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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 01

group Contrasting 2018-06-11

She left the subject alone for some time but the woman, Charm, she called herself, a experienced but delightful twenty-year old to Georgia's nineteen continued to come around. Mom listened sympathetically, dismissing the vision of Charm between her daughter's legs and the fact she was two years older than Georgia at the time. The conversations were casual, comfortable and remained so till at one point Charm laid her hand on mom's leg and told her with perfect solemnity that Georgia was not lesbian but she seemed open to 'other options'. At some point, Charm stopped, kissed me on the lips and told me I should watch them together—she and Georgia, see how a woman making love to another woman looked.


Memories of Glastonbury 2009

group annav 2018-06-11

Before Tammy returns you can either put on these lacy tights, which we both know you like, and I'll let you screw me so that I can make sure that you're the right man to show my Tammy what it feels like to be a woman, or you can walk out the tent and go and listen to Neil Young. Suzy's surprisingly tight cunt muscles were doing a good job of milking my erection and I was still loving the feeling of Suzy and Tammy's hands caressing my nylon encased legs. At that moment Tammy managed to get her finger into my ass which made me start a little and my cock twitched inside Suzy's cunt.

Sue Decides to Please All

group TFMR 2018-06-11

Sue moved forward and took my cock into her mouth, I dropped the bottle onto the seat and reached under Sue to take hold of her breasts and squeeze her nipples which felt so hard that my squeezing made little impression on them. When I looked back at Sue it was just in time to see M3 pulling his softening cock out of her mouth, Sue lifted her head and let some of his cum dribble from her mouth onto the back seat before taking several deep gulps to swallow the rest. Sue was shouting "Fuck, fuck, fuck." After a short period of trying to force Pete's balls as well as his cock into her pussy Sue let go and her head and upper body fell back on to the seat.


Cupcakes Pt. 01

group DreadfulBetty 2018-06-11

Like normal on cupcake night, she felt no need to begin the conversation and returned to her book all the while aware of Kyle's thigh pressed up against hers as he too began reading. Alex released her hand to rest on his thigh, "You know, it's very sexy watching a woman immersed in a book" his hot breath caused goose bumps to break across her neck, "especially you, your expression is very intense and I find myself wondering what it would take to break your concentration." She shivered at this implication, her eyes not leaving the page, her only response a tightening of her hand on his thigh.

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 08

group thewhitestripe 2018-06-11

She looked beautiful kneeling at my feet, her eyes wide, her cheeks rosy, her lips slightly parted, the large swells of her breasts heaving below her face, her fingernails pushing lightly against the skin of my thighs. It didn't take long before I felt her fingers caressing my balls, and she began to kiss my shaft, her lips moving up toward my exposed cock head. She opened her mouth and reached around to grip my ass firmly, forcing my cock down her throat without me having to ask until my balls rested firmly against her nose. Sadi moaned and her legs opened as I felt up her tits, spreading the spit that had dripped onto them over her chest and tugging her nipples as I pushed my cock in and out of her throat.



group darlingnikita 2018-06-11

When my nipples become erect, you can begin sucking them and licking my breasts." And they moved either side of her while she straddled Blake. Miles and Eric were sucking her nipples and Julian's hands were working her back and shoulders in a most pleasing way. The two guys at her breasts were sucking and teasing her, sending heat and slickness straight to her pussy to help smooth the way for Blake, who was pushing up into her for all he was worth. Julian could feel Blake's cock moving in her pussy. Ooooh, here comes my first orgasm boys!" and she shook and shuddered, groaning while Miles and Eric held her arms up and moved into place as Bradley stepped back to sit down.


Swinging in Suburbia Ch. 03

group secretsessions 2018-06-11

Somewhat intrigued by what he had in mind and his descriptive use of the English language .We set off in the direction that Lady Lucan had gone and as we spoke and he gave me a run down on the people we passed, their preferences and, who, to use his parlance "who you could ride the grand national on" until we came to some stairs, we climbed the two sets and reaching the top of the stairs we turned right and began to amble along a dimly but moodily lit corridor, most of the numbered heavy black doors in the corridor were closed but the open ones revealed bedrooms with king size beds with crisp white linen and a host of large fluffy pillows.


The Golden Phallus

group bamboomoon 2018-06-11

While Michael takes his turn to shower I sit naked on my bed, my hair still wet. All my senses are heightened: I can hear Michael's heart beat, thumping in my head, I hear the blood rushing to his penis; I can smell my own juices, the dust outside, the soap on Michael's body; I can see the fine hair on his hands, magnified, while he is stroking his cock to this weird image before him. Looking closer I can see that I am the spitting image of Isis, short dark hair, with full firm breasts and an embroided piece of cloth covering her pussy. Together with the Egyptian love goddess Isis, I help gather all the pieces of Osiris' body to resurrect him from the dead.

