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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Super holiday threesome

group DAVESITFC3 2018-11-20

As I sat down the girls both went back into the villa and emerged a short time later wearing bikinis and lept straight into the pool and were playing about with each other, splashing each other etc. I was putting up a bit of a fight and trying to hide my obvious erection when Evelyn slipped her hand down my shorts and grabbed my cock. I did not know how far I was allowed to go so I just kept grabbing Tracy's tits and playing with her until she said "Evelyn is feeling left out. Tracy took over as Evelyn sat beside me and we kissed as I played with her tits and this made me double excited and within a short space of time I was filling Tracy's mouth with more hot cum.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 18

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

The fat white bitch sucks my cock and licks my balls. I spread the big white woman's plump ass chees wide open and press my cock against her butt hole. Marie Louise squeals as I began fucking her in the ass. I feel Marie Louise tight asshole grip my big black dick like a vise and I'm seriously loving it. I watch as my hand leaves some nice red marks on Marie Louise fat ass. Yes, the dildo actually squirted hot artificial cum into the black man's ass. I slammed my cock into the fat white woman's asshole and she screamed in pleasure. A fine piece of fat ass with a juicy asshole, but way too crazy for me.



group RejectReality 2018-11-20

Ron took his squeeze from her ass, and Helen turned to face them when she reached the bed. “Oh yeah, that pussy’s tight,” Mike said, and then let out an explosive growl as he slammed his cock into her hard, the tip pushing up against her cervix. Helen was rapidly building toward a climax when Ron said, “Give me a shot of that pussy,” and stepped away from the bed. A loud whimper escaped Helen as Mike pulled free, leaving her with an aching void in her depths while the two men traded places. Mike slapped his pussy-slick cock against her lips a couple of times, and Helen didn’t think twice about her juices covering him when she sucked him in.

Scandalous Behaviors - A short Interlude (Part 3 of 4)

group xhardx13 2018-11-20

Sipping her drink, Tammy said, "We want to play a card game with you guys." Delores was nearly shouting when she said, "Let the games begin! Tammy had a seven, Kimberly a queen, Stephanie an ace, and Delores dealt herself a deuce. Stan and Delores had a match, and she had him remove his belt. Everyone wanted to know if Warren could stay in the game, but Delores had a solution. The next woman matching Warren's card would perform fellatio on him. A man's card matching a naked woman meant he was to perform cunnilingus.We had to explain "cunnilingus" to Ron who can be slow to grasp things. "What did you think of my game?" Delores asked me in bed that night.

Coming or Going?

group CuriousGal0608 2018-11-20

"You like my cock stuffing your wet pussy, don't you?" Dom groaned, slowing down a bit, pulling himself almost completely out of her before making rapid short movements without fully penetrating her then buried himself deep inside Hill. Hill positioned herself underneath them, her tongue acting as a conduit, licking Dom from the balls all the way up to Addie's clit, stopping to nipple on her roommate's love button before returning her attention back to Dom's balls and cock. A vague recollection of her and Hill rubbing their pussies against each other in a scissor move while Dom moved back and forth to get his cock sucked kept on flashing back in the back of Addie's head.

Campground Gangbang

group alison90 2018-11-20

I didn't usually have any problem going without sex for a day or two, but the first time that I went away for over a week, was only four months after I started going out with Jason. Before I had even finished cumming, I felt the hands of the guy in front of me reach up high on either side of my hips, and pull my knickers down. Jason was still asleep, so the guys came right up to me and watched, as I washed my breasts, and cleaned between my legs. I was going to let all these guys fuck me again, and even though I felt incredibly guilty, I desperately wanted their cocks inside me.

The Orgy Room

group scy20 2018-11-20

I looked over at a few of the other tables and their was several women now sucking on these studs big cocks. I looked over towards Mia and to my surprise she was stroking this young studs cock with her hand. Mia was now sucking on this guys cock while Diane and I gave each other a surprised look. He slowly worked his cock into Diane and began to fuck her hard. The first guy began to fucked me real good as I looked over towards Diane. Diane was now on her back as two of the guys who had fucked her were now cumming all over her face and body. The next guy step in and he began to fucked me with very long strokes with his big cock.


Razia, The Horny Divorcee Ch. 02

group sahebji 2018-11-20

If she has agreed to do room service for you then she will also consent to let her choot be serviced by your laurda' Razia said smugly, 'remember I want to know every detail, stroke by stroke and poke by poke, of all that transpires between the two of you'. 'Listen man I may be horny and love a good fuck but I am definitely not a lesbian' Razia said making a face, 'I like a cock much too much'. You think God will come to deflower your daughter?' my mother said getting angry, 'nahin bechaari Shanti ko baba aur usske chele chodenge (no poor Shanti will be fucked by the baba and his disciples).


