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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 20

group Andyhm 2018-06-19

I'd contacted the resort manager a couple of weeks after the events surrounding Lisette's kidnapping. So with that news and wanting to give Lisette a comfortable break before the madness of the wedding, I had been pleasantly surprised when I got an unexpected email from the resort manager. All the men's eyes had followed Simone and Lise as they walked across the bars floor to an empty group of large comfortable chairs around a low table. Simone gave a quiet laugh and said to Lise, "I think you have some admirers love. Simone said something and collecting the drinks from the bar led Lisette and the two men over in my directions.


After the Company Picnic Ch. 02

group Mohavekid 2018-06-19

As I continued to fuck her from behind, she moved her hand and began to finger her ass. My dick was tired, I wasn't sure I could cum, but I was certainly going to fuck Kim like Laurie wanted. Kim had recovered from her orgasm and began to watch Laurie suck my cock. A short time later, Laurie moved her hand lower and began to tickle my ass hole. Laurie continued sucking hard on the head of my cock; her finger playing with my ass hole, Kim was squeezing my hand. I thrust my hips upward, I squeezed Kim's hand and my free hand found Laurie's head and held her firmly on my cock. Kim held my hand and finally Laurie removed her finger from my ass.

The Banger Sisters

group dblds4fun 2018-06-19

However, what Chad didn't realize was that he had scheduled time with Vinnie for Sunday and Suzette for Saturday. Of course Chad jumped on this; Suzette let Vinnie know what the deal was and they decided to setup breakfast for Saturday morning. Saturday morning arrived and Suzette picked up Chad at his hotel and drove to the restaurant to meet with Vinnie. Suzette and Chad went to do some shopping and then met Vinnie at the movies. Suzette and Vinnie walked into the store like it wasn't any big deal and looked at all of the toys. While Suzette sucked his cock, Vinnie played with his balls and ass. Vinnie started kissing and fondling Chad all over while he was fucking Suzette.


Lily Of The Valley

group Tenorhorn 2018-06-19

We began verbally teasing each other and, when I asked Lily if she'd like to become a little more intimate, she nodded questioningly toward the bedroom where my wife had gone to bed. Then Lily proceeded and I watched as she slipped her fingers into my wife's pussy and started "massaging" around and around. Lily stretched out on the bed with her legs spread and my wife went directly for her hot pussy. A few months later, my wife Jean had travel scheduled that gave her an opportunity to visit Lily and her partner Rae. I had told her all about my visits, skinny dipping in their pool, sharing their hot tub and, especially, a very satisfying threesome.

Out for a ride

group 2018-06-19

Chloe says don't stop there big boy and she and Jossie come over rubbing there hands over my leather clad balls. Chloe starts to stroke it and then sinks to her knees sucking the head of my cock. Wow she is good and I don't know what to do as Jossie takes her leathers off and sits on her bike rubbing her pussy. Jossie grabs my hand and guides it to her pussy telling me to finger her as she and Chloe kiss passionatly. Jossie laughs and then Jane the girl who has been sucking Mary's pussy comes over. Chloe and Jossie let go of my arms and the four of them are dressed and on there bikes before I can get my senses together.

Jimy Returns

group joeuser691 2018-06-19

When she asked if I liked sucking his cock, I would tell her I loved it, and she would cum. Jimmy started groping my ass and pinching my nipples, while Linda went to the laundry room, and returned quickly. "Fuck his mouth like a slut, Jimmy!” she cried out. When he yelled, "Suck my cock, you slut", Linda started to cum. After I had eaten Linda for about 5 minutes, and she had cum on my face a couple of times, Jimmy sat down next to her. Linda spanked my ass and said, "Swallow, slut!” He came, and I swallowed all of it as fast as he could cum. He pulled the panties down a bit and sucked my dick into his mouth.

Attending to the Attendant

group PHL1013 2018-06-19

"Did you see that article about flight attendants in the New York Times?" Brittany asked no one in particular. Pam responded: "You mean that one about the New York-Amsterdam flight where the passenger got pissed when the FA wouldn't serve him another whiskey, kicked her in the leg and finally urinated on her jump seat to get her attention? When they got there she pushed the woman inside and said to the man "If you want to join the mile high club be my guest." The main reason for her second thoughts was the man's hands that were molding her breasts and massaging her nipples and the woman's fingers inserted inside her uniform and seeking and reaching her most sensitive inner lips.

Hot Lunch

group maybeonce 2018-06-19

Jill turned around she had pussy juice all over her face and said " Phil do you want to fuck me while finish her off?" I got my shoes and pants off and dropped to my knees. Once I pulled out and laid back on the blanket Jill spread her legs grabbed Kim by her head and said eat it bitch! I placed my dick between her tits when Kim said, " you can tit fuck me." Once I had my cock in between her tits she squeezed them together and it felt good and every time my dick popped up through the top of her tits Jill licked the head of it.

