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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun at the Mud Festival

group flowerGRL94 2018-06-08

As the crowd shifted he moved closer to me; my curiosity got the better of me and I took a good long look at his body. "From the time I first saw you in the train I knew that you are like my older daughter, thats why I didn't ask you to join us. All you need is a bath and a good drink and you will back in business!" Tiffany said, giving me a cold beer. For a while I kept thinking that I am fucking a man that is the husband of a woman I knew and liked, but her husbands cock worked my pussy so well. I left my room and after a nice bath I went looking to find some cold water to drink.


Trip to Charleston

group 2018-06-08

I do love having the first taste sucking a cock with pre-cum, gets one going. A man, probably around 25(I was 37 at the time) asked me if I would like to go to his van in the parking lot and talk with him and his girlfriend, WOW, new one. Her date just lubed his big dick, asked me if it hurt and started to penetrate my shemale pussy. She finally said FUCK Me. I did my best, I am sure my cock was not the size of her boyfriends and I did apologize a couple of times. Everything was going great, lot of noises, verbal, dick in and out noises, my shemale pussy was doing its job, because he came once and did not pull out.

'Honey' 'Sweetheart' & 'Sugar'

group JimBob44 2018-06-08

"Thank you, Sweetheart," Jenna said, removing her hand from Valencia's thigh to accept the goblet Dan held out for her. "We're going to make love to you; is that all right?" Jenna whispered into Valencia's ear and the girl nodded her head in approval while Jenna's hand softly caressed and stroked Valencia's right breast. When Jenna pulled her mouth away from Valencia's lips, Dan leaned over and kissed Valencia. Stopping often to kiss either Jenna or Dan as they walked up the broad, open staircase, Valencia was finally led to a second story bedroom that was easily the size of the entire apartment she and her mother and her two brothers and two sisters shared.


Queen of Porn Ch. 02

group *Snatch 2018-06-08

Linda's got a dreamy look as she remembered how River had kissed her with what felt like real passion, his tongue licking her lips softly before plunging into her mouth, his strong hands holding her body tightly to his. Terri joined the three on the bed, moving between Rivers legs and laying on her back so she could suck his cock while he ate Linda. River stood silently for another moment, then said, "Okay boss, be right with ya." Linda smiled again and went to tell the film crew to get ready to finish the shoot. Speaking in a low voice to Matt, she pointed the young woman out and said, "I bet the camera would love her, don't you?" "Her face is perfect and take a good look at that body!"


Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1

group 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-06-08

I found out that the hallway was actually added on by the owners and is meant to extend the length of the balcony into the main theater area and section off seats on each side and provide some level of privacy and also serve as a couples-only area on the right and a large play area on the left complete with several couches and a padded elevated table for group play and gangbangs. The man I was blowing came in my mouth so I swallowed like a good whore and shifted to another nice hard cock on my right. I thanked some suitors for their complements like; “you suck cock really good,” or “nice fucking ass,” and “that was hot, I wanna suck your big dick.” I really loved the attention but I needed a break.

Blackmailed by Fraternity Boys

group Amyscute2000 2018-06-08

I went downstairs and snuck out of the house and went to my car and headed over to Sigma Nu. My plan was to talk to Mark and Steven and make them give me copies of all the pictures of me. Then I thought about my brother and other guys jerking off while looking at a picture of me giving a blow job, and I knew I had to deal with this. “You’re an asshole” I said, and turning and looking up to the rest of the room yelled “You guys are all assholes!!!” This just caused more laughter and catcalls.

Brooke Loves CUM. This internet wife wants to suck

group Johnnytames69 2018-06-08

I have discovered that, with my limited time schedule, talking and meeting women on-line is not only a good way to pass the time. As I drove I couldn’t help but think about all the things we had talked about before, like she always shaved her pussy, and she had huge melons with sensitive nipples. What she did to me drove me insane, as she licked the tip of my cock (moaning mmmmmmm while pre-cum oozed from my tip) She would then run her tongue down the shaft and suck one of my balls in to her mouth where she would play with it, with her tongue.

First Time Dogging

group geronimo_appleby 2018-06-08

My eyes snapped open when I heard the snick of another car door opening, and while the second bloke approached I saw the dark-haired man had unzipped and was slowly stroking his cock. I heard car doors closing, a sound soon followed by the crunch of feet on gravel, and when I looked up, pre-cum smeared around my lips, I saw a gathering of glassy-eyed men in a half-circle around the bench. It was bloody uncomfortable like that, what with my hip forced hard against the wooden slat of the seat, one leg raised so that big cock could slide in and out of me more easily, but I soon got over it when the man began to move inside me again.

