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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

my first taste of cock

group pcarter 2018-06-14

I slap the latex cock against my husband's face and lips and say, "If you want this cock, you need to beg for it, you want to be my cocksucker don't you, honey, tell me!" Michael moans and says, "Please, Kim, please let me suck your beautiful cock, feed it to me mistress!" That caused my pussy to twitch hearing my husband beg to suck my cock and calling me mistress. Bruce is holding Michael's head and then..."UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he begins cumming in my husband's sucking mouth. The night of gay sex ended for my husband as Bruce pulled out Michael's ass and cum in his mouth again.

Just Being Neighborly

group dave110256 2018-06-14

A friend of mine dabbled in real estate part time and knew exactly what I was looking for, just a modest home with a little land to work with, a swimming pool would be nice too. If I had this in my yard I'd definitely have a nice tan and spend a lot of time getting my exercise swimming instead of running back and forth to the gym," Janet said. "Let's not wear him out the first day Sis. But, I would like to get him out of the water and get a look at that great cock of his, just for a bit, then we'll behave ourselves," Janet said, pulling me along by my cock, leading me to the ladder.


Four Girls Ch. 02

group Taunus 2018-06-14

She kept the vibrator going and the butt plug in while gathering up her Political Science and History books. Trisha told me how a bladder filled with warm saline could help with lazy orgasms, somehow stimulating the pudendal artery and parasympathetic nerves." Jessie pinched, pulled, and twisted her teats. Then she recalled some earlier conversations with Susan the psychology major, Trisha in pre-med, and Sam the blonde physicist and computer hardware expert. This gave Jessica a chance to confide in Trisha. "So, a saline enema and a full bladder would go with my butt plug and vibrator. "We will have hours of one-on-one and many-on-one before getting down to serious business." As she said that Susan and Sam arrived. "Only if you cum too," Jessica fired back at Trisha.

Pre-Birthday Treat Ch. 03

group icebunnys 2018-06-14

Your tongue snakes out and slithers into the wet sweetness of my pussy teasing it slowly, my head falls backwards and I let out a even louder moan as my hands begin to caress my skin tripping lightly over my hard nipples. I moan loudly as I feel you hands grab the firm globes of my ass which causes my body tremble and make me extend my back into a sensual arch as I throw my head back. I take this hint, and allow you to slide from my mouth, I move down a bit to your thighs kissing gently and running my tongue in circles across your salty skin.

Becoming a Bi Boy Pt. 02

group cockhound_babaloo 2018-06-14

Like a reflex, my own cock began springing to life as I took in the sight. Then I took him into my mouth, his salty pre-cum coating my tongue and eyes rolled back in my head. As I moved into position in front of him I leaned over and gave his glistening cock a quick kiss on the head before presenting my ass to him. My cock drove deep into Monica as Jeff drove in to my ass. Time slipped away from me and all I could think of was the incredible feeling of his cock filling my ass as Monica was rocked by another orgasm under me.

Your Turn

group Conversations 2018-06-14

"Well, if I know her eye color then I can guess her hair color and imagine how her bush looked nestling between her legs (which is lovely, by the way)." One of my favorite fantasies is of a girl who looks just like you wearing nothing but a white T-shirt, with just a few wisps of her dark pubic hair showing beneath it." I'd often seen John in the showers after we'd played tennis, and I'd admired his tall thin body, his mat of dark pubic hair and - whenever I thought he wasn't looking - his long slender prick. "Well, I never expected anything like this, but I know Heather has dreamt about fucking John, and I must admit that I've fantasized about you, as well as watching the three of you make love together."


Carrie's Carnal Cruise

group LustyLee77 2018-06-14

I'm getting wet just thinking about turning the straight little wife into a cock-craving, pussy licking slut!" The Armstrong's were swingers and Isabella was a buxom, 6'1" bisexual beauty with long black hair, big brown eyes, long shapely legs, and was an alluring Italian, dark-skinned sex goddess that caught the attention of men and women alike. Carrie was so engrossed in watching her husband and the sexy older woman that she didn't notice Lance get naked until he pressed himself against her, cupped and fondled her breasts, and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you and you are going to love it!" His hot breath was in her ear, he lifted her dress to her waist.


All Ashore Ch. 04

group Evil Alpaca 2018-06-14

"I think the Captain and Mr. Mason got our little girl all hot," Keira said when Tara first stuck her tongue into the older woman's pussy. As soon as the meeting at the lounge broke up, Tara, Keira and Paul had all high-tailed it back to the room. "Less talking, more eating," Keira said as she held the young woman's head against her crotch. That's what you're good for." She pulled Tara's head up and pushed it over until her mouth hovered above Paul's cock again. The older woman pulled up on Tara's head and the young woman drug her tongue along the underside of Paul's cock. Paul was turned on by all this, with Keira "using" Tara's head as a sex tool.


