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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Babysitter's Lesson

group Ashson 2018-06-08

"Tell me to mind my own business if you like," said Cecelia, carefully, "but I'm assuming that you and Roger have a healthy sex life. "No," said Jan, "and before you ask, Roger wasn't my first lover. "Cecelia," Jan said gently, "instead of talking in circles, why don't you tell me what the problem is." Jan and Roger walked into the front room to be greeted by Cecelia, looking happy and hopeful and just a little nervous. Cecelia didn't try to pull it out of Roger's trousers, quite happy to just touch it, get a feel for what it was like. Roger started slowly, taking his time and letting Cecelia adjust to the new sensations she was experiencing.


Our New Playtoy

group dilpickle 2018-06-08

Samantha slides her hand up Jamie's leg, to her inner thigh, teasing her pussy but moving back to her ass. She rubs Jamie's ass for a while before sliding her hand down between her legs and pushing two fingers deep inside her pussy. Still moaning softly, Jamie looks me in the eyes and starts kissing me on the lips as Samantha climbs off me. As I explore the inside of Jamie's mouth, Samantha explores the head of my penis with her tongue before licking down to the bottom of the shaft and my balls. We both collapse on the bed as Jamie licks up the cum dripping from Samantha's pussy and all over my throbbing cock.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 16

group FinalStand 2018-06-08

I didn't have time to know what that meant because I figured the open nature of Hope's attack was Christina's way of telling the rest of us it was time to strike back for what Rhaine's people had done to our side yesterday. Iona was looking lost with everyone seemingly going in different directions, so I took her by the hand and, with Barbie Lynn, retired to my bedroom. At this point, I was thinking about letting Iona go but Barbie Lynn kept flicking her clit and probing her pussy while sucking in and twirling her breast. At the point I feared Iona's heart would explode, I pushed Barbie Lynn's hand away and she looked up with her lips slick with the saliva generated by sucking on Iona's tits.


Jenny Takes Control

group kewtieboy 2018-06-08

Stunning blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, a short athletic body and wearing a grey t-shirt and slightly loose fitting jeans but with a cute little point where I assumed his cock was being held by his underwear. "Max is going to fuck me while you watch Leo," said Jenny. "Stay close Leo, I want you to watch and to stroke me," said Jenny. He slid to one side, still on his knees and I lay behind Jenny, entering her from the rear so that my cock's entry was clear as day to Leo. I slid it in her sloppy wet cunt and started to fuck. "Max, what was Matt like in bed?" said Jenny, that evil little glint in her eye I knew so well.


Nude Beach Bride Ch. 07

group sirhugs 2018-06-08

The twins eager ate my bride, tongues working almost like a double headed dildo, poking and flicking around Gaby's thighs before focussing in on the labia and then flicking into her pussy, at first quick teasing flicks, and then progressing to bobbing her clit from both sides at once. They both tried kissing my bride at once, and she stretched her mouth wide, wanting to take both tongues, but it failed, and the trio sank into the sand laughing as Jazzy nibbled at the soft skin beneath my cockhead. The laughter beside me gave way again to loving, as the twins resumed licking all around Gaby's nipples, not drawing the flesh into their mouths, just allowing their skin and hair to tease my wife, until her hips again began writhing.


Ginger's Hot Tub

group geronimo_appleby 2018-06-08

Kathy reached a hand around Ginger's head and pulled her friend's face in for a kiss. 'Oh, Kathy,' Ginger moaned, her hand caressing her friend's hair as the woman's lips closed around her flesh. 'You want Kathy to touch your cock, Mike?' she whispered, her eyes narrow, expression dangerous as she squeezed the man's girth. 'TJ's got his hands full of Ginger's boobs.' She moved close to the man as he stared in disbelief at his wife and his friend. Let me feel how big and hard you are, you sexy bastard.' A fist closed around Mike's rigid girth while Kathy's other hand caressed one big shoulder.


Adventures of City Girl Ch. 03

group city_girl 2018-06-08

It was glorious to feel his mouth gently kissing and licking my clit, his tongue occasionally moving down to dart into my now wet and aroused vagina. Robert changed his focus from breasts to feet, sliding my hold-ups down my legs and taking one of my feet into his mouth, his tongue circling my toes in turn. The guys were still not done however, James started to play with my ear with his free hand, Robert finally lifted my ass very slightly off the sofa and slid the lace string down my legs. Once again I just relaxed back into the sofa and enjoyed the physical sensation of two guys pleasuring my mouth, breasts clit and toes.


Surprised with a Gangbang

group xerodark 2018-06-08

"Oh yes, show me your nice big cocks," my wife moaned, clearly wanting to be fucked. I have always wanted to see my tiny wife being fucked by men with big cocks. She let out the most sexy moan of ecstasy I have ever heard come out of her as he slowly thrust his cock all the way into her tiny body. After a few minutes, James pulled out of her and walked around to take Chris' spot as he went over to start fucking her. Like me, Chris wanted it in her mouth, so as he was about to blow he got real close to her and shot every bit of his load into her mouth.

