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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Circle Ch. 24

group SteveWallace 2018-06-08

Tracy was working at home that week and watching from the hallway, but she stopped Zoey and Monica before they stepped out the door onto the porch, "Wait, there are three of them. Friday, about six-thirty, Sheila and Alice in hot pants and near nonexistent tube tops, carried four comfortable chairs around the house, covered them with throws to protect the fabric, and set them up on the patio next to part of the work area. Bob watched the crew close up things the last half-hour they were there, covering up part of the job and tools to protect from rain, and storing some of the tools in a work trailer they'd towed to the site at the start of the week.


The Crush

group DG Hear 2018-06-08

Her tits looked as if they wanted to escape from her bra and I couldn't help but stare. "A cougar is an older woman who goes after dumb good looking young guys like you. For the next month and a half Sandy and I went to my room and had sex every Tuesday and Thursday. But I didn't want to talk to her, so I went back to my room and moped around feeling sorry for myself. "I'm Dean Elliot, and I want to thank you for teaching my fiancé how to use the programs she needs to run her business. I talked with my geek roommates and asked them if they could concoct some sort of light drug that in a small dose would make a woman want to have sex.


A Night On The Town

group greatcameo 2018-06-08

"In that case maybe we should let the men know that we are ready to step up the pace a bit." Clara giggled and called me closer to her so we could make our conspiratorial plans After several minutes had passed we both left the restroom and tried to act like nothing had passed between us. That way we can get to know each other a little more intimately without having to fit it into conversation." Everyone seemed to think this was a marvelous idea and we agreed to another round of drinks before we started. "How does it feel to know that we both want Crystal?" Jesse's question was directed at Sam only. Sam and Jesse started making drinks and Clara and I started to undress for the hot tub.


Bastille Day Ch. 13

group leBonhomme 2018-06-08

Nice, feeling her pussy tighten around my cock, and nice, because I knew I could enjoy the anticipation until we wanted to really fuck - sitting like this? If I had thought about all we had done the night before, I would have wanted to, but I made a point of thinking about other things: nothing to do with nude resorts, naked women, especially Anna or Marge, and not about naked men - Sans. "Probably," Anna agreed, adding softly: "that I couldn't do that with younger men, and then, well, he said that he might feel like one if I didn't stop."


New House, New Adventure Part Deux

group slikkyrikky 2018-06-08

Looking at her body and watching her walk around my kitchen in her wet little bikini was making my dick very hard. Misty moved over and straddled Jess’s face with her legs and opened her pussy lips to let the rest of my hot goo stream onto her tongue sot that Jess could get a good taste of her best friend and my sweet nectar. My dick started to get hard again looking at their tight little bodies and had them both get on all fours side by side as I fucked them doggy style watching their perky tits bounce back and forth. Jess's tight pussy wrapping around my dick made me cum quicker then expected as I let another hot load go deep inside the little model's box.

The Birthday Party

group 2018-06-08

I certainly know - well, suspect - that Dawn has fucked all the guys at one time or another and I suspect she knows that I’ve had the girls. Chris and Keith were sucking on her tits and had her nipples out like organ stops while Ken was trying to kiss her while Tom was still mouth-fucking her. They grabbed her and carried her over him holding her legs wide and, while Keith held the massive prick, she was lowered onto it and boy did she let it be known she wanted it. Dawn’s mouth was wide as she began to ride the massive prick and Dave wasted no time.

The Photo Shoot Ch. 02

group JBaggs 2018-06-08

I was so shocked I forgot I was taking photos, but before I could get the camera up to my eyes, Chrissy told me no photos for this bit and pushed Tegan back on the bed, kissing her all over, slowly down her body to her waist, and removed her g-string. "I'm sure baby." Tegan smiled and then continued to moan as Chrissy was now finger fucking her, I hopped off the bed and went around behind Chrissy who was presenting her ass high in the air in front of me, I smiled and pulled the g-string to the side and started eating her out from behind, she was already dripping wet and I started sucking up her juices, and sticking my tongue inside her, she moaned and that vibrating sensation from her mouth caused more pleasure for Tegan, who also moaned.


On The Beach

group rogue01 2018-06-08

Now I was pinioned between these three young studs, sitting astride the prostrate body of one of them while he fucked my pussy from below, as he leaned up from the waste to paw and grasp at my heaving bosom with his hands and mouth, while another knelt behind me and DP'd me, plunging his big fat cock in and out of my arse with gusto, and spanking my buttocks periodically, at the same time as the third stood before me, his two hands ruffling and tugging the hair at the sides of my head as he filled my mouth with his own hot penis.

