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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Model

group Jack Gates 2018-06-14

Henry was pouring pee into the gag in my mouth so soon I was being forced to drink what was soaking right through the gag into my throat. The sex was still to come and I wanted it because Henry was a man . He pinched my nipple hard and I bit into the gag in my mouth which was by now soggy with my saliva and Henry's pee. I felt a spasm in my rectum as Henry jumped off the bed and flew down the stairs to let Mike in. Were Mike and Henry that close that they could both fuck me and feel their cocks together inside me?


Jaggameister Evening

group mildhot 2018-06-14

Linda the shorter American cheer leader type with long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, large about 34d breasts a thin waste and from what he could see a wonderful little round ass and very nice smooth legs .Sandra a woman in every right. Sandra stood back cupping her breasts in her hands enjoying the fullness .Grant looked at Shayne that had his cock out off his pants and was furiously stroking it with a lustful look in his eyes that changed to hunger when Linda moved towards Sandra to slowly peel her dress from her. Linda helped by lifting her ass while Sandra looked her in the eyes as she slowly peeled her pants and shoes of.

85% wife

Trouble Ch. 04

group LexiRoseLexi 2018-06-14

Taking both of my wrists in just one of his hands he held them above my head, pushing back until I was lying flat on the bed, completely naked now whilst he was still fully clothed, he even had his shoes on! Hungrily I sucked, moaning as Carl's cock sawed relentlessly in and out of my pussy and Dan's grew swollen and harder in my mouth. Dan's hands gripped and squeezed my breasts as Carl's fingers gently manipulated my sensitive clit and soon I was coming again, my moans making Dan grow even harder in my mouth before I felt his cum spurt down my throat, hot and salty and slightly bitter.

A Friendly Game of Ping Pong

group ghostman1 2018-06-14

I could feel my cock starting to get hard as I studied every detail of her body from her beautiful long dark hair, down her slender neck to her ample breasts, from her toned stomach down to where the swimming suit bulged slightly where it hid the mound of hair covering her pussy. After lunch Kimball and Brian headed to the city for their meeting and I drove Nicole, Misty and Jenni back to the cabin. Our little friendly game of strip ping-pong was definitely going down a road I don't think the girls intended. More than once, while Nicole and Misty were struggling to disrobe Jenni, someone's hand grabbed hold of my cock.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 08

group TxRad 2018-06-14

"I'll take good care of him and loosen up those muscles," Sue said with a smile. As I wiped my hands, Sue pointed to the far corner of the shop and said, "All the fishing gear is over there. We were working on our second glass of tea when Sue said, "Let's take a swim. Not thinking, I asked, "Does the water feel as good on your skin as the first time you skinny dipped?" I could have just sunk to the bottom of the lake for bring up the bad times. Also with the shave I got last night, I can really feel the water on my lower lips, especially when I kick my feet, swimming." She was looking in my eyes and smiling. Sue's raised leg slowly arched over my head and started to descend.


Debbie's Oral Gangbang Ch. 01

group storyman7 2018-06-14

The guys are intent on watching the show and it only takes a few minutes for my tongue to do its thing and within minutes Debbie presses my head hard into her crotch and her pussy begins to contract as her first orgasm hits her hard and she loose control. All of the senses from her mouth to her pussy are on fire with the feeling of my cock between her lips and the image in her mind of the guys standing so close watching her devour my cock. Mike goes next and guides Debbie's mouth over his cock I spread her legs and kiss my way up to her wet pussy.

Pool Boy Ch. 37

group BigZeke13 2018-06-14

I grabbed her ass-cheeks and held her in place as she collapsed her head onto my shoulder gasping for air and moaning, "Oh my fucking gawwwddd that thing is fat." After a few moments she started using her arms and legs to pull herself up and used her hips to rock on and off my cock. He's sitting in the chair with a fucking huge cock in his hand." Rachel's and Mitch's hands went up in the air at the same time. After several minutes, Rachel pulled back off my cock and said, "I want to do cowgirl this time." She knew she had misspoken immediately and she glanced at Mitch to see if she had heard.


Play Date

group Cndrlla69 2018-06-14

I rolled off my float and climbed out the edge of the pool making sure to sway my hips and let them see every wet naked inch of me. The next day as I made my way to my hidden oasis to swim I wore only a Cheshire Cat grin and carried a certain pool toy, which I knew my two window watchers would enjoy. I was quite surprised when one of the boys, I think it was Scott, commented, "That makes you a bit overdressed Miss Cat." Scott and Steve As an older woman living alone, I find myself in need of strong help taking care of my extensive yard and plants this summer.

