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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Human Sexuality 101

group Selena_Kitt 2018-06-17

I know Matt and Laurie left together pretty quickly after class, and I saw his hand slip low on her behind, squeezing, as they went out the door. It was a surreptitious look, something I could tell he didn't want Laurie to see, and that, coupled with the fact that the woman on the screen was now spreading her pussy open for all of us to see, made my pulse increase. When Laurie's head went back against the desk seat, I couldn't help but see the similarities between her flushed face and the woman on the screen. The sight of Matt fucking her from behind, his hungry eyes on me, the velvet feel of her tongue, and the sound of the woman moaning as she masturbated on the flat screen in the front of the classroom were all too much.

dungeons and dragons with my cougar milf

group dusty48180 2018-06-17

As we played, I got to see that this was also a wya to pair off with someone you may like, or to put two members in a seperate room away from the rest of the group. We rolled and he would seemingly act like he was in control, but i think he was more trying to play the group and it often placed you at a secret passage that would throw you in a different room. She pulled her top off and straddled my lap on the ground and we kissed and i felt her tits and sucked on them and she said her b*****r was the dungeon master and he let her stay in the room with a guy if she liked him.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 01

group eidetic 2018-06-17

It was definitely not like me to be sitting at the bar in the slightly sleazy lounge near my hotel, on a Friday night, watching the testosterone-based eye candy walking by. He was dancing an East Coast Swing pattern and it felt easy to twirl in his guided turns, to move side-by-side and back, to move a breath away from a kiss and slide back, teasing with a bit of hip shimmy and loving the look in his eyes as he followed my moves. I made my way to the Ladies' room and waited my turn - everybody headed for the 'loo when the band took a break - and eventually finished touching up my face and taking a hard look at myself in the mirror.


The Bad Husbands' Club Ch. 01

group ThornTales 2018-06-17

No one could fix things with her and Jon. She sighed, feeling resigned to being a good little wife. She sat at the opposite end of the sofa and refilled her own glass - she was going to need it - and raised her eyebrows at him, offering him a drink with a movement of the bottle against the glass she'd laid out for Jess. She'd been thinking of Jon; of how what Leo had said was right, as soon as that damned ring was on her finger it was like he'd won a trophy, and now it could sit on a shelf and just...


Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 13

group GeorgeDaBuilder 2018-06-16

I was a little confused, but before I could ask, she gave me the answer; "We forgot to tell you, but Kate's car wouldn't start this morning and Gina won't let her drive hers so we dropped her off on our way here. "Well, you're welcome and you know I would do whatever I can for you girls, so don't think twice about it, okay?" I patted her on the knee as a way of reassurance, and like Kate, she placed hers on mine except that Gina coaxed mine further up her bare thigh until I reached the hem of her denim cut-offs.


In Public pt.1

group 2018-06-16

I love public sex.i dont care if its solo,ametur,threesome,foursome,gangbag, i dont give a fuck.But yeserday i was walking my little puppy,coco.As i was walking coco,there was something shaking in the woods near the walkway at the park. I thought it was a squirrl or something so i said fuck it and walked along.then coco started barking loud and didnt want to move."come on u stupid dog"i yelled but i let go of her lesh and he ran towards the bush.As i walked to coco i saw 2 men jerkin off like crazy.they were the ones in the woods that were moving.One of them openened their eyes and said "wat the r u looking at?" i was nervous.

Asking For My Fantasy

group playful Kitten26 2018-06-16

I was on my knees in front of him running the tip of my tongue along the length of his shaft when I asked "Would you do something for me if I asked you sweetly?" I sucked the head of his dick all the way back in my mouth and started to work it with the muscles at the back of my throat and than slowly pulling it out of my warm mouth, running my tongue around it. Hearing this, Tony grabbed me by the back of the head "Deep throat it baby, I want to cum in your mouth!" he ordered. Mark removed his fingers and I felt the head of his cock push its way inside my ass.

Rock God

group Jaymal 2018-06-16

If he looked like me, women would still want to shag him.' Kevin glanced at his fellow university drop-out unconvinced; Phil was lank-haired and slope-shouldered, and his Metallica T-shirt did nothing to disguise his paunchy stomach. The girls looked strikingly similar, Kevin noticed as he sat down, daintily built, with blonde, shoulder-length hair, although the more obvious Neanderthal fan had hers tied back in a ponytail. 'Look ladies,' he said, endeavouring under intense pressure not to blow his Tommy Ross cool, 'I'd love to entertain you both right now, but I may have to wait till later in the evening...' Tamsin looked crestfallen, Cathy somewhat sulky; they obviously both thought they were being brushed off.


