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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Reason I Am A Slut, Why I Love It, And Why I A

group 2018-06-17

old the daughter (hottest, most seductive, full blown hotel cheating i****t slut whore wife swinger lesbian milf anal pussy pounding public d***k bitch first cousin of all time) took the most wonderful advantage of me at her s****r’s house while her s****r watched. I have become a slut, whore, sex slave, pussy loving, asshole pounding and licking, swinger, big tit loving, cock sucking, cum swallowing, sperm slurping, dildo/viberator in my ass loving grown man, and I am not one bit ashamed and I am even proud and eager for all to know how free and pleasurable my open sex life and craving really is.


group goodhandjobtonight 2018-06-17

so I asked him why he thought that my girl would even want to fuck him again after all this time especially since the night after she fucked him she met me and never again was he ever able to put his big long thick hard coc inside of her virgin tight pussy ! he kept asking her over and over dose that feel good do u like that she was JUST playing along with him so that he felt he was doing some great job fucking her and he would blow his load quickly like he had all of the other times they had fucked before which he always blamed on her and that her pussy is to tight and he is not able to go that long due to him being so big !

Role Play

group 2018-06-17

He turned me so I was facing the group of men and raised my skirt showing my shaved pussy as he now rubbed it instead of my ass. We walked out to the hall and my bf told me to get on my knees and suck that cock like a good fucking whore. Then a guy came up with his slutty looking gf and asked "How much to fuck her and let my gf suck my cum out of her cunt? This bitch loved pussy especially when it is filled with my cum." We made the deal and the guy then laid me on a table and pulled his pants down to his ankles and spread my legs and put his cock deep in my cunt and fucked me hard.

A Week on the Lake Ch. 01

group Megamuffin 2018-06-17

Jack and Sophie took the master bedroom, and Becky and Todd claimed the next one down. We cruised around the lake, Jack showing us where he and his brothers had camped out without their parents for the first time, the place where he caught his biggest ever fish, the island with the huge fire pit where he assured us there would be plenty of people hanging out and partying during the week. "Becky bet us that you wouldn't actually blush if she showed you her tits," Sophie said, she was sitting in the boat in her bikini, her laughter making her task of putting on sunblock nearly impossible. "Yeah, and I lost my fucking shorts!" Todd was swimming back to the boat now, and there was no missing the white of his bare ass in the sun.


Mexico Cruise

group bbare 2018-06-17

Probably a large B or small C cup with a larger ass yet with a great shape that is accentuated when she wears tight jeans.Dina takes after her mother with her long red hair that is mostly straight and goes down half way between her shoulders and her hips. Jim and Jill had planned on surprising Roger and Dina when the cruise was over by going to their house in nearby Orange County. Jim gave Lisa a hug and kiss on the lips and an ass grab just like he gave Dina earlier. However for the first time we decided to have foreplay together then I would join Dina in her room to finish while Roger and Lisa stayed in our room.

The Results of Success

group Spinneret 2018-06-17

"Uh – fine, thanks," Fiona said, and Alan nodded agreement. "So," Louise said, "does Gran know?" Fiona nodded again. "Not really," Fiona said, looking at Alan, who grinned very slightly, sheepishly. "Thanks," said Fiona uncertainly, and Alan nodded and took a gulp of his drink. "But it looks like Louise has left a present for us anyway." He nodded towards the bedside table, and Fiona looked and saw a bowl holding a handful of condom packets there. A few moments later, Fiona and Alan did emerge, now wearing T-shirts and jeans and looking only slightly dishevelled, to discover Louise and Nick in the lounge, Nick seated on the sofa as Louise bustled back and forth to the kitchen.


Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 18

group Genderal 2018-06-17

When it came to ordering the strap-on, she had fantasised about using it on Louise next door or maybe even Irene, Gavin's business partner, that fantasy definitely included a true to life cock. "Well Elaine is used to me going to this exhibition, I haven't missed one in five years." Paula winced inside at his use of his wife's name, she did feel guilty about sleeping with another woman's husband. Gavin watched his wife's cunt draw closer and closer to his face as she slowly crouched down holding the bed head for support, her moist pink cunt lips spreading wider as she dipped closer.


First ever time with a couple last night; REAL STO

group 2018-06-17

She kept looking up at her husband, and he said, "Well, I know you want to, go ahead, I don't mind." She smiled, and as I was standing, she took a pillow and put it on the floor and kneeled on it, then began sucking the head of my cock. He said, "Don't ask me, ask her." She was biting her lip and thrusting up and down, and guided my cock to her clit and rubbed herself with the head before sliding it in. Her husband wanted to grab the base of my cock while I fucked her yet, so I pulled out for a few moments to gain some stamina before cumming.

