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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three Friends and a Purple Cock

group jakebarnes06 2018-06-16

The first story introduced Jake to the gorgeous, red-haired Suz and described their kinky encounter one Friday evening in a slightly darkened bar. My hands, still in her hair, pulled her head back as my mouth found her throat, where I licked and nibbled and sucked lightly. With Suz's ass extended slightly off the bed, I knelt, lifted, separated and did all that stuff necessary to open her for my viewing, touching, pinching, probing, pulling, licking, nibbling, and even biting pleasure. I moved my finger in a circular motion, trying to enlarge her hole, while drawing another moan of encouragement from Suz. I pulled the finger, immediately tried to insert my hardened tongue and was rewarded with what felt like a centimeter of success.


The Corruption of Walter

group SinfulIllusions 2018-06-16

"I'm so close.." he whispered against the other's mouth and Ryan knew what that meant so he stood, grabbed Walter and shoved him face down onto the counter, Cody pulling off of Sean and towards Ryan who willingly knelt down, his mouth open and ready as the boy pumped himself to an argasm, shooting his load into his mouth and chin, his whole body trembling from what had just ensured and especially because Ryan was now sucking his cock, licking it dry with that contented look on his face.

The Tutor Ch. 01

group mattsatyr 2018-06-16

We never really got a chance to thank you for all the help you gave Lynn during the school year." Nancy said. I said, "I can't wait." All the time I was thinking about the vision of Nancy and Lynn in bikinis etched in my mind. As I finally got ready to dive into the water, Nancy said "That looks like a tasty mouthful to me, also." I dove into the water and quickly swam over to Nancy. I want to fuck your cunt and your ass." Nancy leaned back and said "you are ambitious aren't you." Nancy started to bob up and down on my cock like it was an all-day sucker. As I finished cumming, Nancy slowly started to flick her tongue across the head of my cock.

Dream Vacation Pt. 07

group Xenolan 2018-06-16

"You would look just delicious in this," Julie told Trina at one point, holding up a black jean jacket and white tube top. Women may not realize this, but when they ask us to wait outside the dressing room door while they go in and try things on, we are on some level convinced that every other person who sees us thinks that we're there so we can try to peek inside and see the women undressing. The women had turned to face each other when I looked back, and they kissed with fervor and passion, Trina clenching her fingers in Julie's lovely red hair while Julie ran her hands over Trina's tight bottom, pulling her closer and pressing their tits closely together.


Back to the Bath House - Part Deux

group kwhagie 2018-06-16

Marty and I hit the group shower downstairs, lathered each other up and in the process I was noticing an ample number of uncut cock in varying degrees of readiness. It was Marty's tongue and I continued taking Eric's hard cock down my throat, slowly in and out. I took Eric's cock all the way, to the hilt down my throat and held it as I shot my load all over the towel below me. I raised my head to catch a deep breath and took all his cock in my mouth and down my throat while Marty pounded me hard, her hips slapping my ass loudly.

First 3some with my wife

group 2018-06-15

Now all 3 off us naked, my wife sucking me, him eating her out and me sucking her tits and licking her clit, finally he put in it in her pussy…”oh god she” she says. Little do I know, Rich is licking her ass and her pussy while I fuck her. As I begin to cum I realize he is licking not only her pussy but the tip of my cock too (I still don’t know if he knows he did that) but it sent me over the edge. I soon as I went I went down to her pussy, filled with 2 cums, I licked her to completion as he sucked her tits!

German Vacation & First Times

group kenkx 2018-06-15

I enjoyed a real vacation first, my wife lying topless with the edge of her bush exposed at a public spa, with quite a number of almost naked men strolling by her. Finding that my wife was actually willing to try the spa's steam room wearing only a towel, I quickly began to move out of the pool. Barb's elbow touched my right arm and I looked around just in time to see my wife pull loose her towel and let it fall onto her lap, exposing her lovely breasts and erect pink nipples. I felt Helga's hair touch my belly as she took me into her mouth and worked to pull on me as she slowly let my cock slide out.


Tina, Sara, & I

group unassuming1977 2018-06-15

I got Tina out some sweat pants and t-shirt, turned around, and said, 'It gets awful warm in here, not like your room that's always cool, would you prefer a pair of boxers instead of sweats?' She slid the boxers up over her hips and as she began to pull her shirt up over her head I made my way over to the bed and under the covers to hide the wood she had created for me. Every so often I would see Tina's fingers show up right in front of my tongue, and I would move back a little while she fingered Sara's hole, and then I would suck the juices off her fingers before resuming my work.

