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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 24

group wolfdragon76 2018-06-09

I guess it makes sense that he want to make sure you are all safe when you play around," she replied as we followed Marcello through the door. I was enjoying her tongue and her constant moaning against my lips when I felt Marcello's hand start stroking my shoulders. Maybe you should curl up behind your favorite pregnant lady and stroke her belly for a while, but remember how much you enjoyed having your cock in her mouth the next time you have a craving for pork." "I do want to know if you're just going to watch now, or if you would like so shift around so I can taste you again."


A Careless Mistake...

group d4david 2018-06-09

I slowly raised my hands to the eleven and two o'clock position, he slid his cock head up my butt crack through the soap and quickly found my puckering bung hole. My assailant looked at them and back at me, he stepped away from me and motioning with his hands he said 'you guys want to fuck some good tight ass. He laughed as the first of the four brutes took hold of my wrist and said 'you wanted a good fuck. I was back in the corner of the shower when two of them came over and said 'your choice, suck us off till we come or turn over and get fucked again'.

A Promise

group racergirl014 2018-06-09

"I always keep my promises to you babe." Jill said as she leaned over, placed her hand on his thigh, caressing it and kissed his cheek. "I want to watch you please my women." Matt said as he slapped Jill's ass, then leaned in and kissed her passionately. "Oh baby, you're going to make me cum and I'm not ready yet." Matt said as he pulled his cock from Jill's mouth. She moaned as he began to thrust, and once she was used to him, she nodded at Matt, as she slowly worked his hard cock into her wet pussy, and she just about passed out at the pleasure they were giving her.

The Army Buddy Ch. 4

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-06-09

The couple told him of their marriage, of all the good years, and how they wanted to experience things while they still could, but without the emotional pain affairs could bring. "An alternate lifestyle seemed like just the thing," Prew told him, "To share others together, to enjoy each other's pleasure. Erica leaned forward, a cock glistening from her pussy, and told him. Erica increased the tempo of her rocking until her husband could take no more and began to fill her vagina with his hot seed. Prew slipped out and somehow away from Erica as she rose up, forcing her buttocks down onto his own shaft. Erica went back to all fours and ground herself against him, her soft buttocks pressing into his abdomen as he drove his shaft deep.


Rents Past Due

group johnny49r 2018-06-09

John and Salina removed their clothing and laid next to each other in the freshly made hotel bed. Salina heard Bill's voice in the dim room, “Salina, lick John's beautiful cock.” He began moaning as Salina's tongue circled the head of his erect cock. Salina's head was laying on John's belly, toying with his flaccid cock, a few drops of watery post ejaculate fluid dripping on his stomach. He positioned himself on the other side of the bed so his head was resting on the opposite side of Salina next to John's cock. Salina began kissing John and rubbing his nipples which he loved during sex. Salina noticed this and said, “John, I want to see you suck Bill's cock.”

Like Mother, Like s****r. Part II

group YeahBoy666 2018-06-09

After me and mom finished blowing James and Taye, we had to walk straight into the ladies room to wipe off all of the cum in our hair and faces. Mom is grinding her ass all over Taye's cock like a teenage girl. As soon as we get to my place, mom enters my room with Taye and instantly gets on my bed. I start blowing James's BBC, horse cock . She is jerking his fat, big hard cock with such speed as her mouth goes in and out of his BBC. The wall, James muscle bound arms, and his black cock "grabbing" my pussy are the only things that are making sure I don't fall.

Fantasy Park Pt. 1

group tyzillz 2018-06-09

From the corner of my left eye I see a man walk out from around a car and, that sense of dread that washes over you when you know something is seriously wrong hits me like a Mac truck. Still from the corner of my left eye I see the man who walked from around the parked car start running too, and the footsteps behind me turn into loud boots slamming against the asphalt and from the sound of the way they run it seems to be another man. All doubt has left my mind that these men just happen to be walking this way at the same time in the middle of the night!

A Beautiful Wife's First DP

group jasonluvsit8 2018-06-09

Just looking at her got me so hot I could hardly stand it, and Bart's mouth fell completely open, while he checked out her gorgeous tits, showing so clearly with her nipples standing totally erect, her long, gorgeous legs, which you could see clearly through her short and thin skirt, which was so thin that he and I could even clearly see her clean shaven pussy, and her sweet juices flowing down her legs. In fact, Maria's largest gangbang was as the "entertainment" at Bart's batchelor party with 9 other cocks, plus myself, of course, mounting my hot sweet lady.

