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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meena's Post-Match Warm-Up

group empty_coffee_cup 2018-06-15

The two men stared, open mouthed with wonder, as Meena wrapped her robe around her again and ran back to her changing room, giggling like a schoolgirl. features that you gave me..." Euge paused and glanced over Meena's shoulder for a second, and for a moment she saw his eyebrows raised questioningly at Eric. "I don't think we're on the regular tour, Ms. Shukta," Euge growled, and suddenly Meena remembered Eric, realised he was right behind her, breathing on her neck almost, and then he had her arms, had them behind her back, holding them back there with his, locking his arms through her armpits, and just like that she was helpless.


Amsterdamned Ch. 02

group trixiej 2018-06-15

We walked past two open doors and inside each cubicle there were hard cocks poking through a hole against the far wall, just above a basic toilet with its cover down. The guy to my left seemed to be flicking attention from me to his wife beyond me, not knowing which show to watch, while she was bobbing up and down on Hans' cock while my German companion's eyes seemed to be fixed on me sucking off Steve. He nodded and I unlocked the door, skipping down the corridor and back into the bar, weaving my way past the re-grown queue for the men's room and landing at our table just a few seconds before Steve.

Dirty Dawg: Big Tit Derby

group mondotoken 2018-06-15

The smell of garbage and spoiled food filled the apartment and I considered walking out of there when the hype probably sensing my disgust, quickly pulled her shirt over her head exposing her magnificent tits that were so perfect looking that it looked like they had been stolen from the chest of a better looking woman. Holly was this blonde chick with a lion's man of frizzy blond hair who'd seen her fair share of hard knocks in life and had recently migrated to the city of angels from Tampa Florida with her two kids in tow and her good for nothing husband Derbin or Big D as he liked to be known.


Start Your Engines

group Innocent Brides 2018-06-15

Charlie moaned as she felt a throbbing deep inside her, and barely realising how she got there, she found herself laying on the bed with the little blonde sitting to the side, caressing and nibbling her breasts. Charlie opened her eyes and looked over to the edge of the bed at Viggo, who now sat entranced, watching the two women in awe, a hand gently massaging his straining pants. Charlie positioned herself to take over Viggo's long hard penis, but she was a little surprised when Jasmine just moved over to the side a bit and kept licking his shaft up and down. The brunette didn’t stop her warm tongue for an instant, and as she glanced up she could see Jasmine watching Viggo over Charlies shoulder, her cheeks flushed and her lips wet.

Circle Jerk

group zimabean 2018-06-15

Tim's mom and a blonde woman came stumbling onto the deck with two men. The man fucking Tim's mom soon got off of her, a stream of white fluid was leaking from her pussy and she seemed to be passed out. We thought that the three women were passed out and we were not sure where the fourth woman had gone and that maybe she left with the men so we got out of the pool, our dicks making big tents in our swim trunks. We went back to the bed room smelling like sex, the other boys asked what happened and we told them that we got to fuck those two women.

College Success 101

group wild_and_unbridled 2018-06-15

Blake grabbed a handful of Jada's hair and pulls her mouth back to his cock. Antonio saw how good Jada was sucking Blake's cock and knew he wanted her to do a suck job on his hard cock. Jada had one hand wrapped around Antonio's cock, and the other was laced through Blake's hair as she held him to her breast and pushed against his mouth. Here she was, leaning back against the couch while Antonio stood in front of her on the couch fucking her mouth, and Blake ramming her wet pussy with his enormous cock. Antonio got behind Jada and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy along with Blake.


Dorm bottom 3/4

group ab8715 2018-06-15

want him to catch us again till I know what's in his head." "Shit man I'm "Fuck, if I got caught sucking dick in the shower I would be outing Zack looked down at me with a smirk on his face and said yeah boy I know Just thinking about Zach taking control and fucking my face with got to my room and opened the door my roommate Johnnie was sitting on his getting your bitch ass plugged by our next door neighbor was fucked up." I started using you bitches a long time ago, Work those nuts that's it yeah Fuck you tongue feels so good in there." Working "Ever since I told Zach about catching Trey fucking your bitch ass

The Wedding Party: Joanie

group Imstillfun 2018-06-15

I could not believe it. Well it's not that I couldn't believe it. When my husband Guy and I moved to town these guys lived in the neighborhood. I admit I felt a little fire down below. I couldn't blame them. At 5'7 130 36c and long brown hair. We'll still visit you," he assured me. I'll have to live up to that reputation." This lasted anytime they visited. There was a long line out front. They felt bad for me. I felt flattered. I'm actually flattered. I got it half way and then needed help, I opened the dressing room door and asked I one of the guys for help. It felt good.


