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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Good Night Out? A Better Night In

group NicholasWolf 2018-06-13

He reached inside, placing his hands on her hips, before kneeling, and slowly moving them down, pulling her jeans down her legs as he did so. Lena's lips met his, and she kissed him firmly, sliding her hot tongue snake-like into his mouth as she slid the now unfastened shirt back over his shoulders. He drew his hands up the inside of their calves, and more slowly up their inner thighs, to rest the right on Anna's soft furred, blond pussy, and the left on Lena's smooth soft flesh. He stroked upwards and pushed a finger hard into both Lena's and Anna's now hot wet pussys. He raised his right hand, to once more slide a finger inside Anna, and moved to kneel now between Lena's legs.


Crystal Clear Ch. 15

group Romantic1 2018-06-13

By the time I called room service for lunch, four nearly nude women sat engaged in various activities in the living of our suite at the Hotel George V in Paris: Crystal who read a script she'd been asked to consider for her next movie; Jill who had started to read a book on her iPad; Helen, Jill's agent who was completely nude and practicing various yoga positions in a corner of the living room; and Margo, naked except for her thong, the European extension of my private detective in the States who alternately worked on her computer or talked for long periods of time on the telephone.


Samantha's Visit

group Lemontwist 2018-06-13

I stripped her down to her lingerie, her white suspenders and tan stockings, just throwing her clothes over my shoulder and onto the living room carpet, my cock was stiff and I wanted to bury it deep inside Elizabeth's sexy posh pussie.(I fancied the idea of also putting it into Samantha's posh pussie too!). Touching me and digging her nails and biting her teeth into my shoulders,arms and chest as I kept on riding her cunt with my stiff cock, reaming into her filling her right up to the hilt and then pulling back out of her sex. Samantha then got over my head and lowered herself straight down onto my face and I buried my face, mouth and tongue right onto her cunt and started to eat her sex out while Elizabeth was still riding my cock with her cunt.

Fight or Flight

group SpicyExquise 2018-06-13

Sean, being the honest, flirtatious man that he is, looks at Olga and says: "You have a very sexy girlfriend and, if I did not know that she was gay and in love with you, I would definitely try to take things further." It is time to come clean with him, and I turn to Olga asking her to explain her second birthday gift to me. I remember just in time Olga's wish that I not kiss my male lover on the mouth - which is going to prove very difficult, but require some fun improvisation - and slowly move towards him, bring his neck to my lips, and let him feel the pressure of my mouth followed by the tip of my tongue from his ear to his Adam's apple.


The Vacation Ch. 01

group ZenWriterX 2018-06-13

I had seen how deeply she wanted me and expected me to make passionate love to her, and hated this part of the deception as I knew in a moment she would feel the sting of David’s hand, rather than the silky hardness of my cock. Trish moved her fingers over the base of my balls, I shuddered, her fingers were cold from the tile, but immediately they were followed by her warm tongue and a touch of her lips, the cold fingers moving over the underside of my cock and just her nails brushing my swollen head. He was larger than David, and she often had a hard time throating David’s cock, but a slap when she stopped and gagged slightly made her open her throat wider as she felt the shaft slide into her throat...

Vicki Lynn in the Massage Parlor

group Vickilynn 2018-06-13

Greg must have been excited thinking about the possibility because his penis, which had only finished spurting into my mouth a few minutes ago, was growing hard again in my hands. I said, "Let me practice a bit more, first," and I moved back down to take Greg's nicely erect penis back in my mouth. In spite of our activities of only an hour or so before Greg's cock immediately began becoming firm under my hand, one of my most favorite feelings. The next time she moved her hands downward her thumbs did touch my pussy, which felt like an electric shock had passed through it.


Lucy & Bob Please Some Nerds

group SlimFat 2018-06-13

You know how I never get enough sex.....let's go to a bar, you can find a few guys who look lonely, take them home and let them fuck me. You can watch the other guys fuck me, won't that turn you on big-time? He got up on his knees and put a condom on, then leaned down and guided his cock to her pussy, then looked at her and thrust it all the way in in one hard push. Your friends fucked me pretty good, but I need one more thing to top it off. I went back to the bedroom, Lucy was laying there, she covered herself up with the sheet, and she looked at me and smiled, held out her arms.

The Dinner Party Ch. 03

group zebra2001uk 2018-06-13

Angela lost the next round and she removed her blouse revealing a black bra which contained two very nice firm mounds – Martin's penis became even harder as he saw the whiteness at the top of Angela's breasts and the cleavage which separated what he hoped he was going to be holding and sucking in the not too distant future! This time Angela, who proceeded to take off her trousers by standing up, unzipping them on the side and pushing them down over her luscious hips revealing a black thong and a very tiny thong at that – just enough to cover her pussy mound and not enough to do more than sink into the cleft between her firm buttocks.


