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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group milf4bbcstretch 2018-06-11

Flying to Jamaica was extremely pleasant. That’s where we were heading, an Impregnation Hotel and Resort at Black River, Jamaica. Montague continued “I will take you there, depending on traffic we will be there inside an hour”. She continued in a soft accent, “Kanesha and I will do whatever you need and hope to make your stay pleasant and memorable. Without any other words, Janeda took my hand, and Kanesha took my hubby’s hand and walked us through the resort’s massive double doors and into onto the huge pink marble-floored lobby. Thank you for bringing me here, I am ready this.” With an automatic reflex, he pulled her hips in to him and pushed his cock as deep as he could. “Get ready!

Outside The Cube

group sandymonroe 2018-06-11

And now here we were, with these two guys coming over for a beer, and starting to watch our home video containing me fucked up in my ass by a huge black stud. "Where did you get these hot bitches from?" Steve asked Mike, waving to the screen where me and the other girl were on our knees sucking the huge cock of the bald black guy. Will these guys really watch as I take a huge black cock up in my ass while they fuck my mouth? I felt like a bitch in heat as these horny men were using my body; Bud pounding my sloppy pussy, Mike tonguing me with abandon, and Steve preparing his cock for another round of mouth fucking.


Tailgate Party

group highshine808 2018-06-11

I saw them from a distance, he had her pressed against the side of the truck and they were engaged in a passionate kiss, his hands roaming her body, her arms around his neck. C resumed swallowing his cock and he apparently figured he had more to gain than lose by playing along, dropping back onto the mat but keeping his eyes open to watch the show as I slowly thrust in and out of her. I could sense his reluctance to leave as he pulled up and fastened his pants, but he obviously concluded that he had no ground to stand on in pushing his case, though he did lean in to give C a kiss on the ass before leaving, to which she reached back and ruffled his hair, mumbling "thanks baby, you were great."

Cancun Discoveries

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-06-11

She lay on her back and directed me to lie on top of her as she guided my cock into the warm envelope of her pussy as Josh stepped to the side of the bed and presented his cock to Jamie's talented mouth. I climbed off the bed and pointed my dripping wet dick at Jamie's mouth as Josh climbed on top of her and sank his cock into her wet pussy. I paused with my cock buried in Jamie's pussy and I felt Josh's tongue licking my smooth shaved balls. I continued to slowly fuck Jamie as Josh licked her pussy and my hard dick. My climax started at my toes and spread upward until I groaned loudly and filled Josh's mouth with a thick load of creamy cum as Jamie continued to lick my sensitive asshole.

Camp Chronicles Ch. 02

group silent_night 2018-06-11

"Maybe we need to give him a bit more incentive to wake up." I could tell that was Lacy now, and both girls giggled and started moving aroud the bed. I'm not sure how long Amanda had been working her gifted mouth over my cock, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe only five, I was in no position tell, but I knew I was getting close. "Oh, I'm sure he enjoyed it, but you'd know more since you got to receive the rewards of your hard work." Lacy was such a tease. She then switched to kisses and worked her way down to her breasts then starting nipping again at Lacy's nipples.

Melissa's Passion

group Patrick-Donovan 2018-06-11

After a moment's shock, Ian continued ravaging Lissa's throat, but his hands moved to her shoulders, where they grabbed the straps of her suit and pulled them down, tugging the material clear past her breasts. Then both of us had the right idea: at nearly the same time, Ian and I pulled away from Melissa's chest and moved our attentions downward, watching her breasts floating, lightly swaying in the water as we departed. His hands caressed her arms, her shoulders, her breasts -- reveling in the beauty of her body and the warmth of her kiss -- as Lissa lay back into the water, taking Ian with her, his head finally resting between her breasts.


The Sacred Whore

group cream pie boy 2018-06-11

A collection of stone artifacts was displayed on a large oak table in the center of the room, and Mitchell found Ron Schmidt, the one true archeologist and only interesting person present, examining a figurine of a round, large breasted woman. When everyone was seated, Jon and Laura in the front row with her head resting on his shoulder while she stroked his inner thigh, Sibyl approached the high altar and bowed before it. When all the men had spent themselves within her violated sex, Sibyl lifted the golden bowl above Justine's head and said "Drink." She opened her mouth wide to receive the excess semen, licking her lips as she swallowed.


Wild Riders Pt. 01

group trip20 2018-06-11

"You know we're not gonna be the only girls there, right Kell?" Monica asked when they had settled down again. "Ouch!" Monica threw a quick counter punch, missing Kelly's arm altogether but connecting on her right upper thigh. "That's right girl, let it all hang out!" As she said this, she reached over and pulled down part of Kelly's top, exposing her right breast, and gave her nipple a squeeze. When the girls finally forced themselves to call it a night somewhere after one o'clock, Dawg invited them to meet up at Wyatt Lake the following afternoon. Since his eyes were glued to Monica's boobs as he said this, the girls weren't sure if he was talking about the lake or her body.