Sylvie: The Au Pair

group deefer 2018-06-08

"OH GOD!!" Tom moaned as he unleashed torrents of cum, splashing all over her pretty face, in her mouth and dripping onto her tits. Charlotte crouched further down onto Sylvie's face, and she could feel her tongue rasp across her pussy. Sylvie raised her hips and moaned, causing a vibration on Charlotte's clit. Sylvie made her tongue rigid and thrust it into Charlotte's dripping pussy; she could feel the juices all over her chin. Tom withdrew his limp cock from Charlotte's mouth and she licked her lips, cleaning the cum off them. Tom moved forward and rubbed his cock against Charlotte's pussy lips, then, with one thrust, inserted himself to the hilt. Charlotte too was about to cum from the pace and feel of Tom's cock.

Wife fucks old man (true story)

group 2018-06-08

Frank was rubbing his dick through his jeans, i guided her over in front of him so he could feel her silky smooth legs and pussy I watched as he inserted his finger into jens tight pussy she started to moan and I began kissing her while he explored her hot body. I got between jens legs and started licking her sweet juices she was so wet and turned on, frank stood back and watched while he stroked his fat cock. I could tell Jen was exhausted and let her close her legs kick off her heels and sl**p, she slept all night with his sperm deep inside her And I stayed up jacking off at the thought frank may have fertilized her young body.

Incident at a Porno Theater Ch. 02

group Mitzi36B 2018-06-08

"No shit?" the driver said, half turning around, as if she expected Sheila to demonstrate her panty-less state. Guys from out of town, looking for a little forbidden sex, the kind they couldn't get from their wives at home/ The rain had abated, giving the streets a clean washed look, and the area surrounding Sheila's high-rise apartment building offered a dramatic contrast to where she had just been. "Any time." She took out a business card, wrote something on the back and held it out to Sheila. "Thanks, Tina." Sheila looked into the woman's incredibly blue eyes and recognized a familiar expression. "Perhaps I'll see you during the Twat Eaters convention." she said with a smile as she turned and headed for her apartment.

Sex After Cancer

group Malomar 2018-06-08

So Tanya plopped herself down in Carrie's lap, wrapped an arm around her neck, and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then the neck, and then I started to get a bit turned on. So as we pulled up to Suzi's house for their monthly poker game, I wasn't expecting anything more than a couple hours of cards and beer. Her large round ass was packed into tight, faux, blue jean shorts, the kind that only look like jeans, but are really a thin stretchy material. Kevin's in the den stocking the beer fridge." She gave me a little hug and then took Carrie's hand and dragged her off to where the girls were gabbing. Kevin dealt the first hand and Marissa, Suzi, and Mary started going at it.


Double Feature Ch. 02

group The Source 2018-06-08

Sometimes, with no warning, she moved quickly, taking him fully in her mouth until the tip of his cock barely pushed into the opening of her throat, and she'd suck hard, creating an unyielding vacuum around his flesh. It was interesting, almost like an experiment, to see how he responded each time, until finally she grew weary of the play and began to bob up and down rapidly, fucking his cock with her mouth. Lash after lash, until she felt him rise up off the seat slightly and heard his moans turn to grunts, and she barely had time to slide her lips down to the base of his cock, taking his tip in her throat, before he came.



group bleepy 2018-06-08

finally reaching your ass I gently press the vibrator between your cheeks and run it all the way around until it starts to slide freely along your slick wet lips. Not knowing who is touching you, which hands are mine, who else might be with us, you try to resist the feelings that have been building up inside you, but as the second set of fingers finally reach the vibrator and start to slowly push it in and out of your dripping pussy you give in to your body and start to writhe in pleasure.

Rich's Valentines Gift

group blondehoney5670 2018-06-08

I sucked his dick as Michelle leaned over taking his balls into her mouth slowly sucking one at a time slowly and gently while using her other hand to caress my hard nipple. Michelle then leaned over and took Rich's cock into her mouth tasting his sweet pre-cum. Michelle got on top of him and started to ride his hard dick as I sat on his face anxiously awaiting his tongue on my clit and licking up the multiple orgasms I've already had. She got off and together we both sucked and licked as Rich moaned, we could feel every muscle in his body tighten as he came all over our face and body.


group vampslut 2018-06-08

They kissed and caressed for what seemed like hours before he suggested that they would be more comfy in the back seat .She got out the car and on trembling legs moved to the back seat, There they quickly resumed their lovemaking foreplay….the clothes began to come off…..she felt his naked body, hard and so powerful pressed up against her own. He kissed her and she felt it….her cunt being opened by his fingers and as she moved her leg to allow him better access she realised that he too had changed position and now his cock was pushing at her, then splitting her almost in two as it thrust inside her with one swift move.

