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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Paris Vacation Ch. 2

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-06-18

Letting myself relax as much as possible, I told him, "Push in slowly until you are as deep as you can go, and then stay still until I'm accustomed to you being inside me." Although longer he isn't any thicker than the dildo on the strapon, and I quickly felt comfortable with him lodged in me. I wasn't close to orgasm myself, but I kept stroking myself and licking around Sylvie's clit, while Benoit kept himself lodged in me as long as possible. I was feeling a cramp in one leg, so I rolled over on the bed beside Sylvie and worked myself hard with both hands, while Sylvie, although lethargic from her orgasm, stroked my breasts.

Third In The Marriage

group Somcock 2018-06-18

I prefer fucking little women like my wife, but I will occasionally fuck a larger woman especially if she is good orally and Harold assured me Lynn can really pleasure me when it comes to sucking my cock and she would also suck Donna's pussy. I didn't realize it at first but Harold had been eating Donna when she started holding my balls but was now fucking her at the same time she was kissing my side and rubbing on me while Lynn was riding my cock. Her hip coming off the mattress I saw Harold bury his cock into her pussy up to his balls and the look on his face told me he was shooting his load into my wife's tight little cunt.

On Her Knees to Please

group MikesKitty 2018-06-18

Gene dragged an ice cube over the back of her knee and then began to kiss her there, making her moan, while Mike rubbed her thighs with his cold fingers and hot mouth. Mike moved up to thrust his tongue in her mouth, making her moan as Gene traveled back down her body, filling her navel with cold liquid and licking it out. The feeling of Jen’s tongue on their cocks was making both men moan, and as she sucked them Jen kneaded their balls, tight and heavy with cum, moaning, “Please, boys, fill my mouth with your cum!


Making a Whore Pt. 12

group dna27fog 2018-06-18

When she didn't want to fuck guys in Bush River, I took her there constantly. When she wanted a guy to fuck my ass, I was not interested. I knew she had fucked Jay a few times. I had gotten good at pushing her gently, over time and letting her decide to do things because she wanted to please me. She started stroking the cocks of the guys on the bed with her, turning over to suck one, she lifted her ass in the air for the others to admire. I loved watching cocks pound her beautiful pussy and her getting fucked in the ass was a new thing that excited me immeasurably.

Texas Trio Ch. 24-End

group SteffiOlsen 2018-06-18

I especially enjoyed going back to visit Cat, Colt, and Jem while I edited TT2, which is Becky's story, set five years later, also in Liberty Falls. He didn't kid himself that the parts he left out-- like Catherine's beating-- would go unnoticed, but he couldn't put it in the first sentence without Colt tearing off for town to kill Harrison, voiding a week's planning and heartache. Cat blushed, and thought a reprimand at Jem for making her grin while she was trying to concentrate on what her mouth was doing, which was difficult enough with Colt's hands at her breasts, alternating between her nipples, tweaking and plucking at the tender nubs.


Adam and Kris - College Roommates

group Kitten2009 2018-06-18

I just had gotten my cock rock hard when suddenly Adam came in the room. "I love when girls suck my dick," he said as he began rubbing himself through his jeans. For a moment I allowed myself to imagine Adam's 7 inch hard cock inside my ass ramming me hard. "Do you want to suck him off," she asked as she began to lick Adam's balls. "You need to return the favor," she said to Adam as she spit into the palm of his hand and placed it on my dick. She licked the cum from my head and cleaned his chest with her tongue bring my cum into Adam's mouth with her lips, "I want you to fuck him."

Foursome with Steve, Marie and Mandy

group roman64 2018-06-18

The girls were still kissing, the first volley of cum hit Marie on her cheek, Steve moved the second volley to hit Mandy on her cheek, both women carried on kissing and just allowed him to shoot over their kissing cheeks, at the exact same time Mandy sat fully on my face and I felt her cum on me, her pussy expanded and contracted right over my mouth and nose, I opened my mouth to take anything that she might have to give me, Marie was tensing too, she was clearly cumming too and i felt that wonderful feeling you can only get as a man when you feel a pussy cumming on your cock, both women let out a moan and deep breaths and for the first time stopped kissing, the moved their heads away from each other, I looked up to see their beautiful faces flushed and splashed on one side with some of Steves cum, and then I saw that Steve, still with cock in hand, was still wanking and still producing a little cum which was now not hitting the women but dripping down onto my chest, as I watched spunk dripped off both ladies faces down onto me, whats going to happen to that lot I thought...

The Right Fit Pt. 03

group Obobby 2018-06-18

We had just finished making love on a Friday morning before we left for work, a quick hard fuck in our shower that ended with Jill's finger in my ass and me cumming deep inside her pussy, then bringing her to orgasm with my mouth under the pounding water. The grey haired man was pounding hard, but didn't look close to cumming, and after a few moments, Laura noticed us and kicked him out, allowing the man who's cock Marie was sucking to come around and begin his pounding after putting on a condom. As I began to suck my 9th or 10th cock, the man who had been fucking Marie moved underneath her, allowing her to straddle him, while the man she had been blowing came around to her ass.


