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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Art Class

group Markf 2018-06-16

Mike looked me in the eye and said, "You've a really nice cock, there." I blushed and felt it stirring. "It would really help my drawing if your cock was a bit larger," said Mike, "do you think you could stroke it for me?" I was shocked and blushed again. "Have you ever thought about sucking another man's cock," Mike asked. Mike was standing in front of me, naked, his hard cock in one hand. Meanwhile, Mike continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth. Ben pushed hard and suddenly his cock passed the muscle ring and slid into my ass. A cock in my ass, one in my mouth and someone sucking me off!

The Dancer

group KingCherry 2018-06-16

When everyone was paying attention to Melina's lap dance for Carl, I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Melina was standing, facing away from the couch as "Naughty" encircled her within her arms from behind with her left hand massaging Melina's pussy and her right hand kneading a breast, as she bit, sucked, and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. I removed my mouth from "Naughty" concentrating on the pleasure she was conducting on my cock only to notice that Carl had gotten it up again and was poling Melina from behind, squeezing both breasts, his face contorted and his neck bulging. I watched Melina take Carl, I felt "Naughty" on my dick and I finally came.


The Seduction Ch. 02

group NaughtyCandyGirl 2018-06-16

Oh fuck...fuck...Lissa baby...” Katie released the tight hold she had on her thighs and stroked a hand over Melissa’s hair as the girl continued to suck on her pussy lips. I need to be filled up by a big hard cock.” Melissa could feel Katie smiling against her pussy and she knew she’d got the real meaning of her request. Dan wanted to warn Katie he was about to cum but he couldn’t, having a hot, wet cunt riding his face so he let himself go. As Melissa sank down on Dan’s cock, her mouth dropped open and Katie thrust her tongue inside, exploring her best friend’s mouth.


slutty wife

group chandan0707 2018-06-16

At the same time so that both of our cum will help you fast my wife got sacred we both said don’t worry it will only hurt a little at first then everything will be normal and I went and lied on the table and told Asha on come and sit on my dick Asha slowly sat and I told her to relax and lie on top of me and I lifted her legs giving an opening for Manish to enter.

Ashton & Elise

group spaldan 2018-06-16

I simply concentrated on working my stiff pole in and out of Ashton's pussy while reveling in her velvety tightness, my hard thick cock rubbing repeatedly against her sensitive insides. Elise looked into my eyes, as if she were afraid that I'd run away screaming, and then suddenly her soft hand was brushing against the fat head of my cock. Without another word Ashton brushed aside Elise's hand and slid her head down towards my stomach to plant a soft kiss on the top of my cock. I was horny, so hard from Elise milking my cock with her sweet pussy, I would’ve fucked Ashton any way she let me.


The Beach House Ch. 10

group artiepuy 2018-06-16

After he read the screen, Curt said "It says to remove certain clothing from the other person, then to rub every bit of exposed skin that you can reach, while my partner does the same to me." He took the shot that had been offered to him, downing it in one gulp. "Time's up!" Janet said, removing her blindfold and Randy's hand. Marly read the screen, and her eyes grew wide before looking up at Janet, who handed her a glass of Creme de Tequila. Janet then handed the game to Curt, Kyle, and Randy, letting them read what was on the screen. Marly's head tilted forward to meet Curt's mouth as his hands traveled up the sides of her body, across the portions of her breasts that were exposed.


Trust Me

group anonomusgumby 2018-06-16

Her finger slamming deep into your hot wet pussy as my hard cock explodes in your mouth, that cum you love so much spurting down your throat, my hands wrapped in your hair, holding your head, her finger twisting as she slams it in and out of you as you cum all over it, moaning around my cock. You feel a gush of her juices start pouring over your face, the realization hits you that you have made this woman cum, the added excitement causes your back to arch and you moan as your pussy clenches around my cock and your clit suddenly gets more sensitive as your orgasm rushes over you like a tidal wave.

Spring Break Ch. 02

group mdiver 2018-06-16

She was turned on by the sex chat with Cathy and then the scene Carl described of how the hot tub became the start of a three couple orgy was very erotic. "Ron and Julie I want you to meet Bill and Shirley, Mike and Linda, and of course you know Carl. "We have plenty of food here and if I recall Julie you enjoy a martini and Ron you like whisky sours," Carl said then promptly handed us our drinks. Not only was I thoroughly enjoying Cathy's tongue action on my cock, I was watching Julie lick and suck on Carl.

The Invited

group storagemistress 2018-06-16

I imagined what it would feel and look like to see my hard silicone cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy as I sucked and bit her nipples. I bit and sucked at her breasts as she fucked my cock with her pussy and my cunt with her hand. She brought her hands back around to my breasts and grabbed them hard as she began to really fuck my cock for all it was worth. "Fuck my ass while I rub my clit and I'll let you know when I'm going to come." As the push/pull of the cold metal in my cunt and her big cock in my ass began to develop a slow, steady rhythm I could feel her breasts swinging against my back.


