat trip in case her husband felt like snooping. Soon, Mychelle began to moan slightly as she told Shari that Tony needed some attention. Soon, Mychelle had her mouth slowly going down on Tony as Shari started to apply her tongue to his balls. Soon, Shari could feel Tony's tongue being replaced by his dick.

Fiona for Dinner

group FionaDP 2018-06-19

I was certainly enjoying Tony's attention to my pussy as he pushed his tongue inside me and licked and nibbled on my clit. I was squeezing and sucking his cock vigorously between bouts of moaning and twitching as he continued to work my love hole and clit with his mouth and tongue. Tony worked his tongue deep in to my hole and I filled his mouth with my love juice as he made me cum strongly with all my body tingling. Tony says you taste good," Rachel said as I felt her hand caressing my buttocks. I know you took quite a bit last night but I'd love to see you being fucked by him," Rachel said breaking the silence.