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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Senior Citizens

group Tenorhorn 2018-06-15

I'd love for her to do me—she used to suck cock like crazy—but I usually wind up jerking off while I try to recall all the wild things we used to do. I told Fred how much I enjoyed oral sex—having my cock sucked, but even more so, eating nice, sweet, hot, juicy pussy! While I sucked on Fred's cock, Doris and Peggy started hugging each other. One time when Doris and Peggy went shopping, they were in the fitting room trying on clothes when they started playing with each other. Fred and I got to watch Doris and Peggy eat each other's pussies...nice and long and slow. I loved kissing Doris' pussy and Peggy loved sucking Fred's cock.

The Convention Slut Ch. 03

group NiteWriter 2018-06-15

At one point these three men with big beer bellies had Nicolle and were taking turns feeling up her ass while she sucked their cocks. These fat disgusting men in front of her were holding her head and shoving their hard cocks down her throat while her ass continued getting reamed out. While her legs were being held apart, he stood over Nicolle, grabbed his cock and began pissing into her ass through her wide-open anal hole. I can't imagine the humiliating feeling inside Nicolle when that happened and they cheered..."filthy bitch whore" "What a dirty ass." That was the filthiest thing I've ever seen Nicolle do in front of a bunch of men.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 09

group Lei Feng 2018-06-15

My lover, still kissing her nipples, slid a hand between the blonde's legs and touched her hard and excited clit. Her man slid his thick, hard cock into the blonde's pussy from behind as she sucked my lover's nipples. The blonde stood watching at the side of the bed, then leaned over and began to suck my lover's nipples, playing with her own clit at the same time. I fucked my lover deep, as the blonde sucked her clit, her hair spread over my hips, and her mouth and tongue licking and kissing my cock as it slid in and out. The blonde was being fucked by her man, my lover watching his cock pumping hard into the pussy above her face.

Coke-cock dilemma

group kcfan 2018-06-15

Sarah pulls back and flops back onto the sofa with Mike and Paul, as she settles back each guy starts to play with a tit, Sarah reaches over with each hand and grab’s Mike’s cock first as Paul quickly tossed his shorts in the corner, Natalie wasting no time pours some Jaeger over the nipples and monster cleavage the guys fastened their mouths onto a nipple and Natalie scooted down from the coffee table with a quick look at me and place herself on the floor between my wife’s open legs her loose pajama pants showing wetness around her pussy where the guys hands and fingers are traveling with Natalie’s help the three of them had her pants down and with some resistance off completely.

The Photo by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-06-15

"Oh, my," Alana whispered as Duke's huge penis lid out of his boxer shorts, "h-he's huge, I've never seen anything quite like it!!!" Her mother could feel her vagina dampening rapidly as she stared at the hard bodied young man, and her reply was equally as breathless when she said, "I've twice your age, and believe me, I've only dreamed about having a cock that size!!!" With his hands on his hips and his penis quickly rising, Duke strolled casually over to the sofa, and with brutal confidence borne from his years of experience with women, easily took Alana into his arms and kissed her full on the mouth, making her knees grow weak with desire!!!

One Special Spring Day Pt. 06

group Connie_Ann 2018-06-15

Warden Daryl gives a quick glance at Amanda and Mike, but his eyes come to rest on Bonnie as he appears to look her up and down completely enjoying every inch of her body. Bonnie replies, "Master and Warden Daryl Sir, I am ready relaxed and trust you both so come be my first Black Cock and take my anal virginity giving me new experiences with orgasm never expected. Bonnie is becoming overwhelmed with sexual pleasures from this as she can already feel her first orgasm start to build, she feels her master give her ass a few smacks sending shivers up her spine as Warden Daryl surprises her by grabbing her nipples and pinching them, causing her to explode with her first orgasm but not last as there was more coming right behind them.

Threesome in a storage unit that led to a foursome

group thatguy10187 2018-06-15

The girls started making out and I came up from behind sandwiching our friend in the middle as soon as I did that my wife grabbed our friends pants and pulled them down to her knees and f***ed her to bend over in front of my hard cock wanting me to stick it in her. Our lady friend grabbed her husbands hand put in on my wifes pussy and him and my wife started making out as he fingered her. With our friend laying there she grabbed me and started to undo my pants pulling my cock out and started deep throating it being in pure ecstasy. I got my wife on all fours and got the bed rocking again not lasting too long and blowing another huge load into her wet pussy.

