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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Initiation of a Witch

group DickWittington 2018-06-13

Leaving her there, he walked to the its edge and raised his hands, proclaiming "Dear Lords of the watchtowers of the East, I summon you up to witness this rite and offer you Janet who has been prepared to undertake the ordeal to become a witch." Crossing to the other side of the circle, he again raised his arms and declared, "Dear Lords of the watchtowers of the South, I summon you up to witness this rite and offer you Janet who has been prepared to undertake the ordeal to become a witch." He repeated this at the East and West points before returning to Janet. Two of the female witches stepped forward and helped Janet kneel before the altar, pushing her head towards the ground so her naked buttocks and the hairy cleft between her legs were openly presented to the group.


house rules

group shodan55 2018-06-13

we were kissing and rubbing our hot Aug. sexy bodies together when J came into the room he was naked and his cock was hanging almost erect just starting fill up with bl**d half hard ,in his hands he had toys a vibrator ,S while on her back could do full splits ,what a site to see my cock in her full spread open J came over and started using the vibrator playing with he clit moving it around I pulled my cock half way out and grabbed it and moved it all around with what J was doing sometime he was putting it on my cock and making it vibrate it felt pretty good ,When S would cum ,and she could many times she would do this funny little snort so cute I loved it .

My First Group Encounter

group zimabean 2018-06-13

Lisa told me that when you want a one night stand you should always go for older married guys as they are less likley to chase after you. Lisa's cunt was completely full of jizz and looking at it was making me horny. The men must have loved this too as one pushed his hard cock into Lisa as I was eating her, his heavy balls brushing my face. The cock in Lisa moved in and out and soon he pulled it out and pushed it into my mouth, I sucked hard on it and then he pushed it back into Lisa and came, pumping more jizz into her already soaked pussy. Another cock soon pushed into Lisa cunt and very quickly pumped more cum into her.

Travel Journal Vol. 01: Celebrating the Summit

group Switters79 2018-06-13

She hesitated a minute to kiss the tattoo on my left shoulder, and then worked her way down to my belly and pulled my hiking pants down, revealing my bulging cock. As Jean pushed what I could tell would be his last thrust I shoved myself a little deeper into Cecile's throat, and she let out a muffled moan around my cock while Jean exploded inside her. As if choreographed, as soon as Jean pulled out of Cecile she let go of my cock and eased her way up my body, eventually straddling my neck. Jean must have seen my cock throb a bit, because as soon as my tongue started to dart around Cecile's clit, Jean took me all the way into his mouth.

Big Race Pt. A - Hitch

group Girochen 2018-06-13

"Ooo, a wicked man," she said, "I like it." she yawned and shook her head, "If you don't mind, I am going to nap a bit, I've been up for almost twenty hours. "Damn, the way you drive has me fucking hot as hell," she said, "the car and your skill make those corners feel like butter on your skin. "Open up baby, big dog's coming in," I said and when my head popped in, I just pushed until I was balls deep. "You are going to learn to lick pussy like every good slut now," I said and her eyes went wide. "Good, go eat." I looked at Mae and made a kiss mouth then nodded toward Inez.



group littlegeorgie000 2018-06-13

Sure enough, there was Debbie, Sandy, Cheryl and Beth, sitting at the diningroom table playing cards. After she left, while I was in the kitchen, I heard one of the girls ask, "How are we going to play with only three players?" There was some discussion and finally Beth said, "What about your husband?" Just then, Debbie called to me to come into the dining room. We started suggesting different card games and no one could agree until Cheryl said strip poker. "George, stand behind Cheryl ans hold her tits up while Beth sucks on her nipples." The other two girls argueed that that wasn't fare. Cheryl reached her hand out and placed it behind Beth's neck and slowly pulled her face to her tit.

The Festival Ch. 04

group deepblue32 2018-06-13

As I looked her up and down, I noted that she as more toned than either Amy or Kate, and as she smiled at me over my girlfriend's shoulder I took in her big dark eyes accentuated by a little too much mascara, her strikingly perfect white teeth, and her flawless, lightly tanned complexion. I momentarily forgot Keira's pussy sitting right in front of me as I watched Kate move down to pull off Amy's bikini bottoms and settle in between her legs. From where I was lying I looked up along the line of Keira's well trimmed pussy hair, over her taut tanned body and her ripe breasts, topped by erect nipples, to see her still locked in a passionate embrace with my girlfriend.


my wife the slut

group jason1000 2018-06-12

By now I had a few thoughts and visions zipping around in my head, and I said to him “You know, maybe you could give her a quick once over…maybe just check out the main stuff and make sure there’s nothing wrong.” He looked up at me and smiled a little bit, and I winked at him and leaned back…”You know, just to make sure she’s in good shape.” He replied that he would have to make a couple of arrangements, but he would go ahead and give her an exam at no cost if I could bring her in the next weekend while he was on duty at the hospital.