My Fantasy

group Vivacious Lady 2018-06-14

Will grabbed my hips and told me to stop moving, " Take a deep breath and relax baby, just let yourself float away." As I took a deep breath Alex pulled my head down to his and just before he kissed me he said something to Will that shocked me. He whispered into my ear, "How is this baby, is it what you imagined, do you like it?" I moaned loudly and let out a hissing " yesssssssssssssssssssss." I felt the 2 cocks start to move in me, both Alex and Will stroking with a rhythm that would quickly drive me over the edge.

One Hot Fuck Session!

group thesadwriter 2018-06-14

Angela helped me obtain my position in the company and I did not want her to know what was going on with Mary and me for obvious reasons. She also shared with me that she liked Mary and would fuck her but knew that Mary was not into that type of thing. She landed behind Mary and began finger fucking her slowly, then harder while I continued to stuff her mouth full of dick. I abruptly stopped kissing her and pulled out my finger out of her pussy, making eye contact with her. Mary, apparently feeling a bit left out, stopped sucking and walked over to Angela's chair, stripped naked and put her feet up on the desk.

Town Cop Ch. 06

group lovestowrite 2018-06-14

Charlie and I talk in a whisper when Dr Berglund and Nurse Sally come in to do my check I see the head Keep pushing Amanda Charlie hands the babies over to the nurses who take them to the nursery to warm them up. I grab Charlie and pull him onto the couch and mount his erection It slides into my tight wet cunt and I hear Karl stroke himself as he watches me and Charlie fuck on our couch. I look at Karl and tell him to come over and join us I gently take his 8 inch cock into my mouth and suck hungerly as Charlie pounds into me from underneath.


Working Mother

group hondo1906 2018-06-14

I told my husband about it he said I should join them Jim, Phil, Dave and John were very pleasant and Jim poured the drinks and they looked like huge measures said it I felt hands pulling at my panties and hands Dave looked at me and said, 'Shit, I thought you wanted I felt Jim and Phil release my arms and at that point it between my legs and grabbed John's head, pulling him pussy pulling my lips apart and it felt wonderful. could feel someone moving my legs apart so I let Phil's Phil was getting impatient and started to pull my head Once Phil had cum John and then Jim took their turns

Jillian: Putting the Ass in Asset

group urban_legend555 2018-06-14

Inside the house, Nancy took a cursory look around as if wondering where to start, then pointed to Jill's dusty feet and laughingly suggested "you might want to clean up a bit while I do my work." Nancy's eyes never once averted from her display and Jillian liked the covetous way the other woman looked at her. Bemused by the other woman's attention, Jillian relaxed her thighs allowing Nancy to wash between her legs. The warm water and the salacious touch of her new friend filled Jillian with a sense of luxurious sensuality and she closed her eyes, content to lie back and enjoy Nancy's gentle ministrations.


Q is for Quim

group Many Feathers 2018-06-14

Showered, shaved, dressed and ready for work, Matt headed down to the kitchen where coffee was already made and waiting for him. "I thought that maybe you'd enjoy shaving me." "That's what the cool-whips for?" Matt asked. "Well, you've always wanted me to do it for one thing, but for another, the more I thought about shaving Darlene's pussy," she said surprising Matt with the use of the term. "Then what?" Matt asked anxiously feeling his hard-throbbing prick nod it's own little head in eager anticipation for her to continue. "And then?" Matt knew Julie was teasing him on purpose now, his cock leaking like a sieve as he felt the first droplet of pre-cum ooze from the tiny little eye-slit.


Sandi & Ashley are Great Teachers

group smokeybrown 2018-06-14

Hoping that Ashley's juices were enough to keep me lubed for entry into Sandi's ass, I got up behind her and with my hand at the base of my cock, guided it towards Sandi's hole. But she was coordinated enough to thrust her fingers up Ashley and Ashley took over for Sandi when she started rubbing her own clit in a circular manner. I got down and went over to where Ashley was laying and let her lick my cum and Sandi's ass juices off of my dick. I wasn't ready for this, but Sandi got behind me and started licking my asshole and cupping my balls with her hand.


A Baby - His Brother and Family

group Nicole48606 2018-06-14

Opening the door naked as the day I was born, wind-blowing rain in, my dog Buddy still barking not knowing what was happening, I caught Nick staring at my nakedness, felted embarrassed, but that change when I noticed he is crying. As Dick and Sean were bringing Nick in to my bedroom, Ruth came in and said, "Dear God Nicole you're soaking wet, your going to catch a death of a cold." sorry I am not a good writer, but this is my story, in my words...As requested I ll write about some of the times I had with Nick and his family over the years....thinking back, been very exciting sexually as well as enjoying this family as family....

