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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Thoughts of Interruptions

group jjustjenny 2018-11-21

Sucking your clit like a cock, licking your pussy clean. Using it until he is just wet with her saliva, the last of his cum drawn out by her soft sucking and every drop of your juice cleaned, so he can now start fresh with his morning routine. Turning her head to lick at his balls when his cock returns to full erection, making sure they are free of sweat and juice and cum. Your tongue fucking her where that cock had opened and loosened her tight cunt. Her nose brushing along his driving cock; passing along it as she stretches her tongue to go inside your folds, ensuring that the scent of your ass fills her nostrils.

Jamaica Surprise

group Mister_E 2018-11-21

The doors closed and Sally pulled me to her and kissed me with her lovely full lips until the lift stopped at our floor. “You’re the problem, John,“ she said as she stepped forward, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me – pushing her tongue into my mouth and pressing her naked body against my fully-clothed one. Sally laughed and told her that she either had to stand and watch or join in like we agreed because she wasn’t going to stop in the middle of a lovely fucking. Sally muttered through Sherry’s wet cunt for me to fuck her harder as she was cumming; Sherry grunted out loud and closed her eyes to concentrate on her own orgasm as I just went over the top and thrust umpteen spasms of cum into Sally.

Hot Summer Friends

group BiAlphaSlut 2018-11-21

As we came out of the forest Mike quickly pulled away his hand from under my dress and said, “There is a terrace there. From the nice warm sun, the drink, and the sensual tension between me and Mike, and all the gazes my body was attracting I was getting horny and felt like starting a little tease with the guy. I normally don’t like it when he talks dirty to me when we make love, but through the tension of that whole afternoon I had become a horny, foul-tongued fucking slut for this unknown man who now started to pump inside my cunt.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 9

group QBBC 2018-11-21

Katie noticing that Pat’s cock had become quite hard as they watched Samantha stroking cocks and then getting face fucked down on the edge of the lake, pushed Pat down on his back. It wasn’t long before Katie and Suzzie had truly lost their group and anal virginity, and were being fucked rigorously up the arse and cunt holes by every guy’s cock which had recovered and was ready for a second round. Another two guys from the main group came over and positioned themselves behind the girls, pushing their hard cocks up Katie and Suzie’s cunt, and began fucking them with vigour.

Anna’s Men’s Room Adventure

group njdom 2018-11-21

Sometimes Carl would start when Anna was sucking his cock. The fantasy generally involved Carl convincing Anna to come into a men’s room with him. Carl moved to the side and Anna greedily started sucking the black guys cock. Anna pulled the cock out of her mouth, gasped and while stroking him, said “Oh God, pinch my nipples hard, harder. Anna’s dripping wet mouth plus the amazing luck of being blown by a sexy girl in the men’s room of the theater where he worked led him to cum almost right away. The black guy moved up, grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her slut hole of a mouth.


group JodiStarr 2018-11-21

When he asked us of we wanted something to drink, we both said yes to lemonade and as soon as he went indoors, she took a bottle of tan oil spray from her beach bag and asked me to lie down so she could apply it to my legs, tummy, and chest. Rubbing oil between my breasts she slid a middle finger in under the thin material, lightly flicking my right nipple until it was standing up hard, before switching to the other side. Lola reached forward, taking his hand away, pulling the waist of the small garment down, freeing his whole cock. I was close to coming, three fingers sliding inside me, thumb pressing on the outside, when he roughly turned Lola around, resuming his pounding from behind.

Brockton Adventist BBW Anal Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

Is it me or are the big black women's fat asses actually getting bigger? Joanna and Simone got on their hands and knees and practiced the ancient art of cock worshiping. To her credit, the big black woman didn't scream as I began pounding that fat ass of hers. I love it when a big woman screams with my cock so far up her asshole that you can't tell where she ends and I begin. I spread Joanna's plump black butt cheeks and admired her tight asshole. As Joanna's screams resonated into the church, I grabbed a handful of her hair and slammed my cock into her asshole. I closed my eyes and happily pushed my cock into the big black woman's asshole.


First time in a dark parking lot-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-21

He took out his hard cock and I started rubbing the head and moving my hand up and down. Rick said he wants to fuck you in the ass, and asked if it was OK with me. Mark was holding my hips as he fucked harder and faster, I could feel his cock quivering and knew he was ready to shoot his first load into me. Rick said to Mark, “Why don’t you fuck her pussy.” Rick moved over a bit and I laid down and Mark started fucking deep and hard.