Jasmine's Carnal Journey

group sxykitn2play 2018-06-13

Soon though he knew he would be able to take off her blindfold and she wouldn’t care who was in there or fucking her as long as something was inside her pussy, but he had no plans to. “That’s right Jasmine Insert a finger inside your pussy. Slowly the woman started easing the dildo inside Jasmine’s pussy. Just as before, when the man felt Jasmine getting close again to orgasm he withdrew his cock and walked away. But as with before when the blonde felt Jasmine tighten up and start to shake she too withdrew the toy and walked away. “Now put his cock inside your pussy and sit on him.” Kenneth directed her.

Vegas MFM

group rossacorsa355 2018-06-13

D's moves and sexy demeanor was making my cock hard at this point... D's moves were creating quite a hot scene on the dance floor and bar area. D was teasing every cock in the place on that side of the bar. Every guy in that bar had their eyes on D at this time... D turns and gives Al a sexy kiss and says "Can I see his cock?" Al says "Pull it out, Honey" D takes the head of my cock into her mouth, looking up at me and slowly sucks on me.. Al flips her over, doggie and D is sucking me as Al Fucks her hot wet pussy. D sees it and grabs my cock again and sucks some cum off it.

Senior Trip

group ravishingrick69 2018-06-13

Sam, Kara, Crissy, and Regina sat in the only four seats that faced one another on the crowded charter bus. "Sarah has always told me that she wants it rough, you know?" said Regina. "Be right there." Sam hung up the receiver, grabbed his key, turned out the lights, quietly opened his door, looked for any signs of trouble, then closed the door behind him and crept down to room 217. He handed Kara his belt with instructions to loop it around Sarah's feet when the time came. Still looking into Sarah's eyes, he said, "You want to watch me fuck her, don't you? Sarah took Sam' cock, glistening with her juices, into her mouth and began to suck him off. Sam, Kara, Crissy, and Regina took their facing seats once again.

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 07

group sajit 2018-06-13

Suddenly she slipped back on the carpet, down on her back with Ripu's cock in her mouth who twisted himself, kneeling over her face on all fours, he fucked her mouth deeply, his buttocks going up and down and cock sliding in and out of her mouth, Ash lay on the carpet thrusting his head between her pussy lips, her hips jerked as she felt his tongue swirl into her slit. She started to bite Ash with her cunt on his cock and he shivered and ranted by ramming his prick deeper into her and finally shot his load, his cock spurting hot sequences of cum and scum and sperm into the pussy, a few minutes later, dear Ripu drove deep into her ass and finally delivered his load too making Radha fully complete, she was hot and felt real hot.

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 05

group BlueTang 2018-06-13

"You know, Chantelle told me a lot about you before I ever knew you were coming to visit," said Jess. I mean, I knew Chantelle really well, but not Tom." I sat for a minute, swirling my wine and thinking back to that weekend. It's actually kind of nice, to be able to be close to her all the time." Kind of like Jess and I were doing as we worked; we were near each other, very comfortably. "So, when we were talking before, it sounded like you were pretty interested in hearing about our threesome." Jess's eyes popped open, and Chantelle shot me a sharp look.



group littleginger 2018-06-13

Some slut," she gave the baby-sitter's hair a painful twist, "shimmying up and down my husband's eager cock." She stared at Nathan. "You're going to make him come, slut," Ginger hissed at the baby-sitter, "and you're going to take his seed in your filthy little teen mouth." She transferred her hands to either side of the girl's mouth and pulled hard so that it became a large, inviting cum-hole. Nathan lay back down on the couch and slowly stroked his still-erect cock as he watched Ginger cover the baby-sitter's nose and mouth until she swallowed all of his slippery cum. Ginger fastened a black ball gag into her mouth and then pulled her hands up behind her back She held them there with one hand and thrust forward until her hips were firmly against the little teen's trembling buttocks.

Un-cuckolding (Helping a cuckolded friend break fr

group magas911 2018-06-13

"My client understands that infidelity is not a suitable grounds for divorce in this state, but he feels that the 3 years of blatant infidelity and hostility towards him by both you and Mark have created irreconcilable differences and he has decided to dissolve the marriage before any more of his money is spent by you on gifts for Mark...such as Mark's new car...which my client is seeking, as I'm sure you noticed in the proposed terms for the settlement." John said. "You're wasting your time Lisa...Eric is well on the way to recovering his manhood...a manhood that you and Mark robbed him of nearly 4 years ago." John said.

This Is It

group Tempted0101 2018-06-13

Sensing this from my reactions she brought her body up and without a moments hesitation grabbed my cock and slipped it inside her pussy. She groaned as I kissed the nape of her neck and then slid lower and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking and gently nibbling sending shooting sensations through her body. She took a moment to soak in the look of his body and glanced across at me where I remained sat, watching, excited beyond belief. Not wanting our guest to go unsatisfied, she took him back into her mouth and began bringing him back to full hardness whilst she took my cock in her hand and began steadily wanking me.

Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore Ch. 02

group dickdanger2005 2018-06-13

At one point someone shouted that the two girls should sixty-nine, which they were more than happy to do, so Stacy climbed on top of Jen. They began to sloppily much away at each other's cunts, which were filled with dozens and dozens of loads of cum. She was keeping Stacy's ass cheeks spread apart as far as she could, and her gaping asshole was flowing cum into Jen's mouth and all over her face. If the guy was fucking Stacy's ass, Jen would lift her head up and suck his balls or slobber all over his asshole. Some guys came way up Stacy's ass, some pulled out and blasted her abused asshole, and some chose to jerk off all over Jen's face.

Melina Taken in the Shower

group TheVagrantWanderer 2018-06-13

The two girls glanced my direction to see who had entered the locker room, and just smiled and went back to chatting as if there wasn't a man standing there openly staring at their naked, nubile bodies. I had just decided I'd seen enough and started to walk forward to put a stop to it, when I felt a strong arm around my neck, a hand over my mouth, and the unmistakable feel of breasts pressed against my back. "I know you're probably thinking the last thing in the world you want to do is watch another man fuck Melina." Her hand slid into my shorts and gripped my already hard shaft. The high school girls giggled and pinched at her jiggling tits and hard nipples with their free hands, making Melina cry out and squirm even more.


When my ex fiance fucked two big black cocks

group threeinchdicklett 2018-06-13

Karmyn watched as I got treated like a bitch by two teens. " Look at this big black cock, how the fuck can you compete with this?" Karmyn asked me. I then watched as karmyn rode both black dicks and moaned and yelled their names. Alex decided to put me in a headlock to make karmyn laugh and slapped me a few times aswell. A half hour later another young black teen came over and karmyn was all over him. Watching three big black cocks all over karmyn was exciting. " Your paki dick will never satisfy me like this black dick." Karmyn yelled at me. " Lick their black cocks clean of cum and then swallow the cum paki boy." Karmyn demanded of me.

The Library Basement Pt. 02: At the Renaissance Festival

group anglerterrora 2018-06-13

"Over this way looks real interesting," she said, motioning over her shoulder to a meandering walkway leading to a fortress like area of castles and cottages. Thank you." She leaned forward to brush the red necklace back and forth across Violina's tongue and then fastened it around her servant's neck, ending the ritual with a brief kiss. Thea smiled at Annabelle, "Excuse us for a moment," gently touching at Violina's elbows to lead her behind the curtains into the washroom to prepare. She pulled the curtain aside were we found Thea and Violina laughing and smiling and generally enjoying each other's company as they worked at readying luxuriously thick towels for the bath ritual.

Business As Usual

group BluesMistress 2018-06-13

I decide to make my way to the ladies room, not bothering to snap my dress, I slide out of the booth and walk leisurely by their table, with each step the dress slips open and closed, exposing peeks of snatch. The intense one steps up close to my other side, his right hand reaches up and boldly cups my breast...thumb on my nipple, teasing it, brushing over the fabric of my dress. The heat increases and Intense steps up beside me to fondle my breasts and fingers my ass again, while Sweetness sucks my cunt. I’m on my knees on the end of the bed...Intense moves up behind me, grabbing my hips and holding me steady as he guides his hard cock into my pussy.


EPOCH: The Story of Rockstars

group vechron 2018-06-13

I've been married to Nikki since we were twenty one, one year before Melody came into our lives and we have a little girl, named Domino, who's also six. "You do know I'm not a kid anymore," she said, slipping forward so her calves dipped into the water, "So nicknames need to go I think." She fixed me evenly and smiled, tilting her head slightly, her hair falling over her cheek again. Melody is lying next to Nikki and I and snoring that womanly snore that beautiful women are so prone to having; like a sighing wind on a warm summers night.


Sort of 3-way/Cuckold

group inconspicuous2012 2018-06-13

Heh, actually, as an afterthought, just prior to this story taking place, I happened to mention to Beverly that I had been wanting to ask her out myself, but let Stephen take the lead on her, as he was still desperately trying to prove to the rest of the world that he wasn’t queer. She winked at me as she heavily emphasised the word “other” and I realised that this was likely not the first time Stephen had either watched, or at least known that his girlfriend was fucking other guys. She couldn’t keep her hands off my dick though and even while Stephen, who actually looked quite happy doing what he was doing, sucked and licked me, she still kept reaching down for a little stroke.

First Day of Summer Ch. 5

group Nelson Branco 2018-06-13

After the girls had washed up and left the shower to towel off, I asked Julie where the razors were kept. Turning next to Julie next I had to snip at her curlier hairs with scissors first before I could shave off the whole thing. Julie and Amanda did the best the they could brushing their teeth so as to remove the stench of liquor and other, less sinister fluids from their mouths. Apparently both Amanda and Julie felt "a little weird" about what happened that day and refused to do anything like that again. Julie got a boyfriend like two weeks later anyways, which I guess is what she had wanted the whole time.