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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Maria 'n Michael

group pamper1 2018-06-16

Michael turns to Maria, and grasping the bottle in one hand, embraces her with the other as they kiss once more. The doors open and glancing up at the number on the board, Michael takes Maria hand and out they go. Michael leads Maria inside were he sets the bottle down and engulfs her in his arms and they begin to kiss again. Michael takes Maria's hand and leads her to the large king size bed. Her moans begin to grow louder, her body moving under his tongue while pushing his finger deeper into her tight backside. Maria's body thrusts against his tongue, keeping her low onto the bed her breathing hard and gasping, feeling her wetness coating his chin he continues to lap away.

In Praise of My Wife's Lover

group KingofCucks 2018-06-16

I was watching from the foot of Will Jessup's bed as he was fucking my wife, looking up from my vantage point as the trim and wiry black man moved his enormous cock in and out of my wife's pussy. When the orgasm finally stopped, I looked down at Lisa, who was staring at me like she had cum again just watching me, and then Will was moving backwards a bit, allowing me to lean down and kiss my wife. I was barely able to hold back my orgasm until my dick reached my wife's mouth, erupting the moment her lips slid down my stem, and after I stopped cumming I went down and kissed her again, the blend of our cum forming a cocktail that we eagerly shared.

Just talking made it work.

group 2018-06-16

she Jerked my hard cock as I fingered her now wet pussy. With his finger still in her ass I slowly pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and took a step back to see such a great view. I just stood there dumbfounded a little while surprised of what she had just did and admired the view of his large cock fucking my wife's wet pussy as I jerked off. She looked back and said, "cum in my pussy too baby", pulling his half hard soaking wet cock out of her. She then pulled forward releasing my cock and let me watch all the hot cum drip out of her onto her hand and his balls as she jerked him.

Jogging with cum on my hair and face

group 2018-06-16

My ass heaved and buckled as my pussy was taken on a trip of self indulgence, I was buck-ass naked from the waist down, my head pinioned on another cock without the ability to look neither left or right, and all the while I could hear both men heaving and mouthing their pleasures while inside me at both ends, pounding away until their releases, neither of my holes exempt from their pleasure juices, both acting with a super absorbency, soaking up semen willing ejaculated into me, and holding their cocks inside me as they relaxed, both unwilling to break the sexual bond from such a young willing girl, so early in the morning, on her knees in front of a park bench.

Diary of a Servile Harlot Ch. 01

group mayastories 2018-06-16

Tanya is getting married to Eric, the most desirable man on this island. "Tanya, do you agree to be his bride today?" Minister says. "Are you ready to submit your three holes to Eric, and whoever he approves?" Minister moves closer to Tanya. After bride's approval, the minister moves on to the Groom who is still sitting on the chair. The minister anoints the groom's nipples, and the two bridesmaids starts licking honey. Minister pushes the bride to the end of the stage, and announces, "Is there anyone who wants to object to this wedding?" Eric gets on top of Tanya and shoves his penis into her vagina, and starts ramming her vigorously.

A Night to Not Remember

group biggles 2018-06-16

Someone else walked in and stood next to me, he said hello and we chatted a few lightweight pleasantries, he took his drink and went and sat down at a nearby table. Then a movement on the other side of the room caught my eye as the door opened I watched as seven men walked in and stood along the other side of the bed. “I will introduce everyone, here we have Steve and Angela, I am David and on my right we have Brad, Bill, John, Peter, Paul, Colin and Graham. When we got home I unpacked and at the very bottom of my case I found a thank you card signed by Brad, Bill, John, Peter, Paul, Colin and Graham, with a note from David asking me to give him a call.

You Can Have Mine, If I Can Have Yours

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-06-16

Not to be outdone, Wendy lay on her back right next to Karen, mimicking her position with her body, she invited me to mount her, and pile-drive fuck her, at the same time that my girlfriend was getting hers. Wendy was finished first, she looked up and said that she was coming home with me that night, and that Karen was to stay with her husband until we met for brunch at a nice waterfront restaurant on Sunday, when we would swap partners back again. As Wendy and I were leaving the house, I heard Karen tell Frank, "Fuck me in the ass, all whores love an ass Fucking."

Lyn, Sam and Jenny

group senwood 2018-06-16

The second phial of aphrodisia will be the story of how Jenny got together with Lyn and Ben and how she subsequently inveigled Sam and James to play a part that would grow to involve all the players to their ultimate bliss. 'I think you know why, Dave,' I said firmly, placing my hands on his shoulders again as he faced me. 'I want you to have me at least three times per week, either by just coming up to me and asking, or by sleeping with me, taking a shower with me, doing me on the rug when the others are around - whatever you wish, but it must be at least as frequently as I have said. 'No, Jenny, I've told you,' I said gently, ' just tell Ben what you want.'


