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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amber & I Ch. 03

group BradentonLarry 2018-06-17

The muscular guy reached down to brush Amber's dark hair out of her face and then to hold her head with surprising gentleness, as she slowly inched that fat cock of his deeper into her mouth and throat. This went on for several minutes, and then Amber pulled off the big cock and looked up at the muscular man in front of her and said, without any timidity or shame, "Please fuck me." Though Amber obviously intended to have one cum in her mouth and the other in her pussy, she was soon reduced to basically holding on for dear life to the man and cock in front of her while the shaft inside her had its way with her.

Shelly's First Threesome

group JanetG 2018-06-17

More specifically, Jeanie was looking for Eric, a guy we'd met on the House dance floor two weeks before. There were two men at the table we were headed for; both dressed like Eric and neither one hard on the eyes. Like Eric, his friends, Jason (Mason?) and Ronnie (Johnny?), were a few years older than Jeanie and I. You dance like Jeanie and I do, you learn to be alert for boys with loose hands and ugly mouths. "Mason and Ronnie seem like good guys," Jeanie said. While I sucked him, stroking his shaft and caressing his balls, I was using the head of Mase's cock to abuse the nipple of the tit he was squeezing with both hands.


Hot Tub Trio

group Turbidus 2018-06-17

That had been Vince's first thought as he got his first good look at Amy's ass. Chad's eyes were fixed on Amy's ass, fixed on Vince's tongue. Chad hand was atop his erection, squeezing it through his trunks as he watched his finance lick beer off Vince's chest. Chad began to rub Amy's back then lowered his hand to massage her ass, the back of his fingers brushing against the top of Vince's thigh as he did so. Vince sat his beer down on the table without taking his eyes of the couple in the hot tub and untied the sash of his robe, letting it fall open.


U of A Homecoming Post Party

group sharedhousewife 2018-06-17

"Me and my friends were wondering if you ladies would like to join our little party over there," he said calmly, motioning over to the table full off guys, all watching with expectation. On numerous occasions I attempted to open conversation between Julissa and the preppie guy my friend had eyed earlier, whose name turned out to be Blake. I actually thought it might be fun to go to a strip club and show the guys a hot 35 year old woman, but I knew that Julissa would never go. Russell, Ryan and Mason headed towards the bar to buy drinks while Shane and Blake remained with us girls. "Did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Emily Proctor?" Blake asked, steering the conversation away from Shane.


Moonlight Window Ch. 04

group PanesOfGlasss 2018-06-17

You can unbutton, unzip and unfasten anything you want, but Deb's jeans and sweater stay on, and Lara's skirt, panties and polo shirt stay on. With a tone a little reminiscent of the way Lara had dominated her other recent conquest, Beth, a few days earlier, I heard her say, "Deb, tell me where you want my fingers." Deb looked at me lustfully, and Lara said, "Go crawl over and lick Sam clean." Deb stood in the middle of the room and slowly lifted her sweater over her head as she turned to Lara and said, "I wore this bra because I knew Sam liked the way a push-up bra makes my tits look.


Two on One

group Elenia26 2018-06-17

The Black Lotus was heady and impossible to fight, and I gave into it as I backed up into Arcturus lap, drawing Bayard toward me, still kissing him. It seemed to take an eternity until I felt his hips come to rest against me, and I gasped and moaned when he did—but suddenly I was cut off by Bayard's equally large member pushing into my mouth. Behind me I felt Bayard's cock press against my opening, and then roughly slam home, impaling my mouth on Arcturus at the same time. I felt him lay on his back next to me, and I felt Bayard lift me, turn me facing downwards, and gently place me over Arcturus' cock.

The Sleepover Pt. 01

group RoyWilliams 2018-06-17

By the way, my name is NOT Roy Williams, nor are Rick and Tammy my old friends' real names, for obvious reasons. The fact was, Rick was a long-time friend who I just discovered was "newly bi" as his profile described, which just so happened to be my new area of curiosity. On top of that, his sexuality was accepted and apparently encouraged by his fiancé, who listed herself as an "experienced bisexual woman." I liked Tammy, and I was attracted to her in a half platonic, half lustful way, but always respectful of her relationship with Rick. Two easy shots and a miss later, Tammy stepped over to our high-top table, took a swig of her beer, and turned to give Rick a kiss.


Busted Bracket

group beaugueste 2018-06-17

"Dan, if you want to have dinner together, make a late reservation at the restaurant." I stood from the bed, took my dress from its hanger and slid it over my head, straightening the clingy garment as I checked in the mirror that the blue lace of my bra and thong didn't show through the fabric. "Don't call me sweetheart, and does this mean you guys are rooting for the Eagles?" I looked from Greg to Adam, then took a sip as I returned my gaze to the TV above the bar.


