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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Four Pawns

group IsaacAssimov 2018-06-08

I started out with the basic boy/girl scenes, but there's always one more related video, and one thing leads to another, and soon I was hooked on threesomes with two guys, and more often than not I found myself sitting in my desk chair with my hand down my panties wondering what it would feel like to take the place of the girl with her mouth and pussy both full of dick. I've got that perfect "yeah, I know you want this" smirk on, my tits look full and perky, and my legs are framing the whole shot, just pulling your eye down to the dildo splitting open my pussy.


Quickies Ch. 02

group Lady Malachite 2018-06-08

Andy was having a hard time focusing; his crush Meagan and the guy dressed like a zombie, who she had been dancing with for the last hour or so, were heading towards him, and that was just awkward. "That's an interesting story," Andy said, taking his drink as Amanda handed it to him. "No," Amanda said, stabbing her straw into her drink a bit savagely, starling Andy a little. Meagan and her zombie freak friend made their way back onto the dance floor, crossing uncomfortably close to him yet apparently completely unaware of his presence. "I like to play with geeks," Amanda said, opening the door to the solitary handicapped bathroom which stood between the men's and the women's room.


Curing the Break Up Blues

group tbs04 2018-06-08

Normally when orally pleasuring a woman, I like to stop and pay attention to her breasts or plant kisses across her stomach to prolong the pleasure and heighten the anticipation, but with Christine taking care of that problem for me, I focused solely on my steady rhythm of clit sucking and finger fucking. I enjoyed the show as Kendra continued to kiss and grope her blonde friend while my cock was treated to the wonderful sensations of being taken balls deep inside Christine while she rhythmically clenched my member with her very talented vaginal muscles. Kendra quickly picked up on this and I watched as the gorgeous redhead reached around and slipped her finger inside her friend's pussy next to my cock, coating it with pussy juices, and pulled it out to rub the other woman's clit.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 48

group SteveWallace 2018-06-08

I'd watched a lot of pornography, especially since Elsa and Cindy came into my life, but seeing two of my love partners have sex would be far better in every way I could think of. They'd get fucked royally, and I'd be the loving and tolerant boyfriend at home who wanted to pleasure them a dozen times a day, but who had to spread my charms around to their sisters as well as them. As I envisioned Elsa and Cindy naked and fucking the two guys, I admitted that a part of me also secretly liked the cuckold feelings - the masochistic emotion of self-flagellation, denial, and lack of self-worth. I put on her video, and he moved right into to fucking her as he watched Dan pummeling her body in his slow-fast cycles.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 08

group lamoureuse 2018-06-08

Elena felt Petros rest his forehead against her back, and turned to look at him, sliding the back of her left arm against his abs and chest. Just as Elena could virtually hear Adonis think 'yes, move your hand faster and just flick your tongue on the tip' or feel Petros ask 'please, tighten your muscles as I pull out and put your right leg over my shoulder'. "Let's clean up for dinner and go see what Maria has arranged for us tonight." Adonis kissed Elena one more time, lingering slightly to look lovingly at her before sliding out of bed on the far side.


Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 02

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-06-08

Leaving Ben at the table to order drinks, Gaby and Whitney moved toward the dance floor, holding hands. "What do you think, Baby?" Gaby asked, turning to Ben and sliding a hand to his inner thigh. When he looked in the rearview mirror, he saw Gaby and Whitney in the middle of the back seat, kissing, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Although Ben couldn't see where Whitney's hand went, judging by the look that swept over Gaby's face, he had a pretty good idea. Gaby gasped when Whitney tongue touched her inner thigh, and Ben turned his head to catch a glimpse of them. When Ben pulled in his parking space, Gaby and Whitney didn't wait for him to open the Jeep door for them.


Private Jet

group CND 2018-06-08

Her pussy was truly delicious, just like she had said, and I worked my strong tongue over her clit and into her tight passage, licking and sucking up the juices while I felt Carmen stroking my cock, lubricated with Nectar's juices. I could feel my balls being teased by her pubic hair, and I wanted so very much to shoot out a load all over Nectar's flat stomach, but I went nuts seeing how Carmen made a ring with her thumb and index finger and began to masturbate my cock head and nothing more.


Sharing Ch. 02

group Abelard7 2018-06-08

He pulled out quickly, cock dripping with spunk, and Steve took his place, sliding his monster into Abi's by now, well lubricated cunt. Steve lay down on his back, Mark knelt between his legs and took hold of Steve's half-hard prick, wanking it to full stiffness before taking it into his mouth. Mark licked his way down Steve's rigid column of flesh and sucked each of his balls before moving on to his arsehole, rimming it with his tongue and pushing deep into the hole. While Abi scurried to comply with the request, Mark got up and pulled Steve down the bed until he legs draped over the edge. Mark pulled his cock away from Steve's distended hole, reminding Abi that they were there to fuck her, not each other.


