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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Rumor Ch. 2

group Night Writer 2018-06-17

Steve woke from his sleep and heard Tina say to her girlfriend, “Feed me his cock, baby.” He looked down and saw both women at either side of the bed. Tina sucked his cock deep into her mouth as Jenny moved down and began tonguing his swollen balls. Tina looked just like a man as she had her hands on Jenny’s head while she fucked her face with her cock. Steve could only watch as Jenny sucked his cock Tina fucked her from behind. Steve looked up from his pussy licking and watched as Tina pushed her cock into Jenny’s pussy. Jenny was getting close to cumming as she began to moan and groan around Steve’s cock.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 20

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-17

"Home forts are easy," I said in response to Alison, whose sneaker-clad feet were resting upon the dashboard of the vintage 1987 Ferrari F40 - one of my prized vehicles - as I sped along the Norwegian countryside on this lovely Sunday afternoon. "I just like being close to you." My eyes went wide, a smile forming on my lips, as she pecked my cheek with a kiss and then settled the side of her face upon my shoulder even deeper than before. "I cannot WAIT to see what Lindsay's naked body looked like before she became pregnant," Alison purred. Alison browsed the wide selection of sexy high-heels and pumps for several moments, but my attention was eventually diverted toward the nearby wall display of tiny mini-skirts.


A Night To Remember

group lildevlangel 2018-06-17

I love your cock and I can't wait to taste your girlfriend's beautiful pussy." I could tell Anthony was getting close so I moved beside Heather and began licking his balls while she sucked his cock. He pushed Heather down on his cock and moaned, "Don't stop, I'm going to cum in your sweet mouth. Anthony filled her sweet pussy with his cum, as I came in Heather's mouth, I looked down and I could see her juices and his flowing down her legs. "I want to get fucked now!" I then got on my hands and knees and Anthony stood at the end of the bed, behind me. As Heather began to climax again, she let out a scream, "Oh yeah, fuck that pussy!


Memorable Trip

group Johns Sub 2018-06-17

You are looking me in the eyes as you slowly run your hands across my shoulders, pushing the jacket off. You lean against me in the back of the elevator and kiss me deeply, feeling inside my jacket with your right hand, rolling my nipple between your thumb and forefinger. I look up at you and say, “Yes, if you are enjoying it, then it makes me happy.” Your hand meets my bottom hard, causing me to jump, causing a tear to spring to my eyes. Your hands are on my breasts, pinching them, caressing my breasts… Ahh, Gina’s tongue feels good, circling my clit as she places one finger inside me.


The Anniversary

group bad_dave 2018-06-17

Pushing Carl onto his back Emma lowered herself onto his rock hard cock, she looked at Anna as she started to ride him, and then began to play with her tits, she grabbed and squeezed them, playing with her nipples at the same time, Carl grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and held onto them while he watched his beautiful wife ride his cock, pleasuring herself at the same time, it didn't take long for him to come, he filled her moist pussy with his red hot cum, just as he heard Anna getting herself to orgasm.

The Big Apple

group LiquidLisa 2018-06-17

The thought of fucking my cousin in my Uncle's house was kind of exciting, especially with everyone right in the living room. I crossed my legs, letting them show through the slit in my skirt, sat back and watched the game, while watching the men act like they aren't looking at me, waiting to catch a glimpse of my pussy. I had to stop because I started to feel Leon's cum slowly dripping out of my pussy and down my leg. Leon walked away then came back with this beautiful, exotic and tall, trannie with huge tits named Sasha. Suddenly I hear Leon yell out, "Fuck her Lisa!" I looked to my cousin and he smiled.

Abby, Carrie, & Cliff

group JackHardin 2018-06-17

Abby turned to me, reached out, stroked my cock through my pants, and leaned up and whispered in my ear, "Look I know you want to fuck me, so why don't you get some balls and just come out with it?" Then she turned away and waited for my response. Abby started stripping in front of me and my cock got fully hard, and she noticed. I could also feel the rubber cock through the skin of Carrie's pussy, and once Abby was fully inside her, I started thrusting my hips again. Carrie was going mad with orgasms, screaming and moaning, swearing about the size of the two cocks filling her up, scratching at my chest and biting my lip in her lustful kisses.

Time Travelers

group netstooge 2018-06-17

By the time we finish our meal, and our second bottle, we're a little silly and smart enough to know neither of us should be driving... The lead woman, dressed to kill and apparently the instigator of the group, smiles grandly at us and, with an exaggerated curtsy, completely unawares, spills her abundant busom, broadcasting her heightened state of arousal as she obliviously thanks us for the quick service and thoughtful courtesy of opening the door to *her* cab! suddenly their tail gunner, noticing us standing there - still holding the door and grinning like a couple of country kids in a candy store - beckons with open arms, playfully roaring, "Well, come *on*!!"


