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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Business Partners

group Psaryce 2018-06-12

I felt Owen's tongue licking my ass, his hands holding my ass cheeks apart. I took Robert's cock out of my mouth and started giving him a hand job working in time with Owen's thrusts. Owen had a seductively firm hold on my hips and I occasionally managed to lick the tip of Robert's cock while I rapidly stroked him. Owen was sitting down in the chair and started changing his condom for a new one while Robert took hold of my hand and indicated for me to stand. Owen held my hips to guide me up and down and keep me at the right angle and Robert stood firmly in place, his hands holding my breasts.

Lonely Day on the Mountain

group fumbler 2018-06-12

After a good 10 minutes of sucking him off, Jenny pushed Kevin away. Now, I've made a few women cum via my tongue – but old Kevin here managed to get Jenny to scream out, not once, twice or three times – but FOUR – FOUR from just his tongue – and not once did this guy get up for air. I was expecting this to about over – I though he would then fuck her in the car and then drive away-but just after she came for the fourth time she suddenly looked towards my bush. Kevin then came on her forehead, and we watched as the cum rolled down her face and she licked it away.

A Halloween Party

group the_black_male 2018-06-12

"This is stupid," Chelsea said, to Tina, one of the other cheerleaders and one of her better friends on the squad. "Hey are you going to the Tri Pi's party?" Arjen asked Chelsea, as they stood in the locker room. "Girl stop," Chelsea laughed, slapping at Arjens' hand. Tina's iced-tea skin color, pretty face, slim waist and thick thighs, garnered her many compliments, but she still thought that Chelsea looked better. "Let me get dressed," Chelsea giggled, slapping at Tina, who was grabbing at her breasts. "Hey girl," Arjen said, surprising Chelsea as she danced with another touchy-feely-horny frat boy. The person, who owned the dick currently in her mouth grabbed the back of Chelsea's head and began fucking her face.


One Man's Fantasy

group WickedAngel25 2018-06-12

She moves slowly off my face and straddles my hips; placing her opening right above the head of the dick sticking out of me. I skim my hands down her lovely lithe body, coming to rest on her hips, and gently guide her movements. Pulling back, she lets your cock fall out of her mouth and starts to lick you like a lollipop until I move to face her. As you move to position yourself, she winks at you and groans "I'd love to suck your cum out of her pussy." She looks like she wanted to say something else, but her words are interrupted by a shriek, and her body bucks as I suck her clit into my mouth.

A Different Kind of Love

group PredatorSmile 2018-06-12

Well, the same way lesbian sex turns straight men on, gay sex turns on a lot of heterosexual and bisexual women. After talking with Jim for some time, I thought he was an okay guy. It touches my heart when gay and bisexual men tell me that they really think it's cool that I like them. I called Aaron to ask him if it was cool that I met a couple of guys for some fun. As Kevin took Jim's cock in his mouth, my fingers slipped into my pussy. As Jim thrust into my ass, I felt a stab of pain and pleasure as Kevin began to fuck me with renewed passion.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 03

group TxRad 2018-06-12

Sue took a long fireplace match and lit a lamp high on each side of the door. I think it would be only appropriate that you carry Karen over the threshold of my home, which is now your home away from home," Sue said with a grin. Sue opened the screen door and I carried Karen inside. I kissed Sue passionately as her hips took up the slow rhythm Karen had started. We still haven't got this pilot light lit, which means no hot water," Sue said with a grin. It was behind the door off the living room by the desk, where Sue and Karen had gone earlier. Moving back to the living room Karen said, "I love this house.


Sexxxmas Party

group randy1 2018-06-12

With her hands on her stocking-clad knees, bent over at the waist, hair hanging around her face, skirt pushed up over her hips, I fucked her faster and faster as she squealed more and more then screamed, "Come in me now! But there was no lining, you could see right through the lace and rather than putting on something demure underneath like a full slip, she was wearing a matching shiny black bra and panty set complete with garter-belt and sheer black stockings, which complemented her jet black hair. She whispered huskily, "I love you, want to have some sexy fun?" I started to reach for her but she pulled away laughing, "I guess that's a yes, I've got a special treat", as she held out a blindfold, "willing?"

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 02

group eric shawn listo 2018-06-12

"I think it's time for a drink," he said as he pulled his long but soft prick from Darlene's mouth. Darlene was deep throating Robert, taking all his long cock to the hilt while Valerie played with his asshole with her fingers and tongue. Valerie drew us back and taking her hand away, rammed my hips forward causing me to drive into the butt hole to the hilt, my balls slapping against Robert's and Darlene to scream, "Oh, my fucking god." Soon, Darlene's head was back in orgasm, and as she bellowed, "I'm coming", Valerie stuck her finger in my ass which made me go even deeper in Darlene's rectum as I came hard in her shit. I felt Darlene's warm figure beside me and looked over to see her mouth full of Robert's long cock.

