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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Night With A Hot Latin Couple

group fl44bothways 2018-06-18

I was laying at the bottom of the bed stroking my hard cock and watching the show when he pulled out the vibrator and told me to lick her pussy. I got my head between her legs and feasted on her pussy while she pulled her lips apart wide so I could suck on her hard white tipped clit peeking from under its hood. I was more than happy to oblige and crawled between his legs so I could watch his wet cock fucking her pussy while I stuck out my tongue and licked at her still hard clit. He pulled out a couple times and shoved his cock, coated with her juices, into my muth so I could suck him and enjoy their wetness.

Three BBWs and a guy ( chpt6)

group MasterBill 2018-06-18

was going Teri gave brian a sexy smile over her sholuder. Teri took the can of whip cream and shook it. Teri mixed the milk, syrup and cocoa powder together, then handed the mug to Brian. and I'll treat you all as such." Brian said as they walked to Teri's bedroom. Brian's wife Karen answered her front door. " Answer the lady you old bitch just like you sissy bitch son." ranted a " Young man piece of advise." said Joan " One never threaten a old lady. " Now let's get down to business, slut." Joan addressed Karen. You never liked me." said Karen " Hello Karen I want you see this first." Brian said.

Nicole's Fantasy

group Merlinslair 2018-06-18

When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" Then she takes Lee back into her mouth and pumps in and out as she squeezes and rubs his large balls, occasionally licking out and sucking his balls and bag into her mouth. As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life.

My Neighbor, the Tease

group Tarzan1210 2018-06-18

I smiled but couldn't think of anything clever to respond with and before I knew it Blair had chimed in "He's not like all those other guys you paw over, Laura. Subtly stroking the side of the left breast, Blair went on to trace her tongue around the light pink nipples. Blair's light humming brought an intense delight and, as soon as she guided two fingers into the steaming sex of her partner, Laura burst into a flood of orgasm causing her entire body to tremble. Then I'm going to jerk you up by your hair, bend you over the sink and pump my hard flesh into that soaked little clam between your legs.


Sharon's Next Fall Ch. 02

group AliHomeygrass 2018-06-18

Jason looked further around the room and saw Katie videoing Sharon and Ray and Paul, the other guy from the club with his cock out, playing with it to get ready to have a go with Sharon. As Paul and Ray were fucking Sharon, Jason said so to Katie, "What did you do to her, she was a slut last year?" Sharon took her mouth away from Ray's cock, still playing with it and said "Don't talk about him, just fuck me." After 10 minutes of Sharon sucking him off, Jason decided that he want to fuck her, so he took her head and said "Come on slut, get on the bed."

Katrin: The First Day Ch. 01

group SwtCountryGirl 2018-06-18

Katrin took a deep breath and dove in, kissing Candy thoroughly, relishing the sweetness from the coffee drink on the girl's tongue, the incredible softness of her lips. She leaned, resting on her hands and knees, Micah's hands on her back and hips as she kissed Candy's pussy lips, gently licked her clit. When Candy came with a scream, Katrin felt Micah fill her cunt with a dick that was absolutely enormous and she groaned into the blonde's crotch before resuming her tongue work, relishing the feel of hard guy pounding her, while a beautiful woman stroked her hair and fed her cream. The red head then did her best to please them both, stroking his hard length with her tongue when Candy rose, and bathing the girl's clit when she lowered.

Swingers club dark room

group ByMickey 2018-06-18

They like the jacuzzi the best, because naked people are just sitting here and enjoying the warm water and sometimes play with each other. The swingers club gives Carla and Matthew a certain feeling of freedom. Carla and Matthew walked further into the room and they start to hear all these different sounds. The hand is going up her neck and slides to her right breast, where Matthew is playing as well. It feels like a womans hand! Her breast are being touched by a woman, her pussy is getting fingered by a strange man, she is giving a hand job to another stranger while he gets a blow job from another woman. Matthew is still playing with the first womans ass and pussy while she jerks him off behind Carla.

Slutty Sue at the Movies

group raidernation25 2018-06-18

Julie and I walked into the theater and Kimmy one of the sorority sisters tapped me on the shoulder. I took my free right hand and found the old guy's cock that was seated next to me. I looked at the old guy to my right and I was amazed that after ten minutes of my hand job that he still hadn't cum. "I need a cock in my mouth so let me suck his," I explained as I got up and bent over and took the old guys cock in my mouth. I took all of the old guys cock in my mouth and as soon as I touched his balls I could feel him getting closer to cumming.