Home for the Holidays Ch. 03

group jt123 2018-06-14

He pushed the shower door open and stood paralyzed as he came face to face with Leslie and not his wife Amy. They stared dumbly into each other's faces for a brief moment before Tom couldn't resist the urge to let his eyes scan down her naked body. Diana moved over and sat down right next to Amy. She watched Amy suck Tom briefly before she began to again caress and explore Amy's tits with her hands. Diana raised her head slightly from between Amy's legs and she looked over at Tom. Her face was covered in his wife's pussy juices and Tom moaned with lust at the sight.


completely true story about my wife d***k and tire

group 2018-06-14

so now we were all looking at my wife with her skirt raised above her waist and her knickers removed and a lot of pubic hair on display to all but the hair was hiding the thing they wanted to see so with a little help from one of our friends we placed one of her legs on the floor and left the other on the sofa so now her legs were very much open and her pussy was very much on view and the atmosphere was electric. it was then that 1 of our friends leaned forward and started touching her and feeling inside her which left me a little out of control as to what to do next so i just stood back and spent a couple of mins watching him fingering my wife .

My Third Threesome

group acfirering 2018-06-14

He moaned a little and put his hands on the back of my head, and using my mouth as a fuck hole he began to pump his cock in and out of my face. I held off as long as I could, but when I felt like I was reaching the point of no return I pulled out and replaced cock with fingers as I cooled down a little and watched her continue to work her husband's cock with her mouth. He positioned himself right over her head and offered his cock back to my mouth, and I began sucking him again as I slowly pumped his wife's pussy.

Something Different Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-14

The three of us continued to rock and buck, my head furiously attacking Catherine's pussy and love button while Francine was riding me hard. Francine was then suddenly screaming, her hips slamming down upon me with incredible force as she also wrapped up Catherine in her arms holding her tightly as her climax shot through her body. "I know you want to taste this..." Francine was now reaching out to Catherine's head, and directing it downwards in between her legs. And the way Francine's eyes rolled back and she sighed in pleasure indicated that Catherine was doing something right down there. Then there was Francine literally tackling Catherine, her tongue extending out to lick up every droplet of my come off her friend's shining face.


Hotel Erotica

group hissexydisaster 2018-06-14

I straddled her as if to ride cowgirl and leaned in to kiss her while you slide your rock hard cock inside my pussy and fucked me hard, I was sucking her nipples and kissing her lips and you pulled out and slid into her and slapped my ass hard, I could feel the sting and it sent chills through my body, then you moved back up to me with that hard cock and fucked me some more. I heard her moan and you told me she was cumming all over your fingers and you put them in my mouth to taste while you slid your cock inside me and slammed me hard....I sucked your fingers while you fucked my wet pussy until I couldn't take it any longer.

Kandie's Party

group 2018-06-14

As I was on my knees, legs spread wide open, ready for another photo there was a knock at the door…..A middle aged good looking guy stepped inside, gave a little kiss to my host and glanced over at me. "Wow!” I thought, “The first guy is hung!” He took a seat on the sofa facing the wide screen monitor and I slowly leaned over, got on my knees and began kissing the head of his big shaved cock..slowly….lovingly…working my way down his shaft….his cock growing and growing inside my hot mouth…I always like to show a man early on what I’m capable of by taking his full dick down my throat as I did with him.

What are Friends For?

group neutronium2003 2018-06-14

After about a minute of this I noticed Amy standing in the doorway watching, at the same time Jenn started yelling "Cum!" which sounded more like "Guhhm!" as she yelled around the meat in her mouth. Jenn rolled onto her back and jammed Megan's foot, sandal and all, deep into her pussy, she reached up and took my cock into her hungry mouth. After Matt pulled out of me and blew his load on Jenn, she finished me with her mouth then moved under the table to watch Amy. Jenn pushed the pointy toe of her punp into Amy's cunt and savagely fucked Amy with her shoe as guy after guy had his way with Amy's ass.

Temporary Girlfriend: The Flight Instructors Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-06-14

The photos required study in some cases to verify what you were seeing: the woman's pussy, a tongue and a flaccid cock covered in juices, legs locked behind a back as two bodies moved so fast their bodies blurred, breasts with erect nipples, two nude females kissing, and so on. Dave said, "Breakfast for three is served." This time we ate at the table; two of us nude, and Josh in slacks and a sport shirt. Josh had brought a brief case and took a desk in the far corner and Greg, Dave and I started to talk about the jet and emergency procedures. As I shut the door I heard Josh ask Greg and Dave, "Do you guys belong to the Mile High Club?" For some reason that question sent a jolt of sexual energy through my body.


