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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Orgy

group Raine1964 2018-06-07

When I was a teen I had an opportunity to do so when I showed up at a toga party that got wild, but I was too chicken and left before I changed my mind and had to live down that reputation for the rest of my school years. The host, Steve, recognizing my reluctance, came up behind me and gave me a hug and just joked with me at first, then gradually moved his hand down from my shoulders to my breast. Feeling his mouth on the base of my neck was all it took for my nervousness to start to dissipate. Bill moved to my pussy and lapped away at the juices that flowed after Christy's attentive tongue.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 18

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-07

I loved having the opportunity to watch Lindsay interact with her family here in Ohio, whom she missed dearly, yet rarely got to see because we made our home in Norway. Lindsay, who was dressed up in full baseball garb yet knew barely anything about the sport, let alone the players involved, said that she had a wonderful time and we would definitely have to come back here to watch another game during a future visit to Cincinnati. "It is normal for her to have stretches where she feels tired and sluggish, like now." Pamela smiled sweetly and added, "Plus, I think Amy has really missed you this week, Jeremy.


Sex Ed

group C Love 2018-06-07

One night my friend Matt and I went to a frat house we had frequented and bumped into Laurie and Katrina, two roommates. Soon the party ended, and Matt and Katrina went back to Trina's place, while Laurie and I went to mine. The night started off the way the previous one had, some drinking and dancing and switching partners, however, by the time we got to the part where everyone was making out, I was with Katrina rather than Laurie, and Laurie was with Matt. Katrina went home to visit her parents one weekend and Laurie was left to choose whether Matt or I would go home without a companion.

One Lucky Dyke

group pink_cannibal 2018-06-07

Either the thought of getting in trouble turned you on, or you just wanted to throw the thought aside and give it a go anyway, because you didn't say anything as you stood from the toilet seat, drew your body close to mine, and placed your hands on either side of my shoulders against the stall door. You murmured things in my ear like "I can't wait to watch you lick my girlfriend's pussy" and "I bet you look good when you're getting fucked from behind." You must have kept doing that for a good 10 or 15 minutes before I heard Sarah open the driver's door.


Fun at Sturgis

group specialknight77 2018-06-07

Joann say" We will enjoy the concert and after party, but she said that Sara had to go back to take supper to the Katie and Tina and Heather and Hallie." As we'll look around at shop head to concert area I see Joann slide closer to Mary and Joann slide hand down Mary's shirt start playing with tits. As Joann come up to my cock grab her tits and pull on her nipples and fuck her slowly at first , start hammer her as Mary hears the "poping" as my cock and balls slam into Joann's pussy and i finger her ass and rub her clit.

Amanda Ch. 3

group Red Hugh 2018-06-07

Amanda got up to use the toilet and Margot said she needed to go as well. Taking her hand Margot pulled Amanda into the cubicle. Margot handed her panties to a started Paul and told him that Amanda had said he might enjoy them. Back at the appartment Margot took the lead again and offered to inspect Paul's 'big cock' Margot turned to Amanda and asked her if she let Paul come in her pussy would she clean her up. Paul still hadn't come although he'd fucked Margot senseless. To her own surprise Amanda clamped onto Margot's wet open pussy and went to work. As he withdrew from her Paul put his cock to Amanda's pussy lips.

An Adventurous Evening

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-06-07

Tonight we are meeting your friends Kandi and Don for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, then coming back to the apartment to play strip rummy. You point at the car on our right and tell me to flash the driver. Obligingly, everyone but me removes one piece of your fleece, Kandi her right sock and shoe, and Don his sweatshirt. Don takes off the covering on his right foot, and Kandi removes her bra, leaving her breasts on display. I realize everyone is waiting on me, so I slowly slip my shirt off over my head, feeling my face turn bright red again.

Study break

group watersex 2018-06-07

I was surprised I didn't cum right than and there, especially as Lisa pushed Jen's hand over my cock before caressing her breasts. I moved my hand from Jen's pussy to Lisa's, slipping it inside her bottoms as we French kissed. Lisa stroked the base of my cock as she sucked the head, and still had the balance to slide her hand inside Jen's one piece so the three of us were simultaneously kissing, licking, fingering and sucking each other. Jen pulled back and stroked my cock, aiming it at Lisa's open mouth for a fourth and fifth spurt. "Just dive in the pool real fast," Jen said, reaching down to catch cum dripping from Lisa.

Birthday Party Weekend

group Lynn 2018-06-07

Sue feeling like the party animal she was, just dropped to her knees and lamented to Steven, "How come you aren't firm in font like Gary?" She nuzzled her face into his crotch and pulled down his shorts to reveal a slightly growing hard on. I looked ahead as Karen began screaming, "Yes, I'm Cumming, yes, shoot it on my ass, please." Gary pulled out of Karen and slipped his cock up and between Karen's ass cheeks as he let out a low grunt that I could feel from where I was and I saw gobs and gobs of cum come sailing out of his throbbing hard cock and land over Karen's ass and back.

