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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group mistyfox 2018-06-18

"Time to show, ladies," Sam said as he laid his cards down and clasped his hands behind his head. Sam stood there, naked, with just the soft glow of the panel lights behind him, illuminating his pubic hair to make it look like peach fuzz. My heart was beating fast and the only thing I knew for sure was that before the night was over, I was going to be with Sam. The thought of that made me wet. “No,” Steph said in a voice I hadn’t heard her use before, one that made Sam and I jump just a little. Sam had an intense look on his face as his fingers moved in and out, bringing soft noises from Steph’s mouth, which was busy, licking and sucking on my pussy.

Yummy 8

group cumslutt77 2018-06-18

He was married with k**s but had secret male-male sexual desires all his life and finally acted on them once getting to know John behind his wife's back; when she worked, he'd have John over and they'd get into wilder and wilder hot, horny sex together - sucking, fucking, rimming, pissing, dressing - all the lusty, most perverted sexual acts they could dream up together! do you like hot fucking stuff too?" John gasped, his fingers moving to just short of Doug's thigh. "OUuuuu darling, wanna suck you, baby!" as Doug got on his stocking'd knees, pulling John's panties down with his teeth and took John's throbbing cock in his mouth.

I meet up with Carmen Valentina and her friend Kim

group imornery81 2018-06-18

Then she turned to me and said, “Once you fill these machines could you come upstairs to our apartment so we can see what works best for all of us?” She put a painted fingernail up to the bottom of her lip and looked at me like a little girl. “Oh, I think you know what two fucking hot girls like us need” Carmen said and as I turned the corner, I saw her bend down to kiss Kim’s neck as her left hand had slid down inside of the thin fabric covering Kim’s bare beaver. She stopped just before she stepped through a doorway and looked back at me with an evil grin and said, “I’d like a slippery nipple.” I heard them both laugh and then Carmen called her a fucking whore and Kim disappeared into the room as well.

The Boss Would Like to See You Too

group dsoul 2018-06-18

He indicated for me to come over to his side of the desk, and I saw there a woman -- his secretary -- cowered under his table and at the moment she had one hand holding unto his immense shaft while her mouth was vigorously sucking his cock. He didn't bother with me; he came forward towards the open legs of his secretary and shoved his cock into her gaping wet virgina and began fucking her straight away without hesitation, giving her lengthy strokes of his cock. I waited till he'd pulled his cock out of her before coming forward to lick and suck out the load of cum that was dripping out of his secretary's pussy.

The Dream Vacation

group greggmis 2018-06-18

So with bikini bottoms shoved in my mouth and my wife hiding in the closet to watch I laid naked and tied up on this naked couples bed growing more and more aroused as Jamie continued to rub my legs getting closer and closer to my hardening cock. As Allen walks over to the camera I notice the sliding closet door is cracked open a little and wonder how well Susan can see and if she will stop things or let this couple have me. I have no idea how she is reacting to what just happened until I try to ask "Are you alright?" Susan interrupts the question to kiss me voraciously pushing me back on our bed licking the cum from Allen and Jamie off of my chin and neck.

A Mother, a Daughter and a Sailor

group GWBosh 2018-06-18

The coastguard took Mike and Simone and Sarah to the large cabin cruiser which the women had chartered the day before. None felt that the Commanding Officer's need know that on the trip to cabin Simone and Sarah had seduced Mike. Simone and Sarah each held one of Mike's hands as they walked along the long beach. It was the first time Simone and Sarah had swum naked in the surf and they loved the feeling as the water washed across their bodies and bubbled across their genitals. Mike's gazed at the two naked bodies beside him and gently brushed Simone's inner thigh, then Sarah's.


Teenage Fantasies Ch.01

group tjm12345 2018-06-18

The kiss grew more passionate as I strained against my bonds to meet my invisible lover, but she pulled away slowly, giggling slightly. My toes were kissed and fondled, and then two girls began licking each foot up and down, tickling the soles as they did so. My cock was straining against the underwear, especially when Ellie began whispering sexy phrases in my ear, heightening the arousal. The pace increased once I didn't show discomfort, and the orgy increased when I felt two pairs of lips kissing around my cock, taking turns to inhale it almost all the way to my sack. I had a long kiss with someone, then I felt hands lifting the blindfold, and someone said 'The real pleasure starts now, baby.'

