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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Evening with Gloria and Jennifer

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-21

Gloria moved to face Jennifer and moved to spread her legs right over my mouth to give me a gorgeous view of her velvety smooth mons Venus with her parting pussy lips and dew on the inner folds. “Oh fuck yes, baby!” Gloria said as her climax caused a shot of pussy juice to squirt onto my face. After a few minutes, Jennifer climbed back on and began to slowly fuck me again and deep kissing Gloria as I picked up my pace of sucking and tongue fucking her clit and finger fucking her ass. Jennifer pushed my knees up spreading them wide and shoved two pillows under my ass so that she could drive that strap-on cock back into my ass as I worked on Gloria’s pussy.

Roadside Service

group LadyWordsmith 2018-11-21

They shifted her away from the door and as Brad released her to open it, she felt Mike's hands cup her breasts from behind, still kissing her neck and now rolling her hardened nipples between his fingers. Mike leaned over her and captured her mouth in a kiss, still teasing her nipples as Brad spread her folds open and brought his face inches from her pussy and blew his hot breath over her. Brad pressed his thick cock into her pussy as she slowly worked Mike's all the way into her mouth. She had her arms around Mike's waist, squeezing his ass, urging him to fuck her mouth like Brad was fucking her pussy.

Lust At First Bite

group alison90 2018-11-20

Without hesitation I took him in my mouth and started sucking his cock, while Marcus was still fucking me. While my tongue was busy cleaning the cum from between her legs, another vampire had entered me, and started to fuck me. Eventually I would come to know every vampire in the coven by the taste or smell of his cum. He fucked me slowly by vampire standards, with long powerful strokes, that took him balls deep inside my tiny body, with every thrust. The eldest of the coven Vampires took his place between my legs, and parted his robes to free his hard cock. I couldn't manage to orgasm anymore but I felt a warm feeling as the remaining fifty or so Vampires filled me with their cum.

A Christmas Tail... Oops!... Tale

group NorthernFlicker 2018-11-20

When I came back I stood directly behind Lana, and as I slowly filled her glass I put my left hand over her shoulder, onto her neck and chest and let it slide down onto her right breast, giving it a little squeeze as it came to rest. I moved my hand up and slipped it under her blouse, cupping her breast and pinching her nipple again, this time a little harder. “Why don’t we start with Lana,” I said to Kate as I walked between them into the living room, my arms around their waists. Lana put her hand on Kate’s shoulder and gave her an understanding look and said, “Of course not.

Cum Slut's Revenge

group TonyaL 2018-11-20

Both girls knew the boys liked to see their heels in the air, especially when they were on their backs, and a big cock accessed them between their legs. Taylor winked at Danni as she pushed her ass back into her catch, knowing her fishnets had trapped her first cock of the night. Danni pulled her man along, Big Cock followed Taylor, and a couple of other interested witnesses tagged along, hoping their turn would come. Danni directed Big Cock to hand the tray of shots to Stroker, so he and new guy, Hairy Balls, could pull the booth table into the aisle. After Perky came on Taylor’s face, she shared her mouthful of tequila with Taylor, before moving to Danni’s pussy line.

A Monster Hunter

group HentaiWalrus 2018-11-20

A slurping sound above her caught her attention, glancing up she saw the girl had released Kyra’s breasts and was hard at work pleasing the owner of the cock shoved down her throat. “OH FUCK!” the girl lost it grabbing Kyra’s tit in one hand and working her own pair with the other. Kyra took up a position blocking passerby’s causal glances while while Emily stroked Mat's shaft through his pants. Mat had quickly lost his shyness and his hands helped her in removing her shirt, which they tossed causally into the grass near where Kyra stood watching, fascinated. His cock soon emerged from his pants semi-erect and Emily in turn lost her bra. She skillfully worked his rock around her breasts, rubbing it over her nipples, down the sides and in the valley between.

Watching my boyfriend with another man (Part 2)

group DariaBear 2018-11-20

Mark's beautiful cock was pressed to my lips. He pushed my head down hard and I started to gag and tears flowed down my cheek. I heard alot of shuffling around before I was roughly pushed over the edge of the nightstand. I felt a sharp smack on my ass. Mark leaned over me, his hard cock pressing against my ass. I hear mark tell the man to use "this" on me. I was led to the edge of the bed and told to spread my legs. I felt hands on my hips and was lowered onto a thick throbbing, hot, cock. Once I was adjusted I felt another cock pressed against my ass.

First Threesome with a Married Couple

group NYMM500 2018-11-20

I kissed and licked down her neck to her tits, sucking the hard nipples as my hand trailed down her belly and felt her soaked pussy through her panties. I guess since I did not object, he continued to play with my balls and now I could feel his hand move closer to Rita's pussy and my cock as it went in and out. I reached down with my left hand and started feeling Rita's tits and hard nipples. Rita, by now, had noticed and started sucking me harder as I felt her hand join mine on Jim's cock. Jim moved away from her and knelt on the bed near my head and I just turned and started sucking his cock again. 