Taking loads at the Club.

group dashman60 2018-06-15

Bob placed his hands behind my head and pulled me down again , pushing me farther than the last time. Hesitating a second and squeezing my throat muscles brought a gasp from Bob. I slowly withdrew his cock and licked all over the head. he asked how I wanted him to relieve me of my cock load.Not waiting for an answer he turned around and assumed the doggy position over the bench and spread his ass cheeks. The cock in my mouth was the 8 inches belonging to my friend I had ass fucked in the past. That head pushed my throat open on its way down and gave plenty of friction. 3 loads of cum and a my cock slick with ass juice, I was spent.

No Fare? No Problem

group talon19 2018-06-15

As she waited there she was going through her purse when she noticed that she didn't have any money left for the bus fare home. Marcus, being a 6'5" 245lb man, definitely intimidated Jenna and she trembled a little and quickly skipped off the bus and ran straight home. The next day, Jenna went through her same routine as yesterday and got onto the bus and greeted Marcus with a little less enthusiasm, paid the fare and took a seat. Shortly the bus pulled up and Jenna stepped up to Marcus and gave him a blank and horrified stare and he already knew what she was going to say. Jenna lost contact with what Marcus was saying as she noticed three large men getting onto the bus.

A Dream Cum True

group Brown-eyed_Baby 2018-06-15

He knew Alice needed a night away by herself, so when she said she was going out for the evening, he hadn't thought anything of it. Alice said, " Ok sweet thing do your stuff." So Caroline sat on Allen's lap. Alice backed off so Caroline could suck Allen. Caroline was on her knees between Allen's legs, sucking and licking that cock like she hadn't had one in years. Caroline's mouth moving on Alice's pussy to the beat of Allen's cock. He took his cock out of Caroline and stuck it in Alice, fucking her hard, holding her hips. She licked and kissed that pussy and then Caroline screamed out and Alice just smiled and lapped up all those juices.

An unusual Threesome with a Surprise Ending

group Monica123 2018-06-14

She stepped one leg over mine, facing away toward Evonne, and slowly lowered herself until my vertical dick touched the entrance to her vaginal opening. I rubbed her inner thighs slowly, as Evonne rocked her hips forward and backward like the lover I so wanted her to be. To my surprise I saw Monica reach down and spread Evonne open to reveal her deep, pink pussy and excited pussy lips now against my dick. I’ve got to pee so bad and don’t want to leave this position.” Evonne couldn’t wait long enough as I felt her warm pee trickling down my dick and balls as Monica desperately crammed the towels between my legs.

Wedding Night

group No Panty Girl 2018-06-14

Dave White, Paul's best man was driving them to the Constellation Hotel by the airport to spend the night before catching their early flight in the morning. Paul opened the door and there stood half-a-dozen guys, all guest from her wedding. With Dave holding one of her ankles and Paul the other Michelle lay on her back with her long shapely legs wide open exposing the moist pink between her parted pussy lips. Paul and Dan released her ankles once Declarico was fully into her and Michelle's legs wrapped around Ralph's hips pulling him further into her. Michelle was still recovering from her climax with Lillicrop and offered no resistance as Taylor kissed her and started his cock in motion inside of her.

BBW Heaven

group tyetye58 2018-06-14

As I peeled my shorts and shirt off,Bernie opened her eyes and I could see that she was in deep bliss,Carols hand was dripping,and she was gently caressing Bernies tits and nipples with her free hand.I lent over and kissed Carol ,and as we found each other's tongues, Bernie started to thrust her hips against Carols hand.As Carol fist- fucked her I offered Bernie my cock,and she swallowed it -something she had never done before.

Katie Keeps Her Promise Completely

group LovesNipples 2018-06-14

All the time this was happening, Chris had been sitting on the bed staring at Katie's plump, satin covered ass. Katie had recovered from her fainting episode while sucking her and her husband Patrick's new friend, Chris. He sat on the edge of the bed and took her hand, wrapping her fingers around his rock hard cock. Since he had already come in her mouth once, Patrick was able to go for nearly 20 minutes before his wife's milking vagina succeeded in squeezing another load of cum out of her husband's cock. As Patrick pulled his limp cock out of Katelyn he moved up and wiped it on her left breast, rubbing it all over her nipple and then moving on to her mouth.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 03

group meraena 2018-06-14

Her friend still sucking Papi's cock, now with her free hand between her wide spread legs, rubbing and fingering her pussy furiously. Papi quickly and carefully made sure the pussy on his face was satisfied then abruptly pulled his cock from the mouth of his little blonde. Grabbing her legs, he lifted them to her head and buried his hard cock into her pussy and started fucking her as she moaned nothing that was legible but surely ones of pleasure as he took long full strokes in and out of her pussy. They took turns sucking his cock and putting their pussies to his mouth to be eaten, followed by them sitting on his cock and fucking it.