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 02

group JSKNIGHT 2018-06-12

I went with the moment and gripped her hips more firmly and got Alia to sit up on the bed facing me, so I could kiss her as I fucked her friend. I ran my right hand down Alia's spine and onto her gorgeous bum as I drove my cock harder and faster into Jasmine's wet pussy. I pressed my face into Alia's neck and kissed her on the lips again as my cock pumped the last bit of my ejaculation and I slowly withdrew out of Jasmine's pussy. I asked Jasmine to sit on the bed, so I could kiss her as I fucked Alia. Jasmine put a hand around my neck and kissed me, as I drove my cock forcefully in and out of Alia's pussy.

swingers wedding

group parasutist03 2018-06-12

Tonight, I sat in that cafe, when he said that the best man tonight exactly twenty years ago that was doing hipodomu, not long and Mira suggested that they go and see the place, nazdraviviši him, arrived by car at the right place, as if ništanije changed, and they smoked in silence until peace is not felt her husband's hand on the flanks and a flood of lust that is Mikica broadcast, one can say that it has not occurred to them that, if such a spontaneous it was better ..

Lucky Camper Ch. 03

group SDwake2001 2018-06-12

Kelly held the unresisting eighteen year old's ankles with one hand using the other to quickly pull down her skin tight leggings, exposing Mel's little round ass. "The little slut likes it." Kelly dipped her finger under Mel's cheeks and swirled around the younger girl's dripping pussy and then licked the juice off her finger like a cat getting into the cream. Jack sat back and watched as the punky blonde quickly frigged the little elf and then was shocked when Kelly offered her dripping fingers to Fawn, who didn't hesitate to suck them between her bee-stung lips. When Kelly and Fawn began to tag team Mel's peach sized titties, the younger girl went off like a roman candle yipping and mewling as she began to drool.


Joel and Carrie Ch. 09

group JoeDreamer 2018-06-12

I looked up and saw Andie quickly gathering some things as Carrie put on a robe. "Andie's been a godsend as a roommate and I know she could probably could use some fun," Carrie said thoughtfully. "Yes, but in a good way," she replied, but then raised her hand to stop me when she saw the look in my eyes. "Hmm, seems like someone worked up an appetite," Carrie teased, causing Kip and Candice to blush, but the others laughed. Oh, she wasn't in Carrie or Candice's class, but her friendly, almost innocent smile was attractive in its way. "I thought maybe you'd like to have this," Tim said to Kip as he walked over with a grin.


Spat in Saint John

group sr71plt 2018-06-12

As he entered the emigration tent on Long Wharf on the waterfront in Saint John, Canada, Freddie was in time to observe what must be the tail end of a particularly loud argument between Maria and Ralph Tinsley, two of the diners that he regularly served at the late seating in the main dining room of the Quincy Queen. Picking a conspicuous place in one of the bars by the Centrum, the central atrium and public center of the ship, and turning himself so that those walking past him could get a good look at him, Freddie waited for Ralph to wear himself out.


Samantha's Adventure

group slg65 2018-06-12

A few days later I called Phil and we had a long conversation about Samantha's "dream." He told me that he was more than willing to help me make it happen, but that we would need to make sure we worked out all the details so that nobody would get hurt. I could see Phil smile as he saw Samantha's shirt come off in the rear view mirror. Samantha reached down and felt my hard cock through my jeans and said, "Yes, I do." "Speaking of driving, I'd better concentrate on the road more." Phil put both hands back on the steering wheel and Samantha crawled back between my legs and continued sucking on my cock.


All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

group LickerLicense 2018-06-12

Instead of going in for the kill right away, I took a little extra time, and kissed around her pussy, trailing my tongue slowly along her folds. The mouth on my cock had been steadily deepthroating the whole time, and I couldn't take anymore, between the mouths on my nipples, the pussy on my face, the throat on my cock, the hands on my balls, and the tongue in my bum. The mouths on my nipples stopped, but I still had my hands in their pussies, so they weren't going anywhere. I yelled out, “Is there anyone else who wants a quick lick?” A few of the women who weren't quite done came back, positioning their asses above my face, and I happily stuck my tongue in their bums.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 10

group SteveWallace 2018-06-12

I'm sure she read it as my being suspect of her wanting to lure Lucas, Andy, Sheila, Margo, or Melanie into some sexy games. She told us she got enthusiastic replies from Andy and Margo, Sheila who said she'd try to bring a handsome guest, and Melanie who wasn't sure whether she could scare up a date or not. That left Andy, who Cindy wanted to engage; Steve (Fabio) a total unknown; Sheila, a total unknown, but probably very experienced; Carter, an unknown; and Melanie, also unknown but we were certain that with her looks she'd seen the movie a few times. I guess it helped that I'd already given Carter the full-body French kiss in welcome, and then hinted to everyone that tonight was supposed to be a risqué and sexy time.