The Babysitter Returns

group jdgreen 2018-06-18

Taking my rock hard cock out of my pants, I watched as Don worked the hot oil up and down the crack of my wife's ass, slipping his fingers into her by now dripping pussy. Jackie had never liked the ides of being with another woman so I didn't know how she would react as Jill started to massage her breast as her husband worked his way down to my wife's perfectly shaven pussy. Reaching back with her hand, she started rubbing the oil on her ass, then into her pussy, and finally up around to her less than virgin asshole, starting slowly with one finger working it in to the knuckle, watching the tiny ring grip her finger.

caught by daughter inlaw 4

group mytomg4u 2018-06-18

Melisa started to push the beads in and out of me while Heather asked questions ,like Melisa to take the cage off and she quickly did while kissing and licking my cock to clean it .. Heather I looked at Melisa , she was watching my cock push in and bit her lip . out of Heather, Melisa pushed the beads in to me with the vibrator on . fucking my ass when I came and wasn't sure what to do as I moved lower on Heather ,but when I pulled her on top of me Melisa started sucking my cock and working the beads into me. as I licked Heathers pussy I felt Melisa working my fat cock into her tight pussy.

E-Beth Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-18

I turned my head to look and sure enough, a tall, strikingly handsome man was standing next to my boss in front of his office, about thirty feet away. There were younger girls like Stella with whom I could go out to lunch or meet up for drinks after work. The pretty girl from Procurement was quite happy in her marriage and would never think of straying, but she was always the first of us to check out cute guys and comment on how good-looking they were. I looked up from my beer and turned my head to see Grant walk in with three other guys from the Marketing group.



group prersoil 2018-06-18

As I was riding her, she told me how hot she got earlier thinking about finally being able to use the strap-on that she had bought long ago. Well she got into position and slowly followed my instructions and was able to start to fuck my ass with her strap-on. Well her husband and friends finally had heard enough and decided that if I like my ass fucked and like to suck cock, that the 4 of them would empty into me. He got behind his wife and lubed his cock up and shoved it into HER ass. I had 1 guy cum in my mouth and made to suck another guy hard as he wanted her pussy over my ass.


group fukkerguy 2018-06-18

Them both of them start sucking my cock together, im feeling so lucky that nite, then they both take to bed for sex, im lying on bed Shradha came & take my cock in her pussy ooooooooooh aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaah yessss fuck me harder, while Aunty sits on my face to make me taste her pussy oooooh yummmmy yummmmy aaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah its so hot & wet hmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah. But Aunty makes her mouth close by kissing her lips I said" do not panic Shradha i will take a good care of u" then she start enjoying aaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaah fuck me fuck me harder aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooooh oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaah.


group BlobbyBob 2018-06-18

We sit and watch the beautiful scenery as the coach drives down to the resort, but can't help notice one couple across the row from us already getting a little excited as they kiss, and her hand in his pants already, squeezing what seems to be quite an impressive bulge. It is Natalie who cums first, letting out quite a soft, quiet little moan, and then she gets back into the water and moves beside you as we all watch Michelle bring herself off. They ask us to turn over, so we do, and Michelle is surprised to see my hard cock sticking up, and Natalie giggles a little when she notices.


April Party

group Tidewater1347 2018-06-18

My live in lover Karen was standing by the fireplace and a guy named Andy was next to her and I was sure he had his hand on her ass. The wife of the guy that was our sponsor had let me know that she liked my house ad wanted to see the master bedroom. Karen tossed most of the clothing in the dryer and we herded the swimmers into living room, standing in front of the fire place. Helen wasted no time as she dropped to the floor and took a large amount of my cock into her mouth. I was enjoying Helen sucking my cock, but at the same time, I was fascinated by watching Karen getting screwed.

Dawn & Alexis Ch. 4

group SnEyXmXpXhYo 2018-06-18

She moaned and slid her hand up and down Josh's cock faster and took the head off it in her mouth when she saw the pre-cum spilling from the tip. She looked to see that Alexis's head was in Adam's lap and James was still stroking his cock. "So," James asked, "how do you girls plan on going swimming with no swimsuits?" Alexis locked arms with Dawn and they walked toward the bank of the lake and the boys all shrugged and followed. Adam started swimming toward Alexis while James and Josh still stood in the shallow end trying to get use to the water.


Shirley Drunk at the Office Party

group MrPovey 2018-06-18

As one record ended and the DJ spurted some drivel before turning up the next, another one of her colleagues joined the floor and I expected to see him take Shirley from his friend for his turn at her arse but instead he moved behind her and put his hands on her hips, she pulled away from the first guy and looked over her shoulder to see who it was. The guys still were unsure of the roles here so I leaned forward and pushed her arms out of the way, pulling her zip down her back so the top of her panties were showing, I looked at Steve and back to her shoulder, he understood and slipped her remaining strap off her shoulder as I pulled her dress down.

