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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Road Trip Ch. 02

group csmsmith 2018-06-14

They stayed in that kiss for an interminable time, their tongues searching each other, her hand slowly rotating and stretching the skin of his cock in long slow pulls. She hung on to his cock, and he reached around her waist and put his open hand on the swell of her anus, pulling her against him. Her right leg began to come up over his side, so that her pussy was wide open for his hand. Her back snapped into an arch, pulling her face away from him, and her pussy squeezed down on his hand like she was grabbing his finger. Watchful eyes followed as the sergeant, shifting in his seat, turned to look back, but couldn’t and remained facing the door to the room.


group beastwithnoname 2018-06-14

"Daddy likes watching his little girl get fucked," he said as he pulled the throbbing length of his erection into the open. "You're daddy's good girl," he trembled, "fuuuuck, be gentle darlin'...suck it slow...yes...just like that." He took her in; the way she looked up at him as his shaft disappeared into her mouth was thrilling in its vulgarity and devotion. Is he fucking your sweet pink pussy good enough?" He grunted several times as he watched the veiny body of his cock catch on her red lips again and again. "That's right, baby girl - I'm gonna let him cum all over inside of you...nnngghh...and when he's done I'm gonna watch it...drip out of my little girl's cunt...fuck..." She began to whimper and twitch, her tongue ceasing its superb trill upon the belly of his erection.

The Bi-Trucker Ch. 03

group sexygirl76 2018-06-14

"It's nice to meet you Amber; we don't get much company being on the road seven days a week." She took the coke Mike handed her and opened it then tipped it back and took a long drink, before lowering the can and licking her lips once more. I swallowed hard but couldn't tear my eyes away as he spread her pussy lips open and flicked his finger against her clit. Mike pulled his fingers out of Michelle's cunt and reached out and ran his hand across my lips. Mike lowered his head and took one of Michelle's nipples between his lips, sucking hard at it as he worked his hand feverishly between her legs.


The Town's Annual Fuckfest

group loloishorny 2018-06-14

He grabs her waist, sets her on his dick as Rita continues to finger and suck my pussy. John asked if it was ok to blow in her ass, I looked at him and said I want to suck him dry. Then man who was sucking my pussy pulled me down to kiss me and to slide me on his hardness. I rode the man who was in my pussy hard, until I felt the other working his way in my ass. John laid next to the black man and had a black lady sit on his face, another lady sucked him for a short time before sliding her ass on his dick.

Fun in the Pool

group amee085 2018-06-14

We were kneeling, facing each other and John just looked at me and touched the side of my face with his fingertips, his other hand was resting on my waist, holding me close to him, he was a lot taller than me and I could feel the end of his cock pressing hard against my body, just above my navel. My biggest surprise though was once, when I was holding the ball in front of me, about to throw it to Bobbie, Brett came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist to stop me throwing it and I felt the length of his cock pressing against the cheeks of my butt, he held on to me for a while, even though I had let go of the ball and thrust his hips hard against me.


Trip to KC Ch. 2

group isntlifefun 2018-06-14

Ronda wasted no time in telling you that she could hear us fucking from her room and could envision every detail. You and Ronda on your knees facing each other, with your hands tied behind your back, and me between you sliding my cock across both of your mouths. And then, just as quickly, you grab her hips and pull your face up to her crotch, sliding your tongue into her, tasting another woman for the first time. Even though it’s very wet, I slide in slowly enjoying the feel of another woman’s pussy. As you enjoy both of us, Ronda begins to kiss down your thigh and slowly but surely reaches your sex.

Real Estate

group L8ly75 2018-06-14

After we had finished and sat up, I showed the panties to Ann she simply said that sometimes the games with Mary got a little sexual but that she still needed my big cock. On Friday, Ann called at work and said Mary was cooking tonight and for me to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner and meet them at her house at 7:00. I think Blondie wants some more black cock." With that he went over to Mary and ran his hand over her ass and along her soggy cunt. The guy Mary was sucking gave a jerk and pulled her head off his cock by her hair and directed his come over her face.

The Name of the Game

group TxRad 2018-06-14

"From what I've heard, you have been out of the game for quite some time," Lisa said as she carried the wine bottle and corkscrew over to the breakfast bar and placed them in front of Robert. Robert popped the cork out of the wine bottle about that time and stood there looking at Lisa with his mouth open. "If you're thinking anal, then we have a winner," Lisa said and laughed again as Liz blushed and Robert swallowed noisily. "Now that's the way to do it," Lisa whispered and then grinned as she slipped a hand under the hem of Liz's dress and caressed her bare ass. Lisa got an evil grin on her face as she moved her hand to line her fingers up with Liz's opening.


