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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Saga Continues Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-06-10

As Jamaal was being escorted off, the Wildcat Band played their fight song in tribute to the effort he had given this day. "And what a performance today by Jamaal Washington." said the Wildcat Radio announcer. I then turned and handed the red crowbar to Coach Marshall and said quietly in my best 'Darth Vader' voice: "Perhaps you can find new ways to motivate them." Coach Marshall nodded as he took the red crowbar. "We also have here Detective Theo Washington, who is Wildcat Sophomore Jamaal Washington's cousin." said Nick. "A long, long time." said Cindy, whose ice blue eyes were sparkling enough to light up the room all by themselves. "You boys need to understand," he said in a jovial way that reminded me of Micah Rudistan, "that the Governor's lawsuit is not going to be dropped, either."


New Neighbour Ch. 02

group smithE101 2018-06-10

Natalie took Veronica's hand in hers, comforting her, "I'll tell you what, what if I convinced Jacob to go along, it would be like a shared experience, the first time for you both, you wouldn't have to be worried about being shy then." Both Jacob and Veronica took immediate notice of the slight opening of Natalie's robe. Natalie, standing in front of the pair, had the view of Veronica's pussy; again she stepped forward, this time with her hand lowered. Natalie noticed Veronica's focused stare, like a laser beam on Jacob's chest, who could blame her she thought, he's quite the handsome fella. Veronica and Jacob had just enough time to savor the sight of Natalie's naked body, her full breasts, decorated exquisitely with pink erect nipples.


Shalini’s Gangbang in Company’s private party

group 2018-06-10

I am Mr. Naresh, Manager, (he was around 40’s with average built body and dark black eyes), this is Mr. Raj our company’s assistant manager, (this was a young man of age around 25 to 27, very tall, bit attractive and had a good physique), and finally he is Mr. David our company’s advertising section head and a well known director of ad’s (he was around 45 year old, short man bit on fattish side and almost half bald). David told me to open my mouth and started fucking my mouth, the other two were sucking my breasts and they asked me to hold their cocks in my hand which I did. Naresh told David to stop for some time and slowly started pushing his cock in my ass hole.

It Takes All Sorts

group wickedgirl06 2018-06-10

Rolling her eyes Brenda got up from the breakfast stool and poured Andy coffee in his favourite mug that had a picture of a bikini babe, who becomes naked when the hot water hits the inside. Karl showed him the number and circled it at the top of the page of the magazine that ironically happened to be a bit more pornographic, totally different to where Brenda and Kaylee get their bookings from. Just a lads night in" Karl replied with a defensive look in his deep brown eyes. "It takes allsorts of things to turn you on" Brenda sighed resting her head on Kaylee's shoulder; as they watched the friends gradually leave on the video.

The Education of Sam Continues

group gymmyt 2018-06-10

Pasha and Sherri each had a hand on his shaft and squeezed and stroked as Sam ballooned to his fully erect 11 plus inches, then each leaned forward, planting soft kisses on the respective sides of his girth. Sherri ground her hips down on his face and Sam began licking hungrily at her snatch as she moaned before laying flat on his belly in a 69 and helped Pasha suck him off. Both women were alternating between tongue kissing each other and sucking hard at his cock when simultaneously, he felt a finger probe his ass as Sherri flooded his mouth with her sweet nectar. Several hours later, Sam and Sherri kissed deeply at the door to Pasha's house, swirling their tongues together before she departed.


A Girl Called Lucy Pt. 02

group pleasurezone 2018-06-10

I didn't want to wake Eric so I'd gone straight to my room, stripped off and got into bed, lying looking up at the ceiling, grinning with self-satisfaction. 'Oh, hello ...' I said raising my gaze upward and trying not to sound too flustered 'I'm Eric's flatmate' and like a complete nob held out my hand for her to shake. The message wasn't another one from peanut-brain like I'd thought it might be and my heart actually skipped a beat when I saw it was from Lucy. My cock was already firmly back at half-mast, quickly rising to three-quarters, and the laughs from Eric's room were slowly turning into what sounded like naughty giggles.

The Bullpen Ch. 05

group Wonderstorm 2018-06-10

Jamie's ivory-white bra, at odds with her own black panties, brushed the blonde's tight pink shirt at the two women embraced, their breasts pressing against each other's. The sight of a strange blonde woman between her legs, the sight of a teenager's eyes peering in at her, and the sight of her rings carelessly tossed aside on top of her discarded blouse were all such intense images that Jamie was forced to shut her eyes and give into only her sense of touch. The heat from her body, the cold metal surface of the table against her skin, and the combined dripping wetness of her pussy and the blonde's mouth all came together at one time, and Jamie could feel the launch of the fireworks that were about to explode in her cunt.