Three Are Better Than Two

group firedream35 2018-06-08

"You, your body all sweaty on top of me, my finger sliding on your clit while my cock is pumping your drowning pussy." One hand comes around to my breast, the other goes to my ass and a finger goes into my hole. We kiss for a minute, then you pull back and tell me to stop what I am doing, you want to taste her. Your hand comes around to the front of me and starts to play with my clit. Your tongue presses a little harder and her hips start to take up rhythm with your licking. I can tell you both are going to cum hard, so I stick my finger in your ass.

Eric: An Evening With His Friends 01

group Annatartywife 2018-06-08

He had a 'boys' poker night planned for him and four of his friends (Colin, Gordon, Peter and Fred) I had met both Colin and Gordon before, at some of our fun times with Eric. After eating and getting some more drinks,we chatted and the guys got ready for to start playing poker at the dining table. After a very short while I was watching a hardcore porn DVD on Alan's television, an amateur style one with various couples/threesomes fucking and sucking. At one point I had Colin between my legs licking and tonguing me out, Fred and Gordon sucking on a tit each, Alan French kissing me and I was wanking Peter off.

Beware of the Sirens' Song!

group Bardolina 2018-06-08

The sight of her slim, tanned body with her lush breasts, now in full sight of Jason, almost took his breath away, and he stood helplessly watching her, his mouth open, his hand instinctively covering his hard longing. Jason nodded, and as she put the bottle to his mouth, he eagerly drank, savouring the fresh water which to him tasted more delicious than any wine he had ever drunk (in fact, thinking of wine right now didn't appeal to him - apparently it had been a bit too much the previous evening). There was a short pause again, then without any further comment, all four hands resumed their work on his body, gliding over his hips ("Yes!" he thought, "Finally!"), and onto his belly, and proceeded without touching his nuts or his cock.


Sexy Golf Wager Ch. 02

group Tall_Stranger 2018-06-08

Jack and Allison smiled as Brent and Robin made their way to the next tee from their trip to the woods. By the time the other three returned from the tee, Allison had both hands on the metal shaft of the putter and was doing her best to push all of the leather grip deep into her pussy. Naturally, Robin had immediately told Allison about Brent's cock as soon as they were alone in their cart. Robin and Jack sat back on the empty cart and watched as Allison eyed Brent's cock for the first time. Soon Jack was able to begin pushing in and out of the tight little ass and Allison began matching his strokes.

I Made Two Men Submissive to Me

group dsmith_fw 2018-06-08

I motioned for Josh to come to me, and said in a voice like a spoiled little girl in a candy shop, "Josh, look, Ryan is spent and I still need attention but I don't want you to have to fuck me when I am this messy." "why don't you clean me up before we fuck for the first time?" I got into a reverse cowgirl position and said to Ryan; "Oh sweetie, please be a good boy and guide Josh's cock into my ass." I said to Ryan as I spread my legs; "Come here baby and fuck me hard and good" He got between my legs and I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

Return to the Dentist

group Untameable_Guy 2018-06-08

Well next thing I know I am woken by a sharp pain and open my eyes to a red faced Jes who got a little distracted by the nice tent that my pants had formed from my hard on. I try to use the self hypnosis, but my mind just keeps going back to previous encounters with Jes. I can smell her body wash, if I open my eyes I see her eyes and remember how she squints in an almost painful look as she cums trying to watch Heather suck on me. Next thing I know Jes is back in pulling off my pants and Heather turns around and sets her pussy on my mouth.


Take It 2

group whatabt 2018-06-08

Jerry moved down to Matt and still on all fours worked backwards until his cock was over Matt’s mouth. After a while he slowed down the pace and was enjoying watching his cock go in and out of my ass while Matt just watched as he fucked me and I stroked by rock hard cock. I just moaned as Jerry continued to fuck my ass and Matt rode my cock at a little faster pace. I wanted to cum in Jerry, taking a load from Matt pretty much meant that was the key to doing that. I continued fucking on Jerry while the thought of Matt’s cum covered cock fucking me, and knowing he was going to breed me any moment, made me want to cum myself.

my fuck buddies story....

group lovelong 2018-06-08

They are speaking to each other and not to me saying 'move your hand ','spread her wider', 'go on shove yours in too'..I am helpless and watching as these men push their fingers into my splayed pussy They push me to my knees and a voice says 'gather round lads'..i am surrounded in a tight circle of taut thighs, six packs and rock hard cocks all at my eye level...'start sucking bitch, don't leave anyone out'... I open my mouth and a cock is thrust into it..I close my eyes but as he starts pushing into my mouth I lose balance and have to reach out to steady hands touch thick muscular thighs which sends a thrill right through me.