Teen Goes To Swinger Party Ch. 01

group Southernstud97 2018-06-12

Most of the replies were from guys who wanted to fuck one on one or were from fake people trying to get me to pay them for sex. "This here is the main room, here you can meet other people, talk, and just enjoy each other's company. You are not allowed to have sex here either." We walked to the hallway on the left. The shower is open for people to have some 'wet' fun." The next door was a room with a couch. Or join in on the fun." Finally we walked to the final door and looked inside. Here u can enjoy some bondage fun," I saw a ball-gag on some guy who was getting fucked by some girl with a strap-on.

Should I??

group thetbone 2018-06-12

I've been watching a lot of cuckolding vid's lately, its just so sexy seeing another man's wife being fucked right in front of him. Seeing her moan under another man's hard cock, her pussy filled up with the bulls cum, the look of total satisfaction on her well ridden face. Not in fucking his wife...........but by sucking the bulls big hard cock!! This got me thinking a lot, and I've come to realise why this turns me on so much.........i want to suck cock! The more I thought of it the more horny I got, imaginging the feel of it in my mouth as I took it as deep as I could, the veins bulging in that hard cock, the sight of the hard cum filled balls.

My husbands birthday

group lauren003 2018-06-12

Peter picked up the next card a 9 and he started the rhyme of with sugar, my husband was next in line and for some reason couldn't come up with anything to rhyme with that and therefore he had to stand and removed his jocks, revealing to everybody his hard cock. Sasha ended up sitting next to him and went next and picked up a J and my husband and Jason took 2 sips of their drinks. My husband picked up a 9 and he now started the rhyme off with swinging, we went around until Sasha got it wrong and she removed her pants and then drew the next card.

When Saying Thank You Isn't Enough

group Natures Gift 2018-06-12

He tried to help her; but in her panic, Yvette grabbed his head and pushed him under. “Would you like to come up to the bar for a drink with us?” Alex asked her. When it was their turn, Alex would stand behind Yvette and hold the cue with her as they took their shot. Alex moaned and deepened the kiss, gently exploring her mouth with his tongue. Yvette was in heaven; her hands fell to his head as he kissed lower and lower down her body. One man buried deep inside her vagina and the other in her mouth, both men moaning her name as they approached their own orgasms. Alex immediately kissed her mouth, he moaned as he tasted his friend’s seed on her tongue.

Confessions Of A Facilitator Ch. 03

group tinman69s 2018-06-12

Now Jason," she said as she put her arms around my neck and pushed her pelvis against mine, "you can have this body any way you want it, in any position, any hole, just do me one favor, please, make me cum again by doing me orally. I rubbed and pressed on her clit and then I slid my tongue down the lips of her pussy and she screamed out "Yes Jason, I'm cumming honey! "Oh lord Jason, please be easy, I remember how big your cock is, I don't know if I can handle all that in my ass, but I'll try, just for you baby, because you are the best!

The Hotel Ch. 4

group dgthomas 2018-06-12

I started to climax at watching her deep throat my lovers cock and then the man between my legs pulled away smiling. He stayed still and I began to squeeze his cock with my cunt muscles and while I hand my eyes closed I felt both of my nipples being sucked. Not knowing if I would scream while cumming my lover placed the other hand of his over my mouth until my breathing pattern got heavier and I opened my eyes with a smile. I moved my hand to my cunt and started rubbing my clit as he came he held me close to him squeezing my climax out as well.

Letting a Stranger in on the Fun Ch. 02

group JosephBarnosky 2018-06-12

I reach around his waist and grab his ass cheeks with my hands, using it to guide him into my mouth. I look down at his cock and with one movement I once again fall on my knees, pulling hard away from his face and hands. As I continue to be fucked from behind, Colton scoots beneath me to my pussy where the stranger's cock is slamming in and out of me. In an instant the stranger pushes all the way in me and stops, and then I feel Colton's tongue begin to flick my clit back and forth. The stranger comes in contact with my ass and in one movement his entire cock pushes into me and I scream.

An Unusual Girl

group CalDreamer 2018-06-12

A night light turned itself on atop the lifeguard stand, its dim yellowish glow outlining Sonja's nearly-naked body. There was also Jilly, a bony thing with nearly straight hips, average height, no boobs or ass to speak of, short red hair, freckles everywhere, a permanent look of desperation on her narrow face. When her ass got around to facing us, Jilly grabbed my arm tighter - Sonja's cunt was indeed protruding, her black pubic curls already soaked. Then I moved her to the side of the little open space in my living room so that everyone could see at once, and said, "Sonja, you were really shameless to wear such a revealing dress to a mixed occasion, and without a bra.