Finding Their Niche

group MichiganFellow 2018-06-15

I'll never forget those first moments of discovery, with Melissa's big brown eyes looking up at me as she unzipped my jeans for the first time, fishing out my cock and settling her plump lips around my head. Not that I minded, of course, especially after a long fuck session when she would kneel in front of me, look into my face with those big brown eyes and quietly urge me to cum all over her. I can't even count how many times I've cum on Melissa's round ass after fucking her doggy style, on her shoulders, hair and tits thanks to a delicious handjob, or into her sweet, tight mouth.


First fictional story - with names of real people

group narizman69 2018-06-15

After several minutes of our tongues exploring each other's mouths, Debbie pulled away, and said to TJ, "Baby, this man knows how to kiss!" With that, TJ pulled his tongue out of my woman's mouth, came over to me, grabbed the back of my waist with one hand, and the back of my bald head win the other and started gently, passionately kissing me. When he said that I grabbed his muscular ass with both hands so he couldn't get away and started sucking him like this was the last time I'd get to ever have my mouth on his pretty dick.

The Plaything Ch. 02

group autoplot 2018-06-15

Dani remembered sitting quietly off to one side, stark naked — there seemed little point in putting her clothes back on after what had happened — watching Joe grope Nicole, listening to her appreciative murmurs. Dani remembered Lisa giggling madly between helpless, agonized moans of pleasure as Nick's cock thrust inside her. She'd taken it, sipping as she watched Nick fuck Lisa, wondering if she should feel jealous. "I think I'm okay with stars," Dani said, sitting on one of the second-hand bar stools next to the counter. The door to Nick's office was open, so she tried to look casual as she crossed the room, feeling like all eyes were on her, even though they weren't.


Horsing Around Behind the Barn

group TxRad 2018-06-15

As he got closer, Gail said, "Good to see you Jack." And walked over to hug him. "I've never seen a horse in a shower before," Dee said without taking her eyes off Jack. He turned back to the mare and Dee said, "You guys go on, I want to watch Jack dry the horses." Tammy sighed and with one last look in Jack's direction set off after Gail. Gail chuckled and said, "I'm assuming Dee is the one hiding." She sounded closer to the ladder. "I've known her for a long time and I've never heard her yell like that," Tammy said a short distance away. With a groan, Dee looked back at Gail and Tammy.


They Knocked On My Door

group Toolmo 2018-06-15

By now all three of us were feeling a pretty good buzz and Gina had the giggles, before leaving the kitchen she turned and kissed Stacy full on the lips, Stacy did not skip a beat kissing her back before swatting her ass sending her to the living room to watch the game. Stacy worked her hands all over Gina making her nipples hard and thong wet as she rubbed her pussy. Stacy laid on her back as she lubed up the toy before stuffing it hard into her pussy pumping it a few times before letting Gina climb atop her slipping the other end deep into her wet slit.

Sodomy & Gamore: A Prelude

group Adom&Eav 2018-06-15

A loud moan filled the room as Lance's cock exploded for cook's desire, and my darling daughter's high pitch squeal indicated that my mother was just as good a cunteater as when she first eaten my wife. Duke and I clutched the heads of our maids and forced them to fuck our cocks with their mouths. "Alright you studs" my mother would say, "let us taste these huge monsters and then you can fuck our cunts nice and hard!" finishing her statement looking directly at Duke and me with a lusty grin. I turned my head to see Max mouthing cunt and ass of the maids while they were bent over giving Peter and Lance their second blowjobs.


Turning Twenty Ch. 01

group MareCrisium 2018-06-15

In our fantasies, she would tease him by making him watch her get on all fours and give me head, reaching back to hike her plaid skirt over her waist and play with herself; she'd beg him to let her taste his ass with her greedy little tongue; offer him her tightest, wettest spots but make him pull out early and coat her sweet face with his spunk. Hearing this, Mike grabbed hold of her pigtails, one in each hand, and guided his prick back between her pursed lips, whispering, "Not yet, baby..." Cindy's mouth sunk down over half of Mike's cock as I pulled the thin silk strap of her panties aside and spread her open.

Bangin' at Hedo

group Hedo_Harry 2018-06-15

I was admiring Lonnie's shapely body, long legs, and puffy nipples, and I could tell that Sexy Sadie was looking hungrily at Lennie's long, stiff cock. Sadie was on her back with her legs spread and her knees up, and Lennie was kneeling between them, slamming in and out of her with all his might, his large cock pistoning in and out of her beautiful pussy like a race car engine. I told you last time about Sadie and me having sex in "The Grotto." That's a little cave right near the nude pool, which is sort of semi-obscured by a waterfall. Meanwhile, Sexy Sadie had been slowly stroking both my cock and that of the young single dude standing on her other side this entire time.