Loving Wife Ch. 03

group Tara_Neale 2018-06-18

The faithful, loving wife and mother who had only ever had sex with her husband had in less than one hour watched an obese, older woman ride a fucking machine to what looked like an orgasmic nirvana that Eleanor had never dreamt existed. The scene as Ray called what was happening on the bed was a woman, Eleanor could not tell how old exactly as her face was covered with a hood of some sort, and she was tied to the bed... These people, this place, this night I stripped off her rose colored glasses and for the first time she saw herself, her marriage, this man for what it was ...

Sex maid

group madddog1945 2018-06-18

When I collected myself I told her ?Well Maria I was raised on the country side, I've always stared at these stars." Then Ashley came outside and sat behind me, her legs split, chest on my back. I laughed then pointed at her and Maria with both of my hands ?No, you to suck, and good at that." Ashley gave me a naughty smile as she swam into the shore. Maria was loving it, for the first time I looked down and saw Ashley's face buried in-between a girls legs instead of mine. Maria had fingered Ashley's ass then began shoving her tongue inside of her ass. After Maria had begin eating her out, I took my cock and shoved it deep inside her ass with one good push.

My dream to be a d**g house whore

group dncn31 2018-06-18

She told me I would eventually start taking cock for her amusement and her boyfriends b*****r loved sissies from his years in prison. I told her I feel like a whore I just want to be used by men. She said good then told them to cum in. After an hour or so when they had given me several loads I noticed new men cumming in quite frequently snorting coke then fucking me. I still could not deep threat or take a cock over 7 inches balls deep in my little gurl hole but I wanted to. I never felt more fulfilled than when I was high and men wanted me. I want no money just keep me high and in cock and cum.

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 3

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-06-18

Tonya's husband was much like me, and while living in Colorado he had wanted her to make love to his best friend. "Tonya said she loved having two cocks competing for her attention and trying to out please the other. So now she plays with his mind a lot, teasing him about other cocks she wants. "I'll stay her and finish my drink until you have time to get in and find a place at the bar." She said. "If I'm going to play, I'm waiting for what I want." She said and took a sip of her drink. Soon a friend of his joined them on the dance floor, another Latin fellow.

my evil black dick splits white pussy!

group blackiecs 2018-06-18

The bid came from a 6'5" black giant who couldn't believe the beauty of the bride and to be the first one to fuck her dainty mouth. The black hands were now grasping the bridal veil at the back of her head and he began to fuck in and out of the bride's choking mouth. The entire group of black roared in laughter to see the beautiful bride retch out a cup full of the nigger's cum all over her husband's face. #1 is fuck the bride's beautiful white feet; #2 is to get jerked off by her right hand and # 3 by her left hand." Julie couldn't believe her ears.

The Boys Next Door Ch. 03

group SilverMuse 2018-06-18

Diana took the phone like it was a hot ember, wondering if she could casually bring it into her bedroom — or if that would raise her mom's suspicions — or if Brendan would unleash a stream of dirty talk about her sweet pussy and get off on knowing she was trying to keep it together in front of her mother — At least, she'd always considered them oversized, but the look of hunger on Ian's face and aroused enjoyment on Brendan's face sent hot prickles of excitement and need through her full globes and right to her nipples.


a moment in time,

group tunemaker 2018-06-18

Irene and my girls got to see nudity and knew well the different shapes and sizes of cocks. I was pleasantly surprised that first night of Carla's visit when for the first time in a long time, Irene initiated sex. We started with the smallest and Irene began to have two or three orgasms a session with the help of her hard dildo and her massager. The image of my wife jerking herself off to fantasies of sucking and fucking young dicks made my little cock spurt it's pre cum. Our sex talk got wilder and wilder over the next several months until we finally decided to go to a bar separately and I would watch her flirt with the men that asked her to dance.

Mistaken Identity

group midnightfalcon 2018-06-18

Again I was getting wet and just moving my shoulders was making my bra rub against my sensitive nipples..The more I did it the more I could feel my pussy starting to do that twitching thing. Here I am standing in a strange hotel room, getting undressed for a guy that looks like some sort of Adonis. I had almost told him to go lower, touching my pussy, wanting him to massage my cunt with his warm oily fingers, but dared not actually say it. He began letting his index finger slip between the lower portion of my pussy's lips before again moving up to my ass. I wanted him to touch my pussy while he was doing that massage thing to my nipples and I had to tell him.