A Time To Work or a Time To Play Ch. 02

group WileyAttitude 2018-06-14

She worked her way back up my legs kissing and licking until she get to my balls and started to suck them into her mouth while slowly stroking my cock. I reach around and start pinching her nipples really hard and that does it she is cumming again all over my cock. She kisses me deeply and I respond as Crystal reached for her nipples twisting them hard as she moans into my mouth. I set in the chair next to the bed and watch as Reny takes control ordering Crystal to suck on her cunt and make her cum within two minutes or else.


Backstage Orgy

group Strangesub 2018-06-14

"God, I really can't believe this," I said as Robin stood up to shuck off her gown and I sat up to the sight of a naked Ellen Parnes, kneeling between my legs, her hands once again playing with my throbbing cock and aching balls. Her voice was neither surprised nor especially happy when she said this and I opened my eyes to see Mr. Parnes, dressed in a bathrobe, standing next to the bed looking at this scenario where my cock was still stuffed up Ellen's cunt and my hand was grazing inside Robin's wet snatch. It was just a feeling I had which I didn't get a chance to really mull over because the new wetness in Robin's cunt and Ellen's hot mouth on my cock in front of her husband were really beginning to set my heart pounding.


Hollie's First Sexual Encounter

group scorpian1968 2018-06-14

Hollie seamed to have forgotten what had happened in the lift and was starting to get excited that we were now in the room and suggested that we christen the room, she grabbed hold of my shirt and lifted it over my head while watched her getting into the mood, next my trousers were unfastened and pulled down to reveal a huge bulge in my boxer shorts and that brought a smile to her face (I have to say at this point that I never thought it was that big, but Hollie had always insisted that it was bigger than normal as she had talk with girls and compared sizes and come to the conclusion that I had the second biggest cock of all her girlfriends partners), She looked at me and said is that for me with a purr in her voice as if to suggest she was enjoying the moment.

The Affair Episode 11

group tk5555 2018-06-14

Brad knew that Sherry went out with other men and probably had sex with some of them, so a threesome was not that much different from the status quo. "That's true, we don't want to get started too early," Chance said, withdrawing his hand, "I'm going to go order our first round, I think I have the perfect drink to get started with." "I'm going to have to get Charlotte a top like that, it looks like it could be a lot of fun," Brad said as he watched Sherry adjust the fabric to keep her erect nipples from being too obvious. "I think everybody is going to want what I am having," Sherry moaned quietly as Chance finger fucked her and Brad tugged on her breast.


Laura's Story

group Girl Friend 2018-06-14

The guy said his name was Fred and he placed his head between her legs and started to eat her pussy with gusto pumping her pussy with his fingers while licking and flicking her clit with his tongue. Next the guys started taking turns fucking her doggy style plunging deep within her pussy from the back grunting with every thrust until they unloaded their cum loads deep within her pussy. "We aren't done yet darling," he said and he took off her blouse again and placed her back on the mattress saying that they were going to double fuck her pussy. Laura was amazed but in a good way she was never double penetrated before and she couldn't wait to feel two cocks in her tight pussy for the first time.

173 Visiting aunt Fiona pt2

group alibodge 2018-06-14

The flick triggered the climax Fiona so desperately wanted, deep rolling waves of sexual pulses roared through her body her bl**d roared through her veins, there was a roaring in her ears , a second flick to the other nipple sent her into a rhythm of pulsating climaxes, deep and sensuous, she was desperate to stay conscious, she knew it would be a near thing she gurgled round her husband`s cock the single word “please”, Amy instinctively knew what the gasped request meant, and the fingers gripping the edge of that table white of knuckle gave it away so like a medieval torturer, she began to strike the bound breasts harder, just as her husband filled the woman`s womb with his seed, blasting her belly full of his semen with a groan that said everything at once, his long wait was over, the bound woman went into spasm, her belly filling as she screamed her highest note around the tool in her mouth, the sound vibration triggering Robs climax too, making her gasp and choke as he filled her throat.

Female Friends

group bullus 2018-06-14

He has an upward curve," my wife said as she looked the kitchen and grabbed a banana and put it in Heather's hand. "Let's go into another room, I don't want the other guys seeing you play with my boobs." my wife said as she pulled my hands off and began to drag me into the hallway. My wife was always shy, but never afraid of she pulled her hand off me allowing Heather all the dick she could hold. My wife spit in her hand and lubed up my dick; being careful not to move the condom as she walked me closer to Kate's waiting body. Kate reached up and began squeezing my wife's left breast, while keeping a hand working her own.


The Closing Hour

group JoJoBabe 2018-06-14

I slid off the table and began to dance around the room some more when I saw the boys at the window. Brad's tongue slid down my back and I could feel his hot breathe on my ass. He flicked his tongue back and forth and slid it inside my hole as Charlie began to lick faster. My tongue began licking each one a little at a time, switching from cock to cock, using my hands on two of them as my lips sucked on the other. Finally Charlie couldn't wait any longer, he got behind me and slid his cock deep inside my pussy while Brads cock was deep in my throat. Quickly Brad and Larry switched places as Charlie continued to hold my legs high.