There Is Nothing Like a True Friend

group AlysPayne 2018-06-17

Daniel slid up behind me on the bed, while Clark did the same to Maddy. I could feel Daniel growing hard against my back as Clark worked his way up kissing up my calves to my inner thighs. As he pushed inside of me, it hurt a lot and I screamed all around Daniel's fat cock, but I didn't try to get away. I came moaning and crying with Daniel's cock crammed down my throat, and then Clark started fucking my ass harder and faster and deeper. I felt Clark begin to cum first, his cock seemed to grow even larger inside of me, he thrust deeper up into my ass and then he was pumping out hot loads of cum that stung my insides.

mmf fantasy

group enigma3 2018-06-17

I continued to say how it must feel to have a hard cock in each hand and having your nipples kissed and how you would have the most soaking wet pussy through pure excitement being touched by 2 people. I slid my hand up and felt with my fingers that she was dripping, I said to craig you made emma all wet ,laughing emma says nothing, the look on the face all. Craig looks at me and says are we ok with all this, I reply and explain its ok with me and if it wasn't ok for emma then she wouldn't allow you to feel her tits and wet pussy.

I Became His Sex Toy...continued

group d4david 2018-06-17

It was close to 15minutes later when the brute pulled me closer to him and begin to take short quick hunches and I felt his penile shaft throb and the warm splash of his semen strike the insides of my rectum walls. His penis was steel hard and his huge penile head felt as if it was the size of a soft ball as it touched my very tender anal opening. The obscene sounds that was being made between Bradley penis and my anal cavity was so embarrassing I buried my face into the mattress and pulled the sheets up around my head to hide my face as I whimpered and cried.

Fun Foursome in France

group ChasFowler 2018-06-17

After about ten seconds, I licked my lips a little and she pulled her mouth off and said, "You want to try a little?" I didn't say anything but moved forward ever so slightly, and now the tables turned and her left hand went to the back of my head and guided me onto his cock, which she held in her right. The French couple didn't even seem to notice but Em said haltingly as she was being pushed back and forth by Francois' hard cock, "That's right baby...unh...come...unh...all over her...unh." Marie actually did notice and smiled up at me as she rubbed my thick white syrup on her tits, murmuring something in French as she did.

Ecstacy Times Three

group kinbote 2018-06-17

So Shelly straddled me while Nancy knelt at the corner of the bed, and we fucked slowly at first and then more and more fiercely until I was slamming into her swollen lips and then holding her up on my arched back as I got more and more excited, wondering what would happen if I came -- was there anything left in my balls to push out? And I thought of Nancy excitedly saying "I felt you come!" and suddenly, with no premonition, I was coming into my wife's swollen pussy, my own cock sore and feeling as though I was pushing my soul from my heart into my wife one drop of come at a time.


Two Lesbos Lick Cum

group StephanieSeymour 2018-06-17

My lips wrapped around the head of Jake's dick. Jake pulled his cock out of my mouth. When there was no more cum on her face, Amanda pulled my dress over my head as instructed. Jake pulled his face away from my ass. Jake grunted like an animal as his fingers dug into my hips. "Lick that girl's pussy," Jake said. Amanda opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for mama. Amanda crawled on all fours to Jake, who was hunched in the corner with a wry smile spread across his face. Amanda put her face above his and let the cum dribble out of her mouth. Covered in his own cum, Jake's face looked like a map of a very watery region.

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 09

group Joanmcarthy 2018-06-17

Amy and Issie had turned up as she was sitting on deck arguing the point with the owners; who were threatening to have her arrested for theft if she took the tender ashore by herself. Not in the way Amy had originally dressed to make herself look like a cardboard box; but Ellen wasn't setting out to seduce either. Which is good, because once Amy cums the first time, it's relatively easy to get her to cum again; important when an old codger like me is trying to satisfy two girls. And then one day I suddenly hear Amy going off like a bomb next to me; her crotch arching into my vision with Issie's hand buried deeply between her thighs.


Iffy Gig

group fastandsloppy 2018-06-17

"Yeah, the fat perv who owns the place always puts the girls with the big tits up front," said Maddy as she walked back in. Maddy - looking adorable in a little slivery cocktail dress with a ruffley skirt that would have made anyone else's butt look too big - was back among the guys, tempting smiles from me by flashing her little tits and golden pussy when they weren't looking. It seemed like the guys were getting more interested too as I got more relaxed and started modeling the sluttier stuff I'd skipped earlier; high leg slits, plunging necklines, bare backs and scandalously short hems grew more and more common as I worked down to the dregs of my pile.


