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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mom Knows Best Ch. 07

group jt3 2018-06-13

John straddled Monique's face as well and slid his hard cock into Mary Beth's juicy tight pussy doggy style. Jessica's soft touch only magnified his passion as he felt Mary Beth's pussy lips begin to contract harder around his thick cock while Monique ran her wet tongue over his balls as they slapped into Mary Beth's juicy ass. Mary Beth's body began to shake more violently as she came hard all over John's cock almost tossing Jessica off her back. Monique slid her body slightly down the bench and began to lick Mary Beth's pussy clean as John fucked Jessica. John said he was ready and sat down on the bench as instructed by Monique as Mary Beth and Jessica watched.

Sex and Dinner

group longandstrong16 2018-06-13

We all got our plates filled and sat down at the table but the strangest part about the dinner was that Jenae and Emily both were eating faster than normal. Take your clothes off and we'll give you a real treat." Without thinking my clothes were off and Jenae was slipping my dick into her and Emily's pussy was in face. I immediately started to suck and lick her swollen lips and Jenae was moaning something about how big and good my dick was. Then, Emily reached back and started to stroke my dick to get it good and hard so that I could fuck her in the ass. I started to slip my cock in her slowly but she backed up hard on me and she moaned very nicely.

Belege das Wahlpflichtfach Sexualkunde

group PaarausLG 2018-06-13

Immer wieder sehe ich aus dem Augenwinkel, dass mir einer auf die Brüste oder auf meinen Arsch schaut. Ich rieche ihre Schwänze, sehe sie Eicheln glänzen, greife nach dem Größten und drücke ihn mir zwischen meine geschminkten Lippen. Bevor aber der Schwanz in meinem Mund tropft höre ich auf, nehme einen nach dem Anderen und bring sie immer bis kurz vor das Abspritzen. Ganz langsam gehe ich in die Knie und als meine Fotze fast seinen Schwanz berührt fordere ich die anderen Beiden auf sich das ganz nah anzuschauen. Auch die Anderen haben sich nun hingelegt und ich reite sie immer wieder durch und immer wenn ich merke, dass das Stöhnen zu intensiv wird und sie zucken, höre ich auf.


The Bi Surprise

group ohumwow 2018-06-13

Blushing, he told me that he had left a bag in the laundry and asked if he could look for it. He looked at me, and admitted that, he had started work early and was feeling horny. Pushing Henry back onto the couch, I put in another DVD, one in which, I insert a dildo into Leo's ass. Henry looked at it shocked and then started to rub his own cock. I saw him watch Leo's ass, as I inserted the dildo and sucked his cock. I had always been turned on by gay sex, and the thought of Leo sticking his hard thick cock into Henry's hairy ass made my juices flow.

Stacked Shelley's Subway Ride Ch. 5

group Sexy Shelley 2018-06-13

I parted her pussy lips with my hand and let the warm night air play over her wet cunt. It’s too big I’m not used to being fucked like that…Noooo! Her pussy was dripping wet and she began thrusting with her hips and cunt—bucking forward, trying to get more cock inside. “You gonna put on a show, slut?” I taunted her, kissing the inside of her spread legs and tickling the backs of her knees. I plowed into her with everything I had, driving that big fake cock to the hilt in her wet, volcanic pussy. DiNardo grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced his big rod between her dark red lips. I kissed DiNardo on the lips and licked every bit of come off his cock.

Video Games

group JayLikestoRead 2018-06-13

Tammy's got a great ass, but when Deedee's shirt gets wet, it's hard to look away. The next few questions went our way, so while Al and Tammy were removing various articles, I got to see Deedee's tits bounce freely. I looked at Tammy, my dick pointing straight ahead, and said, "If you can't tell, I'm in serious need of a blow job." I lay back against the couch, and Tammy came over and knelt over me. He must have been doing a good job, because soon I could hear Tammy saying something that sounded vaguely like, "I'm coming." (It was hard to understand her with a mouth full of Deedee's pussy.)

First Time Threesome

group Sweet_tits2 2018-06-13

As I sat in my car contemplating my next move, and thinking about Steve fucking me, I realized my nipples were getting hard, creating a glow of heat traveling the length of my body right down to my pussy. Steve then placed Janet's fingers against my soaking wet cunt while he pulled and tweaked my nipples. As Steve stood before us, Janet and I began licking and sucking his hard cock at the same time. Moaning I took all of Steve's cock in my mouth while Janet continued to lick him at the same time. Janet didn't need to be told what to do, she immediately bent her soft mouth down to my clit and started playing it with her tongue.

Sister Act

group Mike Franklin 2018-06-13

I suppose that I felt guilty about fucking LeAnne's sister that day when I was fixing the garage roof, but every time I started to get down about it I just thought back to the way that Carolyn had looked, bent over, her totally perfect ass high in the air and my rigid cock sliding in and out of her pussy and started to feel instantly better. With my other hand, I kept working at Carolyn's pussy, trying to loosen her tight slit up so that I could get two fingers inside her. I pushed her legs apart with my knees as I positioned myself behind her, felt for her wetness with my finger, then pulled my hand away and replaced it with my cock.