Anna and Missy

group mscotton12 2018-06-14

Anna's had some nudes that showed a suntanned, petite, dark haired beauty with perfect breasts and nipples, the most kissible belly and hips, great legs, incredible pussy and the prettiest smile. She got up on her haunches and pulled Anna's pussy to her mouth with her legs on her shoulders. Smiling at me with a glistening face she said "Your turn." I entered Anna as Missy began kissing her. Anna was soaking wet and I got harder as I watched her lick her cum from Missy's mouth. Anna's juices were flowing everywhere and all she could do was moan while holding and kissing Missy's thigh. Missy kissed me but as she went to pull away she returned and licked some of Anna's juices from my chin.

First Dark room experience!!

group shooter455 2018-06-14

I started to think how I was going to get cleaned up to get back to my hotel and as I went to climb off the second guy I felt myself being lifted up again by them, but instead of them putting my feet to the ground they moved me over again back to the left but this time they sat me on another guys cock, I certainly didn't need any lube for his cock and I have to say he didn't take long, or the effects of the poppers were wearing off because he came quite quickly and by now I was sore as hell!!!


group LouisaLove 2018-06-14

In a long series of calls and messages, the four decided that Nikita and Ian would drive down to visit Jeff and Louisa's new house near Marbella. Gently she spread her thighs apart, and kissed her shiny lips, sucking on the hard button of clit, sending Nikita's body jerking into an almost instant climax, her juices gushing out over Louisa's crimson lips. As Nikita jerked and bucked with Louisa's fingers inside her, and Jeff's hands and mouth all over her tits, Ian came suddenly, shooting half his thick creamy goop into Louisa's mouth, and spraying the next rope over his wife's belly.

Audrey's Birthday Gift

group emmajordan90 2018-06-14

Audrey continued to suck as her hand went to Danny's cock, feeling it. How about you come over here and let me blow you, Ben, while Danny licks my pussy?" The two men looked at each other and nodded, kind of giving each other permission. Danny moved to the end of the bed, kneeling down, while Ben straddled his wife, putting his cock near her face. Audrey took her husband's cock back into her mouth just as Danny's tongue touched her thigh. Danny smiled, feeling Audrey's body thrust towards him as he teased all around her pussy. Audrey was able to feel stimulation on her pussy and clit as her husband thrusted and stimulation in her tight ass as Danny did the same.

Before It's Too Late Ch. 02

group SplendidSpunk 2018-06-14

My orgasm finally abated and Sandy's hand was caressing my tit as I sat on Rick slowly shrinking cock, his cum oozing from my asshole all over his thighs. I hear her begging me and I am not ignoring her I know she needs a little more and when the time is right, when she's ready to cum I let my thumb replace my finger and slide it into her ass and her whole body seems to lift off the mat and she screams my name. I'd like to take Sandy in this room and clean each other out, maybe let a few of the other women join us, but I need you to watch baby, watch your wife eat pussy and be eaten.


Walk of Shame Ch. 03

group Stardog Champion 2018-06-14

While there was no pumpkin shaped pail in her hand, and the costume she now wore was basicly bought online at places like Bloomingdales and Victoria's Secret, the same eerie and awkward feeling of standing, vulnerable, in front of a stranger's house, holding her breath as she as she waited for the door to open was identical to how she felt three decades earlier dressed as Cinderella. If the overwhelming sensation of all those strange hands roaming freely over her body wasn't enough, before she could begin processing all that, Jacki felt a warm set of lips come to rest on the right side of her throat just before pair of large hands slipped beneath the back of her dress and started caressing the cheeks of her bare ass.


Desires Unexpectedly Learned

group nikiwest 2018-06-14

I'm trying to help men realize what to and not to do when tying to pick up women, you know teaching them about ways of captivating a woman at the first meeting and how to interest women into remaining in their presence after the first drink, then possibly until long after." Tom turned to me and said, "I assume you caught the room number?" And he winked. The woman's fingers delicately ran along my neck, making their way down my chest to unbutton my blouse, the first one undone, the second, the black lace bra was exposed. She let out a soft moan and breathed heavily as I continued, feeling her underwear moisten as I continued to touch her.

Ms. Marca Ch. 05

group Ms. Marca 2018-06-14

The guy I had bet with at a sports bar on a football game was named Mike and was told by my girl friends that it was reported that he had a cock to die for and I could see he was a hunk.(I lost thank God) I went over to his place and he invited me in to have a drink and small talk. I think most men would die to have a model in his place and," I put my finger up to his lips and said "Hey are you trying to talk your way out of this!" Marca blushed at the compliment but did not look away from him as she quickly took a long drink from her glass.