A Bisexual Haitian Story

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

Like every sports fan in New England, she had heard of Paul Jean-Francois, the stud who was captain of the school's soccer team. Rebecca grimaced when she felt the full length of Paul's cock inside her anal canal. No one knew about the secret sexual adventures he had with men, a long time ago, or the role that Michael had played during his sexual awakening and development. Paul sighed as he looked at Michael's body. In spite of himself, Paul felt...aroused, just looking at his friend's body. Michael took Paul's cock in his mouth and sucked it. Michael and Paul had been best friends since they met in the first grade. Michael slept with women and men left and right, but he only loved Paul.


The Invitation pt2

group sugarbabe 2018-11-21

Max was the high point winner so he got to choose who he wanted. She said, "Oh, yes, please do!" So with Max licking her and me sucking her tits, she was well on her way to her first of many orgasms. When I came in to check on them I poured some of the oil into my hands and rubbed Willie's ass and his balls and really got intense with his manhood. In the other bedroom was Steff and Joe. They had invited another couple to have a foursome with them, Karlee and Rob. They were doing just fine with all their different parts available. Karlee got out a dildo and slowly entered Steff.

Christmas cuckold

group woreout 2018-11-21

Honey she said to me these are the ladies from Mike's company , I met them after the party broke up , they where asking me if my husband knew that I was dressed like Santa's helper and having sex at a company Christmas party? The ladies started asking me questions about how long I had been a Cuckold to my wife. They walked over and one took my hard cock in her hand and asked my wife how long do you leave him in here before he gets released? I was left locked up and my wife called Mike to come spend the night with her, I said didn't he fuck you this afternoon?

My First Threesome - Pt 3

group Cassiter 2018-11-21

As their mouths ravaged each other, Henry began to lower the zipper on her dress while Marty rubbed the crotch of his pants. He was finally able to extricate his fingers and then I felt soft coolness on my breast and looked down to more whipped cream on my nipple. Henry stopped sucking my nipple and fucked my mouth with his tongue for a brief moment before getting off the bed again and standing behind me. I felt Henry’s finger wriggle its way into my ass as Marty’s mouth sucked my clit into her mouth. Henry pulled out his finger and gently eased his cock inside me as Marty sucked my clit harder.

How Did I Get Here? - Part 1

group QuartetHouse 2018-11-21

Kat told me she was now coming from both her clit and her g-spot, and how amazing that felt, and how I was only the third man who had ever been able to make her have two separate orgasms at the exact same time. She told me she thinks the reason so many women don’t want to suck cock is because they think it is something they do for the pleasure of the man. Kat collapsed flat on her back and told me she was tired but she wanted me to bang her missionary style, very hard and for a very long time, until neither of us could come again.

3 Sticky Gifts for Her 17th Birthday

group CockLover11 2018-11-21

Someone was always playing with her tits or sucking on hem as she worked to get all three cocks hard.Kevin wanted to be first so he slipped on a condom while she got into her favorite doggy position. Maria rips off his condom and after a quick suck pushes her tits together around James’ cock. She goes back to sucking Kevin after Bryce gets her on her knees to take his cock in her ass. And please wipe that off of you before you come down for the breakfast your mother made for you Maria.” She was still half asleep yet aware she was there on her bed with face and tits covered with dried and still sticky cum.

Deidre Chapter 2

group ParisWaterman 2018-11-21

I wondered about that, thinking of future BJ partners and how they figured to be somewhat bigger than Johnny-Boy. I began to move my head back and forth, letting his dick almost leave my mouth before sucking him back in while fondling and squeezing his balls with my left hand. For some arcane reason I made a mental note to ask her what the hell the material was, but when I saw her shaven pussy framed between the black sheer stockings that stopped just below the short hem of the tight dress I coughed out loud and was discovered by Mrs. Meadows.


Molly's Night With Neapolitan Ice Cream

group MollyDoll 2018-11-21

Making her decision, she leaned back against Steve, placed her hand firmly on Henry’s hardening cock and looked into Shane’s eyes. There were so many naughty flashes popping into her mind, like Molly on her knees with Henry’s cock shoved deep in her mouth as she stroked the other men before pulling them closer to her, needing to taste their flavors as well. Molly pinched her swollen clit and pulled on her nipple, crying out; no longer able to keep quiet; remembering how the men all fell onto her small body; how they were kissing and touching, licking and biting what felt like every each of her.