TEO 1.1

group SensitiveSuccubus 2018-06-19

"Am I ready?" Brittany walked over to her in response, her hands tracing the curves of Angela's hips beneath the softness of her skirt. Angela sighed, her hands coming up to run into the thick matte of Brittany's hair, her fingers sliding through her tresses, delicate touches on her temples as she brushed her mane. One of her hands came down to caress Brittany's neck, tracing down her side, relishing the shiver that coursed through little body, and settled on her exposed leg beneath her skirt. Angela pulled her closer still, their chests touching, their hearts thrashing against each other, as Brittany's hand rose up her thigh. "You're such a little whore, Brit," Angela said as she slipped her first knuckle of one finger into Brittany's hungry slit.

Wife fucking best friend - Part II

group absanon 2018-06-19

I didn't lose time and kissed Anna and played with her tits for a while before asking Diego to take his boxers off. Anna immediately moved up and grabbed his balls and dick. Diego looked at me but I was already moving towards Anna where I took Diego moved up and gently pushed one of Anna's legs up. I told Anna that I wanted Diego to cum in her face and her mouth off Diego's dick, I had a great view of that and came like an a****l inside Anna continued blowing Diego's dick that had gotten Anna got up first and went to the toilet, cleaned up a little bit and Diego got

University Sex Life

group Beseaz 2018-06-19

Katharina came close to me and sat down on my me not too much to see except a gorgeous wet pink pussy so close to my mouth that I had no choice to start moving my face to approach that beautiful hungry nest...and I started to lick her pussy with my was very wet and I enjoyed it...and I kept on fucking her soft pussy with my tongue while Liz started to look after my hard cock...she grabbed it with a lot of sensual moves and started to thrust it to make me least for the few words I could say...

Getting to Know Kaylee Ch. 05

group Art Martin 2018-06-19

Ramona stood next to her husband with her back to me while Randy rubbed her exposed buttocks for good luck. Every time he had a particularly low chance of making the roll he needed, he'd call Ramona over and rub her ass for good luck. Her request to 'rub my cunny Daddy' while her husband was fucking that same cunny didn't make a whole lot of sense until Randy told me to "rub your dick on her clit." While Randy spread apart her lips, I got the hang of what they wanted me to do, namely rub the fat head of my cock over her clit while Randy continued to fuck her.


Friends' Threesome

group sexkitten88 2018-06-19

Now she moved her hips on Keith's lap, loving the feel of his cock on her pussy. She loved every minute of it, but she knew he would cum soon if she didn't stop, and she didn't want him spent yet. Keith began to finger-fuck her pussy and she pushed her body back onto his hand, loving the roughness of his fingers against her sensitive clit. As she lowered herself onto Dave's dick, she sucked Keith's cock into her mouth. Keith was also close, and she replaced her mouth with her hand, pulling his cock as she rode Dave's. She moved with him and soon felt him cum into her pussy, the hot cum filling her as Dave's had already done.

A Weekend Away Pt. 01

group Kyjoshi 2018-06-19

By the looks of it you are in for some company after your rest, so I tell Ann we will join dinner in the dining room. As it's your first time here, it's probably good to know that most of our guests prefer to wear just a bathrobe in places like the dining room and nothing in the wellness areas." Grabbing your buttocks I pull you in tight, my cock pushing between your thighs, sliding over your already slick cunt lips. With one hand I guide the tip of my rock hard cock towards your opening, wetting its head with your luscious nectar. Occasionally you surprise me by clenching your cunt around my cock, drawing a moan and counter thrust from me and I mutter, "Oh honey, you're making me wild.


First Threesome

group Warkeeper3690 2018-06-19

As Alysia's warm mouth covered my cock, I felt Tim's strong hands at my ass, spreading it apart. She moaned loudly as our combined thrusts pounded Tim's cock deep into her, our balls slapping as my grip on his ass tightened. I smiled as Tim held her head down, her gurgles interrupted by moans as I gripped her hips, beginning to thrust hard and fast in and out of her tight pussy. Tim began fucking Alysia's throat in rhythm with my own thrusts, both holes getting punded hard as she moaned and gasped, drool dripping from her lips as Tim slammed his cock down her throat repeatedly.