Magnificent Marzia

group BrettJ 2018-06-18

Marzia Price wasn't a vain woman by any means, but every time she walked by a mirror, she couldn't help look at her reflection. Marzia wanted to go to bed with someone like "Finn" just once in her life and knew that to accomplish that goal; everything about her would have to undergo a drastic change. From her tone, Marzia knew that her cousin had likely bedded the girl. "I-I think I'd like that, but wouldn't it be rude to leave Selina and Alison by themselves," Marzia said as Holly moved closer. "I haven't had enough of your wife's cunt, screw me while I finger-fuck and eat the hot little bitch!" Marzia winked at Steve and went back to lapping pussy while Steve inserted his throbbing cock inside her cunt.

The Unwanted Threesome

group rockbohunk 2018-06-18

Rick without hesitation, kissed Kris deeply, then picked up her 115 pound frame and set her on the kitchen counter pulling her dress up to her waist. Kris stopped only inches from Rick's face and began to masturbate running her fingers up and down until parting her labia and inserting two fingers of her right hand. Kris fought back her tears as she tried to continue to suck Rick's cock while her husband fucked her from behind. Bob pulled out of Kris's soaked pussy only to force his cock into her virgin ass . As her flood gates opened, Bob made three more strokes until pulling out and shooting his load all over Kris's back and ass as if to mark his territory.

The school counsellor, part 2

group SFS 2018-06-18

We were never here,” I said walking him to a quiet corner, away from the stage where Julie was spreading her legs so the punters could get a better view of her shaven cunt, as she peeled back her outer labia. “You pay at the bar, while you’re there, tell the barmaid to bring me a drink sweetie,” I said. “A counsellor at my college always calls me sweetie, and she’s gorgeous, just like you, thanks,” he said. “Fuck, you look good Wendy!” Gary said, making me jump. “You don’t mind if I call you that do you, only I have a fantasy woman at school, she’s called Wendy.” He said. “You naughty boy, call me Wendy if you want,” I said relived.

Here We Go Again

group tamol 2018-06-18

For the next eight hours I was fucked non stop by them all, at one time I had a cock up my arse one in my cunt, one in my mouth and one in each hand as one man came another took his place, for middle aged men they were very fit. I felt like I would split in two and was relieved that he came pretty quickly, as he withdrew from my pussy another cock took its place and the fucking continued. "Thanks Anne that was mighty good, maybe you want to see if mister X wants some satisfaction, I'll tell you what if you get him to fuck you I will never ask you to do this again," said Jason with an evil smile on his face.

A Bisexual Man's Hidden Secret Ch. 02

group windwriter 2018-06-18

Quietly I stood and turned, rubbing my ass up against Jim's cock while the two of us faced them. "Oh fuck, I need to cum!" He pulled out and moaned while he shot cum up my back then beat his cock against my ass crack. He slowly worked his cock into my ass until I felt like I could split in two, then he began fucking me, in and out. I moved and rocked on top of Jim while the other guy fucked my ass, getting closer and closer to release. After he rolled over, I used my hand to hold the toy in place that wanted to inch its way out of his ass.


Susan,David and me

group 2018-06-18

panties on for now, I wanted to play with her pussy through them. of sucking each others cock was turning me on as much eating Susan's We got on the bed and Susan and I started kissing, our tongues exploring her sweet hole, I slowly licked and kissed my way up both inner thighs, As I looked up I saw David starting to kiss and suck Susan's of Susan's pussy, pushing my tongue slightly between her wet lips and I pushed my tongue deeper between the folds of Susan's pussy, savoring David had his cock in Susan and all the cum that’s been in this beautiful pussy I'm eating. I started sucking her pussy hole, to make her cum while she was sucking Davids cock.

The Twin s****rs’ Erotic Escapades

group crystalwaters69 2018-06-18

As Pat's talented tongue wove its magic, I slowly moved my hands up to Ava's superb body till I was squeezing and kneading her firm breasts, pulling at the nipples, and rolling them between my fingers. My fingers pulled her lips apart and I marvelled at the beauty of her pussy, deep pink, and gleaming with her juices, I moaned against her flesh as her tongue slipped up and down my own pussy, probed, then slid up inside me. Dot had Pat sit in a low wide chair, spread her thighs and kissed and licked her way to my s*ster’s sweet pussy. I closed my eyes again and felt downward to find Pat's sweet head between my thighs, her tongue slowly lapping my spread pussy.

Smooth as Silk Ch. 02

group SweetLittleLiar 2018-06-18

I want your ass, turn over so I can fuck you there." You pulled away from me and I flipped over like a trained seal, I couldn't wait, I didn't care what I looked like, I needed to feel your dick in my ass, and I got onto my knees and leaned back to feel your hard hot muscles against me and the head of your throbbing dick pressing me and I shivered, spreading my knees further apart, my own fingers teasing my clit now, and you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me down onto that shaft pulsing so hot against my tender skin.