The night of a musical rock show

group lauren003 2018-06-16

I then drew a Q and I asked Jen to come and suck my boobs, she moved and sat on my lap, leaning her head down her lips touched my hard nipples, she started sucking them making me moan from the pleasure for a while before stopping and moving back to her seat. Jen then picked up a 5 and she played Nancy Sinatra these boots, and made her way to me, standing up on the couch, moving her hips as she moved her G string aside showing me her wet pussy and running her finger over her lips, before sitting down to kneeled on the couch and placing her boobs to cover my face, before sitting down on my lap and grinding back and forth before the song ended and she walked wiggling her sexy bum back to her seat.

Scott and Desere

group glini 2018-06-16

As hard as I try to look around to see how all this had happened I can barely take my eyes off of her cream colored body, which is virtually hairless, her 36C breasts swinging with each thrust she gives herself, I drop my pants and boxers and start stroking myself. "I forgot something in the other room, I'll be right back" I head out of the bedroom and go into the kitchen grabbing a can of aerosol whipped cream, as I hear John's car pulling up in the driveway. My cock now at full staff, I start to stroke, as John slides out of his pants and boxers, I look to Desere and see the look of pleasure on her face.

Another Day at Work Ch. 2

group Angel Tits 2018-06-16

Then he started pushing his cock in & out of Cindy's pussy at the same time that Larry was pushing in & out of her ass. Frank scanned Cindy's body, looking at her pretty face, then noticing her lovely breasts and that great ass that now had Larry's cock buried in it. Larry & Tony, sensing everything was ok now, resumed fucking her, causing her to moan deeply around Frank's cock. Frank grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, pushing his cock in & out. Cindy continued to bob her head up & down Frank's cock as she rode up & down on Tony. Cindy raised her head and looked over at Larry and Frank and smiled at them.

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter) Ch. 02

group L.Fortune West 2018-06-16

Katie-Anne is so sweetly exquisite; I know that if I don't move things on real fast we'll still be smooching away like this in forty minutes when Dave walks through the door. "Ok Katie-Anne, honey, I want you to use the tip of your tongue on my clitoris like you use the tip of your finger on yours. Katie-Anne's eyes are closed as she works at my clitoris with her wet little tongue in rhythm... I'm getting closer and closer to coming all over Katie-Anne's lovely little mouth. Katie-Anne's eyes are shut tight as she grinds her tongue against my wet cunt and I'm coming, I'm still coming and I'm gushing and no man could make me feel like this, nobody else could make me feel like this.

A Birder in the Bush

group jcleland21 2018-06-16

With his left hand, Danny continued to play with her tits, as he lowered his right hand to his own lips, got his fingers slipper with saliva, and reached under her skirt, where he found her clitoris already hard as a cherry pit. She ignored him and moved closer to her friend, who took her hands from Danny's chest, reached around and embraced the raven-haired ranger's brown bottom, pulled her body to her, and buried her face in her crotch. The raven ranger rubbed the blonde's clitoris as she rode up and down on Danny's rock hard cock. "Let's get this sample back to the lab while it's still fresh," the raven-haired ranger said as she hugged her companion, ran a hand down into her shorts, then brought her fingers to her mouth, and licked them while winking at Danny.

And Stacy Makes Three

group genderbender 2018-06-16

Dana could feel Chad's thighs tense as her lips and tongue danced down, then up the rigid member. Suddenly strong arms embraced them both and Dana felt Chad's aroused cock pressing against the side of her thigh as the bulge wedged between the women's bodies. As though by magic it seemed to Dana, her fingers were sliding over her friend's bare breasts without objection, squeezing, lifting, teasing stiff nipples as Stacy leaned back into her embrace. "Oh yes!" Chad's hand pumped faster on that oversized organ rising from his loins, his eyes all the while following Dana's fingers caressing her friend's curvaceous body. Peering over her shoulder Dana watched Chad's fingers, then his mouth attack the upthrust mounds, tongue licking the erect nipples one by one as he nursed on each breast.

Bachelor Party

group sweet throat(f) 2018-06-16

Finally he screamed and came...I thought someone turned a fire hose on inside me...It was like suddenly I was on fire...His cum pumping inside me...After he came, I wouldn't get up...and his cock never really went limp all the way...I didn't get up until the last guy had blown his load into my face...including Lamar!! I got a standing ovation as I stood and released the big cock inside me...I couldn't believe how empty I suddenly felt, when he was out of me...Some of the guys wanted to fuck me too, but I told them that I'd already done more than I dreamed of doing...and Lamar was a sweetie about keeping the relations good between us...

Sexplorations Ch. 07

group MarcelTheChamp 2018-06-16

And then, Susan said to John, "Roll over on your back, I want to ride you, and Rita can keep licking the two of us as your prick slides in and out of me." I felt my passion go up when she said this and I did the best I could to get my mouth and tongue on the two of them as we got into position. Then Susan said, "Rita, go get some vaseline or K-Y jelly." I pulled my tongue out of her anus and looked up at her. At the same time Susan buried her face in my pussy and began to lick it with long gentle strokes of her tongue.

