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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 5

group AerinThomas 2018-06-12

men complied, stripping off their jeans and walking over, one taking Kaitlin's place astride the woman, the other spreading her legs wide and rubbing her exposed slit. One of the men took the invitation, pushing the thong aside and sliding his hard shaft immediately into Kaitlin's wet pussy as the woman nibbled Kaitlin's clit. Her screaming triggered the man in Kaitlin's pussy, who pulled out and sprayed his seed onto her ass and onto the face of the woman beneath her. Instinctively knowing what the woman needed, Kaitlin walked over to her and slapped her once across the face, then grabbed her breasts and sqeezed as hard as she could.

The Balcony

group Imstillfun 2018-06-12

I turned, looked at him, and said I didn't think our guests wanted to spend the whole night discussing my ass. One then said to Bob, "You're right, it does look like she has a firm ass." As he did he said, "Spread those legs a bit." I bent over, widened my stance, and kissed Bob knowing my ass and pussy were on complete display. As I was kissing the second guy I looked over my shoulder and said, "You don't enjoy my ass anymore?" I stood up in front of the guys, looked at Bob, said, "No, no it's not", and got on my knees. All I wanted to do was make these guys jealous they were not Bob. I pumped the cock in my mouth until he was about to cum.


Home Movie

group 69Gatha 2018-06-12

As I walked away from the outdoor bin for the third time I heard the voice of our nosiest neighbour, Old George over the fence. As we talked through the fence I realised that Old George wasn't wearing a shirt. After we had talked for about half an hour Old George asked me if I wanted to come over for a beer. "You should have seen those tits of hers swaying as she did the sweeping" Old George said as he laughed and handed me a beer. "What's this a tape of?" I asked Old George as I gulped down more beer. He's got his finger in her!" Old George laughed as he pointed at the screen.

Mystery Girl

group bigman_569 2018-06-12

After tasting her sweet juices, the two women got up and my fiancé removes the women's tight red sweater exposing the perfect breasts, they are 36D with the perfect areola and nipples standing out obviously turned on by the events. The two girls notice and the woman tried to walk away; obviously coming to Holly's only for her, but my fiancé quickly grabs her by the hand and leads her to the bed. After another round of orgasms the woman comes around and begins to pump my cock into Holly's mouth looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and Holly giving the look that she knows drives me crazy.

The Anniversary Present

group 2018-06-12

“Just fucking beautiful,” said Jaden, admiring me standing there in my sexy lingerie, as I helped Martin lift the dress over my head. My big tits were fondled and squeezed by pairs of busy hands and I could feel my pussy juices really flowing. Not surprising really since my husband was energetically eating my pussy, a handsome young man was straddling my chest and massaging my boobs, and I had two lovely big cocks to suck. Not long after I came, Jaden put his cock between my thoroughly oiled and massaged tits, squeezing them together, he tittyfucked me and quickly exploded, leaving a huge pool of semen in my cleavage. First, Jaden, then Martin, then Christian and finally my husband; all took their turn in my pussy.

Halloween Fun

group cybaby78 2018-06-12

"We hope you enjoy the yourselves and will join in the fun, everyone." Then the couple nearest the bar rose and went to the middle of the room where there was a large day bed covered with a blanket. I watched with desire as the Adonis rose from licking her pussy and let loose his mammoth cock. Holding her legs wide he entered her wet pussy driving his cock deep in her. He climbed between my legs and I held his cock and guided it in my waiting hot wet pussy. The woman was over the man's face with her pussy being licked by him as she was sucking and squeezing Jamie's nipples. She slid her hand between the girl's legs and opened her pussy lips.

Quid Pro Quo

group Azuldrgon 2018-06-12

Before, we never talked about meeting just because of the trip time and the price of gas, so when Dee suggested that I bring my wife Bridget to a central place for lunch, I was floored. Not thinking anything different, I went back upstairs and put my key in the lock, as the door opened, I was treated to the sight of my wife's shirt above her naked breasts and Dee's mouth attached to one of them. Her throat was very tight massaging my shaft as I slid in and out while I watched my wife's tongue fucking Dee. Dee's hips began to thrust towards Bridget as I felt my dick hardening more.

Three Different Dads, One Mom

group EroticaWriter0896 2018-06-12

"Ok, Mike...get the ruler out of your back pack..." Brandon said smiling looking at Kyle. Kyle and Brandon watched as their friends nut sack almost disappeared as he discharged 5 solid ropes of seminal fluid into Nadia's fertile womb. Kyle slide in in similar fashion as Mike, and could feel what he was sure was some of his friend's semen deep inside Nadia's body. As Kyle and Nadia began panting, Mike got up off the floor and walked over to join Brandon to watch the event. "Looks like YOU are ready to!" Mike said to Brandon as Brandon's penis twitched watching Kyle doing his performance. Brandon and Mike watched as Kyle's penis disappeared again inside Nadia.