Is It Art?

group spurt-reynolds 2018-06-11

John kept hi face pushed against her throbbing vulva for the 2 minutes that his wife’s fierce orgasm lasted, before she unhooked her legs from around his head, and he got up off the floor and stood over his wife’s huge body, his still-stiff cock jutting out straight in front. John had satisfied himself this way several times before, but was usually undressed, and as he slid his legs and crotch over his wife’s naked flesh, the rough fabric of his pants chafed her skin, causing painful looking red grazes on her sides and abdomen. After 3 or so more quick thrusts, John’s cock head emerged one final time before out from it shot a long stream of white creamy spunk, with such force that it clean overshot Susan’s open mouth and it splattered across her forehead and hair.


Under the Table

group hiphopchipshop 2018-06-11

My wife sat next to me; next to her sat the sun tanned Cherie, and then Carl and Sam so that sexy Betty was on my other side. I looked to my right and noticed that to the other side of Betty, Sam had his cock out and was wanking himself slowly looking down at his wife's hand rubbing my trousers. Carl looked straight at me and said, "I'm terribly sorry, I appear to have come in your wife's mouth." The sick feeling returned to my stomach. Betty took her hands away from her tits and helped Carl by spreading her ass cheeks wide for him.


Together to Learn Ch. 01-04

group millieteases 2018-06-11

"Let me try," said Amy. She reached out and gently stroked as Alan had. "Jenny, Mitsy, you try now," said Pam. They each reached out and stroked the rampant penis in front of them. Amy said, "Let me do that." She gently washed and then dried Alan's penis and groin. "Ok, now look at how they react." Pam reached out and gently stroked Jenny's nipples. As they watched, Pam dipped her other finger into Jenny's vagina to moisten it, and then gently stroked Jenny's clitoris. Alan was still gently tapping at her clitoris, and Larry's finger going in and out and Pam touching her breasts and the others touching and all of a sudden there was another one and she cried out "Oh Yes!

Volleyball Team Ch. 01

group Susie_O 2018-06-11

- The model acknowledges that photos of her nude body and all its parts will be taken, including breasts, nipples, exterior genitals, interior genitals (clit, labia, urethra, vagina and cervix). - The model allows the photographer to touch, with hands, any body part including breasts, nipples, exterior genitals, interior genitals to arrange pose for photos (this is my favorite part). I will pose you on the bed as you remove your clothes and then take pictures of your naked body." I didn't have a motel room but I would get one if she or one of her teammates wanted to come by. I thought a bit and then said, "of course, at your place we would have more time and everyone could be ready to pose and have photos so things could go quickly.


Virginities Lost Ch. 4

group Leo Davis 2018-06-11

Carol closed her eyes and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but Joan and Karen pulled Carol's arms down and held them against the bed. Joan sniffed and said, "If the noise hadn't wakened us the smell would have!" She pushed her hand under Carol's hips and announced, "This has got to be the world's biggest wet spot!" Karen slid her hand into our matted pubic hair and wrapped one of her fingers around the shaft of my penis, saying "He's still hard! (I could hardly wait but Carol didn't know that!) Joan tongue-kissed me first, then Karen crushed her breasts and rubbed her bare pussy against me and then they gave me my clothes.


Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 20

group GeorgeDaBuilder 2018-06-11

Britt let out a little moan as I finally slipped off the high-heel and she wiggled her toes as I continued to hold her calf. "Yeah baby, we thought it would be fun and Becky kind of wanted to get to know you a little better, you know, away from the studio." I glanced down at the pretty redhead and caught her blushing as she chewed on her lower lip, staring up at us. Britt gave me a soft kiss and as she was giving me another hug, she whispered, "Why don't you give her a foot massage while I pick out my shoes?" Becky was still laughing and was watching Britt's backside walking away, not noticing that I had grabbed my trusty little stool and took my place in front of her.


Promotion Interview

group dpingjessie 2018-06-11

The girl spread her legs nice and wide for me, resting the heels of her feet on the backs of my calves as I positioned myself and got ready to give this chick the good, hard fucking I had so sadly missed giving her. When Abby had come full circle back to sucking my cock and beating off Brandon and Gus, I gently pulled on her hair and asked her what she was expecting from this interview. "Are you all going to fuck me at the same time?" The whole time she continued to stroke Brandon and Gus, although a little more slowly, while I steadily smacked her cheek with my hard cock.


Kelly: A Tramp Awakened

group Blue_shoes1980 2018-06-11

After a long pause he said, "Too much sleep means not enough time awake, and that makes for frustration." He turned and walked out, leaving her standing in the frosty air, wondering what he was trying to say. I asked Juan and Tommy to fire up the broilers and fryers for the morning crew as Danny finished wiping down the last of the hoods, and told Jodie to check the restrooms and clock out. She debated going to her father and telling him what had happened, but she was plagued by what she considered her failings as a manager, so she filled in as cook that day, and she hardly gave Danny a thought.