Streak of Kink Ch. 4

group GoddessKaren 2018-06-17

Jania slid a finger into my pussy, wetting it, then shoved it into my rear passage as she began to suck harder on my clit. I continued to slowly finger fuck Jania as she came, and soon my hand was completely drenched in her juices. I slid a hand down and teased Jania's clit for a moment with the head of Daniel's cock. Daniel groaned loudly as he slid completely home, his balls slapping against Jania's ass with a wet sound. I slid my hand up to Jania's clit, stroking it lightly as Daniel began to thrust. Daniel grinned at us, then began pick up the pace, slamming his cock into Jania's cunt with ever increasing speed.


A Match Made in Heaven Ch. 01

group LilaLocket 2018-06-17

Grace shifted her eyes to the left photo labeled "Kyle," feeling renewed confidence in the evening after looking at John. John and Kyle's eyes glazed over as they took in this site, and Grace gave a little shimmy. As John's tongue flicked at her clit, Grace moaned onto Kyle's cock, sucking harder as she began grinding her hips into John's mouth. Grace increased her speed and slid the full length of Kyle's cock in and out of her throat, as John began darting his tongue in and out of her pussy. Kyle leaned down and kissed Grace deeply, freeing her arms to knead her breasts as John increased his pace. Grace was moaning loudly into Kyle's mouth, "Oh my god, yes YES John harder baby, fucking HARDER!

Suprise Threesome

group MySecretDesire 2018-06-17

Lou fingered me harder and faster and Sally was like a mad woman, licking my clit back and forth in long even strokes. I had never been able to cum so fast but with Sally licking my clit and Lou ramming his fingers in and out of my cunt it was overwhelming and all of a sudden a dam burst inside of me making me scream and writhe my hips against the fingers and mouth that were fucking me into a wild frenzy. I moved over beside Sally and pushed her hands away bringing my mouth near Lou's balls and flicking my tongue on them.

For the Stranger in 6B Ch. 05

group peachesmelba 2018-06-17

Alternatively, I might be wearing one of our custom-made strap-ons, at the end of the train (with the specially rigged interior dildo for my pleasure while using)....or with the harness that allowed me, on more than one memorable night, to be stroking Ivan's ass with the "Curt dildo", while he 69'd with you, allowing you the freedom to alternate who you were performing oral sex on, while keeping those lovely, agile fingers of yours busily buried in my juicy folds throughout. The camera of my mind's eye captured scenes throughout the day - the incredible blues of sea and sky and the spot on the horizon where they disappeared into each other - my head nestling on your shoulder, your hands alternately supporting my back where I floated and stroking and tickling those areas of my body you could reach , while Ivan eagerly tongued my pussy - wet from the gentle waves and his loving ministrations.

Back in the UK, Training a Slut

group daveaverage 2018-06-17

To my surprise my girlfriend asked the guy behind the counter what size we should buy he looked at me and said suggested an 8 inch, thick shafted big bell ended dildo, but if we wanted to check we could use the back room. Over the next 18 months the sex was good very good, my arse was getting a reaming from a range of toys my girlfriend had bought, she felt comfortable in trying different things at least once, and her arse, cunt and mouth always made me cum buckets and if I could play all day with her fantastic tits nothing was better.

Not What Was Planned Ch. 05

group glendale22 2018-06-17

Bonnie felt the same sense in a way, but she also figured she didn't care if Zack or Heather turned around to look. Even as she fretted that Bonnie and Josh would know what they were doing, Heather kept her eyes on Zack, wanting to see his penis, the first one she was looking at out of her own desire. Bonnie moved herself aside from Josh, who fell back on the seat, but she remained leaning forward, even resting her breasts on the seatback so Zack could still see them. After dropping Josh and Bonnie off, Heather thought Zack was such a sweetie for not trying to take her out to some lonely spot and pressuring her to go farther.


Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Ch. 03

group hotjavaguy 2018-06-17

It was really our first moment alone and both Jennifer and Heather were almost too sexually charged to sit still, they fondled each other and talked about how insanely erotic this whole evening was, Heather fixed us all drinks and I sat back and watched as they tried to pull it together for a minute - as I watched them kiss and then start to conspire about what they should do to me while they had me alone, all I could do was smile and of course trigger the first level of stimulation on their sea shells. I felt the pulse for the first time and nearly came in that instant I know I sucked Heathers tongue deep into my mouth and thrust my hips forward just as Jennifer had taken my cock-head between her lips nearly impaling my shaft in her throat.