Educating Tom Ch. 01

group Beejayne 2018-06-12

You know the sort of thing, they're usually full of radical articles, columns, and letters and ads, and in the back are sex ads: "Couple would like to meet hot, hung male for......" and "Bi-girl wants to meet pretty woman, any age, for mutually satisfying sex." And so on. That felt so good, and as his hand moved down over my stomach I felt it touch my pubic hair and finally rested on my labia and started to rub gently. I took the soap and lathered up Tom's pubic hair and balls, and as I washed him I felt his penis start to swell and rise.

The Most Expensive Sex... Ever

group NicciDesire 2018-06-12

"Come in Clara dear, and close the door," Sandra spoke to the temp in a husky voice dripping with lust. I reached over and with one hand caressed Sandra's nipples and with my other I slid a finger into Clara's wetness. I could see the effect that my dick fucking Clara had on Sandra; I wanted to watch her as she reached orgasm. Sandra's body tensed, her thighs stiffened around Clara's head as she came, gasping and moaning. She slid her dripping pussy over my rock-hard member and Clara positioned herself behind Sandra, fingers stimulating her clit in circular motions. I felt the sensation in the rest of my body first; Clara was rubbing her hand over Sandra's nipples and breathing heavily.


Seducing Sandy

group sirincharge 2018-06-12

Then I knew we would have a great night when I felt Sandy's fingers reach Patty's pussy, there we were sitting in a booth right next to a dance floor filled with people, stroking each other. Sandy slipped her hands inside of Patty's shirt and taking the hard nipples between her fingers squeezed them hard, Patrice moaned into Sandy's mouth while they continued to kiss, her pussy now feeling the pleasure of her nipples being played with. Sandy then pulled the panties down and Patty stepped out of them, Sandy then buried her tongue in Patty's nice wet pussy, licking like a mad-woman trying to get as much of her juice on her tongue and in her mouth as possible.


Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 10

group sexynursechef 2018-06-12

My eyes were almost closing when I noticed that the Fair-haired one, Sebastian, leaned over and kissed the Dark man Diego, on the lips. Diego began licking and sucking Sebastian's bulbous cock-head and sliding his huge penis down his throat as Sebastian looked at me and smiled. I began to moan softly as Sebastian sucked on my clitoris while Diego with his piercing eyes fondled my gorgeous breasts. He turned Sebastian over with his long curved man-horn still inside of him so I could sit on Sebastian's face and ride it to orgasm and suck on Diego's breasts. Diego muttered some words in an ancient Iberian chant as he pulled out of my soaking wet cunt and put his cock in Sebastian's gaping mouth.

Friday Night Reunion

group JosephBarnosky 2018-06-12

The drive home was filled with excitement as Denise and Casey kissed and fondled each other in the back seat. Then suddenly, Casey got off of Denise's lap and came over to me. The thought of Casey Foster wanting to fuck me was a major turn on and clearly one for Denise too. Denise made a gasp and suddenly Casey began kissing it all over. I fucked Denise a bit then pulled out and slipped into Casey's mouth and let her suck for awhile. Then out of nowhere, Casey stuffed her face into Denise's pussy and began licking out the cum that was there. Denise leaned in for a cum covered kiss and said, "Welcome to the firm."

48-Hours: Slut Evidence (Pt 1, Set-up)

group 2018-06-12

Here i am, slightly d***k, with eight horny college frat boys, watching porn and talking sex. i told Master and He said that i could stay in a half-empty house with a dozen or more horny frat boys on one condition: i'd better get some good stories out of it. I'd love to see you sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, your just a little cumslut, aren't you." Some of the guys cough nervously, afraid that DB has taken the joke too far. Alone in my little room, the little frat house room that will be home for the week, i think about the young men -- Larry, Mike, Jay, Musky, George, DB , Jack, and Julian -- and of the fun i can have with them.

It Was One of Those Nights

group vandalay74 2018-06-12

"I dare you Jon to kiss Sara," I said knowing that this was something they probably both wanted right now. After all I think you've wanted that for a long time," said Sara as she leaned forward and gave Jon another kiss. Sara slowly lowered her head to softly kiss my breasts, her tongue teasingly playing with each nipple. I felt Sara's lips gently kiss the top of my pussy and I laid myself down on the bed with my legs still open hanging off of the bed. A shiver ran through my body as I felt my clit rub up against hers and I heard Sara moan as my tongue teasingly played with her earlobe.


group English Bob 2018-06-12

The pain was intense but at the same time exciting - it always was - and Donald could feel his cock hard and throbbing beneath him. He moaned deeply as he felt a cord being passed around his cock and balls and gasped again as Melissa's long, slender fingers pulled it tight. The cock was hard and throbbing as Donald felt his legs roughly kicked apart and the young man position himself for penetration. Donald was startled by the revelation; perversely it seemed fine for his own ass to be defiled, but the fact that this man had also explored the inside of his wife's anus just felt wrong. Melissa cried out as she orgasmed hard and, at the same time, Donald could feel a swelling sensation from inside his ass.