Sorority Fundraiser

group MrKnowitall 2018-06-18

It felt good standing there, clad only in my boxers, gulping down OJ while sunshine warmed my ass and crisp air from the fridge's open door floated against my chest and cooled my thighs. Her plump lips closed around the shaft just bellow the head, tightened into a ring, and she pushed against me; my thick cock sliding into her incredible mouth inch by inch. I ran my hands over Jennifer's body as she kissed my chest and neck, but all my attention was focused on Shelly. As Jennifer slid both her hands up and down my slick cock, Shelly scrambled to her feet. With my eyes turning from her breasts to Jennifer's busy hands, Shelly reached down and lifted her skirt, bunching it at her waist.

A Frustrated Wife Ch. 06

group skadoo 2018-06-18

“Aw. The pain is horrible at first but don’t worry it gets better and soon it will be a distant memory once you see your new breasts.” says Serena as she moves over to the couch and sits on the edge trying to comfort her. Don’t worry Alex, Stacy is in good hands.” says Serena in a breathy sexy way Alex is not sure what Serena meant by that last statement but is unable to put much thought into as Stacy is back on the phone “That’s Serena’s sense of humor, she loves to tease people. “I’m sorry Stacy, but I’m actually pretty tired and I have be in the office early tomorrow.” says Alex as he yawns again.


Fine Food & More

group Eileen48 2018-06-18

We took a short detour down by the harbour and when I said it looked lovely with the moon shining on the water and the boats Seamus very gently bent down and turning my face kissed me whispering " nearly as beautiful as you." When I didn't pull away he got bolder and I felt his right hand cup and feel the weight of one of my breasts and as his tongue sought mine he pulled me against him and I could feel the hardness of body and his erection against me.


Drinks with Dorothy Perkins

group AmeliaLaurent 2018-06-18

Our gaze stalks the waiter as he carries the drink to our newest point of interest and motions in our direction. Mystery man and I kiss on the cheek, and I invite him inside. As I hand mystery man his drink, his fingers wrap around mine over the glass. Niko lets me go a little, and our mystery man fills in behind me, facing Niko, and kisses my neck. My hands make my way to mystery man's cock. As mystery man rocks back and forth Niko gets more and more cock in his mouth. We are spent but want more. I feel myself getting overwhelmed. I scream his name. I scream for relief. I'm completely overwhelmed. We are completely spent.

The St. Georges at Home

group VimBrioni 2018-06-18

Samantha smiled, "Yes, it looks like he's back to his old self." Samantha knew that while she and Martin were in New York, her sister-and-law Carol had seen to it that Victor would forget all about Maria. DeAndre and Victor picked up Dean and headed to the beach in Del Mar. On the way they cranked tunes, enjoying the warm weather and the carefree feeling that came with Saturday. Dean suddenly got up, took her by the hand, and started dancing with her, the other's following suit, DeAndre and CoCo, Gabby and Victor laughing, taking in the sight of the other's body, until they all began kissing and hugging, hands roaming, finding and feeling flesh, the six then heading to separate areas of the house.


The Side of the Road

group Linedrive 2018-06-18

Alternating my eyes between the mirror and the road, I continued to watch as their lips pressed together and their tongues slid back and forth, playing with each others. With still 30 minutes left in the trip home, Michelle leaned forward and whispered in my ear to find somewhere to pull over. Turning around I could see Michelle’s hands emerge from under Sarah’s skirt, holding the skinny white cloth of her panties. My eyes burned as I watched Michelle lower her head between Sarah’s legs. Sarah immediately let out a long moan the minute Michelle tasted her, and wasted no time in wrapping her hands around Michelle’s head. For the next few minutes I continued to stroke myself, assisted by the sounds of Michelle’s fingers plunging in and out of her pussy.

Ex-Girlfriend at Gangbang

group Ruttish 2018-06-18

Karen had told me about her planned night out a few weeks ago and had mentioned it a couple of times since. When I told him Karen had plans to go out with her friends and would not be taking me to the party and I was planning to drive up to the party by myself, he said, "Don't do that, mate. Later they stood in cliques, three or four girls in each chatting away while looking around, trying to catch the eye of passing male guest. For a while I amused myself by watching Coach Hinchliffe and his beautiful young wife chatting to a girl Uri had introduced to them, He had led her over by the hand and urged between the couple, kissing on the cheek before leaving her to their whims.


The Laundry Room Ch. 4

group Sperman Alexie 2018-06-18

Bellker began sliding his cock in and out from Todd's ass, moving faster and faster. I shambled over to the chorus of moans, groans and grunts and was faced with the first dilemma of the evening: Do I drink the heady, sweet and warm milk from Mrs. Bellker's addictive breasts as I had begged for earlier, or do I slide my cock into Candace's beautiful, hot cunt? Mrs. Bellker emitted a high-pitched wail, followed immediately by Todd's enormous cock pulling free of her mouth and firing an inordinate amount of jism all over the landlady's porcelain face. Mr. Bellker pulled his cock out of Todd's ass, and fired a trail of cum that ran a straight line up my roommate's spine, and even reached his hair.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

group VF_0079 2018-06-18

-"I think that we should give our young friend a preview before we head inside" she said, planting a wet tongue flicking kiss on his lips. Natalie parked her silver BMW in the swimming pool's parking lot and prepared to make her way towards the locker room, when she spotted from afar Laura on her bike. Must be a stomach cramp" said Laura, feeling her cheeks turn a fine shade of crimson. Laura and Natalie changed into their swimming suits, head caps and goggles and headed for the pool. -"I...I would like to watch...if that's OK with you" said Laura turning as red as a beetroot. Instead of an answer Laura turned her shower head towards Natalie and switched the water to cold.