Wife's First Threesome

group call_me_sarge 2018-06-08

Belle told me she wasn't sure if it was the wine or the fact that she had always had a small crush on Vicky, but she pulled her boobs out and told Vicky to go ahead and start playing. Belle said then Vicky kneeled down and started to suck Rick's cock as he continued to sick on Belle's nipple. Belle reached up with her hand and started to stroke Rick's cock back and forth, forgetting about Vicky. Rick told Belle he would be gentle, and he started to slide his cock inside her slowly. Belle said Vicky started cumming and she could her taste her orgasm as she continued to suck her pussy, between her own cries of passion.

Signature Item Ch. 03

group Valveoil 2018-06-08

Susan handed Jen the dildo with a knowing look, biting her lip gently, then turned and slipped one of her lubricated fingers into her arse. Susan slowly backed up as Jen guided the free end of the dildo to her own snatch. Susan, her hands back on my knees, took a long slow stroke forward, followed by a sharp slam back, cramming my cock into her snatch and the dildo back into her arse and Jen's pussy. Then Susan slowly stood, shlicking off my slackening cock, drawing what looked like metres of dildo from Jen. She eased the other end of the dildo from her arse as gobbets of my come splooged from her pussy and down her inner thigh.

White Dance

group Cherkasov 2018-06-08

The owner appeared at that same time and invited me to entered in the way only rich men can allow to act, and giving me a chair, said excuse me and left: he was waiting for a girl that should come at that moment and I certainly had to meet her. Do I like Omata, Bange was interested, and I replied "Yes, of course" and it was true, because I had already had a chance to search the girl's slim body in details. On the opposite side, I continue the game with two girls, but Omata moved over to the bedroom soon for Bange and I was able to be face-to-face with Batana where I had been fucking her till I felt asleep.

when in the jungle....

group Matt5 2018-06-08

I walked with girls hand in hand ,both of them were had smell of my cum.We reached at old bunglow safely.We were about to go inside.''They would be worried about us",said lily.I kissed her,it was quite often that we kiss every now and then to be alright."I think she is right,we must go from back door directly to our bedroom and matt you would sl**p with us tonight,the room in front of us got lekage and other side of us is occupied by our parents for group sex, while the verandah and living room are not good place to sl**p'',said bella."Yeah she is right we would first bath before its cold andthen sl**p together'',lily added.Ok...Ok..I got it, by the also I was'nt leaving you,we will sl**p together.We entered Bunglow from back door,and when we were about to pass living area we saw the unthinkable,our moms were performing dance in front of our dad by this time they all were nude.There was lots of cum lying on the carpet.Music was on, Uncle Nathan then got up started licking my mom's breasts,seeing that dad got up ,held up lily's mom pulled her on the couch and started fucking her .And then the Clarke couple kissed each other.

Julie's Night Out Pt. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-06-08

One hand braced against the couch, she wrapped the other around Phil's cock while taking Chris's hard shaft in her mouth. Watching Julie's hot body fucking and sucking, and feeling her warm mouth moving on his cock, Phil felt a familiar tightening in his balls. "Come on in," Phil grinned, his cock deep in Julie's sucking mouth while Charlie continued to thrust into her pussy. Lou had barely pulled himself from Julie's sucking lips before Paul, a big guy Phil knew from work, stepped up to take his place. The break didn't last long before Peter, a guy Phil knew from around, stepped up in front of Julie, his hard cock in his hand.


Wife Chronicles Ch. 02

group RichardMaster 2018-06-08

Tim too voiced how he was falling in love with Lori and told her he was fine with entering a "ménage a trios" (threesome) but of course, he cautioned, a lot depended "upon the dynamics between he and Blaine." He had said this with a sly smile on his face and his hand stroking his large flaccid dick. Tim too voiced how he was falling in love with Lori and told her he was fine with entering a "ménage a trios" (threesome) but of course, he cautioned, a lot depended "upon the dynamics between he and Blaine." He had said this with a sly smile on his face and his hand stroking his large flaccid dick.

More Beach Fun

group newtydreads 2018-06-08

After a minute of two of gently pumping our erect cocks, she quietly asked our new Spanish-Brazilian friend, if there was somewhere a little less conspicuous where we could enjoy some fun, particularly his impressive member, she might have added! Ann reached out and gently grasped the lad's impressive cock before lowering her head to enjoy licking and sucking him into her mouth. From her glances I could tell that Ann was really enjoying going to town on his now thick, hard and long cock, before she shuddered to her first cum, further wetting my mouth as confirmation. Just then, she decided to move things on a little, shuffling around until her open-legged display enticed our friend to slide his massively engorged cock into her wet and willing hole.

Sophie Passes Out on Purpose

group Colinandsophie 2018-06-08

Sophie opened the rear door and motioned for Darren to come to her and she grabbed him by the ass, planted a deep kiss on his mouth as she rubbed his bulge. With a gasp, Bryce grabbed her head and thrust his cock deep into her mouth and proceeded to pump shot after shot of cum down her throat. Everyone stopped moving as he placed the slick head of his cock against Sophie's ass and start to slowly work it into her. Bryce stumbled into the bathroom to wash off, while Darren moved to Sophie's head and guided his cock into her mouth ordering her to suck and lick the cum off of him, which she did...barley before flopping back down and going still.


