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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

After a Party

group kittinymph 2018-06-09

As soon as the door closed Dan got on the bed and gave me a big hug and kiss. Suddenly in one fast move, Dan was on top of me lining up his hard cock at then entrance of my cum filled hole. "I just can't believe how good it feels to be inside you." Dan began moving hips really slow, and soon after he was hard again. The idea that I was lubricated with the cum of three different guys as Dan fucked me drove me wild. Each time he would go on about hot it had been watching me fuck his friends and how good it had felt to fuck me after they had cum inside me.

Lonely Programmer Pt. 05

group Thintri 2018-06-09

His house is alive." Sawyer said to Nikki and Jenn. Sawyer and Jenn in bikinis and Rory and Nikki in tankinis and boy shorts. "They need to take our second statements about last night." I said, handing Rory and Sawyer towels. Sawyer stepped right out of the tub and took the towel and slowly wrapped it around her as she sashayed towards Tripper. Nikki and JoJo were still canoodling and Jenn was still going at it with Dottie while the interviews were being held. Sawyer was playing with Tripper's shirt buttons and Rory had a strong hand pressed against her back as she stroked Mitch's taught stomach. I had also moved another lounge over to Rory and Mitch and shared it with Nikki and JoJo.


Moving On Up

group WildaRaven 2018-06-09

My cunt was spurting my life juices on Karen's face and in her mouth but I was thinking go that wonderful cock I had sucked yesterday. Linda don't like to suck cock so I will take care of that for her and maybe some time later Linda will lick my cunt to get her share of male cum. The only thing was I did not know if she was gong for Wayne and his lovely black cock or Karen and her full lips and a mouth that was so very kissable. Linda was between Tony and Tom. I know both of these guys and they would be sure to know Linda loves her ass fucked and also enjoys two cocks in her that the same time.


Andie, Charley, Chaise, Landra

group Stephen7Redo 2018-06-09

I felt my eyes bug out at this gorgeous creature as she lay on the carpet just inside my hotel room, her legs splayed wide open in a pair of very, very short cutoff jeans and still holding the beer bottle upright in her left hand. "Girl still hasn't learned to hold her beer." Andie commented and I looked at her in time to see her lift her arm to brush back her long brunette hair. "Of course, doesn't every woman?" Andie asked, as she turned and wiggled her amazingly tight round ass at me, before she walked away a couple of steps and looked over her shoulder to make sure I was still watching.


My First and, so far, only Orgy

group JennaBabyXXX 2018-06-09

(austin actually has an account on here cuz of me, young_big_dick) anyway, we were drinking a little, jake and sophie started kissing, alex and nicole were kissing, so austin and i started kissing, then next thing ya know nicole sophie and I were on our knees with each of our guys cocks in our mouths. then we all got our pussies eaten and then sophie and i started making out with eachother and then i started fucking austin (great fuck, huge cock) alex started fucking nicole, and sophie and jake started fucking, eventually it got to ass fucking for me and sophie.

Long Over Due, Sexual Surprise

group KawGuy 2018-06-09

Wearing a towel wrapped around her body, she introduced herself as Nicole, and said; "I'm a good friend of Clyde's." I held up the palms of my hands, speechless, but I was trying to say that I was sorry for barging in on them that way. The palms of my hands grabbed Nicole's ass checks and pulled her pussy closer to my cock. Kellie lay still watching, until her hand moved to her pussy. When my hands reached Nicole's crotch, I felt Kellie's face and hair. Kellie was lapping away at Nicole's cunt, with my cock still inside. Kellie's eyes looked into mine, as she took a big lick of the pussy I had been fucking.

Two on One

group ImpossibleFind 2018-06-09

I was walking and talking with a good looking girl. A bunch of great looking models came out on the strip, the music played, and they walked, strutted and danced. He will never tell you No. When I told him about wanting to try a girl he got excited. She looked at your cock through your shorts and her eyes widened as she realized I was not exaggerating about your size. You said Oh Ya. Both Candy and I came over to your cock. We both sucked on your cock while she lay her tits on your leg. With both of us sucking you, you tasting me and feeling Candy’s hot, wet crotch in your knee, you came.

Sharon's Third Taste

group Moonlight_33 2018-06-09

Sharon moaned loudly at the feel of the object invading her tight ass hole, her body wanting to reject the intrusion, but slowly the muscles relaxed, allowing Tina to push it in a little further. Climbing onto the bed, Mark pushed Sharon down beneath him, kissing her hard and tasting Tina's sweet cum on her lips. She could feel Mark's attention to her pussy changing, feel the strawberries being pushed inside her hot love hole and his tongue diving in to retrieve them As Sharon sucked and slurped on her friends juicy pleasures, Mark began pounding into her from behind, thrusting hard and deep with a need all of his own, but one he knew would please her greatly.