Summer Sex in Seattle

group EmmisDos 2018-06-17

I had brought my camera from the bedroom along with the cards and asked Kristy if I could take a couple of pictures of her before she lost her clothes. I was relieved when Kristy lost the next hand and she said, "OK, which do you want, the skirt or the top?" "I suggest that you start thinking about what you want to give up next, because I'm going to win the next hand," I chided her, taking note of her nipples tenting the camisole like little soldiers saluting me. Kristy smiled and said, "Now that you've seen all I've got, what are you going to do about it mister?" as she did a little dance that animated those lovely globes.



group Jason10 2018-06-17

"So Vicki must be a pretty good lay if you dated her all through high school," Steve said. "That is very good," Vicki said, holding out her glass for a refill, "I think I can taste some alcohol." "I don't know, Brenda," Vicki said, handing her drink to Steve, "do you think we can trust them?" "Dang!" Steve said as he helped me tie the boat up, "who would have guessed Vicki was that big a cock hound." "That was wonderful," she sighed as I gently lapped up her fuck juices, "I need a drink." While she raised the bottle to her lips, I ran my tongue across her pussy lips.


The Hotel Room Ch. 3

group Dkwild 2018-06-17

Peter has lowered himself down to your balls, as I am sliding my hot wet mouth up and down your shaft he is licking and sucking on your balls, he allows his tongue to slip down even further towards your ass, I can always tell he is doing this because I can taste the precum continuously dripping out of you! I can feel your cock growing even harder I know you are going to cum, Peter pulls out of me and I pull you on top of me but I still have your cock in my mouth, we get into a 69 position and you start to lick my clit and then the lips of my pussy...tasting my cum and Peter’s together you start to cum as soon as you drive your tongue deep into me getting the full taste!!

Great young and old gang bang

group 2018-06-17

I continued getting into various poses with various outfits in front of the camera all the while the old perverts stood by my boyfriend and watched me. I turned my head and said “which one of daddy’s friends wants to fuck me first?” John immediately put down the camera and handed it to my boyfriend. “If only your dad knew how much of a little whore you are” he said as he began rubbing his throbbing hard cock around my pussy teasing me. I kept eye contact with my boyfriend as I stood there wanking this dirty old man’s cock and letting him continue to stick his tongue down my throat.

Rock Concert Threesome

group TwistedPlayr 2018-06-17

I watched as Sarah stopped pulling the dress up, and slipped a hand between Jamie's thighs. After a few strokes Sarah slowly slipped two fingers inside Jamie's wet cunt, pushing until she was buried to the knuckles. My cock felt as if it were going to explode as I shot deep into Jamie's cunt. Jamie wiggled her ass and gave my cock some fantastic squeezes with her cunt. She sat down, and I could soon hear Sarah's tongue working noisily between Jamie's lips. Jamie moaned her approval as Sarah's tongue massaged her overworked cunt. Her sounds were muffled as Jamie let her hips fall again, mashing her cunt into Sarah's mouth. Sarah's cunt was churning and her ass was squeezing like a vice as she began to orgasm.

It Was Meant To Be

group Nemasis Enforcer 2018-06-17

Just remember what I told you, try talking to a girl if you like the look of her" Debbie finished as Andrew closed her bedroom door and went off towards his own room. Andy had now arrived back at the horror section his heart calming down to a steadier beat, “god that was nerve racking” he thought as he picked up another book and began looking at its cover. As Andy was right handed but couldn't use it, opening the book to take a look at the content wasn't easy. "Thanks I just don't like people thinking they have to do things for me when they have things to do for themselves" Andy said sincerely as he looked at the book's chapter content.


Girlfriends Spoil a Guy's Getaway

group Sexhotty 2018-06-17

With a stare of delight at Julie, Scott took his right hand placing it on her firm thigh and started to play with the strings of her thong on the other side. Scott slipped his hands around Julie's waist as she proceeded to sit down on his lap with the possibility of giving him better access to play with her moist pussy. She got up off my lap, looking over at Scott for a few seconds then back directly into my green eyes and with a devilish smile said "Mitch, I think I need to raise Scott's hand." I was pleasantly shocked and astonished when Penny snatched off my gray polo shorts freely releasing my massive seven inch boner from its confines.


Winnmen's Gym

group jusduit 2018-06-17

"Yeah, the love birds will probably be in there half the night," Marie answered, trying to make it look like they were ignoring Valerie. Both Julia and Marie scooted back as quickly but silently as they could when Val pulled her hands free. The other two voyeurs were in the lobby again, approaching the door when Valerie emerged from the locker room and said, "I thought you guys left." As they walked toward the door, Daisy, the dancer, stopped in front of Ben and sensually returned his tie, sliding it over his head, around his neck, and pulling him close enough for a kiss on the ear.