Sex with Chloe Bennet guest starring Jennifer Lawr

group Starhero999 2018-06-12

So I waited at the end of the line of autograph signing and then it came to my turn and at the time no body guards were present so I chatted with her for a bit saying "Have you ever had sex before" and she playfully said "no but I would like to someday." Then I said "come on baby how about we go back to my place." She agreed and we headed to my apartment which was chunk full of marvel toys and every movie since iron man 1 then Chloe said "quite the collection you have here." And I said "yeah but none of this measures up to your beauty" and she said "good now fuck me" I took off her clothes and she took off my pants and underwear.

In The Absence Of Light

group Brookell 2018-06-12

As she started an incredible orgasm she felt two more mouths sucking on her breasts and more hands touching her hot skin. As awareness came back in she felt his cock pierce her pussy and again more hands than she could count stroked and touched her until she was once again climbing that mountain of passion. Her hands were pushed against two wet pussies when she started cumming again -- this time harder than ever! Once she got her hands on the girl's ass and started working with her instead of just getting her face fucked it was much nicer. She felt someone else start tonguing her ass, asshole, and pussy from behind again so she replicated those movements.

Gangbang Girl

group DiamondLife 2018-06-12

Well the weather has got warmer and I have been venturing out in my extreme heels, only to the local Express store, I have had a lot of comments from a gang of youth's that hang around the side of the building, on my way to and from the car. They seemed bigger now I was surrounded by them, suddenly the tall black one grabbed my butt from behind. dots of fading sunlight beam through the metal grille illuminating my naked body, hands fondling my boobs and butt cheeks,the silhouettes of erect cocks being wanked as I went onto my knees my red glossy mouth inviting them closer,the feel of a thick black cock in my mouth as I jerk another two with my hands.

The Call of the Wife Ch. 01

group meddlesome 2018-06-12

We lay in the afterglow of our oral session and soaked in the Sun. It was a little after 1pm when we got up and finished setting up camp in the nude. I knew a few places to fish on the same stream we bathed in the day before, but the spot that would give me the best odds of a few catches was at least an hour away on foot and probably a little further. After she came, she opened her eyes and saw the two naked men and their dangling cocks backlit by the Sun. She thought she was having a dream and she started getting hot all over again.


Parking Lot Party

group moodcouple 2018-06-12

Holding her boobs out, she said, "Now, y'all gotta kiss this one too." Without hesitating, Gus leaned over and sucked a star, nipple and all, into his mouth. As I watched Snake's pussy slide up and down on Bubba's pole, Lips worked her tongue back up mine until it was in her mouth once more. On the other bed, Lips had turned around and while she was still rubbing her pussy on Bubba's face, she had his big dick in her mouth. Soon Lips straightened up and said," Bubba honey, as much as you'd like to cum in my mouth, my pussy wants it even more." She reached over and got a rubber and pulled in onto him, then moved around until she was straddling him.


Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-06-11

Kyle's smooth shaved balls slapped against my head with each stroke and pussy juice dripped from Sherry's lips into my waiting mouth. I raised my mouth to her succulent pussy and licked her meaty lips making her moan loudly as Jim climbed infront of Sherry's open mouth and offered her his hard throbbing manhood. Jim continued to fuck Sherry's mouth as Jeremy, the fourth slave who had been idley stroking his seven solid inches as he waited for his turn inside Sherry's luscious body, climbed behind he and entered her in a smooth easy stroke. I pulled hard on Sherry's hair and thrust my cock deep inside her ass as we came together.

My step d******r had a sl**p over

group slyfucker 2018-06-11

I started to fuck her at nice pace as I pushed her legs all the way back, her knees where either side of her head now as I started to pick up the pace and really fuck her hard, I was pulling my cum covered cock out all the way until just the tip was still inside and then I would slam it back in hard and fast, she was moaning so loud on every down stroke that I knew she wasn't going to last much longer, again I picked up the pace until I felt all her juices run down from her pussy to her puckered little ass. I got to her door which was open a jar and just then I discovered where the moans where coming from, I looked in and seen Kim's face buried in Sophies sweet young pussy, my cock nearly ripped my boxer shorts in half at the sight of my step daughter having her cunt eaten by her friend.

Threesome Initiation

group fantasyfulfiller 2018-06-11

I walked us around the table and smiled at my husband as I ran my free hand up and down the womans bare arm. His smile got bigger as his finger began working it's way into my warmth. Soon there was another break in the conversation and I leaned my face close to Miho's, looked her in the eye and kissed her on the lips. My hands came up behind her and cupped her ass as my head traveled down and I took her tits, one by one, into my mouth. She took his cock into her mouth and my hands cupped his balls and fingers caressed his ass.