Lizzie wants to try swinging

group scottish-couple 2018-06-09

"Mike I want to try swinging!" My sweet wife Lizzie said while we were sharing breakfast one day before work "Oh you just want to see Amanda naked and in your lap, I know you!" Lizzie said. Darlinggg, guess what we are doing Friday night?" Liz said as she came into the living room. "I've wanted to see his cock of yours Mike." She said. The night became a blur after a bit But I came away with a sweet memory of Marissa hot little cunt sucking my cock in deep And I loved how her pert nipples felt in my mouth as I sucked them while fucking her.

Toy Test

group blklthrjkt 2018-06-09

That's when Jim pressed the other button on the key chain and two small motors began rotating slowly inside the sheath making the walls contract up and down the length of the tube. "Aw damn Jim, " Sam said, "this fucking thing is having an orgasm! "Well the instructions say you can heat it up with warm water first, but I forgot, you'll get it hot soon enough, your cock looks pretty warm all by itself." Jim reached for the key chain control. Jim was stroking his hard cock and looking in the bag for another toy. I opened my eyes, and looked up at Jim towering above us, stroking his hard cock directly over our faces.

The Attic Room

group TheScribblingDemon 2018-06-09

At her happy cry, Sam's eyes flew open as her realised just what was happening, but I touched a finger to my lips to indicate that he should remain quiet, and turned my attention to sliding Carol's dress and knickers over her hips and down to the floor. Carol looked up at Sam and she sucked on him, working his balls and the base of his cock with her hand, her other hand buried between her own legs, holding his gaze so that he couldn't look away. Carol's murmurs became incoherent as my balls came to rest against Sam's and I had to guide her by gently pushing in her buttocks, so that she could ride the cocks that so firmly impaled her.

red high heels

group 2018-06-09

two weeks later i sat reclining on a new leather chair with a cup of tea in my hand and wearing a pink basque and stockings and suspenders and red high heels. 'no thanks i'm stuffed'.what was i doing here and how did i get talked in to this,as i looked around the room an assortment of men wearing womens under garments sat around the room,laughing,chatting.jim sat with as smile on his face while smoking a pipe and sporting a pair of french knickers and bikini top. 'well after our chat we get down to some business if you know what i mean'.jim tipped me a wink and gave me a look a fat bird would give to a big bit of cake. 'up the stairs on the left but you look fresh enough allready'jim said exhaling smoke from his lipstick covered lips.

The Sales Office Ch. 02

group timelord1963 2018-06-09

Grace said "I guess I will go rearrange my schedule." "I want to get married and have kids some day and Elie reaching in and tying my tubes the hard way will put a crimp in that plan." You may also need to discipline some maggot all night." "You two, at least for the start will be a team, with Di as the Mistress and Grace as the sub." "From time to time you will be split up for private training." "I will get weekly updates." "There are also immediate flash reports for bad behavior." "I will not get any of those for you two, is that clear?"


I Became their Sex Slave

group JayKaye69 2018-06-09

My wife only worked three days a week and things weren't good between us - we only fucked two or three times a month and the sex was routine. My cock will get hard again fairly quickly, if you will wait I can fuck you a second time without cumming, for as long as you want." I moved over and let my cock be sucked, pulling out of the woman's mouth just in time. When one of them came out, two men stripped her of her wet things, laid her down beside the pool and she enthusiastically let them fuck her, one after the other, while a group stood round her and watched.


A Journal of Truth Ch. 11

group Dlicious_49 2018-06-09

"Well, let's not disappoint them this weekend," Sue said, cupping one of my breasts with her hand and lowering her mouth, flicking her tongue quickly over my hard nipple. When Ken could no longer contain his climax, he exploded with a loud grunt, sending a torrent of his cum into Sue's mouth and when that was full, onto her face and chin, her hand pumping fast on his cock, draining him quickly. Moving to sit between Ken and Sue, I lowered my head to hers, kissing, licking, sucking my husband's cum from my lover's face. "When you're ready, stud, I want to feel that cock inside of me, okay?," Sue said to Ken, returning her face between my legs, afterwards.

If I Knew Then... Ch. 08

group MVPrimetime 2018-06-08

I adored Jill's light brown hair, pale skin and flashing green eyes, her cheeks and lips red with desire, her small pink nipples hard and darkened with hot blood, her long thin limbs, round bottom and breasts, delicate fingers and toes, smooth flat stomach and muscular back. But better yet, there beneath her was Jill, naked, pale skin and light brown bush, pink folds of wet pussy, smooth thighs parting at my touch, legs lifting, pussy tilting up to meet my cock as I leaned forward, sliding in smoothly, Penny's slippery juices mixing with her own, taking me all the way into her tight and soon pulsing passage. As she relaxed and went soft and lay with eyes closed and lips parted, breathing deeply, I kissed her and stroked her, and kissed Penny, and said "Isn't she beautiful when she comes?"