High Interest Loan Ch. 01

group AltheaRose 2018-06-19

The first time I ran into a naked boy coming out of our apartment's bathroom I honestly thought I was going to faint. I think I mentioned him before." Donna smiled and slyly let her eyes drop to his manhood. "Pretty nice, right?" said Donna as she picked up his penis and held it out toward me. While Donna coaxed life into his penis, his hand had slipped a finger onto her crotch and started playing with her pussy. If a girl ever looked good naked, it was Donna. Sometimes I played with myself and tried to come at the same time." As she said this, Donna ran her fingers along her exposed pussy. "I still love having fun," Donna said a bit defensively.


d***ken dinner party (the return leg)

group LovesItSlutty 2018-06-19

I liked her in this mood and tried my hardest to persuade her to meet me in a hotel even if just a couple of hours, I wanted to fuck her again so badly I was becoming obsessed, she teased me saying it takes her a lot to cum and I told her I would tease her for as long as she could take it til she begged me to fuck her and I would and I had no doubt she would cum and cum hard, but I also told her im demanding and she would have to dress exactly as I said, posh frock stockings high heels no panties, her pussy shaved bald and slutty lipstick on.

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 04

group Liquor69 2018-06-19

Now these guys were all good looking strong, young men and they were just starting to feel their oats. When the last guy finished licking her sweet pussy, she pulled him up between her legs, grabbed his hard shaft and rubbed it across her clit. He pulled his cock from her dripping pussy and she grabbed it, turned and got on her knees and drove his cock deep into her throat. She wants you to spray her face with your cum" I said as she took his cock into her mouth, licking the head, the shaft and down his balls. The boys began to stroke their cocks and she looked into their eyes, opened her mouth and begged them to cum on her face.


The French Maid Ch. 01-04

group susan12346 2018-06-18

“Yes of course Sir.” I leaned over him and began to arrange the pillows, his face was near my throat, I could imagine him looking down the front of my dress at my breasts, held in that little white bra. He rubbed his cock a few times, exposing more of the head, back and forth and then suddenly he stopped, his neck muscle stood out he started intently at my face. He leaned forward so his softening cock touched my face…I twisted a little and sucked the soft head into my mouth, swirling it around with his cum, that seemed to knock him out a bit too.


Party For Three

group simplyme030368 2018-06-18

She is squirming and moaning from my tongue and starts to play with her own breasts, this is exciting to you and you begin to pump me hard and fast and the harder and faster you pump the more I work her over soon she is coming all over my face and as she does my pussy tightens around your cock and explodes with it's own orgasm. You ask her to lay on the bed and position me over her so she can suck and eat my pussy, then you get behind me and slide your cock in my pussy as she is eating me out and you can feel the touch of her tongue along your cock as you pump inside of me.

Night in Orlando

group Twrgds77 2018-06-18

She began to stroke and suck the cock in her mouth, while she felt a tongue flicking her clit and her thighs. Almost immediately, she felt the fingers slide out of her pussy, and the familiar feel of Will's hard cock insert her fully and quickly. Will stopped, and told her to get on all fours, so she could suck his cock the way he likes it, and to allow the man to fuck her. He began to groan, and rammed his hard cock back into her pussy, and rammed it back and forth with fast, forceful thrusts, causing Amber to cry out as the man came once again.

Her First Threesome

group KathrynMacKenzie 2018-06-18

The blond was lying alongside the redhead and the two were kissing slowly and delicately, licking each others lips and making small slow circles inside each other's mouths with their tongues. With her eyes still closed and her tongue still moving slowly inside of the blond's mouth, the redhead reached around, past his own hand and undid the bra. As he did this, the blond had moved her hand to the back of the girlfriend's head and was running her fingers back and forth through the red hair while the mouth beneath it sucked and licked furiously.


Jenny, Cheryl, Wendy and Mark

group tusker 2018-06-18

Have you ever wanted to be punished yourself??"" Yes I have , I have this long outstanding fantasy of being dominated by sexy girls, but whenever I get to girls into CP I end up giving it to them!" " I know what you mean" said Wendy, " Cheryl is just the same I thrash the arse off her and Jenny but you never get anything in return, not too bad because you are around now!" Cheryl and Jenny by now were having a full-on snog on the other couch, Mark said to wendy, " Come on let me sort you out in the bedroom!!" They got there, Mark sat on the bed and said, " I've never spanked you, across my knee Wendy my Girl!!" Wendy smiled and lay down, Mark spanked her carefully but firmly for 5 minutes, then let her up.

Pool Boy Ch. 05

group BigZeke13 2018-06-18

Erin moved over and straddled my hips facing Sam and pushed her pussy down on my steel shaft. As Sam moved down to position herself on my cock, she stopped when she noticed Erin's pussy bubbling with cum. She pushed her mouth down on Erin's pussy and tongued as much of the mixture as she could get and then sat herself down on my cock facing me. Erin moved around behind Sam and pushed her head up to my crotch and began sucking on my balls and licking the shaft as Sam pulled upward. When I was clean, Erin moved to suck cum from Sam's pussy as it was pushed out by her continuing clenches.