The Slumber Party

group mooremike 2018-06-16

“That thing is fucking big I bet we cannot even get all the way in our mouths!” Monica said as she watched Tim proudly stroke the cock Tiffany and Beth watched as Monica sucked on the cock but she too could only get about half in her mouth. Tim was groaning at the feeling of the two sexy girls sucking his big shaft but just as big a turn on was watching his s****r with a look of desire on her face that said she wanted to suck her b*****r’s cock. “I think you should fuck my tits!” Tiffany giggled as she watched the cock slip from her friend’s mouth

Bike Ride in West Virginia Ch. 01

group JuddTheStudd 2018-06-16

Brittany pushed a little harder and another quarter to half an inch eased in and she started another orgasm. Grace came up to meet me and with one last lunge buried my cock to the hilt and began an orgasm that I thought I would need a seat belt to ride. Finally Grace started her orgasm and massaged my cock with her convulsing pussy walls until she fell over and rolled to the other side of the bed. Brittany took advantage of the move and fell forward and started licking her mothers juices off my cock.

My weekend at the cabin

group 2018-06-16

Ron called hubby on thursday to invite us to the cabin for a bit of fun and we accepted. I was feeling frisky and asked hubby if he remembered the first time I sucked his cock while driving, it had been a while so i leaned over unzipped his pants and enjoyed my ride there. Dave got up and started to hug me and caress me through my clothes which soon came off as everyone looked on i sat on the big chair as he went down and ate me till i came ans all the guys took their turn eating me till i came. The weekend was a lot more of the same Ron and Dave slept with me on Sat night since it was their turn.

The Tales of the SS Fountain of Youth Ch. 2

group PeterR 2018-06-16

Enroute to the ship Sally and Janet couldn't stop talking about Patrick and Delilah. Patrick felt Delilah deep throating him and he had Dawn sit as he started to lick and nibble on her clit, fingered her love canal and was feeling himself getting close when Dawn began to stir as she obviously was near. He took his shaft out of Delilah and entered Dawn, as she lied down and Delilah squatted over Dawn's face, Sally came over and took Patrick's balls in her mouth one at a time, as Janet was slurping on Sally's clit, and Kelly joined in by pumping a dildo in and out of Kelly's love canal. Dawn and Kelly were exploring each other and were soon joined by Roy and Eric and three other passengers and a wild night was once again had by all.

my husband cock sharing

group nehachut 2018-06-16

Hubbby wanted to have sex all the time when free.As soon as back from Office--he used to pull me to him and embrace me with a long kiss.Initially he was feeling a bit shy to caress me in presence of Monica but within a few days he became more and more bold and didnot feel any hesitation in embracing me, kissing me on lips and putting his hands on my boobs. Initially she was feeling shy but soon she became more bold and started holding the cock in her hand more and more firmly.It was so wonderful. Monica's one hand was playing with my boobs and her other hand fondling Hubby's cock.

The Substitute Teacher

group football_stud 2018-06-16

"So are you going to have some fun with the guys as you always do you naughty girl?" Julie asked, slapping Sonia's cute ass. "MMMmmm well lets get out of here and we can have some real fun," Sonia said after she grabbed Julie's ass and gave it a squeeze. "MMMmmm after you," Julie said, with a smile as she watched Sonia's ass shake getting in the shower. Julie started adding another finger to Sonia's pussy and kept rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard. He walked around to the front of them and started sizing up Sonia's body He started stroking his cock and a bit of pre-cum oozed out as he watched the two girls having fun.

Beth & Friends Ch. 2

group oddone 2018-06-16

Beth said that they were looking for vibrators and dildos, but didn't see any until they walked to the back of the store and saw them in a display case. Beth took the dildo from him and started rubbing it all over her tits and neck and said to him, "How about if YOU give me the real thing instead of this rubber toy?" Beth continued to ram up and down on Frank's pole and watched as Mary left the others and walked to the couch, picked up the dildo laying on the floor, and started to stick it in Beth's asshole. As she eased it into her ass, Beth said that she almost immediately started cumming and Mary shoved the whole length into her and rammed it in and out of her now thoroughly stretched bunghole.

The Bookstore Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-06-16

When Toby and Martha were naked they walked over to Tina and excused themselves to Paul as they took her hands and helped her off his rod and led her to the couch where they asked her to lay back and relax as they would like some desert after that wonderful dinner. Bill meanwhile had lost himself in the pleasures of sucking Paul's cock and Tina couldn't tear her eyes from the sexy sight as Bob was down sucking her husband's erection and Toby gave her sensation after sensation with her talented mouth.