First Threesome

group cndcjones 2018-06-08

We got to our room and our new friend pulled a bottle of wine out of her purse, "to help keep the mood going." George turned on his laptop, opened up his favorite porn video and pushed play. As I started to take a sip of my wine she ran her hand up the inside of my thigh, she then delicately started to tease my pussy lips the entire time avoiding touching my clit or putting her fingers near my hole. As I reached to touch her, she said, "Not yet, right now it is all about you, just lie back." As I slowly laid back on the bed she slid down between my legs, she moved me in such a way that my legs were spread wide open each of my feet comfortably resting on a piece of furniture.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 09

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-08

"Lindsay is willing to come clean and fess up about our relationship if it means she can spend an extra four days with them." Kristanna paused and added, "Besides, you know how much Trish has been pressuring Lindsay in recent weeks, Jeremy - trying to convince her to tell her family the truth. I was lost in my recollections of the holiday tour that began in Ohio, but was jarred back to the present time - Christmas Day itself, and relaxing on the sofa in the den with Kristanna's parents leading the discussion in the next room - when Lindsay literally appeared out of nowhere and made her way over to me.


wife fucked by other guy

group chandan0707 2018-06-08

Amit shake hands with me and surprising planted a kiss on Rittu cheeks and gave her a tight hug rittu also got surprise by his actions but I told Rittu that Amit was form Europe as this was a custom over there and we went to the bar and Amit ordered 3 glasses of scotch Rittu said she would only have lime soda but our plan was to make Rittu d***k and I told her to have a drink but she was saying no then when Amit insisted she agreed.

My 1st Foreskin Experience

group ucsjm38 2018-06-08

Greg continued to masturbate in front of me, slowly pushing and pulling his foreskin back and forth over his swollen cock head. I held that beautiful foreskin all the way back off the glans with one hand and began to massage the natural lubricants all around the head of his cock. I looked over at Lori and could tell from the semi glazed look in her eyes that she was extremely turned on by watching me explore her husbands beautiful uncircumcised cock for my first time. She said, "The first time I saw Greg's cock, it was soft and the foreskin hid behind the head if his cock." She never knew that he was uncircumcised until he told her after they made love.

Surprised Again

group wordsmith 2018-06-08

The sight of the two girls accelerated my orgasm, and I shot white streams onto Sherry's belly as Lani swooped to lick the final drops from the tip of my cock. In the dark parking lot, she kissed me again as she opened my pants and found my hard on, then dropped to her knees and took it all in one swallow, and bobbed up and down on it, one hand gripping the base of my cock, the other reaching between my legs to massage my buttocks and gently finger my anus. Sherry licked the head of my cock, and she immediately recoiled, smiled broadly at me, and took all my manhood in her mouth as she continued to fuck herself with her fingers.


group hotRobertXX 2018-06-08

"yes" I said " and thought you had a hot body, and looked like you enjoyed more than one cock' i moved over on top of her and slid my cock deep into her, she moaned as it rammed into her cervix and started to shake and shudder as she came again. Cindy came over about half an hour later and wanted to know all the details and I told her that both her parents were coming over tonight. Susan pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me, then I felt Brians hand around my cock, then his wet tongue as he licked it's tip. Susan and Brian were packing up their van to get ready to go when Cindy said that she was going to say goodbye to her friend.

My Camping Trip

group O2 2018-06-08

When I finally got to the area I wanted to look over; I hadn't noticed anyone one around and began to set up camp. I get up before dawn and generally don't come back to camp before dinner because I like to make good use of my time. I thought both young women were nice looking from what I had seen so far but Cherise had the most amazing green eyes. "Yes, we went down to the pond just after lunch and had a nice swim." Cherise smiled as she pulled Sandy a bit closer and looked into her eyes. The girls looked a bit worried as the coyotes let out different yips and yelps trying to locate each other for the evening hunt.


Tanya Supertits Ch. 02

group Full_time_stud 2018-06-08

Two of the gang Dave and James couldn't wait any longer they went straight for Tanya's ass and pussy. The mens' cocks were slick and already coated in the juices of some defeated sluts But Dave and James had managed to hold back their loads in the previous round and this would be their undoing. As the buxom blonde moved up and down on Jake's long shaft she simultaneously wanked off my best mates in either hand. Dave and James were big boys but Tanya treated their cocks like they were nothing. Each time Jake thrust up and down Tanya's juicy tits slide up and down my thick meat. Jake's cock was still rock hard but he couldn't thrust anymore.