Learning to Share Ch. 04

group horny_hippie 2018-06-11

She really liked getting her mouth fucked, and began shaking her hips on Nick's face. Yeah fuck my ass and eat my pussy you dirty fuckers!" Ari screamed and sunk her mouth down balls deep on Nick's cock. I felt her ass tighten as she started cumming and I heard Nick groan as she came riding his mouth. He didn't have the elegant finesse of Ari, but his mouth was bigger and fit around my cock better, allowing it to slide deep into his throat. I regained composure and looked down at the sight of Nick deep-throating me while Ari played with my balls and ran her fingers through his hair.

Company Picnic Ch. 03

group LiffShannon 2018-06-11

I watched Trixie's blonde head bob up and down while the raven-haired Samantha leaned over and licked Janey's soaking wet pussy, then moved up to lick the cum between her wonderful hooters, then back again to Janey's cunt. Janey was delighted with my ability to fuck Trixie in two places, and still shoot more cum, and while Dick continued to lick my girlfriend's sopping wet cunt, Janey leaned over, grabbed me and began covering my face and chest with quick kisses, moving down to lick my still cummy cock. Trixie played with Janey's nipples while Samantha moved over to Dick and me, taking turns in giving our exhausted cocks soft loving licks and kisses.


Cherry Pie

group One-Shot Mama 2018-06-11

Her breasts, though not as ample as Cherry’s, were high and proud and capped with large, thick brown nipples that Cherry loved to suck. Cassie quickly turned to face her and ran her hand over Cherry’s hip to cup her ass. Cherry’s tongue and lips teased Cassie’s nipple, alternately licking and sucking, as she ran her other hand down to Cassie’s pussy. Cassie pressed her hands to the side of the tub to steady herself, gazing down at Cherry’s angelic face as the spray hit her, matting her auburn hair down. “Eat me, Cherry Pie,” she whispered, using one hand to cup the back of Cherry’s head. Jacob looked down at Cherry, whose lips were fastened around his cock head.

A Hard Day's Night

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-11

The last thing I saw as I walked up the stairs was Sharon sitting on an old vinyl chair, with her halter neck pulled down exposing her tits, her dressed pulled up around her waist, her left hand down her knickers rubbing her pussy whilst pulling on Bruce's good sized cock. "I think that Bruce here has a few more goes in him this arvo." Sharon said and then began sucking on his cock some more. "Yeah baby." She said "Lick his cum out of my pussy." Jo was certainly enjoying it, she was really getting into sucking Sharon's cunt. "Let me suck that pussy now." Sharon said as she stood up off Jo, leaving Jo's face glistening with cum and cunt juice.


I Really Like Your Friends

group bunnie1911 2018-06-11

I glance to my right, the guy you've told me to start with looks he's not sure this whole situation is okay. I start to work his cock in earnest, sucking with my mouth, rubbing with my hand. It does of course, it's not long before you have a hand between my legs, rubbing and teasing my clit in time with my motions on your friend's cocks. "Can I?" I hear the second friend ask...I don't know what he's asking for though, and I don't hear you answer, I just feel your hand move away. As I remove my finger from his ass, I can feel his juice hitting walls deep inside my bowels, I clench down hard again and pull away.

My Baby & I Like Women with Curves

group Sady 2018-06-11

I saw Jared peak into our little corner just as I felt her hand sliding up the side of my skirt. She looked at my man with eagerness dripping out of her green eyes, and cupped her hand around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss which he readily have her. As he set to work rubbing our clits, we turned to join in a warm, sloppy kiss, our tongues not necessarily even bothering to find lips or mouth, but hungrily searching for any human flesh. I let my fingers slip around her bulging vaginal lips to find her rock hard clit, and began to work slow circles around it, all the while still feeling Jared’s dick slide in and out of her.

Hooked on You

group sinfulcaramel 2018-06-11

His fingers threaded through her hair, guiding her gently as my eyes intently watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth, full lips swollen and her tongue dragging along the underside of his cock, a little peek of that silver ball teasing both of us into madness. My hands moved to knead her plump breasts, thumbing over her hard nipples and moaning when both his tongue dragged over my clit and her lips found mine. Those long and thick fingers curling in just the right spot, causing me to double over in pleasure with her catching me as we both kissed, moaning into each other's mouth and hands feeling our bodies, connecting on such an intense sexual level.

Russian Wives Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-06-11

I know one night, while I made love to Svetlana I saw you Elena watching us and masturbating." Elena asked Svetlana in a serious tone, "If I am making love to Jonathan, do you not feel jealous? I must train myself not to be that way, at least temporarily until some solution is decided." She also paused and moved along the sofa to be with Elena and hugged her; "Besides," She said, "I really do like you – a lot – and I think a relationship with you might be ... I wanted to move the love making into the bedroom, but quickly decided that I liked being a voyeur to the Sapphic display of affection the two women were trialing.