Jared gets Caught

group racergirl014 2018-11-20

“If you’re going to give my boyfriend a blow job you should at least do it right you stupid bitch.” I said as I stood behind the little slut and lowered my hand down to her head where I grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head up off my boyfriend’s cock. I pulled myself off of Jen’s sweet tasting pussy and took Jared's balls into my mouth one at a time and hummed, then began to lick his cock from the bottom to the sensitive area right under the tip. Grabbing hold of her hips, I slowly pushed in further as Jen's mouth moved up and down Jared's cock.

International Haitian Erotica

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

Right now, I'm having a foursome with Jennifer Mingzhu, and Conrad Chuntao, a couple of Chinese students I met at Saint Laurent Mall in downtown Ottawa. Jennifer Mingzhu's good friend Conrad Chuntao is half Chinese and half White, born and raised in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia. Meanwhile, Jennifer Mingzhu was fingering her pussy as she watched the three-way action between Adele Larousse, Conrad Chuntao and myself. I was too busy thrusting my dick deep inside Adele's tight asshole while she fucked Conrad with her strap-on dildo. Jennifer Mingzhu worked her dildo up my Black ass while I thrust my cock deep inside Adele Larousse hot, yielding asshole.


A Penchant For Bisexual Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

I thrust deep into myself, trying to reach the magic spot as Leroy sucked on Jackson's dick like cock sucking was about to get banned. I bet Jackson had a nice time tapping Leroy's sexy ass. Leroy impaled his sexy ass on Jackson massive dick. Jackson fucked Leroy, jamming that wonderfully thick black cock where the sun didn't shine. Still, Leroy and Jackson were a real life couple, not a pair of bisexual black men starring in a porn video. This sexy Black man was very peculiar about his likes and dislikes when it came to getting his cock sucked. I got on all fours, and Jackson took my ass while Leroy masturbated, watching us.

Who You’ll Find

group Norcoaster 2018-11-20

I gave the redhead an appreciative rub down her bare back, slipping my hand under her red panties, prying and sweeping them down off her hips before giving her a probing feel with my fingers down her asscrack, causing Alicia to quiver and break out in gooseflesh, while I turned to resume feasting at Tracey’s succulent right breast and nipple. I turned to wrap myself from the side around Alicia and Tracey’s embracing bodies and join in their rekindling sexual passion, but I realized it was their moment this time as Alicia simply moved on top of Tracey, dominantly spreading Tracey’s legs with hers as she began to quietly rub their sopping mounds together, tribadally fucking her as they kissed.

Black Erotica and Race Play Rock

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

It's not all about interracial lesbian couples or Black studs fucking White women. I've met White men who get off on being sexually dominated in the bedroom by their bossy Black girlfriends. What you won't read anywhere is the fact that lots of supposedly macho Black studs love being sexually dominated by their White girlfriends. If I had a dime for every Black man who secretly gets off on having his White girlfriend fuck him with a strap-on dildo, I'd be a rich woman. Face down and ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my Black sluts. I spank Cynthia's big Black ass while slamming my dildo into her pussy. I love fucking Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo.


Dominican Slut: Office Cocksucker

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-20

In part three, Dominican Slut: Cunt Muncher, Elizabeth's Jewish bitch boss learns of her submissive slut past and present and assigns her job duties as the firms CUM BUCKET...where she proceeds to taste pussy for the first, second and third time. "Or shoot your load all over my Dominican face," I corrected, before adding, wanting to possibly be his first fuck too, my mind back in slut mode, "Or slam that big teen dick in my wet cunt." Elmer slapped Barry on the back and said, "That a boy," as he walked out and added, "I'll be back later today to deposit a second load." "Yes, Master, I love sucking big juicy white cocks like yours," I admitted, somehow feeling freer by declaring it without hesitation.


Wolf's Lair

group harbour 2018-11-20

These gatherings of his, it turns out, were generally weekend affairs held two to three times a year; long nights of debauched pleasures which the pretty young things of Vienna (hand-picked by Wolfi and his closest friends) indulged in, intoxicated on opium, wine and unimpeded passion, stopping only to rest before carrying on. Large glasses of wine were handed to us and the girls painted our faces with stage makeup, which actually proved an altogether pleasant affair, for it involved the twin delights of being touched, stroked and pampered by the opposite sex (who made very comely boys, I might add) while offering up a deliciously amusing chance for flirtation.

Hot Bisexual Black Erotica

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

I pulled my cock out of Crystal's ass and surprisingly, Felicia took me into her mouth. I looked up at Crystal and was amazed at the sight of this big sexy black chick as she fucked my ass with her dildo. With my eyes riveted at Justin and Felicia as they fucked, a dildo in my ass and Crystal's mouth sucking my dick, I couldn't take it anymore. With Justin's hard cock ramming my asshole and Crystal's warm mouth sucking my dick, it wasn't long before I knew I would explode. Crystal pushed back against me, which had the effect of driving my cock deeper into her ass but also drove Justin's dick deeper into me.