A Journey of Discovery Ch. 03

group Ivonificood 2018-06-08

David turned out to be the biggest cock Lori experienced up to that point, and I got to experience two other guys' tonsil treats before camp shut down for the season. I thought maybe he got discouraged and decided to find another booth to play in, so I sat down and tried to look through the hole and as I got close, a nice, six inch cock slid through on my side. Watching that soft hand stroking that massive cock and feeling that warm mouth on my own tool, soon became too much and with a groan, I thrust as far as I could into his mouth and started unloading shot after shot of warm, sticky cum.

Mike and the Three Blondes Ch. 01

group InsatiableSteve 2018-06-08

Mike lay on his right side, his erection gone after Ginger's magnificent cock sucking and tit fucking, his rough, calloused left hand drifting over her body, from her proud-standing breasts to her torso and on down between her legs. An image of her friend Jill grinding her pussy against Mike's face while Kathy rode him, the two women's tongues entwined, crept into Ginger's mind and took her over the edge. "God you're hot," Kathy whispered to Jill, her mouth going to her friend's large round left breast and licking a lazy circle around her sizable areola. "That's it, lick that sweet pussy, Mike," Jill encouraged as Kathy applied wet suction to his cockhead, taking more than half of his length deep into her mouth and establishing a steady rhythm.

A Wedding Story

group Deecee29 2018-06-08

After two minutes of looking down what seemed like a mile of fleshy black pipe, which culminated in a thicket of dense pubic hairs, Cecil, with tears running down his face, was getting use to the feel of the man's big erection in his mouth and throat as the minister face fucked the white groom with his beaming bride and over a hundred of the towns folk looking on and softly cheering him on. Now son, in view of the positive outcome and goodness of what has happened to you two here in Freeville, what else do you seriously have to complain about, that is, other than being cuckolded, having to wear your shock jockstrap, sucking countless loads of black dick cream from Cheryl's well fucked cunt, and having had every black man in town put his dick in your mouth?"

Thank God It Is Friday

group bbwtraci 2018-06-08

As I start the bbq and grab a beer, I turned on the hot tub, hoping to make my bones feel better. My stiff cock wanting to fuck his ass, he stands up and I slide over to get out from underneath him, I lean his forward and tell him that I am going to suck on his asshole and lick him. I feel her mouth going around my cock, cleaning me up so I can fuck her. I tell him to fuck the piss out of me and let me feel his warm cum in my asshole. As his cum is filling my asshole, i lie on her back and slide my nice cleaned cock into her pussy, we three are fucking like wild animals.

A Sail to Remember

group JackFlash1959 2018-06-08

As we climbed up the ladder, I gave Shelly a playful push with my head and instead of laughing, she slowly spread her legs so I could see the lovely bulge of her pussy mound... Shelly stroked her tits and spread the cum all over her tits and nipples mmmm and then she licked each finger with her pink tongue and sensually protruding lips. Watching Jason's cock pass between her sweet lips heightened my excitement and I squirted deep inside her hot tunnel. At one point I stood at the helm holding the wheel while passing a freighter and Shelly held my cock, sucking on the head while playing with her pussy.

New Experience in Brazil

group misskelita 2018-06-08

Mouth on my pussy, fingers in it and now a finger in my ass...this woman knew what I wanted! I could taste myself on her mouth and at that moment I knew that I wanted to eat her pussy more than anything. She sat back on the couch as Joe got down on his knees and started licking her pussy. He went back and forth between her wet pussy and my tight ass and all the while I kept making out with this woman, whose name I still didn't know. My mouth moved back and forth with every thrust from Joe. I knew it wouldn't be long before he would cum because fucking my ass is a guaranteed way to have his cock erupt.

New Experiences Ch. 01

group Sahvannah21 2018-06-08

"You know Katy, I always wanted to screw around with you." I stopped cold, and stared into his face. "Oh she was supposed to go out with the girls, she should be home soon." Mark started walking towards the kitchen, so I followed. Glancing towards the sound Mark said, "That must be Lauren, Lisa must be drunk. The telephone began to ring and Mark told me he wanted to answer it in the living room, so as not to disturb Lisa. So I began to undress and by the time he came back to the bed, he was also undressed and holding a very weird looking object in his hand. I felt so full, that I would come just from knowing I was getting a good fucking.

Stephanie's Revenge

group phantome71 2018-06-08

Stephanie gasped but Mark wasn't finished yet and kissed her slyly on one of her ears whilst still fondling her breasts. Then of the boys beside her began to unbutton her blouse but this time Stephanie began to struggle with him and pulled his hand away. She was helpless while her blouse was pulled out from her skirt and soon it was wide open and the three bucks were gazing on Stephanie's pure white gorgeous breasts. But it was too late and Mark had pulled her full skirt up her thighs and pulled her sticky damp panties to one side and was skilfully kissing her pussy and his tongue was playing with her clit.