Sampling Some Italian

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-06-11

"Si, I want to model in the nude for you," she confirmed, obviously phrasing her words in a way that had a possible second meaning, before mumbling something in her native Italian. "Uh, boss, I...uh...," John briefly interrupted the pair, before realizing that Thomas was in the act of fucking Claudia from behind. Thomas grunted a bit when John entered him, but he soon returned his focus to fucking Claudia. While John washed his dick and viewed the bizarre act of heterosexual intercourse, a type of encounter that was always alien to him (he was still a virgin in terms of screwing women, and had no desire to change that), he fantasized that it was his ass taking Thomas's cock inside it.


The Student

group JohnMorrison 2018-06-11

"Yeah a little, Thompson likes the tied-up ending." John said, walking around to the front of his desk, and leaning against it. And it's not like you're staring at my tits either, you look me in the eyes in a way that no one ever has." Natalie put her hands on John, feeling his chest and back. "Was she always like this?" Natalie asked, putting her right hand on John's face, pulling his gaze from staring blankly at the wall, to her blue eyes. "Feel me." Natalie said, pulling back from John, whose hands had been at his side the whole time. "I know what you mean." Alice said, her hand suddenly grabbing through John's pants crotch at his big cock.


Angel Rhodes Files: #2...

group Alex Vertigo 2018-06-11

I'd forgotten there was someone else there, everything had narrowed down to the point where she was against me, her tongue sending fire and ice through me, nobody can make me cum like my baby, nobody knows how to make my body burn like this and oh yes that's right suck my clit my love, suck it, bite it, suck it, bite it oh fuck yes and then inside for oh god that's so beautiful my love, you make me explode… "It's so lovely to meet you," she said with a smile, spreading my pussy lips open and thrusting her tongue deep, so deep it felt like I was being fucked.

Playing Truant - 2

group 2018-06-11

Naughty and very sexy!" Her lips gently brushed against mine , her tongue gently opening my mouth and pushing its way inside, French kissing me as her hand kneaded my left boob through my shirt, " lie back my baby , let Aunty Mary taste that sweet little slit, mmm get it nice and wet for the guys, her fingers pushed my knickers away from my pussy, I gasped as her finger pushed inside me, gently fucking me as she moved her head down to my wispy pussy, her hungry mouth quickly devoured my teenage cunt , her tongue flicking wildly at my clit as her finger quickened its pace, beng joined by another and then a third...suddenly I quivered as an unexpected orgasm hit me, my pussy gripping Mary's fingers as it washed over me , I loosened the top two buttons on my shirt and pulled my tie looser as I saw Dave move behind Mary and push his hardening cock into her greying pussy as she carried on eating me out.

A Talking Fantasy Turns Real

group TheCouple 2018-06-11

So, we got on the boat and I thought my best first approach would be to talk about how great Katie looked in her new swimsuit...which was definitely the truth, she did look fantastic. We spent the rest of the boat ride talking about work and our husbands, all the while I was glancing at her awesome body and would sneak peaks at Jason too. I was flirting with Jason and Katie both and kept getting looks from Mike. Then, I saw Mike and Katie not far away on the bed touching and kissing and also slowly undressing. Then, I told Mike he needed to share Katie's pussy because I wanted to taste it too. Mike moved over Katie and slowly slid his dick inside her...he was already very wet and hard from being inside me.

Taking A Road Trip

group captivate 2018-06-11

Sharon began unpacking, thinking of Shelby and the fun they would have, then thinking of Brad and how much she wished he wouldn't drive away in the morning. Sharon opened the door, hugging Shelby and pulling her into the room. Shelby smiled at her friend, moved closer and slipped her hand into Sharon's jeans, her fingers reaching for her swollen slit. Shelby left her fingers inside Sharon, feeling the wet slickness of come, feeling her engorged clit. With Shelby's fingers still inside her, Sharon pulled off her jeans for a second time. Brad moved to Shelby's side, his mouth hungrily seeking her swollen slit, separating the red curlies with his tongue and diving into her cunt.

Earning It

group 2018-06-11

As the boys began to take off there shoulder pads, I walked through the locker room gently brushing my fingers across their chests and open mouths. The lifted me off the ground and began to pass me around the room laying on their hands and shoulders. Most of these guys were getting fucked for the first time and being high school boys, they usually came in less than 5 minutes. The water in the toilet began splashing from all the motion and soaked my body, running down my vagina and legs. The football coach took my small towel and gently began to wipe the wetness off of my body.

What is There to Do?

group taleserotic 2018-06-11

I lifted my leg and slipped over Austin's body, holding his cock up to my sex and touching the head of it to my wet lips. I began thrusting my hips, rotating my pussy around Austin's cock high up inside me and trying to find just that right pressure on my clit as Lindsay pointed her tongue into me and pressed. I licked at her pussy still, then gasped and opened my mouth as I felt Tom push hard into my ass and then held, the thing he always did when he was coming. Lindsay turned and lay her head on Austin's lap, catching my eyes again as they opened and she slipped her lips over his soft cock.