Play Date at Connie's

group ChazThain 2018-06-08

I could only stare down at my dick sliding slowly in and out of Karen's ass while her best friend stood a few feet away, still in her swimsuit, staring transfixed. And Connie was a couple of steps closer, her wide eyes fixed on my dick now sliding out of Karen's sweet ass. I looked down to see Karen's hand moving inside Connie's bikini and guessed from the angle she was pushing a finger into her friend's pussy. Looking down past Connie's fine, full tits and her flat belly I could see Karen's hand working on her friend's pussy, moving slowly in and out. Connie moaned steadily, her groans coming closer and closer together as Karen finger-fucked her pussy and I abused her tit.


How Does Your Body Feel Right Now?

group mykellm 2018-06-08

"There is no law against filming the police in public," Rebecca responded, filming the first police officer roughly pull the man's hands behind his back and handcuffing him. Who are you?" Officer Johnson looked down at Damian's face and Rebecca's thighs. Unsure if she was legally required to comply, Rebecca climbed off of Damian, then continued to film the four police officers. Rebecca, trying to relax by intentionally breathing deeply, zoomed in on the black police officer's badge. Rebecca stood her ground as Officer Johnson, Brian, and 38 attempted to stop her from filming of Damien's arrest over two pills. The blond cop started to rub Rebecca's big pussy lips and was pleased to find a wetness in her panties.

Gang Bang

group missdee1967 2018-06-08

This only infuriated the thruster more, taking hold of her hair he yelled into her face 'fucking bitch, f—u—c—k—I—n—g BITCH' And thrust his cock harder down her throat making her gag and choke, and making the man laugh. Melissa tried to move her head but felt two hands hold it tight so she had no option but to lick the cunt that was staring her in the face. The crowd was now cheering as the bear of a man positioned his equally massive cock against Melissa's already abused cunt. The bear of a man pulled back and thrust his cock in deeper, to Melissa's amazement it was nearly all in her cunt.

Opening Doors

group Eagle1 2018-06-08

"I saw the girl come in earlier," Kelly the Red told us as he walked out of his room, "She looked like a pretty fine piece of ass." If you got a girl, and you thought she was willing, you left your door open and guys could come into the room and watch, or more usually take a turn. I watched her look down at my chest in the dim light of the room, and then she bent towards me as she kissed the smooth skin covering my pectoral muscles softly. Nikki's pussy was so wet and I could feel the lips swollen from Jamie's dick earlier and her flesh was touching the hot shaft of my dick unhindered as we ground against one another.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-06-08

Jean whispered to me, "I never get tired to watching someone make love, and when it's like this – members of my own family and I include you in that – I get all shivery inside because of the beauty and wonder I know they're feeling. Thus, on Saturday afternoon Fran, Sheila, Ally, and I welcomed Dave and Jean Henson, Lyle and Nancy Reddick, Chip and Gale Dunn, and Aidan to our new home. After Sheila and Jean swapped places again about one hour and fifteen minutes after their sex session had started, Ally and I had our crescendo next to the threesome.


Saturday Night

group loloishorny 2018-06-08

I beg for him to fuck me, his dick isn't ready yet, so he comes to me, or as I thought he was coming to me to suck on him, but he puts his dick in Scott's mouth. Jake crawls over to me and puts his dick in my mouth as he fucks my hole with the dildo. Scott gets hold of my vibe and fucks my ass until I cum. Jake ges over to him and begins to suck and fuck his ass. Jake fucks Scott's ass with the dildo, pulls it out and inserts his swollen cock. I hand the camera to Scott, who then is catching Jake jerking at his dick and cumming in my mouth.

Mary's Gangbang Daydream Ch. 01

group loveking 2018-06-08

"Oh, I am not sure," said Mary, I am feeling tired and need to go home." She was not tired at all, just worried at what Ken might have in mind. As they approached the car, a smartly dressed driver in a uniform appeared and opened the rear door for Mary and Ken. As she slid into the rear seat she immediately realised there were others already in the car. "From what Ken has told us about you we are sure you will have a great time!" said one of the other men, who Mary later found out was called Jerry. The car lurched again and this time Mary pretended to steady her self by grabbing Ken's thigh with her hand.

Massage-a-Trois Ch. 01

group AnnaVenus69 2018-06-08

Richard, who'd almost sprinted into the room to punch Tony's face, watched with amazement at the sudden sultry look in his wife's eyes, and the sensual little smile on her lips. Anna opened her mouth wide and took both Tony's balls into her warm soft mouth, rolling them around with her tongue and sucking on them with a frenzy fueled by lust and a little fear. Also, Tony really did have a fantastic cock...mmmm...a well formed, swollen head...a nice thick average size throbbing shaft...and large very suck-able balls that were now banging up against her face at the speed of naught. Tony looked at her from underneath half-closed eyelids, his mind buzzing with the intensity of Anna's wet sucking mouth, her hot agile tongue and her tight gripping throat around his throbbing member.