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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Housewarming Party

group Thecal 2018-06-11

Mary sat on Steve's lap my wife rested her hand on Todd's lap. Jen took my hand as she walked over to the couch and positioned herself in front of Mary, who began licking Jen's pussy. As she walked away, I noticed that Steve was now sitting on the couch and Mary was between his legs, sucking ferociously on his cock. As Lizz returned, Mary came hard, taking her mouth off of Steve to scream with pleasure. I pulled off my condom and let Mary suck on my cock for a little while before she decided to head over and play with my wife's tits. We looked to Jen, who was milking the last of Todd's cum from his cock, then licked it off her hands.

Staycation Ch. 04b

group Gary_Alexander 2018-06-11

Tell you what: I'll trade you that for Michelle's clothing." It sounded like a win-win, so I stripped off the bathing suit while Tina lifted the bikini top off her chest and shimmied out of the shorts. So," she said, reaching over and touching my naked cock for the first time, "I'm pretty sure if Michelle hadn't chickened out this morning, I'd have felt this thing deep inside my pussy." She took my cock in her hand, drew her mouth close to it again, and said to it "Get hard... I decided that sucking on Tina's breasts was as good a way as any of keeping busy while we were waiting, and I'd finished enjoying the right one and was preparing to taste the left one when we heard the back door open.

A Group Hug...

group scruff876 2018-06-11

My heart was pounding in my chest, threatening to burst as I looked on, amazed as kelly's mouth opened wide to accept Jill's probing tongue, obviously exploring with her own in an equally desperate manner. I want to do it." She breathed deeply once or twice, then closed her eyes and said, " I go." Her hands visibly shaking, Kelly grasped the snap of her blue jeans and drew the zipper down. A tiny tear slipped from the corner of Jill's right eye as she smiled and squeezed Kelly's hand. Reluctantly pulling her mouth from Kelly's, Jill arched her back and brought her boy-like chest to waiting lips. Jill sat back a little, her hands stroking Kelly's luscious breasts, looking down at the younger girl quizzically.


South East Xavier High School Ch. 2

group Sco 2018-06-11

"Ooooooooh yeah I want it, fuck yeah." Daisy said as she ground up against Mr. Anderson's fingers. "That sounds a bit more convincing Daisy." Mr. Anderson said as he began to finger Daisy's pussy. Mrs. Holly watched as Mr. Anderson fingered Daisy's cunt. "I think the little whore wants it." Mrs. Holly commented from the couch while she spread her pussy with one hand and fingered with the next. This gave Mrs. Holly a good view of Mr. Anderson's hard cock sliding in and out of Daisy's pussy. The sight of this pretty girl getting off the other end of Mr. Anderson's fuck rod send Mrs. Holly over the edge and gave her her third orgasm of the session.

Emily's Surprise

group tiggeram 2018-06-11

Dave motions for Jared to position Emily on her knees. Dave comes over and positions his cock at her pussy. Emily tries to pull off of Jared to see what is going on but he won’t let her. Jared sees him eyeing it and tells his friend that he is ready to fuck her pussy. Dave pulls out and Jared pulls Emily up to straddle his cock. Dave continues to push and she is asking them to stop but they tell her to relax and it won’t hurt as much. Once Dave gets a rhythm going, Jared starts to move again. As one is pushing in, the other is pulling out so that Emily feels like she has a cock in her at all times.

swapping mom aon

group 2018-06-11

like other boys your age,” Rani said going back to the kitchen. “You sure are Rani,” Raj said dropping his eyes to her very “It’s cool having a hot mom,” Raj said. Raju, Raj, and Seema came to help bring in the goodies that Rani “I wish we could stay here all night,” Raj said feeling Moms tits. Rani and Raju dropped Seema and Raj off at their home. “I love you, too,” Mom said feeling the thickness of her son’s cock “Hey I, Rani,” Raj said greeting them at the door with his mother. “Hi, it’s so good to meet you,” Linda said giving Rani a hug. “You sure gave Raj a really good ride,” Raj’s mom said to his

Bound for Hawaii II

group dufussailor 2018-06-11

Apparently I wasn’t the only that noticed because Jessica leaned and started licking Monica’s pussy from my dick up to her clit. You like the taste of old man cum and pussy you little bitch!” Monica was lost in her own lust, she was beyond rocking now and was sliding up and down my giant cock. Jessica just put her head on stomach and flicked Monica’s clite every time she came close to her mouth while Monica pumped her pussy up and down on my cock. At the same time Monica’s love juice flowing over my shrinking cock and mixing with my cum and Jessica was , ready and willing to enjoy it all.