Swaziland Gangbang Part One

group Victorsev 2018-06-16

Realising my aroused state she played to the camera posing like a model in the most provocative ways, cupping her breasts and pushing them up making them look twice as big, opening her legs and splaying her labia to display the inner workings of her well used cunt, turning her bum towards me and bending over clenching her butt together. The three naked young Swazi men were wearing only their traditional bead necklaces, but all sporting mammoth erections, showing off their large black cocks to best advantage. You can serve the beers, naked of course as I’m sure they will all be amused seeing your pathetic pale phallus.” This was the first time and hopefully not the last that I saw my wife fucked by big black cocks.

The Changing Room

group N2O 2018-06-16

You gave me a minute or two to remove my pants, watching with increasing excitement, as you knew I was standing behind the curtain almost entirely naked. Looking around the store, you saw no one watching and quickly slid into my dressing room. Balancing your butt on the hand with my thumb thrusting in and out of your ass, I reached down with the other and could just reach the zipper of your husband’s pants. Gripping my balls in your one hand, your other grabbed my ass and pulled me to you so the entire length of my cock was down your throat. He roughly grabbed your hips and with one thrust, buried his cock in your engorged cunt.

Secrets of Apple Grove Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-06-16

"I very strongly suspect," my mother said astutely, "that if you were able to get keys to the building and evidence rooms, then whoever your benefactor is will also provide a diversion at the right time. I like this hard ass of yours." I leaned over to my right and shoved my mouth onto Melina's, and we kissed hard as I relentlessly fucked my mother. "OH GOD, I'M COMING!" I gasped out as I felt my cock pulsing hard, shooting what seemed like a gallon of cum into my mother's clenching cunt. 
"They drive away about 2:45am." said Myron, showing the tape of the motorcycle coming out and racing down the street, passing under the camera and giving Tanya a good view of the two persons aboard.


Things That Go Bump in the Dark

group newgirl2184 2018-06-16

"Just having a little fun," Alice answered casually, but she never actually let go of Emma's tight, little ass that she had always been secretly drawn to. Emma had continued to caress Alice's breasts the entire time and heard her reach her first climax of the night as well as she screamed, "I love it when you fuck my nasty pussy from behind. "I really want to fuck that tight little ass of yours – I always have." So, she had been fucking Steve and giving Tommy a blow job Emma realized. Now while Steve pounded Emma's ass and Tommy rammed into Alice's pussy, the two girls kissed and teased each other.

The Coat Room

group milkandhoney27 2018-06-16

And then they got quiet and I felt her fingernails slipping under the waist of my panties and she slowly pulled them down over the hump of my round, white ass (not fat mind you, but black guys on the sidewalk turn and give me a second look). And I was kind of melting into the bed and breathing a little harder because this older French woman was really working over my asshole and it was really starting to feel good in a very, very perverse, submissive kind of way. And she pulled her finger from my ass again and I heard her noisily sucking on it (those were my ass juices on that finger, I thought and marveled at what a little slut our sophisticated French woman was), getting it lubed up some more.

Birthday Weekend

group metacarpal 2018-06-16

That led Karen to suggest a special birthday weekend for Ann, to hide away at an out-of-state resort where they could anonymously enjoy a bit of an orgy with a couple of young men. Karen teased Ann about having two horny young men fuck her brains out for her birthday. Ann heard Karen coach the boys to keep her legs up so her pussy would stay full as the third young man slopped into her. Soon Ann found herself sitting in the warm water, a young man's excited cock directly opposite her face as she teased and coaxed him with the busy vibrator. Ann finally slipped Ben's over-swollen cock in her mouth as Karen massaged his balls and worked the vibrator over his ass.


Coach Jackson Makes a Mistake

group johnnydrama 2018-06-16

They soon turned the tables on the professor, who leaned his head back, letting the hot water pour over him as the two beauties covered him in suds, soapy breasts pressing against him all over and hungry little hands stroking his cock and balls. He then started to shampoo Lisa's hair, which the young teacher found incredibly erotic, his powerful hands gently rubbing the lather into her hair while his hard cock brushed her back and Julie brought her closer to another orgasm, all while the steamy hot water rained down on her and the shower room started to fog up.

18 Only: Daughter Swap!!!

group XXXNoBounds 2018-06-16

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. "Her clothes and some other surprises are in here, Jeff." Mark said, handing me Laura's suitcase "Nothing Daddy!" She said, kissing Mark's cheek and giving Laura a hug. "Sounds like you're constipated, " Mark said, making Beth's cheeks turn a shade darker. " Yes Uncle Jeff!,I was like, you guys have assholes, why don't you fuck each other?" she laughed, " But they got mad and said I needed to take all the 'punishment', as if I wouldn't have just let them anyway! "Well, Daddy..." Beth began to moan, "Uncle Mark wants to piss in my mouth."