Jill's Restaurant Experience

group loversforlife 2018-06-14

As she opens her eyes, still sucking her finger, she realizes that she was wrong, thinking that the view of what was happening below her waist had been blocked for most of the restaurant. Each of Blue Eyes' powerful thrusts pushes her dom's cock deeper in her mouth. Blue eyes slowly pulls his cock out of Jill's hot cunt. She feels Blue Eyes' cock probing between the checks of her ass. Enjoying the power of causing her Dom to lose control, she decides to try the same with Blue Eyes. She feels him lose control at her squeeze, but this pushes her over the edge as well and she comes, violently as the waiter sucks her clit into his mouth.


group NickyFaulkes 2018-06-14

Then she leaned back and looked me in the eye and whispered, "Fuck her," as she let go of my cock. Anna's mouth hung open and she panted deeply as she fucked Mandy's face in rhythm with my assault on her pussy. Anna sucked and licked the head while Mandy ran her mouth up and down the side of my shaft and over my balls. Then, Mandy captured the head while Anna licked the other side of my cock. I felt Anna lick my balls and the shaft of my cock as I slid into Mandy's cunt. When Anna's tongue would flick across Mandy's clit it was cause the girl to shudder and gasp.

Encounters on the Erotic Side

group onwardbob 2018-06-14

I stopped worrying about it, when she said "Well...I want to be fucked!" Then, before I could even think, oh fuck, she said, "I want to feel you inside me, way deep inside me!" And just in case I maybe hadn't understood, she turned to face me, looking right at me as she asked "So, aah, want to fuck me?" Jodi played dumb, and instead of saying something like, Ok darling, see you later, and you can tell me all about your hard night, she said "Oh I don't know, maybe I'll just drop by know, and maybe see if you've got anything new to play with!" And then, with a "We'll see," she hung up, leaving me anxious and wondering what to tell Dana.


Burnt Toast

group hulosayla 2018-06-14

“ This is the first time that I picked up someone before I started work and you are a very sexy man as well as considerate and most importantly honest” (I’d confided my whole story to her which interested her greatly and she thought we could be good mates outside this room) “ unlike some of the dead heads I’ve picked up. She stepped up on the couch and dropped her gown and with legs apart she used the fingers of her left hand to separate the lips of her cunt, she calls “who wants to be first, we’ll start out here and I’ll be doing doggie.


group Zrnko_Pisku 2018-06-14

As I drove the boat out of the harbor and into the open waters of Laguna Madre I tried to get a better look at her but besides her long, dark hair I really couldn't see a lot with the two of them sitting behind me. Quickly pulling off my clothes I reached down and touched Katy who moved from between Catherine's legs and grabbed my cock. Wishing my cock were still in her pussy to feel her cum again I continued squeezing Catherine's breasts until she calmed from her orgasm and moved off of Katy. Before I could figure out what was happening Catherine moved off of the table, her hand gently pulling me by my balls away from Katy who got up and came over to me.


Jasmine Sex Slave

group hotjohn1234 2018-06-14

One thing leads to another and soon Tom was in the room at the end of the sofa jerking his cock and Jasmine was finger fucking her pussy. Kate your tight little pussy is sure inviting and Jasmine you sure can suck, your lips felt so good and I think you like it rough don’t you. Tom watch as the girls washed each other then when Kate was tight to Jasmine he got behind her and pulled his body tight to her back, which then put his rock hard cock against her butt cheeks. “Now little girl let’s see how big a cock you can take.” He rubbed her pussy lips a couple of time and pushed two fingers in her.

Another day of Sub Slut swallowing semen from stra

group 2018-06-14

We woke around 6.30am, I prepared the shower for him, washed his body, offered my body for his use, this usually requires me to suck his hardness until he releases, he then fingers or fists me, inserting a plug or toy into one of my holes, always refusing me an orgasm, then we dress, eat our breakfast and leave for work. Master usually aimed for 5 per night before taking me home, fucking me hard himself and then chaining me to the bed for the night. Good performance allowed me to be chained to the bed with Master, usually with my head at his cock where I would be required to suck it on command, and my pussy at his head for him to use as he wishes.

Filled in Noumea

group CafeExtreme 2018-06-14

My meal arrived and after I had devoured it, and managed to order a coffee of some description by myself, the blonde Australian man came back over and introduced himself as Simon and asked if I wanted to join him and his mate Daniel at the bar later on that evening for a drink. I didn't make any objections to the suggestive whispering and perhaps emboldened by this, Daniel who had been sitting in front of me on the chair, moved the short distance to kneel in front of and started to slowly unbutton my blouse as Simon continued the wonderful massage.