Pass Around Girl

group zimabean 2018-06-11

I told my husband he was a short, fat, married man and I fucked him after talking to him for ten minutes. Then after a bit my BFF meets a couple of guys and tells me she is going to their room and will catch up with me later. I dress and leave heading home to show my husband my cum filled cunt. We all sit and talk for a few minutes and when I see that the men are ready for another round I move on the guy that had just fucked the other woman. I tell her that I can not wait to get home to my husband and let him fuck me also.

Wife fucking best friend - Part I

group absanon 2018-06-11

Anna then surprised me yet again when she yanked Diego's hand away and put it Diego pulled back his hand in shock and looked at Diego then lost all inhibitions and slowly started to rub her tit and nipple. her hand to Diego's dick and started to rub it through his jeans. she immediately moved her hand inside my shorts and grabbed my dick had moved his hand towards Anna's legs where he caressed the inner positioned himself on his knees again so I asked Anna to hold his dick in her I told her yes, but Anna, almost inaudible said no, I want him to cum in I felt a little bit weird with the fact that Diego had

The Game Ch. 12

group Sara and Ron 2018-06-11

It was almost a year now since Ron and I had started playing our little game of fantasy exchange and in many ways I had fundamentally changed as a person. I nodded never knowing the intricate inner workings of the mail room, and must have appeared either interested or stupid because Gary seemed to brighten at the idea of teaching me what he did every day. He smiled and said, "Looks like you're gonna fuck, after all." As he pulled a blue tag out of the back of my mailbox that I had overlooked. The game was fantasy where Sara took the back seat and watched as her alter ego, Slutty Sara, do all the things her carnal mind imagined.


The Wife's First Threesome

group cuplfun 2018-06-11

He then slowly made his way between her legs and began sucking and licking her wet pussy slurping up all of her juices, I got next to her and pulled down my pants and she grabbed my cock and began sucking on it while her new lover was making her moan. My wife quickly came and went to kiss her new lover on the mouth to taste her juices and had him sit on the couch next to me. The water dripped down her body while she bent over drove me nuts, I fucked her so hard until I finally came deep in her pussy and watched as both of our juices ran down her leg and down the drain.

The Team's Cum Bucket

group Hubee 2018-06-10

Totally naked, your arse and cunt face the entrance to the dressing room, through which the team will shortly enter. The belt impacts on your arse with a loud and satisfying thwack, quickly followed by your equally satisfying screams and cries, the sounds echoing off the hard concrete walls. When he dumps his load in you he pulls out, watching some cum drip from your hole and splash on the floor. A few can't be bothered to join the queue and just stroke as the watch the last of the opposition team finish with you, making sure to spray their second loads across your face, or in your hair.

Temptation of the Seas

group Arrestedpassion 2018-06-10

As quickly as they began playing, it stopped when Jenna turned around and suggested going to the deck at the very top of the ship. Bree felt bad that she was taking most of Alex's attention and since she had just cum on his cock, she knew it was time to share. Jenna was wet and ready when Alex turned her onto her hands and knees on the bed, facing the wall. Bree milked her orgasm as long as she could and then went over to Alex, slowly kissing and licking his lips and nipples while Jenna rode him. Alex and Bree shared an oddly intimate moment when they locked eyes as Jenna continued to bounce on his cock.

Poor Paige Ch. 02

group EmoxRainbows 2018-06-10

Looks over to Paige strapped to that chair and wanting anything inside of her, like some bitch in heat. She walks over to Paige and looks straight at her cunt. I wanted so bad to fuck my woman while torturing that little slut Paige for trying to tell her what to do. "God is it good to be home." I put my shoes down and go to give my woman a welcome home hug. "So, you still want to be a cock and cunt deprived whore?!" She grabs Paige's hair and whips her over to the bed. Their thighs are smashing against each other and all I can hear is Paige's screams of pure ecstasy and my woman saying loudly, "Yeah take that cock.

we had to spank.

group rodma 2018-06-10

We went to see if the girl was ok and gave her a coat to cover up, we sat by the fire and my mate went to see if this guy was about to give him another pasteing, he came back saying he had driven off, she said all her clothes where in his car as she had wanted to walk naked and fuck in the woods. I helped her out of her clothes as I sat on a stool whilst she sucked my cock, candy started to feel ellies tits as I rubbed candys pussy.

My Bhabie & Her Lovely Sis

group anilsahotra 2018-06-10

I started complaining to my parents and at that moment Bhabhi came into the room and said to me, " Anil, you would not regret staying here" and saying this she stroked my cheek. she dropped the pallo of her red saree, started unhooking the hooks on her black blouse from the front and in no time exposed the translucent black bra that she was wearing. Her pink colored sexy petticoat, her deep navel, her flat stomach, her black bra imprisoning her milky breasts, her nipple that was clearly visible and her deep cleavage of which nothing was left hidden. My goodness, I had my tongue caught between my teeth as I looked at Bhabhi who was now wearing a yellow petticoat below her navel and a black bra.