His Birthday Plaything Pt. 02

group JesterBoheme 2018-06-17

Megan did enjoy it, but she also loved Justin and didn't want things to get too out of control. Megan loved Justin, but she could also see the bulge of these men's cocks through their pants and . There's three big black dicks waiting to take turns with my holes and I just want you to know I love you." One of them grabbed Megan by the hair and dragged her head to the edge of the bed and plopped his fat, throbbing cock on her face. She knew that as soon as one of these big, black cocks was in her, she wouldn't feel bad for Justin at all, she may actually revel in his humiliation and mute outrage.


group 2018-06-17

I am going to go deep and fuck hard." As she spread her pussy lips he looked and said "Now that is a great snatch. Nice big clit just how I like them." Then he pushed a finger into her cunt and fucked her then put his mouth to her clit and sucked it. He ate her pussy till his cock began throbbing and her told her "Now lift those hips and I am going to shove my thick meat all the way in and fuck you till you scream. I am going to use that sexy body to pleasure and satisfy me." As she lifted her hips he pushed his cock in till he had it all the way in her then he began humping her hard and deep.

Nasty at the Motel

group shes_gotta_have_it 2018-06-17

I was wearing a black halter top when I picked up the van from my uncle, but once I was driving, I saw this little t-shirt sitting on the passenger seat. As the other men walk around the side of the van, led by Ray-Ray, Daddy pulls me to him, hugging me one-armed and says, "Hey, baby girl." He plants a wet kiss against my neck. I doubt these men, all apparently ex-cons like Daddy and Ray-Ray, would be very gracious if I got up in the middle of it all and said I was tired and I wanted to go home. He calls over his shoulder, "Ya'll have a good day now." I go to pull down my shirt, but Daddy pushes my hand back down.


A Cure for Nicolette

group eroticaromance 2018-06-17

Martin pulled out his fingers and pushed his tongue into her while Alex sucked at her nipples and used his other hand to pinch her other nipple. The feeling of her clit being sucked, pulled and swirled around combined with Martin's finger in her ass and Alex's cock pumping in her mouth made her feel like she was in a dream. Alex pounded into her pussy while Martin pumped her mouth full of cock. Alex's hands came down under thighs and he began to bring her up and down onto his cock while Martin pounded into her pussy. A nice hard cock filled with come waiting to be shot into you?" Martin reached down between her legs.


Body Corporate Chpater 11

group northstar44 2018-06-17

As Cindi watched the men follow her master back to the camp she already felt the pain in her arms and legs as she hung from the two trees. Cindi’s body was like a sail causing the trees to bend considerably, stretching Cindi limbs even more. It took the bell in its teeth and pulled stretching Cindi’s tit and causing her to try and go with the a****l to reduce the pain. The wolf momentarily let go and backed off, but it came back again only this time put Cindi’s whole tit in its mouth and for a second she felt like she was going to be tore apart.

A Vacation in Mexico

group 1LuckyGuy 2018-06-17

The women would leave a flower hanging on the wall outside, enter the temple, place a small stick in a hole in the wall by the door of the room the picked, then they would go inside the room and wait for a priest to have sex with them. Maria wasn't wet enough for us to fuck yet, so I dropped to my knees and placed my mouth over her pussy, sticking my tongue in her hole, then sweeping up her lips to her tiny pink clit. It must of felt like an electric shock for her as her hips started bouncing and her cunt muscles gripped me harder, milking my cock for every last drop of sperm that I had left in me.

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 13

group SusanJillParker 2018-06-17

Not only were Ralph and Anthony getting laid for the first time, but watching Kathleen fucking and sucking two men was our first group sexual experience. Maybe, they didn't want to get too excited watching the action between Kathleen, Ralph, and Anthony, while waiting for their turn, but if it was me, I'd be standing there, as I was standing there then, and watching the action, while hoping for another turn fucking Kathleen or getting blown by her. I must have made Anthony and Ralph horny because they both had enormous erections and, after I climbed off her, they jumped on either side of her on the bed and started touching her, kissing her, and sucking her tits, before they both fucked her again.

Spring Break

group Clohi 2018-06-17

Linc leaned over and when his tongue pushed it way into the hoop and pulled, I nearly came up off the table. The one, I think I heard Linc call him Mitch, reached down and pulled my top up, revealing my naked breasts. I looked back at Linc and watched his hand stroke his hard cock. Slipping his finger through the hoop, Linc guided the tip of his cock into my soaking pussy. I moaned as Heather looked at me, Mitch fucking me from behind. Pulling out, Mitch dipped his cream covered cock into Heather’s mouth and let her taste Linc, Victor and me. Heather guided him into my open pussy and let him fuck me a couple of times.

Your fantasy comes true

group hubbymelissa 2018-06-17

I shake Your hubby's hand and then get a big hug from You. You, your body feels so good pressed against mine and it's hard to let go. Slide my hands around your breasts and over your flat tummy...I slide my ••••• fingers a little in the waist of your jeans ...together at the button, and then slide them apart to your sides. I let you do this...squeezing your ass...loving the sensation of your hands behind my head...pulling me into your world...your hips bucking up and down....and me trying to keep my mouth on your clit. I continue licking, and slide back up...where I use my ••••• fingers to pull your pussy lips apart.....I spread you...opening you up for me.