Sabina, Sallyarin & the Gladiator

group Sexysmith76 2018-06-10

Sabina began to sense a damp patch between her legs and would gladly have let her mistress play with her nipple all day but she broke the kiss and gently pushed her away. As her mistress continued to suck, Sabina's whole body quivered at the feeling of Sallyarin's hot mouth and tongue playing with her breasts. She arched her back, her rock hard tits pointing up to the ceiling and climaxed with wave upon wave of shuddering spasms, whole body moving to the tongue lashing of her mistress, releasing juice straight in the mouth and face of Sallyarin. When her orgasm had subsided, Sallyarin slowly removed her tongue from her slave's cunt, gently kissing kissed Sabina full on the moist lips of her sex when she was all the way out.


My Little Secret

group Essexpleasure 2018-06-10

Jane said she was so turned on, that she couldn't take her eyes off them -- even though it was her son she was watching, she came several times; the way Ben and the girl had been fucking was one of her and Craig's favourite sessions, including the cum sharing. She came immediately and Ben fucked her hard.I got up and went over and kissed Ben and watched his young cock fucking Jane. He said he was going to cum so Jane and I grabbed his cock and both licked and sucked him until he exploded all over our open mouths and faces.


Staying with Friends

group BillyBobJoeEd 2018-06-10

Once we settle into a good rhythm, George moves close to Lori's face, presenting his semierect cock, dripping with a mixture of their combined juices, to her mouth. With Lori's face glowing with sexual excitement as her pussy muscles squeezed my cock and George's dick in front of my eyes, covered with pussy juice and come, I hardly know any more who I am or what I wanted. George bends down and spreads Lori's sweaty thighs and sucks on her pussy lips, drinking our juices, and then together they turn their attention to my dick, licking off the accumulated juices with eager tongues.

Best Friends for Life: Anniversary Present

group BrettJ 2018-06-10

Alex knew men could get lost in her cat-green eyes, he was glad he had Michelle, or he'd have followed Summer around like a dog in heat. Michelle squealed, Alex's sexy wife loved getting gifts. When Michelle got the box open, Alex was pleasantly surprised to find a nice bronze statue of a couple erotically joined together, but it was exquisite, in wonderful taste. Summer took her coffee, poured some cream and sweetener, Michelle added cream, sugar and sweetener – her own little peccadillo – and Alex drank his black. If you let me, I'd like to show you how beautiful you are." Summer couldn't speak, she just nodded as Michelle nuzzled her neck, Alex watching happily as his gift to her came to fruition.


Cabin Fever

group stlucialover 2018-06-10

I gently pulled him out of my mouth and whispered, "I like waking up like this." He replied, "Wait until I really wake you up!" He climbed on top of me and after sucking my nipples for a few minutes he lifted himself up and slowly entered me. Dave took his hand away and started hunting for Jenny's pussy. He ran his hands up and down Dave's chest and gently took his cock and rubbed it across his lips. Dave smiled, took Mike's head and pulled it down. I heard Dave say, "I'm going to shoot my wad into your tight ass and then I want you to pull out and come all over her tits." Mike replied, "With pleasure".

My Life Began at Retirement Ch. 01

group texasBiwriter 2018-06-10

Though fear seemed to be tightening its grip on me, the image of that huge cock was like a magnet drawing my eyes to it and when I found myself looking at it again, I glanced up at his face expecting to see his anger, but instead he smiled at me and said: I suddenly felt his cock stiffen and start to throb in my hand, a feeling I will never forget, I squeezed it a little harder and all of a sudden he shot a burst of cum about three foot across the room.


Welcome to Suburbia

group Morbid_Saint 2018-06-10

She knelt down between Ramey's legs and licked her pussy softly, then pulled her close to get closer and deeper inside of her hole. Roberta looked over at the man, and slowly walked over to him, lay on top, and grabbed hold of his cock. "Suck my pussy baby, suck it good and hard," Roberta cooed and came in his mouth, allowing his lips to taste her as the aroma filled his nostrils. She took action, and laid Ramey down on the pillow, and lay between her legs to lick her pussy, all the while lifting her ass up for the man to fuck. As she began to lick her friends pussy clean, the man slipped his cock inside Roberta's slippery pussy, and thrust deep to fill her whole.

Well... Ch. 12

group Pegleg 2018-06-10

Think how shiny it is when polished and you will realise what Mary, Ann, James, Tanya, Brian and I were looking at as we sat and watched Steve and his girlfriend Amanda glistening in front of the open fire as they made love before us. As soon as we reached the house Mary, Ann and Tanya took Amanda off upstairs and left us boys drinking downstairs. Brian was lying on his side behind Mary and was slowly moving his hips backwards and forwards as he moved in her and James and Amanda were in the same situation, both couples staring at Steve and Tanya. Tanya soon saw what was expected as Amanda spread her thighs and running her hands down her hard body pulled her pussy lips apart.


Memories and Possibilities Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-06-10

There's little about our time together she doesn't know about – after I started to remember, things often came flooding back in large blocks, like parts of my brain were suddenly turning back on after having been switched off for so long. Molly passed the toddler off to Jon and welcomed Matt and me with open arms as we walked up to them. Molly smiled at me and said softly, "I liked the kiss too." I think she blushed. Matt said in a teasing tone, "I caught the tail end of something going on between Molly and you: nice hug; nice kiss." Molly laughed and said, "We'll build a little ravaging time into the late afternoon while Coral takes her nap.