Scott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 2

group Katthrynn 2018-06-11

Melissa also reached a hand down to Star's head so she had two hands from two people guiding her as she sucked Scott off. She climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy to Scott's mouth and leaned across his body to swallow his cock again. Star let out a long low moan around Scott's hard cock as the sensuous feeling of being devoured by Scott's lips and tongue washed over her. Star's head dropped to Scott's thigh and she just lay there breathing hard while Scott fingered her pussy and licked her clitoris. You're gonna have to." He pulled his cock out of Melissa's mouth and started to climb up Star's body. Star was also watching Melissa as she lowered her pussy onto to Scott's cock.

Genesis '05

group chasm84 2018-06-11

For the rest of the week, I couldn't stop thinking about bible study and the love I'd felt in Mark and Rachel's home. I kept playing the evening over and over in my head, Rachel telling me I was beautiful, she and Mark so happy in the kitchen together, Mark winking at me, the bible study, charged glances between Mark and I – had he caught me staring? My gaze trailed slowly up her bare legs, to the fullness of her hips, the soft waist I'd held in my arms, and finally up to her dazzling face, where she looked at me with such fire I felt a twinge in my innards.


One Known, One Unknown

group Sassiwolf7 2018-06-11

Peter sank again while Jim kissed my neck (a hotspot for me) and caressed my breasts I couldn't stand it anymore and I had the first of many orgasms, nearly collapsing on them. Then they moved me to the bed, I started sucking Peter hard as Jim took a few more pictures and moved behind me. Peter came up to the side of the bed and I sucked him as best as I could but when Jim flipped me over and fucked my ass like no tomorrow I couldn't concentrate as my orgasm rolled over me.

Maria's Fantasies: Cruise Day 1

group MariaS12962 2018-06-11

I came to my senses long enough to hear the moans of pleasure from the other mattresses, and I looked again to my left between the legs of the men to see the "third year" lady getting hammered by a blond muscular guy. The other guy reached with his other hand and pinched her nose shut, and after a few seconds she opened to breathe and the cum-dripping cock was shoved into her mouth. I looked back at the black guy and opened my mouth to accept the dripping head of his cock. At that moment I felt someone grab my legs and push back a little and realized that that was me up on the screen and it was the guy with the long skinny cock and huge balls ready to ass-fuck me.


Seconds, Better Than Firsts

group ericviking69 2018-06-11

Then she tells me she is ready for me to stick my cock in her pussy as she tosses her damp panties to the floor. My first touch of her clit causes her to shake violently, as another small orgasm rocks her body. I slip over behind our sweet voyeur and begin to finger fuck her pussy. I sense there is more to this story than I have been told but decide to enjoy the steamy passions of two women who seem intent on giving me a night to remember. It is not long before sweetness is writhing and moaning into your pussy while I finger fuck her treasure and her back door.

Outdoor Excersise

group Madelaine 2018-06-11

The girl appeared at my side and took hold of him firmly sliding her fist up and down his shaft The boy turned in towards her so her hand was trapped between their stomachs, he took her face in his hands and kissed her, slow and deep, whispering into her mouth, words I couldn't hear but could imagine. Breathing hard into the girls mouth I began to feel the waves of heat connecting my nipples, rock hard and standing proud to my soaking wet cunt, filled with the boys cock, trickles of my own juices were flowing from me each time I rose up and a delicious sucking sound resonated in my ears each time I slid back down on to him.

A Corporate Affair Ch. 02

group tantricjim 2018-06-11

Bob's wife Donna had joined a Director of his Company in his hotel suite for the purpose of seducing him into backing Bob for a Head Office position. With her garter belt still around her waist, he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and moved his head in to lick and suck on her pussy. The men took turns kissing Donna and feeling and sucking her tits and nipples. It took a minute for their reactions to sink into Donna's mind but she realized that feeling each other's cock had excited them. Donna said, "Who wants to go first?" Without waiting for an answer, she 'accidentally' rubbed their knobs and cocks together again.

Friends Request Ch. 03

group Past_Glories 2018-06-11

"Aren't two girls enough for you for one night?" Stan and Janine laughed with her as we moved up the stairs. I looked down at Clare who was still snuggled into my arm and said quietly, "I've got all I need to catch right here." I bent down to kiss her as she melted into my side. "I bet if I checked I'm not the only one who's ready for a bit more," I said moving her so I could run my hand down between her legs. Opening her eyes she continued, "Stan was nice – the whole evening was nice – but right now I'd like a nice comfortable fuck from my man so I can go to sleep feeling you inside me.