Paradigm Shift Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-06-14

I think she wanted me to know that she wasn't off in some side room banging someone. Darlene was the fourth female I'd had sexual relations with in the past two weeks, and the whole situation started because I found KC fucking some drummer dude that fit her bad boy fantasy. "I think so, at least I've come to feel that way over the past few weeks after all this shit hit the fan." We were quiet for a while, and then I said, "I made love to Darlene last night. KC and Darlene playing at sex with each other turned me on, and I feel kind of disappointed in myself for getting aroused." Edie said, "Someday, I hope soon, you and I are going to make love.


Coach and His Wife

group jeff29 2018-06-14

He was looking down at me again, his eyes glazed over, his hips slowly rocking, and I caressed his strong abs, his powerful thighs, then gripped his hard buttocks, squeezing them as I sucked his cock. Coated with saliva mixed with his semen, the cock was apparently well lubricated, and though I felt slight pain and pressure as coach penetrated me, a strong wave of pleasure surged through my body while he pressed himself deeper inside. I closed my eyes, wrapping my lips around one of her erect nipples...and as I sucked, she moaned, holding my head to her breast as if she were nursing me, her other hand locked on my right buttock.


Bistro Buddies

group UnderYourSpell 2018-06-14

"We are going to blindfold you, Ruth, but not tie you down although you will probably be held in place," said Charlene and even with the blindfold covering my eyes I could tell she was smiling broadly. I was more than accepting—the feeling was incredible as my pussy was being licked and slowly, so slowly, stretched and entered to the hilt before a steady rhythm started pushing me upwards at every stroke towards the cock filling my mouth. I gasped out loud as a finger began to caress my buttocks, edging to that exposed hole, rubbing round it then easing in, lubricating as it went, opening and spreading it and I knew what was coming next.

Steamin'hot 3some!

group 2018-06-14

That's when, as you stare at me in the eyes, drop on your knees in front of Mr, your arse my way, and lick Mr's balls, then up all along his shaft till your mouth reaches the tip of his huge hard rod. You grab Mr by the hair and tell him something in his ear which I can't hear...till I see you get on your four and start wanking my way like a cat in heat, looking at me in the eyes with that naughty,dirty girl looks till you reach my chair. You try to get yourself together, grab both cocks and wank them hard right next to your face till we both shoot our massive loads of juicy jizz on your Brit whore's cumslut face,watching you rub our cum on your face,licking your cum filled fingers!

Steam Room Threesome

group whatchaneed11 2018-06-14

Lily sat there, silently masturbating in clear view of the two oblivious men, imagining what each would feel like as they pushed their way inside her, filling her, giving her the satisfaction she so desperately needed, and for the second time tonight, Peter's voice interrupted her on the verge of orgasm. Lily could feel a river begin to run between her legs, and as she started to take Peter deeper with her mouth, her hand moved from his shaft to her swollen clit, slick with her juices. While she continued to work Peter with her mouth, she lifted her hand from her ass cheek up towards Richard's mouth, and he leaned in, taking a few of her fingers into her mouth.


Swingers' Halloween Masquerade Ball

group SusanJillParker 2018-06-14

"It sexually excites me to think of watching you with another man just as it sexually excites me to imagine you having sex with a woman," he said. "It is an exciting, sexual fantasy to have," he said while giving her a look as if inviting her to masturbate with him sometime, no doubt while they had pillow talk about her participating in the swinging lifestyle. Unfortunately this time with him on a mission to get her into the swinging lifestyle, she had a feeling that she'd be having sex with some fat, sweaty, and bald man while he had sex with the man's sexy, beautiful wife, a woman no doubt with a great ass and big tits.


Hobson's Choice Ch. 02

group Alan D 2018-06-14

"About 5 minutes, actually," laughed Sandy, looking up from the covers, "but if we take our time, it might be hours." Karen noticed me first and her face took on a strange expression; 'a soft smile, tinged with envy', is the closest description I could get. "Dad, - I'm sorry I hung...Yes Dad, I love you too, but don't worry about us OK, We're fine, and John is a very nice man who has been a perfect gentleman, always doing what we asked him." She made a face and shook her head at Alya when she let out a small giggle.


The Hidden Room Ch. 02

group ManMountain69 2018-06-14

Wendy's climax came first, with her clamping her thighs around my head as she let go with her womanly juices which I eagerly lapped up, and that sent Tracey over the edge and her fanny contracted around my cock as she shuddered into her orgasm, and that sent me over the edge with my hips lifting off the bed to get as far into Tracey as I possibly could. From the sounds coming from the bathroom Tracey was enjoying her morning shower, and after her wake up call, Wendy went onto explain that she had to leave promptly for another business meeting but, and with a wink of her eye, we were both welcome to use the facilities of the Hotel for as long as we wanted and she would pick up the tab.