New In Town

group Bemylover09 2018-11-20

While I was talking with Aaron and Greg, Zach came back and handed me a cup. A few seconds later he pulled my legs up, and pinned them back, and then I began to feel a warm feeling inside me as his cock spasmed and he shot a load in my pussy. Aaron grabbed my ass and began to plow my pussy from behind while mystery guy shoved his cock in my mouth. So naturally I began to suck Greg as I felt a few last pumps from Aaron followed by his hot cum squirting inside me. I didn't even notice Zach was in the room watching the whole time because he began to laugh and high five the other guys.


Threesome Action

group Rogue73 2018-11-20

She started helping me strip out of my clothes, her hands finding my rock hard cock as it sprang free of my boxers.  She used her tongue to lick up the base of my shaft to the tip, licking and sucking the precum dripping from it.  I ran my hands through her blonde hair, loving how she smelled....she looked up at me as she sucked my shaft between her beautiful lips.  We lay down on her bed and she positioned herself to suck me and was soon working her mouth up and down my cock.  It glistened with her saliva as she sucked me her moans of pleasure making it almost impossible to hold back a massive climax.  Then the door opened and her bf came in.  He stipped naked and joined us on the bed, his cock was slightly smaller then mine as he started stroking it and watching us.  My cock is 8" cut and very thick, and he must have been enjoying the show as his woman licked and sucked on my cock.

The Bridal GangBang

group sluttybitch 2018-11-20

Cocks started popping out and it seemed like there were a hundred hands feeling me up. As expected, I felt rough hands squeezing my tender flesh, and then the man in front of me grabbed my head and gently led it towards his cock. It was a lot better when they lay me on my back because I could give my legs a rest and concentrate on the cocks in my mouth, pussy, and ass. Since I was still feeling like a whore and loving it, I kept lapping at it and letting some of it fall out of my mouth even though I couldn’t help but swallow some.

Repeatedly Gangbanged Part 1

group alison90 2018-11-20

He kept rubbing me through my knickers for a bit longer this time before moving up, then under my bra as cupped my bare right breast. Mark was continuing to kiss me and play with my bare breasts when he suddenly moved his head down and started sucking my tits. I could feel his leg pushing against my cunt as he started kissing me again and his hand went back to squeezing my tits. The window was still open and some of Mark's mates came over to the car and watched as Mark fucked me for the second time. As Mark pulled his cock out of me and climbed off of me, the door behind my head opened and the guy who had been feeling me up got better access.

The Sexual Saint ...In Gym Shorts

group Magical_felix 2018-11-20

You've always turned me on parading those legs around here like you do." Omar said, lifting the horse-tail attached to the toy in her ass, his hand moving the butt-plug up and down inside Melanie's tight hole causing her to squirm. "Is that how you like it big Daddy, you like when I suck your big dick nice and slow?" Melanie said, looking up at Charlez, putting his hard cock back in Her mouth engulfing the head and slowly sucking up on it. Melanie looked once at Charlez, closed her eyes and pushed her pussy into Birdie's hand as she reached up to rub his shaved head.

Anja does the policemen

group Natalia 2018-11-20

Jose muttered something in their language, like he wasn't sure, so I threw myself at him and snaked my tongue inside his mouth. Jose held my hands while Marcos and Andre spanked my ass with... Jose stood embarrassed like he didn't know where to hide, and the other two laughed their asses out. As soon as I began my joy ride, Andre slipped a cock inside my ass and Marcos gave one to my mouth. "Good puta likes it in the ass, so shut up and get fucked!" We changed position 'cause the guys wanted Jose to finish me in the ass. Jose in my ass, Andre inside my lips and Marcos all over my face.

Cindy's First Bukkake Gang Bang Party Part 1

group lindaswan 2018-11-20

The Rendezvous Bar in Venice, California, was right on the beach, one of many such places lined up along the boardwalk. Like most nights, a casual crowd of young, good looking people filled the place to capacity, looking to plug the holes in their lives. Two men -- call them John and Jack -- took over the action, standing close to me, at angles so everyone else was blocked. I encouraged them, laughing too much at their funny lines, tossing my long blond hair, leaning over to show even more cleavage, crossing and uncrossing my legs, whatever ... With their next move, John covered the sightlines while Jack ran his hand up my crossed legs, into my shorts, where he put a finger right on my pussy, pausing to feel the moisture leaking out.

Fixing It

group CuriousGal0608 2018-11-20

“Just leave it to me,” Jen said and with one last look over her shoulder, she saw Kev walking back towards the office then turned back to me and crossed the space between us. “What Joe doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” I grinned and glancing over my shoulder once again to see what Jen was doing, my horny companion was stroking Kev’s thick, huge cock. Jen’s dirty talk accompanied by her hand strokes hastened Kev’s own orgasm and soon he was shooting cum at her, which Jen gaily allowed to splatter on her face and now bared chest (when she removed her top I have no idea as I was being sent to euphoria when Kev was eating me).