Mr. Mom Ch. 4

group Otisb 2018-06-08

This went on for some time and my neck was starting to get sore so I laid my head back on the bed and let her grind her pussy into my mouth. I looked up and saw a hard cock and two hairy balls above my face and the cock was plunging into Betty’s shit hole between my two fingers. Betty screamed, “Fuck, I can’t stop cumming.” She pushed her hips back until the cock was completely buried into her. Then I looked at Betty and saw cum leaking out of her asshole and dripping down to her pussy. When I pulled out of her mouth her face was covered in come and long, thick streams stretched from her lips to my cock.

Waiting In The Car Park

group gemsy21 2018-06-08

Whilst going over the events of the night before I start to get horny, looking around I see there is still no one else in the car park so I slide my hand up under my skirt and inside my thong, I am so wet already. She started to rub my clit softly, if felt great, making me suck on the guys cock harder, he was watching this girl play with my pussy and his cock got even harder, I would never have imagined that it could have. I couldn't control it any longer I felt my orgasm building, knowing I was going to cum all over their fingers as I started to cum the cock exploded in my mouth shooting jets of hot sticky cum down my throat.

Hot Tub Service Girl

group Athalia 2018-06-07

While I worked on the hot tub, Sara went off and returned with a bottle of wine, some plastic wine glasses and a plate with some fruit and cheese and crackers. Sara returned with two robes and we put them on, as Paul retrieved his from the floor of the hot tub room. (I guess that seeing two women with their hands inside their robes told him something!) He looked at his wife with questioning eyes as he poured us all another glass of wine. All those months of pent-up lust, all the foreplay since I got into the hot tub with Sara, all came crashing down at once. Sara's wide with wonder and concern, Paul's hot with lust and longing.


The Island of Desire

group Scootypuff 2018-06-07

The girl bent her head, moaning softly as she edged her pussy back onto his cock, her moist lips eagerly sliding down his shaft until he was buried up to the hilt. And such days deserve momentous nights." The girls came and laid the stretcher down next to Jason, who rolled over onto it lazily before closing his eyes in the Caribbean sunshine. She waved her hand in the air and several other girls came forward, removing Jason's robe and belt. Before long Jason found himself in the center of a writhing mass of passion, with his Queen at the eye of the storm, milking his cock as she rode him, her hands planted on his hips.

Educating Caesar Ch. 08

group NeedfulThings 2018-06-07

Caesar's attention was focused on the woman's slow arousal; beside him, Roxanna's attention was focused on the desire shining in Alexander's eyes over her shoulder as he lifted them to Roxana's face to determine her pleasure, and then lowered them to watch his hands on her breasts. Alexander and Roxana were still kissing, but her hands had fallen from his head and she lay beneath him, her arms spread in complete submission. He held her against him and continued pumping her with his fingers as he watched her lovely counterpart writhe in ecstasy upon the bed, pulling Alexander along with her in one final thrust that made his entire body quake.


D6, or a Geek Gangbang

group hypnosquirrel 2018-06-07

But she definitely liked it how Alex swept a few stray hairs away from her forehead, or how Tom put his elbow on Jesse's shoulder as he leaned nonchalantly. Breaking the spell, Eric announced, "Experience points to the whole party every time she comes." Cheers erupted, albeit somewhat dazedly and distractedly on Amy's part. Both Alex and Tom took a nipple in their mouth, their warm hands helping her to arch her back even deeper. Tom's mouth wound lazy circles and nibbled down the length of her neck, his nibbles turning to bites as Jesse finger-fucked her harder. Tilting her head up, Avi slipped her mouth over his long cock, using Tom's hard thrusts to force his cock down her throat before pushing back.

Mike, Pam, Pete and the Favor Ch. 01

group StackedAction 2018-06-07

Mike took the hint and began thrusting, fucking Pam's mouth the way she wanted. The knock at the door came right on time and Mike looked Pam. She was lying on the bed, black bra and thigh high stockings on and nothing else. Mike couldn't resist any longer and took out his cock and began to stroke as he watched Pam's tits sway in rhythm to Josh's trust. After a couple minutes or so, Pam looked up and saw Mike with his cock in his hand. Looking back at Josh's still hard cock shining behind her and Mike's swollen cock to her side, she smiled and said "I think I'm ready to double down."


Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 5

group Linda Jean 2018-06-07

She said "You have some fucking nerve coming here, I thought you said I was dead, that you did not have a sister anymore." I hung my head, my mind was spinning, I wanted to talk to Kelly, I needed her help, and I was sitting there craving sex, craving cock. Kelly got up and said "Not bad Marline, Oh yes, I forgot, you need to be called by your right name don’t you sweet sister, lets see, Bitch, cunt, slut, all those words turn you on don’t they?



group Hotsubwife 2018-06-07

A young good looking guy walks over and asks you if he could share our 3 seater sofa to watch the porno At this point you start to play with my cock under my towel and you can see he is watching and now getting erect You sit facing the young girl who you now start to french kiss and feel her tits as she rides my cock I want to save my cum for you but unfortunately I am not going to manage it and I pull out of the girl's cunt as i feel my cum starting to surface and you both go down on me to take my cum in your mouths, after which you share my juice with the girl in a long sexy kiss

A Surprise for Nick

group Kennedy Rayne 2018-06-07

As we ate we talk about what turned us on and I told her Nick was going to love his surprise. We then went to a shop and bought matching schoolgirl outfits (Nick has this thing with those little uniform skirts) they were light blue, black and white plaid. It was getting close to show time and since Dara had to work she left taking our outfits with her. Nick came home as usual, kissed me hello and went to take his shower. Dara and I both are still dancing in our matching light blue bras and thongs. We talked about five minutes and Dara asked us to see her last act of the night before we went back to our house.

Watching Terry

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-07

There were other slides of her, in her swimsuit, pretty sexy shots, she is gorgeous, and I wondered if anything might have happened between Terry and one of those men, hey, maybe both, who knows, and my obsession grew along with my cock. And I soon did cum in her, it was one of the best fucks of my life, I was incredibly turned-on by Terry and Phil and kept running the mental image of his cock running in and out of her wet pussy over and over in my mind. We all slept together that night and Phil fucked Terry one more time before he left to continue his trip, I'm sure his head was spinning at the action he had visiting his old college buddy and his hot wife.


What are friend for

group 2018-06-07

I started to get hard and ribbon started to turn my balls and hardon blue. Sitting down Kathy and my wife talked for about 10 minutes just about different thing. My wife stood up taking me by the hand and lead me in front of Kathy. There I stood in front of Kathy with a blue hardon and balls with my ribbon... I told her this was not about me as I lifted her off her knees where she she ready to attack my shaved balls and hardon. The feel of my tied up hardon and balls between us felt good as we kissed each other. Kathy then spread her lovely tanned legs and guided my hardon into her.


group taboo_daddy 2018-06-07

“MMMM I want you to bend me over, shove your hard cock up my little pussy and fuck me like a whore.” the dirty talk was more than enough but factor in the tone of her voice when she said it and it was difficult not to pop my load. I like it rough!” the look on her face was intense as this strange man grabbed her hips and pushed his cock ball deep up Torrie’s cunt all at once and started to fuck her relentlessly. Fucking use my little teenage cunt!” the net 10 minutes or so passed as this strange man hammered up into my daughter’s 15 year old pussy before he announced that he was going to cum.

Out for a run parts 7-9

group Loipyu 2018-06-07

Before I continue, let me describe myself, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side.

A Teacher's Past

group dawn1958 2018-06-07

Knowing about Kerri's piercings and watching her every day in class drove him to new heights of arousal and Sky masturbated almost every night just dreaming of her sexy body. All the next morning in class, Kerri tried to think of a reason to ask Jim to her place after school. Kerri returned to the kitchen and uttered a little gasp of surprise at the stunned look on Jim's face when he stared at her new attire. Kerri glanced down at Jim when his burning mouth devoured a rock hard nipple and she marveled at his tongue playing with the golden ring. His fingers went to the other swollen bud and when Jim caressed both nipple rings, Kerri moaned so loudly that it scared him.

Fred and Don and Tina

group LynnGKS 2018-06-07

Tina was still laughing and said playfully, "Still it's a complement I guess to have a guy tell you he wants to fuck you. I asked him about your relationship and when he described it I told him that wasn't a blowjob and he laughed and said 'No Tina – what he does is fuck me in the mouth' and he said it so easy and we laughed about it and then we kissed. And I had the same fantasy after I saw your heavy hung equipment in the hot tub." She kept on fucking me and I enjoyed just laying there, looking up at her, and watching those big, beautiful, bouncing tits.