My Birthday

group Dr. Bull 2018-06-11

She removed my blindfold, on the couch sat three of her friends, Pam my best friend's wife, Cory a young gal Karen works with, and Scarlet our new neighbor across the alley. Cory dropped her clothes as her fingers slid across her body, she worked her self to a frenzy with the music her right hand massaging her nearly hairless pussy, her left pulled her breasts to her mouth where she sucked on each nipple, turning the pink to a raging red. As she worked her breast over my face putting first the left and then the right into my mouth, her pelvis grinding against my lap bringing my cock back to full attention trying to push it's way through the small piece of black silk covering her love box.

Elvie Visits Club Skin

group DirtyTigress 2018-06-11

You are still pinned against the wall, you lift one leg and hook it over my hip and pull your panties to one side, giving me access to your intimacy, your wanton lust on full view of the men and women watching us. I can feel your soaking wet pubic hair on my chin as my tongue meets to soft warm folds of your pussy lips. I watch you closely as your hips fuck me in time with your hands; your hands push back on each penis as your hips drive forward, grinding your excited clitoris hard into my pubic bone. The need to cum wells up in both of us and I grip your hips tight and ride you hard, pulling your body forward onto my cock to meet my thrusts, impaling you on my raging penis.

Fitting Room Surprise

group 2018-06-11

‘In fact’, added her blonde lover, eyeing my school uniform, ‘the last black bitch to drop her panties for us was wearing the same uniform you are – I’ll bet you know her, she was hot stuff.’ I gasped in wet arousal at the prospect that any of the girls at my school, black or white, was an active promiscuous lesbian. The security guard took over the duty of holding up her skirt, as the blonde woman transferred her attention to her partner’s uniform shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it back to hang from the shoulders.

The Big Swing - Limo Swap

group wiintermute 2018-06-11

I never thought I’d hear myself say this,” she said as she shook her head, still smiling, “but I do like being your little fuck bitch.” “Oh my God, Ian,” Marlissa snarled, “put those away, please!” Austin laughed and applauded, Amy looked at the panties, then at Marlissa, then back out the window. Thank you.” I looked at Marlissa and said, “Honey, Amy has shown us her beautiful pussy, would you please let us have a look at yours?” After a few minutes I pulled Amy’s head off my cock an moved across to Marlissa and Austin. Austin, if you please, would you get up and allow Marlissa to lie down?” With obvious reluctance, he pulled Marlissa’s head off his cock and slid off the seat.


Sharron's Cum Fetish

group Johnnytames69 2018-06-11

Whether it is a small teaspoon size load that dribbles out of his cock or a huge stream that shoots all over, I find a guy cumming the most interesting thing to watch. "More like in the mood for something different, baby." I grabbed his hand and pulled it between my legs. I grinned and licked my lips, "More than ready." Pulling away from Rick I lead them around to the front of the couch and took a seat on the coffee table. Rick nodded while Neil groaned out, "Fuck Yeah!" They both started thrusting up into my fists in earnest, both wanting to cum hard. My hands and the boys’ laps were completely covered in sticky cum and Rick and Neil looked thoroughly satisfied.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 13

group lamoureuse 2018-06-11

Sobering slightly, Aphrodite put her hands on Elena's shoulders and said decisively: "It's time to bring my boys into this little conference of ours." Turning to look over her left shoulder, she delicately cleared her throat and called out softly to Adonis and Petros. Agape-mou?" Petros moved closer and ran his hand along Elena's arm as if to make sure she was real. Elena smiled up at him, gentle laughter in her voice as she said: "Adonis, Petros – allow me to introduce you to Selene and Endymion... Elena felt a wave of love and desire as she looked at his beautiful hair, his strong cheekbones, and the power evident in his almost black eyes.


The Willing Malay Hottie

group johara 2018-06-11

He hugged the horny Nadirah and shoved his middle finger into her wet cunt and finger fucked her hard brining her to another wild orgasm. “I love this…keep it going Reymon fuck this hottie harder and harder…I was hoping to fuck her ever since I saw her here” Jeff said and pulled down his pants and released his huge cock. The wailing of Nadirah was a good turn on for Jeff and he came soon and shot his load on the jiggling boobs of this horny and willing Malay hottie. Nadirah was a willing cock-sucker and she kept her mouth open as Reymon fucked it as her cunt. Jeff began to fuck Nadirah harder and deeper while Reymon shoved his cock into her mouth.

A Fucking Investment Ch. 05

group Contrasting 2018-06-11

"Oh, and Liza, Val has been fucked in the ass, your turn on that score too." I said. "Be careful, Valerie, next time it is going to be your turn and it could very easily be Liza who stands behind you." She lightened up and finally I took the belt from her hands and pointed to the chair. I went to my elbows, moved my head down beside Liza's neck and ran my hands down her body to her ass. Clasping them, I pulled them over her head and stretched her hard, smoothing the arch in her back which rolled her ass up to me, seating my cock deeply into her body.