78% mmf

The Chaperons – Part II

group Cyberfree44 2018-11-20

This should have disgusted her, but on the contrary, it seemed to stimulate her all the more and she really went to work on Jim. She was twisting her head all around his long pole sucking and licking until Jim grabbed her head on either side with both his hands and started moving his hips and trusting into her mouth. Mean while, as Ed and Jim were cleaning her face Juan, the Hispanic construction worker, got to his knees in front of Jennifer and said, “Jenny, let me return the favor.” and pushed her skirt up, hooked her panties and with a quick tug pulled them down and off of her legs.

35 year old mom remembers her younger years

group scy20 2018-11-20

I reached down and grabbed his tight ass and pulled him forward as his big smooth cock penetrated my very wet pussy. My friend quickly slid her pants down to the floor and my face was pushed right up against her panties. I felt a huge orgasm coming on as he began to fuck me hard again. With every thrust of his cock into me my face and mouth would push right up against her wet pussy. My friend was getting really turned on and I was urge to tongue her pussy while I got fucked. I began to fucked him hard as I shoved my ass all the way down on his big cock.


Strip Poker

group mranonymous7 2018-11-20

Linda was working her way back up Wesley’s shaft and ran her tongue over the head of his cock. Always impetuous, Linda turned and her hands were all over Barbara’s gorgeous body, squeezing her erect nipple and wandering down her tummy and driving a finger deep inside her cum filled pussy. As Wesley and I watched, Linda slowly licked the outline of Barbara’s wet lips, just brushing her hard clit at the top of each stroke. Drawing Linda’s legs back and tucked them under her arms to give her easier access to Linda’s pussy, Barbara quickly positioned her head between Linda’s thighs and lowered face down to her crotch and slid her tongue between Linda’s warm, moist pussy lips.


College coed has her first threesome

group Chelsea 2018-11-20

There had always been a great deal of sexual tension between the three friends and on certain occasions when the three were drunk together they would all make out, Liz sitting on Kelly's lap, kissing her passionately and massaging her beautiful round boobs giving Greg, who could do nothing but watch, an incredible hard on which Liz would later relieve once Kelly had left for the night. Do you want your face buried in Kelly's hot little cunt while I fuck you?" "Yes" Liz breathed heavily, "Kelly, let me taste your pussy." With that Liz pushed Kelly onto the bed, her head high up on pillows and legs spread wide.

He's With Her and She's With Her Too Part 1

group Frobisher 2018-11-20

Both exhaled, and when their lips finally touched, Lila's eyes closed as Janet's hands released hers and slid around Lila's waist, locking in the small of her back. She watched Janet, whose lips were parted as Lila's fingertips lingered only slightly on her nipples before moving slowly and lightly down her stomach, finally reaching her inner thighs. With the fingertips of her right hand, Lila spread her lips open, slowly dragging a single finger across her clit. Swiveling and squirming, Lila reached down to take Janet's head in her hands and pulled her in, her feet coming off the floor, ankles locking behind Janet's shoulders. Janet took Lila's hand, squeezed it reassuringly and motioned to Roman to follow them to the bedroom.

Black Cuckolds In Brockton

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

Now, I thought Steve wanted me to hold his big ole Haitian dick or something but turns out, he's into some seriously freaky shit. The tall, burly Haitian brother loves to lick my pussy real good while I tease him by telling him about all the other guys, Latino, White, and even Indian, whom I let into my cunt. Bending me over the kitchen table one night, Steve fucked my pussy real good, and smacked my ass so hard that he left bruises on it. That big Haitian dick of his left my pussy pleasurable sore after hours of hard fucking. Steve stroked his big Black dick while watching me, his sexy Black girlfriend, getting freaky with a Latino guy right in front of him.


Cindy's First Bukkake Gang Bang Party Part 4

group lindaswan 2018-11-20

The vibrator buzzed, John caressed me, his cock in my mouth, the men started repeated cheering, "Go Cindy, go." My arousal went higher and higher until the feelings were uncontrollable, growing as a huge bubble inside me ... Some wanted my mouth wide open, jerking off at my face until the cum started, then shoving their cock right in there to take it all inside. I was completely willing to do it all, performing at my limit: all my holes accessible to anyone, taking cumshots, helping the men position their cocks, encouraging everyone to do everything, rubbing cum all over my body, putting my fingers in my holes, licking them off, going at it frantically over and over, as much as they wanted.

He's With Her and She's With Her Too Part 3

group Frobisher 2018-11-20

As Janet took Roman's cock into her mouth, Lila moved her hands around again and explored Janet's back, feeling the contours of her body, down the lower portion of her rib cage to the softness of her hips and ass. As Lila's hands traced her thigh, Janet's legs moved, spreading apart as she lowered herself to take Roman's cock deep in her throat. The palm of Lila's hand brushed between Janet's thighs, and Janet rotated her hips, trying to press her clit against Lila's palm, whick was making soft, slow circles on her lower belly. The throes of so many multiple orgasms came as a shock, and then, after another shuddering breath, Janet slid her tongue upward over Lila's clit, flicking it as she withdrew the vibrator.