The Secluded Spot

group xxx_photos 2018-06-10

One guy came to the passenger side and watched through the open window as Rose moved her ass and sucked my cock. She watched the guys stroking their cocks telling them how good my cock felt sliding into her hot pussy. Rose started to jack another dick while another guy pushed closer to the door jacking his cock towards her face. All the guys watched her cum soaked face, as she turned to me ignoring the other cocks that were now at the side of the van. My wife came hard and pulled her mouth off of my cock and surprised me when she leaned over and sucked the guy she hand been stroking .

A First for Three

group Airagone 2018-06-10

Soon a rocky curb caught my attention as well as the rear wheel of the truck, jostling all of us, causing Kassie to plant her hand firmly on my right leg as Darla grabbed Kassie’s bare leg to keep from toppling over. Much to my wonderment I casually watched as Darla’s hand was removed from my neck and placed on Kassie’s, turning her head ever so slightly, when Darla leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. They both giggled again (it was getting a little annoying) when Kassie reached her right hand, her left never leaving my swollen pants, placed it on the back of Darla’s head and puller her face down for a long, drawn out and extremely sensuous kiss.


Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 07

group Rick_A 2018-06-10

Denise noticed a tall man named John, amble in from the private sector of the club. John thrust a finger into her pussy until it was slick with her sex juices, then he slowly pressed it into her pouting butt hole. Look at this black bitch suck tit!" His meaty hand caressed Vanessa's smooth cheek. Flick that pretty pink tongue over this cunt's stiff nipple." He leaned over to watch the older woman kneeling at the blond man's back side. When the Satyr offered the perfect tit for a fuck, Jennifer, a small, thin woman who looked like a librarian, dropped her hand to her hairless, wet vagina. "I want you to fuck this girl's tit with your snatch." Jennifer looked at the demonic man in lust glazed confusion.


A Month of Summer Sundays

group Benny024 2018-06-10

For example, before my eyes had even adjusted to the darkness, I began walking down the theater aisles. (Yes, the 'new guy' had been the entertainment for the last 15 minutes or so.) Anyway, I eventually lost the trolls in the vast theater and found a secure place in the darkness to watch the patrons' sexual activities. After my eyes I had adjusted to the darkness, I went to a far corner of the theater, which was by an exit entrance. I smiled to myself - what must they be thinking watching a nude, completely smooth, young man causally strolling up the far aisle with a semi-erect cock... From between my legs, I looked out into the vast dark theater.

Summer at Home Ch. 05

group Reindeer58 2018-06-10

"Let's shower, put on suits, white today, Jack, and head to the pool deck, Janet'll be home soon," said Virginia. Janet looked them as said "You've had sex with Jack this morning haven't you. "Elise, do me" said Virginia, "then I'll do you, Jack seems to be involved with Janet so let's not take him away, after all she was gone all morning." Elise, lay down, roll over, spread your legs a bit." said Virginia. "Don't wonder Jack", said Virginia, "we're wearing panties, stockings, and bras, remember underwear is not an option at dinner." "Would you mind if I wore stockings and a very, very short skirt, Jack?" asked Janet. Shortest skirts, stockings, heels, quarter cup bras and button blouses," said Elise.


Recollections Ch. 06

group Kaadorix 2018-06-10

We were only here at the baseball game now (Sunday afternoon) because last night, when I took Alexa out on the water in my sailboat on Lake Quivira, I casually made mention that I was a sports fan, and owned season tickets for the Royals. I was not at the point where I felt comfortable telling my nurse that after initially meeting Alexa at the little doughnut shop last Thursday, she actually accompanied Merissa - a patient of mine - in here for a medical appointment later that same day. What would Karen, who had been a nurse for close to 30 years and was very strict on doctor/patient rules and protocols, think if she knew that THIS was the place where I actually became infatuated, and fell in love with Alexa?


Early Retirement Ch. 01

group Frankly Speaking 2018-06-10

My other hand went around to her ass and pulled her in close meeting no resistance. She leaned her head back just a little looking me in the eyes and brought her hands around to pull my lips to hers. As we kissed and traded tongues, my hands moved on her breast and ass and she pushed her groin to mine grinding her pelvis into my cock. Her hands left the back of my head and she started pulling her tee shirt up. She let me by and helped me to rub my cock against her ass as she moved out of the way. She looked at me and pulled her tee shirt off and then unfastened her bra, leaned back and smiled.

Double the Excitement

group willana 2018-06-10

To escape the attention they sought the relative calm of a verandah in partial shadow, where a lounge was already occupied by a woman avidly devouring her partner's cock while a stranger unzipped her jeans and thrust his fingers between her legs. Next, Julieanna felt another mouth on her right breast and both men worked at the buttons and zip to slide her out of those tight jeans. At the same time he could see his own cock being sucked and kissed as she enjoyed the attentions of not just the two men she had power over, but the growing appreciative spectators who were now all either touching themselves or their partners as they watched her expert performance.