For You

group natashaxio 2018-06-09

At your guidance, Jessica inserts her fingers into her wet cunt and she and I both greedily lick the juices from her fingers. You taste Jessica's cunt on my mouth and take my bottom lip between your teeth. Jessica watches and dreamily rubs her swollen cunt as I worship your cock, lovingly tracing circles around it before I take it down my throat. I love it so much that I can barely breath but soon I feel Jessica's face next to mine and know that I must share you. There is no feeling I love more than being filled by your cock and I gasp and moan with pleasure with you inside me..


group 2018-06-09

She pulled his head to her tit and let him suck as she fucked his big long cock till she felt his cum fill her hole. She then faced them to each other and took their cocks in her hand and rubbed the tips against each other till she felt the cocks begin to get hard and cum began to leak. Lee was loving stroking the monster cock and was jerking it harder and holding it tighter as he slid his hand up and down as Jane sucked the head and squeezed his balls. Jo rubbed Lee's cock a long time before he really began to jerk him hard making him cum in Jane's mouth.


Megan Brings a Girlfriend

group EmmisDos 2018-06-09

At one point Sam got up and looked over my shoulder at the display screen on the camera and told Megan how sexy she looked. After a few minutes Sam told Megan, "I think it's time for you to take your bra off girl." As I checked the camera and got into position for the big kissing scene Megan, still naked, sat up on the side of the bed with her legs apart. I watched intently, shooting pictures as Megan slipped first one and then two fingers over Sam's downy reddish-blonde pubic hair, between the labia and, eventually knuckle deep into her vagina.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 31

group riverboy 2018-06-09

I see some more guests arriving, so I'll catch up with you later." He took Lindsey's hand, kissed the back of it, his dark eyes burned into hers, and he turned and made his way back to the foyer, his perfectly tailored pants caressing his trim, muscular ass. Carlos had a massive dock with a big cigarette boat up on a hoist at the end of it, and after a walk out to check it out and look at the evening sky we made our way back to the pool, which was noisier and much more naked than before. Marta stayed with Lindsey to keep her company, and I was pulled as if by a magnet to the woman, a beautiful smile breaking out on her face as I got closer.

Winner Takes All Ch. 02

group PeekShow 2018-06-09

Now, besides the winner being the next to control me: the guys and I established a safe word, 'timeout,' so that if things got too intense for me I would be able let them know; as the prize, I wasn't playing, so I could cum to my heart's desire; and finally, another perk to being the winner was he would be able to blow his load inside me. "Good girl," Lyle said again, slipping out of me to let Joey have his go. Joey and Lyle took turns fucking my brains out and making me cum. "Who would have thought..."Conner began but couldn't finish the sentence as he watched Joey crawl between my legs the last time for the night.


Tossing the Caber

group elainepwl 2018-06-09

He loved watching her breasts move under her hands as she rubbed them, and Robert was so excited by the erotic show Elaine was putting on just a couple of feet from him, that couldn't help himself, and he cupped his now steel-hard penis through his pants, squeezing it. Robert nodded, his cock, red from his blow job, looked from Elaine, naked except for her panties, stockings and heels, to his mate, Mikey, his hands cupping his obvious erection. Robert looked on in wonder as his friend began to pump in and out of Ellen faster and faster, they bodies slapping together, Mikey's ass opening and clenching each time he pulled back and shoved in.


Friend Day Ch. 01

group dirkjammer 2018-06-09

I smiled back and said, "No problem." I knew this was an obvious reference to my various glances her way through the years, and I got a little chill because she obviously didn't mind me staring. I was getting tired of resisting, so I put up my last effort in fighting it, "I don't believe that he's totally okay with us screwin' around while he's at work, and even if I did, you want to do it right here at the track, in broad daylight?!?!" I looked around to emphasize that we were in a very public, wide open place, with a state highway just yards away in plain view of the truck.

Our Little Student

group ArdentHemingway 2018-06-09

Anna took my cock in her mouth and licked me clean then lowered her mouth to my wife's pussy and the women enjoyed a session of 69. Once dinner was done, my wife and I cleared the dishes and returned to find Anna stroking Bob's cock while he played with her delightful little tits. Carol continued to lube Bob's cock with her tongue as Anna settled and was soon also licking her pussy. Once she was fully impaled on Bob's cock, with him fondling her tits and Carol still sucking her clit, Anna erupted in orgasm, crying out and shaking violently as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

Pool Payments Ch. 12

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-06-09

After lunch, Greg and I made a 'Beth' sandwich, with my dear loving wife helping to lube me up and slide me into her best friend's ridiculously tight butt-hole. After several minutes of plowing her, as we had my wife, we changed positions, Beth sitting on my cock and lying back on my chest, while Greg pounded her pussy from above. It felt great to be inside of her, and I was able to rest, holding her and playing with her tits, while her tight little ass clutched my cock spasmodically. That got Traci's attention, and she scrambled down the bed, grabbing Greg's cock and pulling it out of Beth.