The Birthday Girl Pt. 02

group OzEliot 2018-06-10

Although Kyle said he wanted to call it a night, I invited everyone up for beers to my place and Jamie and Ethan were quick to agree. Jamie clearly didn't see the need for any words, watching me with his devilish eyes; on the couch, Ethan looked terrified of spoiling the moment, of making me realize he was the same guy I had worked with for so long, and Kyle, well, Kyle looked caught up in some moral conflict that I probably would have joined him in, if I was thinking more clearly. I said to Ethan, while turning to look at Jamie and including him, "Are you guys going to feel weird about this?"


Sherrie Lynn at the Convention

group alparker 2018-06-10

The object of our guy talk was standing less than a foot away from Jeff with a big smile on her face like we were her best friends. With Sherrie Lynn's reputation for liking money men with status, I figured Jeff would get his chance to find out if she had a magic pussy. "Suck that big dick honey" Eric said as the woman opened her mouth and engulfed the TV pecker. Sherrie Lynn was breathing pretty heavy and her eyes were locked on Eric's fist popping over the head of his cock. Suck it bitch." Eric shouted as he put his hand on the back of her head and started fucking her face.


The Call Girl, The Lawyer, The Wife, & The Voy

group kap007 2018-06-10

The conversation to the Wendy's downtown residence was jovial, and I caught Janie looking at my legs and panties several times as we waited at traffic lights on our journey. Then without realizing it I felt Wendy take my left nipple into her mouth, and at the same time her taking my right nipple into her strong fingers. Sensing it at the same time Wendy lowered herself onto my face and I went after her clit with abandon wanting her to cum with me. As another orgasm began to build in my pussy from his fingers, I picked up the pace on the cock in my mouth, and just as I was about to explode, I buried my face all the way to the man's nuts, and I moved my finger to his anus.

When They Came Home

group LeaAnn1 2018-06-10

I stood Greg up and pulled off my shirt, grabbing his cock stroking him with one hand and cupping his balls with the other the per cum came fast. Greg hit the couch and Scott stood me up, pulled off my shorts, and pushed me over to the couch between Mark and Andy. We all had our turns, after a break to clean up a bit it started all over again with me on top of that thick black cock, Scott pumping my ass Greg and Mark taking turns spraying my throat It was truly the fuck of my life.

On The Edge Ch. 03

group Jonny_Blueline 2018-06-10

The young women decided on the plan of attack for getting their illicit sex shop booty home and the strategies they would have to employ to get parental approval on their clothing purchases. After checking to verify her mother wasn't coming, Janice instructed Ann to hide the revealing clothing, lingerie and toys in the space under the bottom drawer of her dresser while she went to show off some of her 'Mom-acceptable' purchases. "I scoped out your room and have a couple of hiding spaces that won't take too much work." Alex went on to describe how he had fabricated and installed a hidden shelf under her nightstand top for the vibrator, lube and butt plugs, and showed them the old computer tower beside her desk to hide clothes in.


Crystal Clear Ch. 09

group Romantic1 2018-06-10

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a cross-country road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim now lives with Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Tennessee. I thought the press conference at Nashville Airport that Crystal, Terry, and I were conducting had gone pretty well, at least until a young brunette woman I didn't recognize waved her hand near the middle of the pack of reporters. You might want to button up the house, even go elsewhere in case the news people figure out where you live." There was an awkward pause, and I added, "Summer, I love you."


Swap at the Butterfly Club

group oralTcmlvr 2018-06-10

As for Tom, he was hoping that Johnny wouldn't back out, he had promised They sat down and the first thing Tom laid his eyes on was a bowl of Finally, I grabbed Johnny's hand and told him we needed to dance. Tiffany watched me, as I was mauling the boy, thinking there was no way Yet when Johnny and Tiffany talked about getting one of the "I'm sorry Johnny I know you came to the club for action and here you end Meanwhile while my date and I were going at it hot and heavy, Tom Tom couldn't believe how good my hand felt wrapped around his dick as Johnny and Tiffany were just now starting to make out.

Pulse Pounding Beat

group SamStuart 2018-06-10

Mira began caressing his hard dick as they moved together still hips going in time with the music. Mira dove her hand down his blue neon shorts and stroked his cock. Ron took her hand out his shorts and let her to a dark corner where there were some cushions. Mira pushed Ron's head further into her wet pussy. The blonde smiled and licked her lips at the sight then continued to kiss her boyfriend passionately. The blonde pushed the boyfriend aside and began fingering herself in time with Mira's cock sucking action. Ron took one hand and licked the hard nipple. Mira came upon his cock; Ron shot his cum deep within her pussy walls.