Blindfolded Fantasy

group LunaDragonStar 2018-06-16

I then feel the person behind me, figuring it is Scott, start to run his hand over my ass, then he removes his hand and down comes a smack. Scott gets down behind me and starts pushing his cock into my ass. Once I am impaled on both the man starts to pull out as Scott pushes in. The two of them start to slow down until Scott pulls out and the man slides out from under me but I am still on my hands and knees recovering. As the man starts to get close to cumming, as does Scott, he pulls out of my ass and rolls me over.

A New Life

group Wendy 2018-06-16

Maria pulled her blouse open wide and placed her hands on Sandra's breast's and squeezed them lightly, "You have a beautiful body, I have wanted you from the first time I saw you," Maria said. When everyone had gone Maria came out of her office, "Go into the ladies toilets and put these on, leave your clothes there, you can wear your shoes, and come back here," Maria said to Sandra giving her a small bag. Sandra put her head in her hands and said softly, "What happens now." Albert smiled even more, "This could be our secret, no one need know, you just have to look after my needs now and again," he answered.


Seducing Kate

group Mentor de Lyon 2018-06-16

"If you want me to start something, just reach behind the seat and touch my neck." I leaned to kiss Jen again just as Kate returned to the table. Jen placed her hand on Kate's left cheek and rolled Kate's her head toward her lips. We peeled Kate's bra straps down shoulders and kissed and caressed her heaving tits, our fingers rolling over her rock-hard nipples. As I kissed Kate, I heard the slick sounds of Jen's fingers gathering Kate's wetness for lubrication as she began to caress our young friend's clitoris. Jen's practiced hand quickly granted my long-awaited release and I bellowed as stream after stream of white-hot fuck shot into Kate's upturned face and waiting mouth.

Hard Competition

group craigool 2018-06-16

I like Phil, and I'm sure Kim does too, but this had better be pretty damn good to let him kiss me." Keri demanded it be worth her while. It was so strange, and yet so natural, to kiss Kim. As I kissed her soft wide lips, it felt so much like Keri that I was fondling her breasts out of sheer reflex before I even thought about it. The kitchen timer rang, and I gently released my lip lock on Kim. Phil moved in, gently kissing her face, her neck, her ears. Phil was #2 for Kim, #1 for Lisa, and #3 for Keri." John informed them. Phil drew Keri, John drew Lisa, and I drew Kim. We had gone from two minutes the first round, to three minutes the second, to five minutes now.


Sex on the beach- with a couple

group bufffreak 2018-06-16

Lisa didn’t shave her pussy like Jenny, she is trimmed, What a beautiful sight I quickly looked around to make sure Jennifer hadn’t seen me, Lisa just giggled and smiled at me Jenny and I gasped as Lisa began to stroke and then suck Thomas Lisa moved around and Thomas began licking her beautiful young pussy, she moaned. I was staring at them with a hard dick and Jenny was still panting, Lisa and Thomas smiled Jenny looked at my hard dick and got into position to suck me. This time Thomas and Jenny didn’t leave together to play Frisbee I tried to give Jenny the same quality licking I had given Lisa the day before; soon she was ready for penetration

Have Mercy!

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-06-16

He let them in and smiled, "what is this , a lynch mob?" Maryanne Berry laughed and said, "No Sir, Mr. Sloan, we have several of our friends who would like to join your class too, if you decide to do it for us." "Good afternoon, Ladies, You all look lovely, we are going to improve on that in the next few weeks, we are shooting for gorgeous, or beautiful, nothing less." The doorbell rang and he excused himself. The face of a beautiful young woman appeared and she licked the head of the penis several times. "I don't know what my daughter told you." Said Mrs. Jones after she was seated in Jeff's living room.



group Nimmy 2018-06-16

Every day after school the wife their mother would come pick always in trouble at school, Sarah wife went to the gym in the alone time watching you know Sarah came into my office. the girls kept to herself quiet and early primary school and walked in with her cute checked school cock sand tall. girl, just starting to produce tiny good games you can try" I said was too young to know this was before I decided to feel those tits. cock would feel deep inside her face and how much cum my cock hand was inside her dress playing games on his lap. cleaned up and said to Sarah " I knew what I was thinking think about was touching her

My Unexpected Pleasure

group KarlMartinK 2018-06-16

After a few minutes of me rubbing her tits while she kissed on Marc and fondled his cock inside his pants, I pulled April off Marc and rested my butt on the edge of the bed. April was biting her bottom lip into her mouth and looking like she was really enjoying the good fucking that Marc was giving her. "Suck it," I said to April, "I want it in your mouth," not realizing that Marc was still looking at my cock. April looked like she was in a sexual daze, her gaze fixated on my cock in Marc's mouth. April kept massaging my balls with her hand, and when Marc pulled away from my cock on every stroke, she fingered my shaft for me.