Kat's Cruise Ch. 02

group Merry_Mack 2018-06-13

You look like a golf ball is trying to escape from your brain!" Jonathan began to reach forward with an extended index finger - his eyes slightly crossed as he fixated on the massive bump. Clayton of course knew that there was MUCH more to the story behind is never ending smile, but he let Jonathan continue to believe that he alone was the ladies man. need to learn your place!" Kat's incredibly white smile flashed across her face as she stood back and lifted one of her hands to Jonathan's cheek. Jonathan followed from behind and watched as Kat tilted her head onto Clayton's shoulder seemingly enjoying his company.


One of My Theater Adventures

group raddar 2018-06-13

He said that he wanted to suck my cock, and got down in the floor in front of me and started working my dick with his mouth. Then the guy who was sucking my cock not long ago--the guy who wasn't ready to cum yet--came into the restroom, stroking his dick while we devoured the big uncut cock. I went back to work on the uncircumcised dick for a few minutes when someone poked their head into the restroom and said there was a woman in the downstairs theater getting it on with all the guys. Soon the guy with the lovely uncut cock slid his meat out of her mouth and started stroking it.

Chaton Noir

group Lefane 2018-06-13

I sucked on one side of his balls, pulling with my mouth as I watched Mark groan, then I licked up his entire shaft and took his whole cock into my throat. I sucked hard, keeping Raj's cock deep in my throat and I felt Mark's tongue tickle the lips of my pussy. Raj slid out of my pussy and Eric rubbed his cock along the outside, teasing me as I placed my mouth over Rick's manhood. I reached down to feel my pussy overloaded and overflowing with come from six different guys, as Kyle pulled me close so I could suck the last droplets of our night off of his massive cock.

Dinner for Eight - Second Course

group AndiAnders 2018-06-13

Ruth, at the foot of the table, glanced sideways at her husband, Jim. Beth, the trim senior of the group, grinned at her plate. Looking across the table at Beth, Traci met the older woman’s gaze. When Rob noticed his guests following these actions, he said, “Much as I may appreciate the effects of cooler air,” and here he squeezed the tip of Ann’s nipple so that she started and gasped, “I do intend to have these visions of loveliness entirely comfortable.” Juan cleared the soup bowls, and the men turned eager eyes towards Rob. Traci licked her lips in anticipation, while Beth ran nervous fingers through her silver blond hair. Ruth leaned her head on Jim’s shoulder, and Ann sat once again clasping her hands together.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 99

group SteveWallace 2018-06-13

"I want you to take me to a Daddy-Daughter Prom on Saturday in mid-May. It's a dinner and dance at a hotel downtown instead of in the gym, and it's supposed to be black tie for the men and a formal dress for the girl. Cindy went back to the closet and I helped Tori step into the bright watermelon colored dress that had been the one Mark picked for me at Serendipity when we went to a hospital ball years earlier around the time we met. Everybody else in the family, Mark included, had gone out to The Meadows for the weekend, but Cindy and I elected to stay in the condo and help Tori get ready for her big Daddy-Daughter Dance.



group 2018-06-13

So the other night I called up and ex who's always ready for a booty call and as soon as he answered I said, "My pussy is tingly, I need to get fucked so bad. As I slowly moved my mouth up and down, getting it wet before full-on blowing him, I thought about how it would feel deep inside me. My pussy was getting wet too, usually giving head makes me incredibly juicy. he began talking dirty to me, calling me a slut, bitch, whore, cunt and I moaned each time. This was incredibly hot, giving head while being spanked by an ex that was getting more and more excited about sticking his hot cock deep in my asshole.

A New Experience

group hotngr82002 2018-06-13

He spread my legs and he took my pussy in his warm wet mouth giving me his tongue and a finger at the same time. As I gave Bob his drink, I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and gave him a nice deep throat kiss. Put his hard cock in my pussy and at the same time, Stan came up on the bed and I took his cock in my mouth, deep, deeper until he was down in my throat. About that time, the guys wanted to change places, so Stan started fucking me and I took Bob in my mouth. They were both dripping precum, so I took my strawberry and wiped Bob's cock first and ate the wonderful juiced berry, then the same with Stan's.

Last Night

group cuckoldcaptioner 2018-06-13

This short, youthful looking,tomboyish girl called Mel and her really hot, tall, glamorous friend Katie started talking to me and getting d***k. Eventually Katie came up and said "Can I make out with you?" Not long after, Mel said "Apparently I have to make out with you, cos you're Mel started giving Katie head, so I kissed Katie and got her to suck After Mel's mouth got tired from pussy sucking and sucking my cock, I got on top of Katie and slipped my cock inside of her. Mel got off on watching us fuck and started fingering herself. Katie had a turn on top and we fucked and fucked till she came as she Then she said "OK, it's Mel's turn now."