Grannies at the GLORY HOLE

group GangBangGranny 2018-06-17

I had my legs pulled back as far as I could at my age and the feeling was incredible, seeing all those men with hard dicks lined up, waiting their turn to fuck me and dump their sweet loads inside! I looked up at the other old girls and they were just sucking cock around the pool tables but Pricilla was on the floor, on all fours taking a couple in her pussy and asshole! Anyway, I glanced over at Valerie and saw a ton of hot cum spilling from her wet old hole so I got between her legs and starting eating that hot delicious cream from her pussy!

The Date that changed our marriage Part 2

group bigcans 2018-06-17

I looked over at my wife and saw her ass in the air as she was throat fucking Dan. I wanted to do the same After a few attempts and some gagging I finally got the cock in a little deeper. That's when my wife saw me and said Honey, you're a cock sucker!, but not in a negative way, she then slid her pussy away from Jaz and took Dan's cock away from her face and walked to me and said " You look amazing sucking this cock" and grabbed it from my mouth and took it into hers.

secret viewing of doggers

group merlinnz 2018-06-17

So it was some months later I happened to be working very late one night and decided to divert home via this car park. There were a few cars parked up, and seeing as it was half past eleven at night I thought it safe to assume they weren’t having a stroll in the woods or walking their dogs. So one night I said to my girlfriend about this site and about how I reckoned this woman was being set up. In the other car, each bloke that had already cum, watched as the woman inside wanked herself with a variety of objects, none of which we could see.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 23

group riverboy 2018-06-17

A new green linoleum floor was down, satin varnished cedar walls, lot's of interesting built-in shelves in various places, a huge funky looking ceiling fan, two antique looking futons in the living area with a big old 'Penny style' round dining table, some really unusual looking window trim that Carol designed, an antique front door from a salvage yard that looked like it came out of a castle, some old rugs that Julia found at antique store, a beautiful little soapstone wood stove, and about a hundred other details. Carol, bless her heart, had spent a lot of time painting the porch — more time than she had expected I think, but I had rewarded her often in the little airstream trailer — we gave it's old bed a good workout.


Strip Club Slut

group The Archer 2018-06-17

The men were going wild, shouting and whistling until one of the men climbed up onstage and said “I can do that for you honey,” and with that began to finger Nicole himself, inserting one, then two fat grubby fingers up Nicole’s cunt and frigging her hard. The women had moved up also and were shouting abuse at Nicole and urging all the men to fuck the cum slut legless, bore out her holes with their cocks good. The other women who had stripped over the night sat on her face and Nicole made them all cum nibbling on their clits and licking their holes, poking her tongue up as far up their cunt and assholes as she could as they ground their smelly musty cunts down on to Nicole’s mouth and face.

Little Arab Buttercup Ch. 02

group LorenzoAbajos 2018-06-17

Then she looked around and saw the crew with their hard cocks that they had been slowly jerking as I fucked her face. "I am going to fuck Aisha in the ass while she eats your pussy. So Marie moved up against the headboard, Aisha moved quickly to start licking and sucking the dirty cunt, and I moved in to fuck her ass. Meanwhile Marie began rimming Aisha, licking up all the cum I had not been able to eat. The two gay guys started jerking off watching each other, but all the rest were looking at Aisha's luscious ass and tits and her freshly shaved cunt.

Club Night

group skippydoo 2018-06-17

At about 1:30a the party looked like it was breaking up, Sam, Monica, Danny, and Lisa were talking about getting a cab together since they live close to one another; while Taylor, Josie, and I all live within 6 blocks of each other. Taylor came over and started rubbing his cock (still in his briefs) along Josie's ass. I wanted to shove my cock inside her, so I pulled my fingers out of her and moved up to stick my dick inside that wet waiting pussy. Taylor was getting the blowjob of his life; Josie kept taking his huge cock all the way to the base while I put the tip of my hard cock on her pussy and started to tease her with it, putting it in only slightly and pulling it away.

The Cruise

group TheEmily 2018-06-17

"Why don't you come join us?" I moved to sit next to Hannah against the pillows and began to play with myself while West removed his clothes. West collapsed on top of me, shaking with his orgasm as Hannah started to get wet again on top of my mouth. "I want you to fuck me with it until your fiancé comes on my face." I went back to sucking West's cock until I felt Hannah timidly playing with the dildo at my entrance. Hannah helped by massaging the body wash into my breasts, but she got a but distracted as her fingers slithered south and she started playing with my clit.