The French Tongue

group Edge23 2018-06-16

"I wonder how you really taste," she said, her tongue softly drifting downward and Chantelle nuzzling the small patch of Taly's pubic hair with her nose, sighing softly. The tongue barely touched Taly's clit and it felt like a jolt of electricity ran through her, making her body jerk as much as possible while still being held by the restraints. A soft chuckle rose from Chantelle's throat and drifted up to Taly and the tongue touched again, this time making her moan and struggle, wanting nothing more than to pull that beautiful tongue against her wetness. A thumb now constantly running small circles around Taly's clit along with the wagging tongue in her folds finally sent her over the edge, crying out as she orgasmed, her hands turning white as she clenched her fists and pulled at the ropes as she shook.


One is Good, Two is Better

group dirtylittlejo 2018-06-16

When she heard him behind her, she turned around, walked over to him, looked up adoringly, winked, and said, "good morning, daddy." She then led him to a chair, knelt in front of him, and asked if he would give her permission to suck his cock. Dropping the glass in the floor, he attacked her lips in an arctic, cold, rough kiss, forcing his cold tongue into her mouth in the same moment that he used his fingers to force the ice cube into her panties, holding it against her hot, wet clit while kissing her with such force her head was pinned against the headrest. She blushed as Todd told the driver, "clearly we were having a little fun" and they shared a laugh while Todd simultaneously pulled Chelsea out of the car, both of her hands occupied -- one in Todd's, the other reaching for her purse.


BFF & I went to a nudist camp 2

group jnthn1 2018-06-16

I want a big dick like you had yesterday Kim. Kate said I can see that your nipples are already hard & pointing straight out. Just like the wife of the couple said yesterday, with a pussy you can get as many dicks as you want. Vanessa, Kim there's the f****y we fucked yesterday. Kate said Your wife & us girls are supplying the pussy. Just like he face fucked Kim yesterday. The husband moved Vanessas hands away & now he was pinching & pulling on her long bullet size nipples. Vanessa sitting legs spread me & Kim with our knees up cum trickling out of her pussy from the 2 boys, The wife one leg bent showing her pussy as well.

A Beach from a Dream

group ulyssesquango 2018-06-16

If Roy wanted to he could have kept Nina from going, but as I turned around to fetch my drink I caught him eyeing Eleanor, probably wondering the same things I'd wondered about Nina. "Did you bring old clothes to change into?" said Eleanor to Nina, who flashed a smile and held up a white holdall. Eleanor could see me staring, and Nina must have been able to see Roy's dropjaw expression for another woman, but they both set to work pulling off our shorts and shirts until we too were down to our underwear. We got out to waist deep, Eleanor's hand in mine, and then turned to see Roy and Nina behind us.


Change of Plan Ch. 5

group Frederick Carol 2018-06-16

My prick was starting to get that incredible feeling that goes before ejaculation, my balls tightening, then Kathy's pussy was clamping down on me as she came, whimpering wordlessly, then gasping as I thrust fiercely, almost violently, up into her, blasting my seed up into the rubber that sheathed my rampant prick, my own orgasm shaking us as slowly I trembled back into stillness. "Had a long talk with us, told us to be careful and went back to bed," I said, reflecting on the events of the previous night, when I had fucked Lisa's amorous and slightly drunk mother, to her obvious satisfaction. As I bent so that the tip of my prick was pressing against Lisa's pussy she took gentle hold and guided my hardness into her welcoming warmth and wetness, tight and clinging against me as I pressed gently into her, easing as I pulled back.


Shota Cock Garden Party (story I found)

group GmanDaveLXIX 2018-06-16

“Let me see your balls, please?” Mrs. Lane said, and William stood straight up. Mrs. Lane got on her knees in front of Timmy, her eyes hot as she took his dick in her hand. Timmy moaned as she took him into her mouth, his voice echoed all around the park by sons and mothers. William and Rob were on their backs next to each other, curvy MILFs bouncing on their hard cocks, and the boys high-fived each other as their slutty passengers leaned in and kissed each other. One by one, each mother got a mouth- or pussy-full of cum, except for Mrs. Hall – Jacky had pulled out and decided to plant his dick up her big, round ass.

2 Girls, 1 Boy

group Gum_Bunny 2018-06-16

Look how small they are haha," her body tensed a bit and I realised I had hit a sensitive spot, "You know how we can fix this?" I enclosed my mouth around one of her nipples and sucked on it. I rest my head back against the bed, my breathing is so heavy and my body feels overwhelmingly hot and glistening with sweat. I can feel her hot, cum against my pussy, it's dribbling down my leg and staining the bed. My body goes hot and stiff, my vision goes a little bit blurry and all I can feel is my hot liquid fill my vagina and dribble into the girl's mouth. My body feels just as weak and hot and sweaty like the girl underneath me now.