A foreign affair… Trois is best!

group Dane69 2018-11-21

As we broke the kiss, Laure reached up, bringing Stéphanie's face to mine, I instinctively turned my head in time enough to let my lips meet hers. She slid her head down my chest, lifting my T-shirt so she could suck and bite my nipples, as she stroked my cock through my shorts, this allowed my other arm free to feel Stéphanie’s breasts through her top. She slid her hand inside my shorts, running a fingertip round the head of my cock, spreading the pre-cum that had leaked out already, causing me to moan into Stéphanie’s mouth. I grabbed her arse roughly, pulling her pussy harder against my shaft, my fingers edging further down until I reached her tight little anus with a fingertip making her wriggle with delight.

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 06

group LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-21

I told Jordan her plan, he said go ahead, "but, you still put in ten bucks per cum, I'm not letting that bitch rob me of my money." "Don't worry, I can't have you sitting on your ass not making me money, Meg and I have talked, we will come up with something," he said. Jordan wanted you to play until you lost, then offer things to cover it, right?" "I know but he said play all night," I whined, I really wanted it to not be true. I guarantee we'll play with you all fucking night long, right fellas?" He said to enthusiastic agreement.


Lost Virginity:Part 2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-21

Looking back, the seating arrangement would have changed very little, but at the time, I was shocked to see Jane lean over and kiss Candi, full on the mouth. Jane almost ripped Candi's blouse off, lowering her head to my wife's chest, freeing her ample bosom from the bra before sucking her nipple into her mouth. Candi came twice before Jane finally emerged from between her thighs, my wife's juices smeared from nose to chin. Jane's hand encircled my stiffened cock, stroking it gently while Candi rose, splaying the lips of her pussy and settling slowly onto my face. My moans were muffled by my wife's cunt as Jane moved her face to my dark pink helmet, flicking her tongue up and down the slit.

Porn Star Roadtrip with OHGirl, Velvet and Denise

group ohgirl1 2018-11-21

He had been hired to be in the film too and all three of us would suck and fuck his giant, ebony staff and share his spunk before the other men entered the scene to begin the orgy. The thought of fucking that many men turned me on and when my uncle James pulled out to feed me his cock, I began sucking it like a cock whore, fiend. He sprayed our faces when he came and we all three licked it up and kissed for the camera, sharing cum and waiting for more while the set filled with the rest of the actors. She loved the strip club scene and not unlike myself and my mom, she began fucking for money while working the many clubs that we were contracted to visit.

Our First Anniversary

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-21

As I held Renee's legs high, I inserted the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and began taking little 'mini-strokes' in and out of her, just moving only an inch or two, it's a favorite of Robin's, she loved these strokes along the most sensitive part of her pussy so I decided to try it out on Renee. I got up and knelt between Renee's legs and put my cock up to her pussy as she lifted up off my wife for long enough to say, "Oh, yes, Dave, fuck me, honey, happy anniversary," and went right beck to sucking my wife's pussy.

The Hostess (Pt1)

group silkpantygirl 2018-11-21

I greeted each member with a smile, making sure they had a drink, and handed each of them a small card I took from pockets in my apron. After busying myself in the kitchen for about thirty minutes, I headed out on my rounds of the house, to check in on all the guests to make sure they were having a good time, help if they weren't, and see who wanted to redeem their cards with me. Fingering the blonde woman's pussy like that had got me turned on, and my increasingly wet snatch wasn't able to grip the balls so well. I took the clamps off my sore nipples and labia and carefully tied my apron back in place, grabbing a wet wipe on the way out of the room.

Theater Sex

group Jeenawill 2018-11-21

My seat was taken by one of the young men from the parking lot while two "old fat guys" sat down behind her and ran a hand each down her neck and onto her chest. Her eyes were closed and she had a cock in her left hand, the other young man from the parking lot was sitting down to her right, two new men standing behind her, and now a tall young black man slipped in front of her between she and the row of seats in front of her. One of the men behind her pulled back her blouse, exposed her shoulder, and started rubbing his fat cock on her skin until it drooled a large load of thick white cum down her front and matted into her hair on that side.

A Quickie at the Spa

group naughtymails 2018-11-21

And Sarah is sitting right next to her, leaning over, kissing her slowly, their tongues intertwining, her left hand playing with a nipple while the other is pushing our guest's legs open for me. "Be a good girl and open your mouth, I want my dick nice and wet before I start pounding this hot little slut right here!" Sarah does as she is told, surprisingly without commenting on my choice of words. I watched your cock while getting off for you guys in the sauna, I was a good little girl and licked your girlfriend in the shower after, I sucked your dick and tasted your cum - now I really want you inside of me, don't make me beg!"