Wife Caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Final

group 2018-06-17

I stopped rubbing my wife's g spot and started to finger fuck her, slowly at first, building up the rhythm to a smooth pace, she took one hand away from Dave's cock and started to rub her clit, I knew she was close to orgasm, within seconds she let out a sudden cry of pleasure as she jerked and twisted her pussy against my wet fingers. My wife lifted up more and hovered in the same position, I couldn't stop myself, I moved my head between her legs and started to lick her out, it took my wife completely by surprise, I didn't think about tasting another man's cum, I just enjoyed the moment, she gave me a final treat as she wanked herself off with my tongue deep inside her, when she came, I felt her cunt walls relax, so I burried my head in her pussy.

A Nice Job

group Wanda 2018-06-17

Debbie asked why the pay was so good and May told her that they wanted girls 18-25 only with big tits and that if she let any guest play with her tits then she would make a ton of money in tips. Debbie hesitated till Mary told her there is no fucking allowed unless she gave a man the privilege. Debbie began serving them drinks and was soon propositioned by every single man there. And so began a night of 9 other men pounding her pussy really hard and making her ride them while her breasts danced in their faces and May coming over to lick her clean of cum and a man pound her pussy from behind.

The Gift

group LadyRoze11720 2018-06-17

Instead, I have climbed onto the bed, behind this complete stranger as she straddles your face, and my mouth is now wrapped around your beautiful, rock hard cock. Instead, this stranger and I switch places, me straddling your face, and her mouth wrapped around your cock, pleasuring you the way you have pleasured her. Her fingers move back down my body, getting inches away from my pussy as hers teases your cock. I watch your face as you fuck my best friend, loving every face you make as you explore this new pussy with your rock hard cock. I rub her ass, and finger her pussy lightly as she sucks you, taking all of your cock in her mouth, and playing with your balls.


group timewarp69 2018-06-17

Another one had a guy and a girl both on their hands and knees facing each other in a kiss as both had a ripped studd pounding them hard in the ass. Gooood boy!" I hear her light another cigarette and feel her hands on the back of my head as she starts to gyrate her hips pumping my mouth harder. I do and she straddles up to me in missionary position, grabbing my hips and pulling them right up to hers with her strapon bumping against my hard erection as she pumps my cock a few times. As I pulled out from gagging her I came a bucketload on her face and with Barry cumming in her at about the same time, she screamed "God, I love it!".

The Newbsies Ch. 02

group Lillian2Yung 2018-06-17

"There's lots of food in the kitchen and tea and coffee above the sink," Lilly said as she pulled on her coat, and then with a tender kiss she whispered, "See you later honey." And was out the door with the two cops. "Wait what are you..." Chris began but never got the chance to get all the words out as Sarah jumped onto his lap and kissed him on the mouth while at the same time her hands started unbuckling his pants. Smiling Sarah opened her eyes a little and looked down at the unknown, yet strangely familiar, man between her legs that was giving her such pleasure.


New Neighbors Ch. 02

group Manny2314 2018-06-17

Lindsay took Tom's dick in her hand and licked the head, then looked over at Cindy. Rich lifted her up, saying, "I think it's time the guys weren't the only naked people here." He cupped Cindy's large breasts, squeezing them firmly as he leaned in and kissed her. Rich moved over behind CIndy nearly pushing Tom over behind Lindsay. As they all sat on the deck, breathing hard, trying to get their bearings and replay in their minds just what had happened, Lindsay was finally able to pull herself from the face-down ball she had wrapped herself into and sit on her ass, leaning onto Tom's shoulder for still-needed support. Lindsay and Rich hugged and stroked, while Tom moved around in front to take Cindy into a warm embrace.

Weekend Of Bliss

group Arita 2018-06-17

I climb on and turn to face Jordan, Jessell abruptly spanks my bare ass and tells me: "You have to turn around so your boyfriend can have a good view of your cunt while I fuck it and suck it." She sat between our legs, watching him enter me, then leaned forward, dragged her tongue from his balls, to the base of his shaft, sliding the tip of her tongue between my pussy lips, almost entering my slit with Jordan's cock, then traced her way up to my clit. I slowly began to rock back and forth as Jessell continued eating us both, slipping a finger into my well fucked hole every now and then to see how hard Jordan's dick was getting.

Sharing Kara

group vaman23 2018-06-17

The trip to Boston without our kids was my idea, and after checking into a luxury hotel and putting a nice bottle of wine in the refrigerator, I spent the entire first day in the city with Kara, my wife, letting her shop to her heart's content. After giving us more than enough to fill our three days in his city, Kara said, "I think we've taxed Ken enough for one night. He reached over and stroked her negligee on the top part of her breast, letting his hand linger for a moment while he looked into her eyes. She lightly cupped Ken's balls in her left hand and mine in her right and ever so gently pulled us to the center, until the heads of our cocks were touching.