A Tale of two kitties

group biff52 2018-06-09

Anyway...This wasn't the first time we had had Kelly over, or gone out with her with great plans, and as usual, we ended up doing more drinking than anything else, and somehow the movie never got started. The girls were laughing and talking about Kelly's ex, so I went upstairs, rinsed off in the shower, and lay in bed. I suppose I did drift off a little because I came too at one point to the familiar sounds of my wife in the throws of passion...but I wasn't there, and she wouldn't invite a man over without me I crept downstairs. So in the glowing blue light it took a second for me to realize what I was looking at....My wife on her back on our couch, and Kelly's face and fingers buried deep into her pussy.

Carol tells a story....4

group BellDonn 2018-06-09

I leaned forward and licked and bit at Deanna's hard nipples as I rode Josh faster, I watched Belldonn run his finger over Deanna's dripping cunt, then pull it out of my site, within seconds I felt Belldonn’s finger sliding around my tight asshole, barely circling it. I felt Belldonn start to pull away and I said, "No, don't stop Belldonn; I want you to fuck my ass please." Deanna looked up at me half stunned; she knew I'd only given my ass to my husband. I moaned wildly as I sucked on Deanna's clit and fucked her with my fingers harder, at the same time Josh and Belldonn thrust deep and hard into my holes, making me gasp as they came inside me.

Bi-Birthday Fantasy

group bimyselfz 2018-06-09

Feeling me eating Mike's cum from her pussy pushes Wendy over the edge and she starts her orgasm. When he says he is ready to cum, she starts encouraging him and grabs his cock and starts jacking him off into my mouth. He says that he isn't gay or bi, and only comes to this party to look after Diane, who gets so turned on watching guys. She climbs over me and sits her pussy down on my face and takes my place sucking on Jack's huge cock. But as I'm basically being double teamed by this great couple, Wendy leans over and tells me that I'm not going to get another cum shot from Mike.

Baggage Claim

group EmmaWatsonNude 2018-06-09

Amanda stopped short of touching Angie's lips, so the girl on the couch put her hand behind Amanda's head and pulled her closer. Watching two women have sex is about as good as it gets," Tom said, squeezing Amanda's nipples and feeling her body stiffen. Amanda wasn't secure enough to head straight for Angie's pussy, so she kissed all around the area, amazed by the delightfully soft, smooth skin of the girl's body. Tom waited patiently for Amanda's tongue and lips to settle into their place between Angie's legs. Whether resigned to her fate or too engrossed in eating Angie, Amanda did not challenge the fact Tom's cock was sitting at the entrance to her cunt. Tom waited until the girl was done, pulled out of Amanda, and said, "Turn around."


Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 04

group oldhippie1949 2018-06-09

Sheila took my hand and placed it on Jack's scrotum. Cheryl, on the other hand, was not more than a foot or so from my face watching me work on Jack. I lay on my back with my cock standing hard, proud and tall like the little soldier he is; my face was, you might say, seed-covered. There was moaning to my left and we began to watch as Sheila went down on Jill. Cheryl's palms now cradled my testicles as Jack pulled my cock between his lips. Jack was sucking me in deep strokes as Cheryl and Jill trailed along the sides. The others lay at my side except Cheryl, who was pushing her ass into Sheila's groin.

The Chess Club Pt. 02

group taylorsam 2018-06-09

Now tell me all about what happened." Jim and Tony told me all about how the debate contest went and how they not just won but defeated Mr. Ellis' favored students. I didn't want Tony to feel bad, but I couldn't wait to get Jim's cock inside me. I looked up at Jim whose big cock was inches from my mouth, "That's it Tony, push it all the way in. MMM, now start moving it in and out." I kissed Jim's cock while Tony was grinding his dick into my pussy. I tried sucking his dick, but Jim repeatedly slamming his cock into my pussy made it difficult to keep Tony's dick in my mouth.

Sasha and Tami

group Maxteg 2018-06-09

As Ken walks away, I decide to slide a little a closer to Tami. We both knew what we want, I sliped my hand along her inner thigh under that sexy red dress of hers. She puts her hand on Kens inner thigh. I slide my hand a little further up her dress and give her smooth thigh a nice grab. Tami takes her arm off my collar bone and starts to rub the back of my neck. As I start rubbing her clit she starts kissing down my neck and giving it little bites. While i'm teasing her pussy she slides her hand up Kens leg so she can feel his cock begging to be released.