The Hot Wife Photos Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2018-06-14

The next pictures Chris saw were of his wife and the young man sitting on the patio, having what looked like frozen daiquiris. They're a mother-and-son duo and they fuck each other like Mom and I fuck." Marlena smiled lovingly at Ryan as he said "We've hooked up with them a few times, and they might be a good couple to join us for a bigger party, or you guys could swap with them, too." "So, Mr. Iron Crowbar, whom not much gets by..." said Cindy, her sparkling eyes substituting for a grin, "who is going to be put up by the Republicans to oppose SBI Director Jack Lewis for Governor?"


Blood, Bones and Fire Pt. 03

group ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-06-14

Eileen wasn't sure if she'd get FIVE black men like she originally wanted, but as nasty as Harold was, one might work anyways. Harold held one hand curled on her head, along with Bradley's foot, as he face fucked her. You look like you would want a dick up the ass, and pussy...while still 69ing Harold's ass. With a tongue twirling over her clit, plus one up the ass, wasn't long before she coated Harold's face in more body fluids...this time cum. "Oh fuck," David stood and quickly kicked off his pants, but kept on his business suit and dress shoes (due to the unsafe loading dock.) He then squatted over Eileen's ass and BURIED his EIGHT INCH THICK, two inches wide up her asshole.

Julie's First Threesome

group BradCarson 2018-06-14

She slid his cock slowly into her mouth while at the same time moved her hips slowly to and fro drawing her pussy up and down Barry shaft at the same pace of her sucking. The sound of the men about to come filled her with a sense of pleasure giving power, she gripped Barry pole with the pink folds of her ravenous pussy while taking Brad's cock as far down her throat as far she could get it. She felt Brad hand touching her face, she glanced up at him just in time to watch him coming and when she heard Barry groaning and felt his cock delivering its load in her pussy it was the last straw.


Twisted Twister

group vampyre_gem 2018-06-14

I felt Mark's forearm rubbing me, making me damp, Ben quickly became aware of what was going on and began to fix to game so that the Mark and Jon got gradually closer, my legs were spread revealing my black thong under my tiny skirt. Fingers were over it instantly, slurping noises came from Ben as he licked my cum off his sticky fingers, Jon's cock was pushing into my face, forcing my lips apart, I welcomed his stiff shaft into my mouth, Mark's hands were over my ass, spreading my cheeks, fingering my puckered hole. Jon began fucking my face, ramming his cock down my throat, seeing this Mark and Ben stripped off, Ben got underneath me and slid me down on his cock, I felt it slip into my tight, went pussy with ease.

Phone Call Ch. 02

group hclay84 2018-06-14

You whimper the words out as he pounds you, never taking your eyes off of mine while you beg and plead and moan for me to put it it your mouth, to fuck your mouth, to fill you up from both ends like a dirty little whore.... I tell you to reach out and jack off your neighbor's big dick, to look up and him with my fingers in your hair and beg him to cum all over your little slut face. My cock throbs and throbs deep inside you, and I watch your eyes roll and close tightly as you cum hard around my shaft, his dick still in your hand, his cum dripping from your lips.


group CountessCHarlow 2018-06-14

I can feel your nipples getting hard already," Janet murmured, licking Jeri's ear. You've been wanting this for weeks." Janet scrunched her fingers on Jeri's pussy and felt her knees sag. Janet's hand moved like lightning and grabbed Jeri's wrists, quickly unlocking one cuff and bring both arms to the front. While Janet licked a wet line up along Jeri's neck, the man between her thighs licked teasingly around her clitoris without touching it. He pulled his cock out again with a wet plop and rubbed the head all over Jeri's face and hair, shooting hot thick gobbets of cum in splashes. Janet's tongue paused then licked even faster as she felt the man's hand pulling her fingers away to replace with the thick head of his cock.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-06-14

It's about time we took our seats anyway." On that note he led Edie, Jerry, and Kat to a short stairway at the front of the huge ballroom, and thusly to the dais that faced out on the hundred or so tables. As they prepared to leave the event around nine-thirty, Edie said to Kat, "I find comfort in that we look like we fit in with this crowd. After a long high-speed fuck, Edie and Jerry reached a crescendo at the same time, announced their climaxes to the entire hotel, and then fell back to earth in the bed with gasps for air, and the temporary fatigue only lovers know.


The Dance

group Steelecowboy 2018-06-14

"I want you to get the video camera," you said, "I want you to make a video of Rob fucking me like a porn star." You moaned again and I could feel your grinding me even harder inside you. "Fuck me now," you moaned, "I want that cock in me now." I wasted no time moving around on the bed, grabbing your ankles to spread your legs wide and driving myself inside you with one hard thrust. "You like getting fucked hard don't you," I moaned in a low voice, "you like that hard cock pounding your tight little pussy." You moaned as I pulled out and then started to drive myself inside you with faster strokes.