Kat's Cruise Ch. 03

group Merry_Mack 2018-06-08

If we can get this reset in time, I believe a full recovery is possible." Dr. Brown looked at Jonathan and continued, "you are a very lucky young man!" The doctor was intently staring into Jonathan's mouth, but Kat closed her eyes and began to run her hands up and down her sides, occasionally cupping her breasts. Any self respecting male's attention would have been completely consumed by the exotic yellow, orange, and white boat, however Clayton and Jonathan both had their attention squarely focused on Kat, who was standing at the bow of the racing vessel holding a coiled rope in her hands.



group DVS101 2018-06-08

Laura Jean guided me to the open recliner and sat me in it, going to her knees and wrapping her mouth around my cock, getting it nice and hard again. "I'm glad you are here Dan." I looked down at Laura Jean fucking my cock and nodded my head. Sydney reached down to the base of my hard pole and held it firm for a second as Laura Jean quickened her pace driving herself down on my cock and erupting in a huge orgasm. I grasped her hips and started to fuck her hard and deep, hearing her moans come from around Jerry's cock. The others were paired as follows: Randy with Darcy, Jerry with Traci, Jim with Roxanne, Chris with Sandy, Kevin with Paula, and finally Tim with his wife Sydney.


Filling Hope

group Frankly Speaking 2018-06-08

After a second, Hope started to lick his cock as he fucked Stella deeply and slowly. The three of them moved into orgasms together with Paul slamming his hips against Stella's ass cheeks and the girls grinding their cunts into each others' mouths. When we pulled out, I fed Hope my cock straight from her ass and Stella sucked Paul clean. Then she moved to Hope and started to lick cum from her cunt and ass. We continued to fuck her holes as hard as we could and Stella moved beside us and started spanking her ass cheeks with every out stroke by Paul. Paul yelled that he was cumming and I let my load loose in Hope's cunt as his went into her bowels.

Richard and Julia Ch. 02

group usemyhole 2018-06-08

After only a few minutes of lazy half-awake thrusting he came, letting out a long sigh as his cock pumped jet after jet of cum into Julia's bowels. After about 30 seconds of hard thrusting, Richard grunted in pleasure and came, coating Julia's insides in sperm. It started thrusting into her mouth as it hardened, and she heard Richard say, "Don't hold back, she loves being throat-fucked." Julia heard a squishing sound as the man lubed up his hard cock with a squirt from a nearby bottle, then a blunt cock head pressed at her ass. The constant fucking was beginning to overwhelm Julia; new cocks were constantly in and out of her, and there was so much cum dripping out of her cunt it felt like she was peeing.

Their Cock Whore

group RDeLajour 2018-06-08

She was about to live out one of her favorite fantasies: sucking off five guys, maybe fucking one with her eager mouth while she eagerly stroked two cocks and the other two guys avidly watched and touched themselves, patiently waiting for their turn. Those words just turned on Adrianna even more; when she slipped him out of her throat, she moaned as her gaze lingered on the sexy, sinful sight of Aiden's cock covered in her slick spit. She felt like she was going crazy with lust as two of them approached her face, stroking their thick, long cocks while the other two stood by her.

A Trip to the Movies

group rooster34 2018-06-08

Marie said "Jim is bisexual and we want you to join us in a 3 way." Dave started to back out at this point but his hard cock told him he should stay. Jim said "hell yea, I want to fuck you good!!" Marie had Dave to get on all fours and she began to ream his ass with her tongue and fingered it to loosen it up some more. Dave was watching her and feeling his ass being fucked so good, he was stroking his own cock and he heard himself say " I want you to cum in my ass." Jim said he was close, Dave was also.

Austrian rambling

group jjonny78 2018-06-08

After dinner we returned to the bar and I inroduced Sara to young lady called Jane that I had talked to during my walk. The next day proved to be a warm one and so it was decided to cut the walk a little short which ment we had somee time at a bar whilst waiting for the bus back. That evening was rather like the previous, the main difference was thta I got left with both Jane and Andy while Sara flirted with John and his mates. Our group consited of John, his three mates another couple of mature gennts who had come together and the walking leader who was also a bit on the mature side.


Tom Billionaire Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-08

Recently released photos of the Kwongs out about town reveal how intimately involved Miss Sharpley was with the family, for example *here* as the children played in Central Park and *here* as Taylor and Ashlyn shopped on Park Avenue with their babies. In a theft that by far has topped the record of one billion dollars removed from the Central Bank of Baghdad, reports indicate that over *four* billion dollars were liquidated from more than a dozen escrow accounts held in trust by Jonathan Kwong Enterprises. Cassandra had tried to re-start my neck rub several times, but I just batted her hands away and insisted, "I'm fine." She then went around to the other side of the desk. I was happy for the company, especially at a time like this." Ashlyn grimaced, remembering my previous outburst when she'd questioned our financial stability.