The Moonlit Encounter

group TeasinVixen 2018-06-15

For a moment I thought I wasn't going to be able to say a word as the stocky one introduced himself as Kevin and his friend Steve. As Steve pushed his voracious tongue over my lips, Kevin had slid a finger deep inside me. I could feel Kevin's fingers tapping my clit and taking turns with his tongue in my sopping pussy. Sucking hungrily on Frank's cock I felt Kevin erupt, filling my ass with his spunk as he pumped faster and harder deep inside me. I could feel the caresses starting all over again as Frank and Steve gently sucked on my nipples and Kevin fiddled with my clit.

What a Day!

group elocution7662 2018-06-15

"No, I don't think we've met, but I know a lot about you, all of it good, welcome, please sit down," Sarah said in a rush of syllables, knowing her body was heading into goose bump/blush/nipple erection mode. As soon as the door closed Sarah was removing her briefs with her left hand and grabbing for the Macy's bag with her right one. Have your office send over the file and, once I review it, we should meet." As Sarah finished her little speech she stuck her right hand out and waited for Bob to shake it. "What," said Sarah, sounding to herself like a 12 year old who knew she'd been caught and thought "brazen" was the safest attitude.


Danger Ch. 20

group snowsquall 2018-06-15

We still have to pick up Daisy and Tonya," Alex said as she placed the cups of her bikini top over her firm, round tits and tied the skimpy garment to her body. I'd better get back to washing." She then wiped her juice off her legs with some toilet paper and pulled her bikini back on and left poor Ryan with pants around his ankles and a raging hard on begging to fuck her hot cunt. "Ooooh, I feel like I'm about to explode," Daisy said, "but it feels so fuckin' good." She then pulled her body up so that only the head of Danger's cock was left inside her and then impaled herself again.


Business Trip

group sammybaker 2018-06-15

Well a conference was set up for the top 5% store managers to discuss the future, sales, plans, goals, advertising, merchandising, etc. On the 3rd and last night of the conference, the group planned to go out drinking and bar hopping and then have an all night poker game. I began to cum----I shot the biggest wad I ever remembered deep in her pussy. Dick began to eat LuAnn, sucking my cum out of her pussy. LuAnn was grinding her pussy against my ass while I fucked her husband, she nibbled on my ear and pinched my nipples the entire time. I went back to where my group was staying and their poker game was ending, most of them were drunk and broke but they all realized that I had a smile on my face.

Odd Man Out

group edrider73 2018-06-15

"Marlene wondered if you'd ever mentioned a threesome," said Candy as she handed me the dinner dishes she had finished scraping. "I'm going to continue to pull his legs now now, Candy, while you take some of those small pillows and push them underneath Jed's ass and his lower back that I've lifted off the bed. When she spread her legs more, it opened her butt cheeks and I saw her little brown bud for a second before it disappeared as Marlene moved her until it was pushing against my mouth. I heard Marlene clearly, but then my face was pushed into Candy's ass cheeks. As I was working away inside Candy's ass, I saw out of one eye that Marlene's face was approaching my right ear.


The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 2

group irish626 2018-06-15

She also told me about how that lucky college boy Greg with the big cock had stumbled across the two of you just as she was giving you the finger-fucking of your life while she sucked on your clit. That was two days ago and from what I gathered from Miranda, the three of you have been shacked up together at her place at the far end of the beach just fucking & sucking and kissing & licking the entire time. "Told you she's good, didn't I?" Says Miranda "Five minutes are up," she motions to you "Come here, hon, we need to clean each other up." You and her fall into another 69 position as you lick and suck Greg and mine's cum out of each others ass and cunt.

Choices & Decisions Ch. 02

group JimBob44 2018-06-15

Because Clay was leaving for an overnight stay, Court was supposed to come over and spend the night; Ash hated so much to be in their apartment alone. Driving Clay's tank of a car, Ash followed Court to her house, came in, and talked with Helen Vanderkin and with Trevor and Doug while Court gathered an overnight bag. "Yeah, I mean, unless you want to stay there," Ash said and pulled off her top, exposing her pale pink half-cup bra. "You know, expose her, I mean, she just lifted her skirt, showed us all her pussy then wanted us to look at her butt," Court said, leaning heavily on Ash. "Good morning," Clay smiled as he poured a little milk into Ash's coffee cup.


Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-06-15

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

My Day in a Gents Toilet

group 2018-06-15

Grandfather opened his sandwiches and they both tucked-in, suggesting to me to make myself a cup of tea and stay a little longer and perhaps I could watch the men as they came into the toilet, laughing of course as they said it, with emphasis to cock watching. After a short while my grandfather rose to go out and use the urinals, and once outside the room, his friend turned to me asked, if I was fucking yet. Suddenly, without warning the door slammed shut, and as I turned, I saw my grandfather just staring as his friend with his cock up his granddaughter, humping like a peron possesed. When I opened my eyes I was on all fours still being fucked from behind, but grandfather was sitting on the bench, cock in hand and slowly jerking.


group rjd 2018-06-15

She was wearing a white house dress that did nothing to hide her body, Janna could clearly see Emmy's small but firm breast and her long, big, hard nipples where trying to poke thru the dress. With Emmy sitting on her left and Mark on her right she was the center of them both and every time they past the joint a hand would gentle touch her knee or upper leg. As they continued to kiss Janna could feel Marks hands slowly stroking her legs moving up all the time, she opened her legs a bit more and soon Mark's fingers where stoking her pussy.