My first blowjob

group thicknhardinsatin 2018-06-13

I know that he also got a hold of some porn at one point and saw a woman giving head to a dude and suggested we try. Almost on Cue, college b*****r said he didn't care what anyone said " I don't care what anyone says, this is fucking hot!" After about 30 seconds of no reply he finally turned around and sam Bill with my cock in his mouth! We only had 2 more weeks with our friends b*****r before he went back to school but he took that entire time to skull fuck both of us together. The great times came to an end about 2 years ago when my k**s started requiring more of my time and it just kind of faded away.

Tell The Truth Or Pay The Price!

group sure_will987 2018-06-13

I licked her pussy and got a nice load of the pizza boy's cum and I said "babe you taste good tonight!" at that she slowly stopped struggling and let me lick her out as I buried my tongue deep inside her she moaned loudly as I rubbed her clit. I pushed my cock inside her as I fucked my girl I lent forward and played with her sexy tits just as the pizza boy had done 10 minutes earlier. Josie looked about and then sank to her knees as I pushed her down and she took my cock in her mouth I told her to rub her pussy as she sucked me.

Jehovah's Gift Exchange

group rckplsky 2018-06-13

Brad and Natalia walked into the room and got a sharp glance from one of their coworkers, Sonia, a short haired bleach blonde woman in her early forties. Kurt walked out of the room with his gift and Laura began to hand out the bags. Natalia, Brad and their other coworkers reluctantly placed their new brown bag presents on the table in the conference room. Marcy broke from her lesbian instincts and began to eat Brad's ass while he fucked Sonia. "Want to fuck my ass," Sonia asked Brad. Natalia meanwhile began to eat Kurt's ass while Dave fucked her. Brad, Dave, Kurt and three other male employees stood over Sonia as she took turns sucking them off.

My Boss & His Wife

group Gregorz 2018-06-13

Looked so natural in his three-piece-suits, with his shaved head, wiry blonde goatee, and tinted glasses. Now she was wearing another druid suit, and I couldn't see any of her extensive tattooing. She cocked her head the other way and told me to come in for some wine. Then he started rubbing his cock through his robe. Then, keeping her eyes on mine, she started to suck his cock. She took my pants down to my ankles and took my engorged dick into her hands. I was about to come, when she pulled hard on my nuts. She slithered onto the couch and pulled up the robe, showing me her vulva. Then I felt fingers on my nuts, rubbing and fondling gently.

Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 06

group GreyGoose 2018-06-13

Earlier, when Sara's first story had left Patrick wanting, Julie and Lily decided that they would personally see to it that he got off before the night was over. Patrick's face lit up, suddenly realizing that not only was he going to have another round with Julie and Lily, but that Steve was prepared to make sure he enjoyed it! "Well I don't know," Patrick repeated, "when Lily first told me that she caught you jacking off Drew under the table, I can't say find it was too hard to believe." (Steve fed him another line.) "What's incredible is that you guys never told us that Sara saw the whole thing!" "Oh, I see," said Julie, watching Patrick's sex-crazed hands pull open Lily's pants to expose part of her lacy, black underwear.


A Special Treat Ch. 08

group flying_nugget 2018-06-13

"Hey Jen, I thought we were going to get your apartment ready for the party and not have sex like we agreed at the bra shop." Heather strutted towards the two huge breasted lovers as she undid the tie to her halter top behind her neck. Darcie adjusted her straps on her top and led the girls into Jen's living room where Carmen had a glass tray placed on the coffee table holding two blunts and a small pile of ground up weed. "Come on, girls!" Jen's hands were cupping her boulders as she called for Darcie and Heather's attention. They were cut off by the linebacker-like front made by Darcie, Heather and Jen as they strolled out of the kitchen with a heaping plate of the most scrumptious fudge all of the unaltered girls had ever seen.


A Chick & Two Bi Men Ch. 2

group toysrfun 2018-06-13

The shower door was starting to steam up however and I knew she would not like that so I suggested to Matt that we continue in the hot tub. Things were getting so hot in there, in more ways than one, and I was afraid I was going to miss something." We all got in the tub with Matt and me on either side of Angela. You are going to love having this in your mouth and in your ass." With that she turned back to me to give me a long deep kiss. I felt Angela's wet fingers start to probe my ass. I fell forward and let Matt's cock slip out of my cum filled mouth.

Dream Vacation Pt. 05

group Xenolan 2018-06-13

I hope that Justine and Bianca were good for you last night; I told them you liked the hot black goth look but that you wouldn't want them to get all dominant on you. "Her name's Trina," I said, "and she's got really nice tits, and she likes to lick pussy." Trina and I enjoyed a delicious and leisurely lunch and then just took in the activities of the resort; sunning on the beach, having drinks and hors d'œuvres, shooting pool in the bar and chatting with the other guests and companions. I checked the time and saw that I had fifteen minutes, so I got dressed in the clothes that had been laid over the chair (Trina had left a note saying that I should wear them).