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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bang Bang Bangs! Pt. 02

group HairAddict67 2018-06-10

"Well I'm sure you'll get to watch plenty of movement as we continue fucking," Trixie said, her voice dripping with lust thinking about taking Joe's monster dick again. At the same time, Joe began to dowse Jenny's hair in cum as Trixie added her bangs to the sensation of hair around his cock. Laura quickly moved over and began working on Jenny's clit, wanting to be able to feel Joe's cock inside her as soon as possible. However, with Jenny and Kimmy he genuinely wanted to make sure they were having a good time and didn't feel as strong of a desire to dominate them in the same way.

Ozark Afternoon Ch. 02

group aznaked 2018-06-10

He had a slight smile on his face and said, "If my wife comes by and sees you like that you'll be sorry. Mouthing off is his second favorite thing to do," said Maggie. "He likes to play with that little thing of his while looking at the girls the thinks are his daughters." "Anyway, we beat Tina to it, I hope," said Maggie. "Looks like I got here late," she said. Not only was Tina acting to plunge my dick into her pussy, but Liz, apparently not yet satisfied, announced she wanted to sit on my face. Liz said, "I'm going to go to your house, Mom, and masturbate in front of Daddy so I don't need to get dressed." They all laughed.


E-Beth Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-10

I know, legally, consent cannot be given when someone is intoxicated; but I knew in my heart that Teddy hadn't raped me. But now that he'd found out what a complete mess I was, getting totally hammered and letting myself get screwed by a guy I barely knew at the very first opportunity, he'd realized I wasn't a "quality" girl worth any further thought. But Teddy's weak, unconfident demeanor right now wasn't doing anything to improve upon the loser geek impression I'd formed of him over the past few hours. If Teddy had been there in the morning, looking at me the same way, I might have fallen in love with him right then and there.


Paradigm Shift Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-06-10

KC did think about sex a lot; more than any person I knew, and she had successfully raised my own libido to undreamed of heights, even when I'd been a horny teenager who masturbated six times a day. I felt awed when KC told me that she loved me and wanted to be my 'forever girlfriend.' We committed to each other pretty early, and although we never talked about it, in my opinion there was a tacit agreement that we were exclusive. My sex life with KC surprised me, and I know that Don and Edie got a charge from talking about it with us. Edie also loved sex -- she told me so, and I knew from our open discussions that she and KC compared notes and recipes on the subject.



group She Needs 2018-06-10

It had gone far enough and you just weren't ready to complete the act, not ready to be in such a vulnerable situation, not ready to expose your innermost desires to whoever might come through the door any minute now. As the tongues reached the back of your knees and the mouths actually began sucking there, the feathers had found your nipples and were tickling them to a hardness they have never reached. You began to convulse in orgasm at the same time the huge cock exploded inside you. With her clit in your mouth, his cock in her pussy, the vibrator inside you and her lips around your clit, you all exploded.

A Summer in Nahl Bo

group Hecate 2018-06-10

She heard Sire Gianni whisper against her neck "Now my little beauty, I guess you would not mind being away from the dishes for a moment, right?" and as he sent shivers down her spine with these words, she could feel her skirts being raised higher as he slid his riding crop up her bare legs. As she stood bent down so Pedro could play with her rock hard nipples conveniently sitting on the chair, she felt once again the riding crop slide up the inside of her legs, lifting her skirt till her firm butt was displayed to Lord Gianni’s expert eyes.

Peggy Gets Her Way

group Twinflyer 2018-06-10

I am just starting to think of how to do this with Joel in the car when you recline your seat, and begin unbuttoning your pants. In the few seconds while you recuperate, I see that the car windows are thoroughly fogged up and Joel is trying to get his rock hard dick into your mouth. Of course, being that there is a ditch in the way causes the car to roll from one side to the other eliciting some profound remarks from Joel as his head bangs the back window and roof. You turn around to kiss Joel and as you bend over to do so, I reach between your legs to feel your sopping wet pussy. Joel, feeling left out jumps out of the tub and starts kissing your tits from the front.


The Cum Dumpster

group Rust1 2018-06-10

Dante laid flat on Deacon’s back with one arm around his neck as Dante bounced up and down on Deacon, “um fugg” Deacon muttered enjoying the dicks in him when another knock came to the door, “um… you want me to get it?” Craig offered with a giggle as he sipped on his water, Deacon still sucking on Lorenzo just nodded his head, Craig put on his underwear and headed for the door, “fuck this ass is fucking good” Dante whispered as he stopped bouncing on Deacon’s ass sliding his dick all the way inside then just barely pulling back before he stuffed it back inside, “uhh, this is Jorge” Craig said walking back in with a guy that started smiling real hard when he saw what was going on.