I Fucked My Best Friend's Girl

group jman465309 2018-06-16

This continued for a few minutes until Jay said, "Go ahead and use your hands, but don't let him cum." She pushed me back and sat me down on the couch (I didn't even realize I had been standing this long) and removed my shoes first and then my pants and underwear. "Stop." he said and right on cue, MaryEllen removed her mouth, released my cock and looked to Jay for his next command. I grabbed MaryEllen and positioned her on my lap facing Jay, her ass rubbing up against my rock hard cock. My hand moved between her legs, pushing them apart so Jay could get a good look at his girlfriend as I rubbed her clit and plunged my finger deep inside her.



group Celtic_Heart 2018-06-16

He begins to thrust, his cock slipping in and out between my lips as he fucks my mouth with short, sharp strokes. As I suck Kyle's cock, Max runs his tongue up the inside of my thighs, slowly working his way inexorably closer to his goal. He begins to push one, then two fingers into my cunt, thrusting them in and out and twisting them around inside me while his mouth focuses on my clit. Kyle hammers my cunt with short, powerful thrusts as Max stabs his cock in and out of my mouth. Max fucks my mouth mercilessly as Kyle rams his cock into my cunt with ever increasing force. Max's cock strokes effortlessly in and out of my cunt as I slide my lips along Kyle's shaft.

My First Threesome

group CandyLips 2018-06-16

He gave us time to relax, my friend soon sat up moving over to him and she took his cock into her mouth working him in and out with such a hunger that it made me almost lick my lips. "Or how about you let my friend fuck that tight little pussy of yours." I looked up at her now a but unsure of what she had just said, "Don't worry he will go easy on you..." I nodded slowly and watched him as he began to moved between my legs, he grasped my thighs pulling me across the bed and up onto his lap a bit.

A CFNM Fantasy

group scarecrow5252 2018-06-16

I know it, and I’m ready to fuck.” Pink flip-flops to your pussy with your dress still on… I’m getting if it matches her hair color, but as fine as it feels, I know Her pussy is wet and hot and feels good on my eyes and see that Krissie and Linda have me close to cumming I feel a mouth engulf my cock and slowly inch its way down. We want to see!” “I wish that was my pussy getting fucked.” warmth in your eyes, as you cum again, and feel your pussy know the answer and the power that your pussy and mouth hold I can taste our joined juices, my cum and your pussy in the

Margo and Tesa Act Out

group Justtoold 2018-06-16

I countered with, "Yeah I know, but the way I see things is if Andy is my best friend, and my wife and him are fooling around in the feed shed, then I am entitled to play grab ass with his wife." Drinks were poured and Tesa and Margo stayed back in the kitchen fixing another jug of Margareta's to put in the fridge to cool while all us guys went to the family room to kill time watching a bit of the ball game that was on. Tesa then said, 'Imagine my surprise when Bill and I looked and saw you and Andy in the shed playing grab ass."


Pool Party

group Tinab123 2018-06-16

When the ladies were done Ford moved over to join Char and Jim. Elsie took the sunblock out of Evans hands and standing she started smoothing it all over his backside. Elsie pulled Evan over and sucked on that beautiful hard cock and squeezed his perfect butt until he came in her mouth. By the time the ladies managed to get Ford's swim trunks off, Jim had taken his off and he and Evan got into the pool going after the other 2 swimmers. As the sunset Char and Elsie lit the candles and Evan turned on the projectors while Jim and Ford got more Pina Coladas ready.

The First Taste

group sensuous_mind 2018-06-16

Paul grabbed her hair again and gently moved her head down on to the stranger's cock, first of all, all the way down, until she gagged a small bit. Kneeling up on the couch and making sure that Jane didn't stop what she was doing, he positioned her on all fours, her face over the couch edge, still sucking the stranger's cock. He could feel her thighs tightening, her mouth closing tighter around the stranger's cock. Jane leaned up to make room on the couch, but made sure that her lovers cock didn't leave her ass. Paul's cum filling her ass while the stranger's condom filled up and his cock pumped inside her pussy.

The Downhill Run Pt. 02

group aadirtyoldmaninphx1 2018-06-16

It was a good thing we had a supply of some very good weed to keep Jerry mostly mellow during that stretch...that and Trish and Amy's pussies and all of our mouths and asses which were always available to take the edge off. Trish was sitting on a chair in front of Mel, her t-shirt and shorts laying on the floor next to her, bobbing her head up and down on his surprisingly long and hard dick. Jerry moved close enough behind me that I could feel his dick harden against the crack in my ass while his hand pressed against Amy's pussy. Mel climbed up on him, pulled Jerry's legs up over his shoulders and slowly pushed his long dick deep into Jerry's ass.