Love at Whiskey Lake

group dsoul 2018-06-18

We laid our blanket right alongside theirs and brought out all that was in our picnic basket; it turns out they too had come down here for very much the same purpose and Gary excused himself while he went over to where he'd parked his car and returned in no time with a similar laden basket. Alice too was just as happy with the fact that we weren't here alone, and right there and then I couldn't help but feel the same; already I was growing slowly horny about the fact of watching Gary fuck her while I did his wife.


More Than I Expected

group Bi_Gentleman 2018-06-18

As I began to go wild sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy I felt whoever it was pull their mouth away and a large hand clasped my cock in it's firm grasp. Almost straight away I felt strong hands on the back of my head forcing my head closer to the end of his cock, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the tip, sucking slightly and playing with my tongue along the underside. The feeling of being used exited me and I went for it, fondling his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other whilst I bobbed my head up and down, trying to get as much of it into my mouth as possible.

Older Men

group 2018-06-18

So I kneeled on the bed and she turned her head to face me and I pushed myself in her mouth whilst reaching down to her love button. We lay together gasping for a while and then my wife asked her what she thought of my performance and she conceded it was the best sex she had ever had and if there was another opportunity on offer, she would love to have another turn. She says it stings like hell, and she squirmed in pain as she did it, but she know how it turns men on to taste brandy on her lips, her love lips. His fucking never made her come like the first man, but his fingers certainly had her squealing with delight.

Sarah's Massage Career

group TaySlut 2018-06-18

So she dribbled oil on his right leg and and started massaging it in moving higher until she ran her hands over his firm ass. Sarah started slowly and wasn't getting much leverage so she pulled one of his legs out to the side and up to stretch it making his ass cheeks open and moving the washcloth down a little showing a little more of his crack leaving almost nothing to cover except his balls. Still staring at this massive black cock, which is now leaking precum onto the table, Sarah slowly walks to his right leg and lifts it and lays it back on top of his member and moves the washcloth back to his ass..


Shocked and Surprised Ch. 04

group deadeye_76 2018-06-18

"I'm going to go let Denise in so you can have a woman with big tits sit on your dick. Now be a good boy and lick my pussy and fuck Denise while I play with her big tits." We need to talk about this." I thrashed back and forth, not believing that my wife had Denise fucking me and she was going to sit on my face. Don't you just love these?" I just stared as Denise continued to fuck herself with my dick while Anne moved to pinch and pull on Denise's nipples. I need to have my pussy licked and I just know you are going to be a good pussy-eater, too." Anne started stroking her pussy and Denise was going full bore on my dick.


Never Enough Ch. 16

group Sweetcheekss 2018-06-18

“I’m holding out till Jackie quits this damn porn business!” Frank exclaimed. “Probably wouldn’t hurt to make sure we’ve got plenty of towels and bottled water ready!” I exclaimed, kidding Jackie. “You think Melissa Townsend’s going to be able to handle both Chris and Richie?” She asked, grinning. I reviewed how the scene was to be played out, making sure Melissa let Chris and Richie lead her through it. While Melissa sucked on his cock, Chris reached around, slipping his hand beneath Melissa’s gauzy panties. Richie fucked Melissa hard till he got his load off, shooting it up her back. Jackie handed Chris and Richie towels, tossing one to Melissa. Frank, Jackie and I sat in the office, away from where Melissa, so she couldn’t overhear us.


A Summer Day

group mrfixitintheuk 2018-06-18

I looked up to see the girl from earlier watching, her mouth partly open, she approached us, dropping down she cupped your arse cheeks her fingers slipping between then obviously entering your wet pussy and with her other hand frigging herself, obviously close to climax, at that instant the security guard appeared taking in the situation and unzipping his trousers he pulled his cock out offering it to the girls mouth, she grabbed it sucking it in to her mouth, he pumped it deep making her gag and in a very short time he came, cum spilling from her mouth, lifting her up and bending her over against a pile of pallets he pushed down her trousers and knickers, you realized what was happening and stopped to watch as he spread her legs before fucking her, not slow and gentle but hard and rough, mauling her tits, whimpers came from her mouth as he plowed in to her, you moved over and undid her top pulling her bra up and away allowing her tits to hang, dropping down you sucked on her nipples as I slipped my cock back inside you, the sight of you sucking on her and the other guy fucking the girl was too much and I came filling you with what seemed like a bucket full of hot sticky cum as did you, your juices running down your legs.