Tina & Donna

group Piston_Pete 2018-06-15

It was a very great site as all three of us in this position came at the very same time, with Donna tonguing Tina's cunt as good as she could and with me driving my cock as deep as I could into Donna when I blew another load and filled her up with semen. We screwed again that morning and the one thing I remembered the most about this one was that Tina moaned and screamed as loud as she could when I fucked her that morning, to make up for the silence she had to exercise at the Bar. About an hour later, I finally started to dress as I felt it was time to go home.

Midsummer Swing

group crimson56 2018-06-15

Lynn then turned to Mike and told him to kiss and massage Kris's body from her neck to her waist for one minute. Mary grinned and said "yes and it's the first time in 14 years that I've tasted anybody but Jim. Kris then said "If it tastes good I dare you to suck his dick for one minute". Kris now looked at Mike, she got up and sat next to Mary on the floor looked up and told him "I dare you to let me suck your dick with Mary for one minute. Lynn then looked over at Mike as he changed position and began licking Mary's thighs and then lapping at her womanhood.


Better Than Chocolate

group christophe 2018-06-15

Lexy began to cum; the moans grew louder and slowly faded to soft sighs of release. Lexy began kissing Anne softly on the lips running her hands along my wife's hips cupping her ass. Her voice deepened, her back arched, and with a deep groan she stated three words every man loves to hear "I am cumming!" Anne and kent glanced over to enjoy the show as well, and as all of our eyes met a simultaneous round of laughter erupted. Anne saw the expression on his face and at the last second dismounted him and took his cock into her mouth and took the full force of his load, as he began to cum.

Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 10

group hollywoodjim 2018-06-15

"Jeff was telling me about the clubhouse in the barn and what went on there long ago." She said with a smile, like she knew everything. Maria gave Jeff another long and slow kiss, then ran her finger slowly down his chest 'til she had his dick in her hand." "Very nice, Jeff." She said with a smile "Let me make you feel good." I'm sure watching me with Jim will get you going again." She said as she looked at me with a naughty smile on her face before sucking on my dick some more. "Oh, luv...I never felt better...your dick feel so nice even now...lemme rest awhile." she said in a soft voice that trailed off as we all fell sleep.


I Just Don't Know . . . Ch. 05

group BarelyJust 2018-06-15

"I think Richard's probably right," stated David while Will just looked on silently. We all headed to David and Charlotte's bedroom except for Richard who decided he wanted to freshen up in the bathroom. Now!" Contestant Four made the decision to release lips from penis just in time and Richard's cum flew in a long arc up over his trunk, just about reaching his nipples. My dear husband's chest was coated with his cum and finally he took a deep breath and released a long, contented, "Whewwwwwww." I leaned down and kissed Richard tenderly and whispered, "You are so handsome. Charlotte came forward with some dampened towels which she handed to me and Richard for some much-needed clean up.


The Lord and Lady of Ashford Manor

group Etherized_Patient 2018-06-15

"The good Lord and Lady Ashford will indeed see you, sir," the maid informed him as she lead young Peter through the winding halls of the huge mansion. Smiling broadly, Lord Ashburn informed that a job in his service was available to one such as him, but, he added: "You must first suck my cock and allow me to fuck you. Because Peter was forced to balance himself on his hand while Mary eat him, it was left to the Lady Ashburn to feed her husband's cock to the young man. Overcome with lust, Lord Ashburn grabbed Peter by back of his head and began to forcefully fuck the young man's mouth. Aligning up his huge cock with Peter, tight, gleaming asshole, Lord Ashburn pushed forward and forced some six inches into the boy's ass.

Home Early

group CanadianM 2018-06-15

"It's alright, Chrissy," Kathy said as she turned to look into the other woman's eyes, "It's my boyfriend Ed." The fear quickly was gone from the woman's face, and a soft smile came to her lips. He saw Chrissy's eyes move to his cock as he moved his hand to it, fingertips sliding slowly up the hard flesh. His legs spread instinctively as Kathy took his cock in her hot mouth and he felt Chrissy's lips caressing his buttocks. His body tensed as he felt her tongue slide into the crevice of his ass, flicking against his anus as Kathy took his cock deep, lips circling the base of his shaft.