Chuck's Story

group Blueyed_Mermaid 2018-06-12

She looked up into his eyes as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked it firmly bringing an instant response surging up within him, making him harder than he thought it was possible to be. Both women climbed back upon the bed and he felt four large breasts press into his flesh, so that he tried to caress each woman at the same time, but with the flurry of hands and mouths upon his body he could only lie back and groan at the pleasure. He pulled out, and Shellie surprised them both after seeing the silent communication between them, by pushing him to the side and settling her mouth over Amy's pussy, licking out as much cum as she could reach with her hot pink tongue.

A Contractor Always Needs a Deposit

group SuzyAlbright 2018-06-12

She loves it when I kiss and tease her nipples with my teeth and I love listening to her as she gasps, and like the feel of her hips as they start to grind against my body. We listen to her moan softly as my mouth moves expertly from breast to breast, my hands gently pulling down her pants which she eagerly kicks to one side, spreading her legs - she knows what's coming next. Her body starts to glisten with a thin film of sweat as my hand excites, gently massaging her, my mouth still eagerly teasing her breasts. You pull yourself out of me, hard and unsatisfied, Wendy and I get on our hands and knees and take turns greedily sucking your cock to see whose mouth you'll cum in.

The Factory Ch. 01

group Leda_and_the_Swan 2018-06-12

She wished the manly hands would come back and touch her, suck on her nipples, finger her tight dripping pussy. She could smell herself, that musky aroma of wet juices flowing down her legs...she could feel a finger inserting itself into her pussy, she moaned, it felt so good after all this time. She felt herself breathless with excitement, as the wet finger slowly circled her ass, then started to push in just a little bit, leaving her speechless. As she came, pussy clenching around fingers, asshole clenching around fingers, nipples pinched at the same time, experiencing numerous hands on her body, she felt like this couldn't have been any better.

The Party Crasher

group Irish Moss 2018-06-12

By this point she had a big smile on her face since, even though my hands were all over Megan's tits and ass, my attention was truly on Ann. She started to slide her panties down, revealing a very trim dark blonde bush, which I immediately invited her to park on my face. I slipped a finger into Ann's pussy, finding it snug, hot and slippery much like Megan's, as I started to lick and suck her clit. I looked back up when I saw Megan's hand go to Ann's tit as they started to kiss and I got the immediate impression that this wasn't a first for the two of them.

Getting Bi In The Boondocks

group danielblue 2018-06-12

Jack worked for the same company as I did and they were ringing to see if I would like to come round for a meal. When he pushed a finger into my ass, my asslips greedily pulled it in and I started clenching my ring around it, trying to let him know how good I was going to milk his cock. And then I started to rock back and forth on his steel hard cock; fucking both him and I, and Susie at the same time. Jack nibbled on my shoulders as I worked his juicy dick in and out of my willing ass while Susie clenched her hands around my upper arms.

Three's a crowd. Twenty's a party.

group RobertPaulson 2018-06-12

I take the head of his cock into my mouth, and Tina moans from being turned on. I spread my cheeks, welcoming the guy back into my ass as Tina rides my cock and shares with me the joy of three orgasms. Tina gets up, the drips and lines of cum connect my cock with her cunt until she breaks away and tells me that she'll be back with more, then she winks at me. Before I can even smile, there's already another guy inside my ass, smearing his cock with the cum from the previous guy. I take cock number one as deep into my mouth as possible, and as the other two men moan, I can feel hot cum hit my face, spurt after spurt, their cocks become hoses.

Sybaritic Interlude

group Thor's Hammer 2018-06-12

Her naked body, hands secured above her head, breasts pointing toward the mirror ('the mirror,' she thought, a jolt of passion running through her loins...), her legs -- not tied -- spread a little with her neatly trimmed pussy exposed to his gaze. Oh, fuck, her mouth is so hot." Joyce was squirming, trying to pull her hands free when she felt a tongue running along her thigh. Ben's cock was deep in Joyce's mouth and his tongue was lapping wildly at her pussy. "Oh fuck," Joyce moaned, "you are ripping me apart." Ben was like a stallion -- her words seemed to make him more wild. Through the fog, Joyce saw Julie, body flushed from passion, licking her juices from 'his' cock.

All Ashore Ch. 01

group Evil Alpaca 2018-06-12

"Here, let me get that," Keira said, pulling up a chair and taking one of Tara's feet in her hands. But then things started getting uncomfortable for Tara, particularly after the blonde girl from earlier, whose name was Sunny, was talking about a group of guys at one of the restaurants that had been hitting on her. If not now, you'll be facing the same stuff a few more months or a few more years down the road." Keira brushed the hair away from Tara's eyes. 'This,' thought Tara, 'is a woman who knows that she's got it all.' She was obviously not wearing a bra, letting those large breasts swing and bounce just beneath the surface of the dress.