Just Another Play Ch. 1

group CrimsonKing 2018-06-15

Devin thought she looked like she was about to cry, and he chuckled slightly, one hand pushing his softening cock back into his pants, the other pulling off a long roll of toilet paper from the roll next to him and wadding it into a ball. She was 20, about 5'5, and looked just as fine as could be, with a thin body but a plump ass and c-cup tits, and a full mouth that some, Devin included, referred to as "dick-sucking lips." Today she was wearing a plaid school-girl type skirt that was a little higher then high-school regulation, and a too-tight baby doll t-shirt that strained against her chest.


The Threesome

group 2018-06-15

I felt a little like I was breaching some unspoken confidence by doing so but I wanted her to understand that the reason I had picked him was more than just for pictures of his dick. Then she got serious again and said, “I think he’ll do, although it feels pretty weird to be picking someone out like this.” Mave and I had agreed ahead of time that, no matter what he looked like, we would at least talk to him. Lupe said that he went to see the sculpture that he read about in my story about how Mave and I met. As Lupe climbed between Mave’s thighs I said, “Wait, I want to put you in.” I slid right up tight against him from behind and took hold of his dick.

Fun with Friends{second night}

group specialknight77 2018-06-15

I finish making supper and say " Supper ready!" as go to dinner room I don't see anyone,I head to Master bedroom as get to door I see Clint is burried deep into Mary's pussy fucking hard and Natalie and Karrie are finger and eating Dawn kiss Mary as Clint slam into her and pull on head and kiss her neck and slapping her ass, I come to door, say "Hey, Supper is ready!!" with Mary look up say "ok".

Nancy's Delight

group No Panty Girl 2018-06-15

After Tim's seven inches Harry's monster felt like she was trying to fit a baseball bat into her mouth. Tim invited Harry to fuck his wife first knowing his mammoth cock would stretch her fuck hole open further than it ever had been. Her cunt was stretched around Harry's cock like an elastic band, gripping his pole as it moved in her. Tim tasted the pungent sperm that his wife had swallowed directly from Harry's cock. Tim watched the big cock sliding in and out of his wife's hole as he positioned himself to enter her vulnerable ass hole. "Oh fuck!" she cried as Tim's cock thrusting into her asshole made her pussy slid on Harry's pole.

In The Photo Shop Ch. 02

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-15

Barb and I tongue pashed for ages because when I came out of the daze and looked around Tom was naked and fucking her, Mary was bouncing on Bill's cock on the lounge, the Freemans were still semi clothed and June was lying across the table with Bob still behind her fucking her arse." Carmel, a very petite brunette with short cropped hair and fine tits who was wearing a little tartan mini skirt matched with long white socks, was squatting between two blokes giving them a double head job. I did the gentlemanly thing and put my beer down on the bar and with my left hand grabbed Kelly's left tit and with my right hand I reached around and grabbed a handful of Amy's cute little arse.


The Room Mate

group Moxon4 2018-06-15

I began fondling her ass, grabbing it and groping it, then grabbing her hips and putting the head of my cock next to her pussy lips, letting her feel it slowly enter into her, inch by agonizing inch, spreading her pussy wider and wider until all of my cock was inside of her, her juices dripping down my cock, as I began thrusting into her slowly and picked up speed very quickly. My cock was throbbing in her wet pussy, Sarah knew what was coming, and she began moving her hips with my rhythm, then grabbed her hair and held her head as I came inside of her pussy.

On The Road Again

group luvjuice43 2018-06-15

Well, let me put it another way, both Ted and I found it necessary to brush against Marlene as we moved about and it was easy to tell she enjoyed it by the way her hard nipples pressed against the light fabric of her top. Ted quickly moved to his knees and pushed his face into her crotch to inhale the scent of her "spring flowers" before lowering her panties over her sweet ass and long shapely legs. Marlene lay back on the table supported by her elbows and gave me a chance to play with and kiss her rigid nipples while Ted obviously enjoyed the taste and aroma of her sweet juices.

Cap D'Agde

group naturist617 2018-06-15

We continued to watch them and as his strokes grew faster he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot his cum over her arse. I looked over my shoulder and told him that I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy. I had to admit that watching the other couple fucking on the beach had made me really desperate for a cock inside my pussy. The more I looked at Bob stroking his own cock and Sam getting wanked off by Alison - the more I wanted to be fucked again. Sam got between my legs - I looked over my shoulder to see that it was Alison who was guiding his cock towards my pussy.