Bisexual Black Farmer

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

Stanley Moore, the hard-working Black male farmer was attracted to both men and women. Stanley tried to work things out with Nancy, who was growing increasingly depressed every night he left home to sleep with other men. Next, Nancy watched as Dudley put on a condom and began having sex with Stanley, who was now on all fours. Dudley began to ram his cock up Stanley's butt, thrusting into him with all the energy he could muster. At the same time, Stanley came up behind Dudley and slid his own cock into the other man's butt. Nancy screamed as she felt the two bisexual men's hard cocks ramming into both her holes.


Best of Friends

group Pegasus4 2018-11-20

Just as Vicki kissed the inside of Jay’s thighs, I guided my cock past Vicki’s pussy lips and slowly pressed forward until I was all the way inside her hot welcoming love tunnel. I could feel my excitement building as I thrust into Vicki’s hot welcoming pussy again and again whilst at the same time watching Jay get so turned on and push her hips up towards Vicki. I could feel myself on the point of climax and slowed down my momentum, eventually coming to rest with my hips pressed up hard against Vicki’s soft, round buttocks, my cock still deep inside her hot pussy.

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

group 4Everman 2018-11-20

Linda moved next to us and began to kiss and lick Bonnie's nipples, placing one of my hands on her own breasts. I put a hand under Linda to finger her pussy and Bonnie began to play with Linda's large, firm breasts. Grasping my cock, I slid the head along Linda's slit, dipping into her a bit before easing down to rub her clit. While Bonnie licked her clit, I grasped Linda's large breasts and pulled her back into my thrusts. As I began to work my shaft into Bonnie's ass, Linda moved so she could get better access to Bonnie's sopping wet pussy. Soon, Bonnie was moaning loudly and working her hips, arching her back to meet my thrusts as I fucked her tight ass.

Keeping A Promise

group flhtjim 2018-11-20

Shortly after I moved into the neighborhood, I began to notice this beautiful young man coming and going out of my next door neighbor's home. I got all tingly thinking about all that young flesh being there but I knew they would all bring their girlfriends, so I didn’t give it much more thought. Aaron raised himself up and carefully aimed the head of his beautiful cock at my wet pussy. Every young man was out of the pool in two seconds and they each were sporting beautiful raging hard cocks. I motioned for the dark skinned young man to lay on the lounge then I eased my pussy down on his monster while telling Aaron I wanted his cock to be the first in my ass.


group The Gentle Man 2018-11-20

She put on a bit more perfume, checked her blouse and skirt for any loose threads and finally, aware that she could not think of anything else to do, she opened the car door and stood up on legs that threatened to be weak at first, but that strengthened as she walked across the parking lot and entered the door for the restaurant. At one point she felt Her leg brush against hers under the table at almost exactly the precise moment that he smiled at her and reached casually across the table to lightly touch the back of her hand.


One Lust Filled Night-Part13

group gubica 2018-11-20

David was on his hands and knees with his cock buried deep down my throat. She pushed it against the fingers she had in my pussy, and the feeling finally drove me over the edge. My body went rigid as I fought for air and yet, at the same time, I didn't want this sensation of pure lust to end. My body spasmed a couple of times as Becky used her tongue to lick my pussy clean. I felt her body move from between my legs, but that knowledge was lost in the fog of my mind. I opened my eyes when David slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Becky standing straddling my body.

Trick or Treat (part two)

group JuniperBreeze381 2018-11-20

He walked over towards Mandy and slid down to his knees and licked her pussy from ass to clit. She stood waiting in the hot tub, hands on her hips, and started moaning softly under her breath at the sight of these four huge men. Mr. Myers slid behind Zoey and started kissing her neck while she licked and sucked Ben's cock. Letting go of her ass with his right hand, he grasped his cock and started pushing it firmly into her tight pucker. Zoey was having fun in the hot tub, Mr. Myers cock in her pussy and Ben in her mouth. Mandy was busily sucking on Ray's cock when she felt him grab her hair and start moaning out loud.


group Magical_felix 2018-11-20

I want to get in so bad, food can wait." Melanie looked Jack in the eye, bit her lower lip and began to undress. Jack noticed Melanie arching her back and bringing her legs closer together, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as Bridgette continued to tongue fuck her. Jack held the camera out to the side to film Melanie's face between Bridgette's creamy white ass cheeks and tried not cum down her throat right then and there. "Oh fuck!" Bridgette removed the cock in her mouth to say when she felt Melanie wiggle her tongue up her clenched asshole as droplet of Jack's pre-cum fell on her cheek.