Honoring Reader Requests 02

group walterio 2018-06-10

In this story the Marine, stationed at Marine Barracks in Naples Italy, will reunite with his bisexual Italian friend Paolo in Capri and they will be joined by the bisexual Swedish couple he met in Rome. I knew that once Lars got a look at Paolo's ass, Lars would be dying to fuck it. I had become comfortable jerking Paolo's cock as I fucked him and I even like the feel of cum shooting through his cock. After Lars and Inga got settled in their room Paolo and I took them to dinner. When we got back to the hotel, Inga came to my room and Paolo went with Lars to his room.


Massage in Pondichery

group kvijaya508 2018-06-10

"If you'll turn around and face the other way, I'll get undressed and wrap myself in a sheet if you like," Vijaya said as she looked at me for a nod of approval. My cock was so hard at this point, anticipating Rabi's hands caressing and massaging Vijaya. Vijaya's eyes were still on his cock as his hands moved to her inner thigh, it almost looked like he grazed her ass. Vijaya did the unthinkable; she reached up with one hand, pulling down Rabi's shorts, exposing his semi-erect cock. Vijaya's lips parted as she inserted the huge head of Rabi's cock in her mouth, stretching to fit it in. "Fuck me hard," Vijaya said to Rabi as she reached for my cock.

Becca’s s****r Dances Striptease For Us

group 2018-06-10

Babs asked her if she’s tried anything else and Vicki looked at Becca before answering and then yes, she had danced for a bit just to make money. While Vicki was changing, Becca said she had no idea her s****r was a stripper and went to apologize and then I reminded her of the night a couple weeks ago with she and Babs stripped all the way on the stage and money they made. Vicki asked what we thought and Becca told her that she was incredible and that ever she was turned on and that she bet her s****r made really good money with an act like that.

Mary's Evolution: Book 07

group furryfan 2018-06-10

"I'll adjust them," Colin said, and as he held Mary's hands behind her head while fiddling with the adjustment, Johanna was pulling Mary's wavy brown hair from her shoulders so that Lloyd could wrap the leather collar around her neck. Johanna returned with a couple of things that looked like test tubes to Mary, and while the teen looked down in confusion, with Lloyd's help the older woman slipped them over her nipples and began squeezing a bulb that was attached the the tubes with thin hoses. Mary looked at Johanna in confusion, hardly noticing that Colin was moving her away from the wall and undoing her shorts, letting them fall to the floor while Mary stared at the slender woman who was now removing her shirt.


The Babysitter

group Tarzan1210 2018-06-10

Her other hand was massaging her full breast and playing with her nipple beneath her bra as she lay there enjoying the movie I had begun watching earlier. Cess resumed her position but left her legs opened slightly, allowing her best friend access to rub her bare mons. Cecelie had worked herself all the way down, taking my full length in and began to deep throat me. Her moans grew more audible while she slurped hungrily on my cock while Tori rapidly rubbed Cess' clit. Tori had moved to the edge of the bed and was fingering her little love box while watching my thick dick slide in and out of her best friend.

My Freshman Year Ch. 01

group Mrs_Jones 2018-06-10

Our president, Deb introduced the coach and he got up and asked us if we were excited about the team going all the way to a perfect season this year and we started cheering. He said that as part of being the head coach he has to inspire and motivate the team before the game and half time in the locker room with one of his famous pep talks. He inspired us to give ourselves to the team completely, cause we have so much to give the guys like motivation, inspiration, energy, strength, support, love, stamina, confidence and spirit which is all necessary to make the team mentally prepared for the challenge ahead of us, and take us to a perfect season.


Best of Friends Ch. 04

group newwitch07 2018-06-10

Slowly Debbie works her lips over Lorrie's back light touches like feathers over her skin, creamy white touched here and there with light splotches of freckles. She teases working her way forward to Lorrie's clit, protruding out there like a little cock, as if it is waiting for her tongue to lick, suck and nibble at it. Her tongue licking slowly along the outer lips of Lorrie's pussy, one then the other working her way to the clit, Lorrie spreads her legs wider, reaching for Debbie's head trying to push her closer, deeper. Lorrie ached for release, reaching between her and Debbie sliding her hand to her pussy, she could feel how wet she was, as her finger barely brushed her clit it sent a tremor throughout her body.

How It's Done

group bobcox69 2018-06-10

"Don't worry about it Cat," Jade said, eyeing Tori's back. A current of pleasure shot down Tori's spine, lifting her body off the camping bed except where it was anchored by Jade's hands at one end and Cat's mouth at the other. Before she over-thought it, Tori was sitting up in the middle of them, grabbing Cat's face and replacing Jade's lips with her own, inexplicably wanting to be a part of their sinful, little exchange. "I can think of a way," Jade said, giving Tori a look that was pure evil if it was also purely sexy at the same time. "We found ways to entertain ourselves," Jade told him, and Cat hid her giggles behind the cards in her hand.