The Hunger Ch. 04

group CorsetLvr 2018-06-18

The tattoos covering his body and the nipple rings clearly showed the mutual interest that he shared with Amy. His shoulder length brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. John has wonderful endurance and a thick cock that Sharon described as a "pussy stretcher." Steve is a bit of voyeur and really enjoys watching his wife play with other another couple or individual. Amy's hands wandered over my body and I could sense Mike's presence nearby, waiting and watching. I felt my nipple leave Amy's mouth with an audible pop and she raised her face and looked me in the eyes. I responded by grabbing Amy's almost boyish ass in my hands and pulling her pussy down to my face.


Old Friends, New Pleasures

group Wet_Kitty 2018-06-18

The girls sat and drank wine, watching the fire, and thinking about what they would like to do to each of their perspective male friends, Lynn said, "I know, why don't we have fun with all of them together, I mean that way, we know it's just friends having sex, we aren't looking for a relationship with any of them, and I doubt they would say no. On the opposite seat, the twins and Cassie were watching with great intensity, when the guys felt her hands dig deeply into their thighs, and slowly inch their way up. Cassie snapped out of the daze that she was in, watching Lynn swallow Ben's cock, and moved the twins hands out of her way, saying, "I will take these from you, now let's get started.


The Size Formula 3.3

group Richardls 2018-06-18

When she first saw Mike's cock up-close he looked to be almost 8 inches long but after getting him hard he got a bit thicker but not much longer. With Wendy's hand still on my rock hard cock she guides me into position to mount Amanda. "Seeing your huge cock shooting cum all over pretty Amanda was all it took to push me over the edge, baby." Wendy cooed. Amanda looks up at me with her big brown eyes and pretty smile and reaches out and guides my thick cock to her soft lips. "Wendy is using my cock, but you can sit here if like." I gesture to my mouth and Amanda happily bounds over and positions her pussy lips over my mouth.

Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 04

group Deadly Joker 2018-06-18

My hands are actually a bit dirty, so I can’t take them now.” Marie turned around and walked back into the house, not waiting for a cue from Manny. Playing at this a considerable time, Marie gave a last little swing of her ass to Manny’s face, but he pulled away. “You want me to give up a slut like her?” Mrs. Cole said, and brought a hand up to rub Manny’s crotch, where his cock pulsed and grew under her touch. On the floor, Betty ate Mrs. Cole’s pussy feverishly, and Mrs. Cole worked on Manny’s cock with her mouth and hands.


The Circle Ch. 13

group SteveWallace 2018-06-18

In the seconds that Bob and Willow became locked together in mind and spirit, a tremendous sharing of information, opinion, dreams, wishes, and fantasies took place, along with all the nuances of their personalities and feelings about the other. As she got to know us, she lost her inhibitions not only about fucking in public - meaning the living room or family room, but also about doing group things with multiple people, such as eating Tracy while Alex fucked her from behind and Nathan waited his turn. Later in the evening, after things had quieted down, Bob came and invited Willow to be his 'Sleep Partner.' A new terminology had developed in The Circle, and this was one of the terms that said, 'I love you; please spend the night with me.

Sometimes It's All About Him Pt. 02

group StackedAction 2018-06-18

I kissed Britt, tasting Jack on her tongue, then worked my way down to her pert breasts and gave each nipple some attention. We rinsed off and Jack grabbed towels for everyone and Britt and I started drying Jack off first, of course making sure his nice hard cock was good and dry. "Feed this sexy girl your cock baby, she wants to please you." Jack moaned a long sexy moan at my urging and stepped towards the bed and Britt looked absolutely sexy as she looked up at him and opened her mouth for him. As Britt moaned on his cock, I nestled up and tongued his ass, licking all around working from asshole to balls and back.

The Corporate Detective

group peterswiftt 2018-06-18

He said no thanks, and told me that jean had some decorator looking chest thing delivered for their entrance foyer and wondered if I would help him move it in place. When she slid the door open, I asked her if I could help her and she told me she was Sue, Toney's wife and I instantly remembered her from company parties as the wife of one of the Corporate, Doctor, owner types that occasionally booked my bodyguard services. Each time that Sue threw her head back and opened her mouth like she was starting to cum, I'd pull my fingers out of jean and stick them down Sue's throat to make her taste that bitter sweet and milky nectar combination.

Girl Scout Mom

group Seanathon 2018-06-17

At ten years old, Emma was too young to understand why the table beside them was almost sold out of cookies while she'd barely managed to move more than a handful of boxes. They'd spent four more hours at the mall and had moved most of the cookies at their table - business had unsurprisingly picked up as soon as Christy left - but Wendy's minivan was still nearly full. She pushed her dark, shoulder-length hair up and turned back and forth, inspecting herself in the mirror, wondering if she could ever wear an outfit like Christy had worn today. Then Wendy picked up the sash and turned toward the mirror with the thin ribbon draped across her breasts, wondering how many boxes of cookies she could have sold.