All in a Day's Work

group boxhunter 2018-06-10

My eyes locked to the sight of Alex's mouth stretched wide open by what I presumed was Billy's simply jaw dropping erection. Billy's eyes looked like dinner plates as I alternated between fingering my soaked pussy and spreading my juices liberally over my outer lips and clit. As I became used to the feeling of Alex tongue fucking me as deeply as she could, Billy's hand grasped the top of my head and turned it to face him and his massive hard on. Billy held my head tight and stuffed his cock deep into my mouth as Alex's tongue lashed my clit savagely causing me to lose control. Billy's cock was pushed deep into my mouth again as Alex sucked on my neck like a teenage make out session.


Kissing The Bride: Rehearsal 01

group sirhugs 2018-06-10

"Okay, Ruth, just don't you disappear with Melody Ann. The thought of you having sneaky sex with a bridesmaid might make my balls explode if I can't cum." Despite my recent orgasm, thinking of all the fuckable women at the rehearsal expedited my recovery. "Just watching your Mom's ass squirming under Jeff's slaps makes me all wet." Melody Ann ran a finger through her pussy lips, and then licked it in slow motion, showing off for Kimmy, and also making fresh eye contact with me in the mirror. Melody Ann grinned goofily when she finished with Ruth, her own chin now glistening with a mix of saliva and sperm." Sure you won't do for me what I did for your Mom, Kimmy?"


Jenn and Lauren

group wakedad8 2018-06-10

Jenn plopped down on the spacious sun pad, and Little Lauren sat in the corner of the bench seat. "Well" said Jenn, "seems to me like things are lookin pretty good right now, huh Lauren?" She gave Lauren a wink and a nod to look towards my rock hard cock. Eventually, Little Lauren began to really play with Jenns full boobs, which looked huge compared to Laurens small hands. When Jenn would lean her head back, it was right up against Little Laurens pussy. I broke my kiss with Little Lauren, and dropped back to my knees and between Jenns wide spread legs. I grabbed one of Jenns curvy hips with one hand and my cock with the other and aimed my tool right at her pussy slit.


Train Gang Bang

group JamesDMoriarty 2018-06-10

This goes on, of you sucking each cock, two men licking and massaging your breasts and myself with you sitting on my bulge and me pushing my fingers in. Your nipples are hard and you have noticed both men who had been licking your breasts and nipples had taken their own cocks out and pushed them against your nipples, exciting you even more. You know just from licking the cock inside your mouth and gagging for air, you will soon have the most orgasmic feeling of three large cocks inside of you cum at the same time. You feel your asshole and pussy explode with cum and your mouth filled with cum, that the man pulls out and cums on your face, hair and tits.

A Good Time at the Beach

group Chatomana 2018-06-10

After some small talk, Julie stated that they had to head back to their hotel room, she was meeting a friend for dinner. A soft pair of hands turned my head as I found myself kissing Julie on the lips. She turns her attention back to me and we began to kiss again as I feel Julie pumping my hardening member with her hands. I began to feel a little uneasy when I saw that Julie and Cindy, both had two gold rings on the same fingers. Julie stated, “Chuck and I are legally married, but we wanted Cindy in our lives, so the rings on our right hands, show that we belong and will remain faithful to her”.

Dinner and Dessert

group celtic_lass 2018-06-10

All the time I was being caressed and fucked and again I was reaching the stage of orgasm again, he was throbbing deep inside me, and my moans began to get louder, I climaxed with a passion and so did he, as pumped me harder and harder, he released all his hot cum inside of me, when they both had finished they stopped, and left me there tied and blind, after a short while they untied me and removed the blind fold, they were both dressed and they were both sat at the table as I sat up, they handed my dress, I slipped off the table and put my dress back on, I smiled and asked if they liked the desert, they both smiled and nodded yes, I don’t know which one did what, but it was amazing, and we all were full up.

Hell Week

group itzlmtntry md watson 2018-06-10

Danny pushed her cunt down on him hard taking him all at once, making John moan "mmmmmmm" as he thrust into her while sucking Sally's pussy, Sally moaned and told John "come on sugah, suck my clit..fuck my peach with ya tongue baby." John lapped her soaking cunt while her juices dripped onto his face, he could still feel Lena working his nuts. Sally could feel her clit swell and started to moan " I'm getting close honey, oooooh your gonna make me cum in your mouth baby, drink my juices" John moaned out loud not being able to talk but knowing his balls needed to release this hot jizz deep into Danny's tight cunt.


Caravan of Lust

group Mag58 2018-06-10

"Have you got any of that stuff left that I didn't smell earlier?" I asked Khalid as I pinned Jonny to the wall as a teacher from Jesmond led a whimpering boy away claiming that Jonny was 'going to kill him'. The boys were all grinning and had twinkles in their eyes as they continued asking me about my sex life and confessed to all sorts of things that they'd been getting up to with the girls at school who I'd previously thought relatively innocent! It hadn't dawned on me that the boys and I had probably used every other word in the dictionary during our sexy chat but at this moment in time it wasn't a vagina or a pussy between my legs it was a CUNT a hot and horny CUNT that needed a good tonguing.