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 03

group GreyGoose 2018-06-07

Julie and I cuddled close, and nudged each other when we noticed Steve and Lily start to make out during the love scenes. Lily glanced back at Julie, and Steve followed her lead, getting a good look at Julie’s beautiful chest. Julie turned around and started grinding her ass into my crotch so that she could get a good look at what Lily was doing. Julie watched this display, noticing the way Lily hoped for Steve’s cock to touch her with every thrust. Julie watched Lily working Steve’s shaft, and smiled again with a teacher’s pride. Steve and Lily watched Julie going at me, and I enjoyed the feeling of Julie’s tongue on my shaft as I stole another look at Lily’s body in that lingerie.


Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XIV

group Victor2K 2018-06-07

It was what I heard and I went in the car with Gene and Susan by my side, totally nervous about what happened to James and why he didn’t came. My boy dumped me in the best night of my high school life, he made me feel like trash, I was sad and vulnerable and the two friends of mine had a perfect recipe to raise my mood... I never managed to meet James again after the abrupt breakup, but even if I wished, I only would meet him to thank him for getting myself closer to my Gene and Susan, now married with each other, but that still count with me when they feel that I am alone and I need some ‘entertainment’.

Playing Poker in Vegas Ch. 01

group literalvirgin 2018-06-07

As the file opened, I saw an amazing close up picture of Stephanie with Bill's cock in her mouth. Bill put his hands onto the back of my head and guided my face gently into his lap, giving me encouragement to suck his cock while his wife watched. As her head went down on his cock, the sight of Stephanie's tiny little ass propped up caused me to snap out of my thoughts when I saw that she had a pink butt plug up her asshole! The instant that I pushed my tongue deep inside her loose hole, Stephanie stopped sucking Bill's cock and let out an audible squeal. Not even a minute later, I head Bill's cock pop out of Stephanie's mouth and her entire body began to shudder.


Introduction to Krav Maga

group canda 2018-06-07

I confirmed what Chuck had said, telling Mark, "I have fantasized about this for so long, thank you!!" I was going nuts as the anticipation continued to build as he rubbed his dick between my ass cheeks. When I regained a little bit of my composure (to be honest, I lost it and was not conscious of anything except my orgasm and that gorgeous dick buried deep in my ass.), Mark was grunting and groaning and gasping, "OH MY GOD," and then I felt him start spurting hot streams of cum up my ass!!! FUCK, he was so huge, so deep, and the feeling of that giant dick spurting over and over in my ass was so intense I started to cum again.

Home on the Range

group kiwidawg 2018-06-07

I was in heaven she grab my hand and lead me to my room shedding cloths as we went reaching the bed my cock was back in her mouth she kept saying she wanted to taste some new cum, with that i blew in her mouth and on her cheek and neck. and i just let it happen, Jenny felt me relax and she released her grip and we all went back to what we were doing til i blew my load all over my belly Jenny jumped up turned around and with Richard licked every drop of my cum from my body and miked my cock dry.


group neutrona 2018-06-07

While the man started to lick her, his wife positioned herself over Holly's head in a manner that allowed her to pay much attention to Holly's breasts while her own small breasts dangled above Holly's mouth. The attention to both her breasts and her pussy was really turning Holly on and she moaned loudly as the man focused on her clit. Sitting up and sliding off the bed, Holly motioned for the woman to come and help her and they undressed the man, finally revealing his erection. Understanding, the man stopped moving, and Holly resumed her attention on the woman's pussy. The man knelt between her legs and ate her pussy while the woman lavished her breasts.


Unexpected encounter. (Happened last night.)

group wildone162 2018-06-07

They asked right away if I was a hooker and he told them that I was an extremely horny soccer mom and I was looking for anything that made me feel good. They ate me and sucked my nipples till I was huffing like crazy taking turns, and hubby looked back in the rear view and asked them who wanted to fuck me. At one point I asked one of the guys who had gone if I could suck his cock, and he straddled my head and I took him down my throat. I smiled at hubby and told him I wanted to fuck him right then.

My Drought is Over

group muffin928 2018-06-07

With Jeff now inside me I returned my focus to Brady's enormous cock that had made its way to within inches of my mouth. As I worked on Brady's beautiful cock Jeff's thrusts began to quicken and I could sense his quickly approaching orgasm. As I was coming down from my second orgasm Rodney began to work his rock hard cock into my ass hole. I wanted to feel my pussy and ass receiving another load of semen while Jeff shot his wad in my mouth, and all over my face. As I closed my eyes to enjoy all my pleasure, I felt Jeff pull out of my mouth and begin quickly stroking his cock inches from my face.

Total Silence

group bunnie1911 2018-06-07

"Maybe just her then, she'll come with you, I'll wait here." I rise, poor Matt's eyes follow me the entire way, "and be sure to thank him properly pet. Skinny looks toward the booth...seeing no man coming to stop his friend, he moves next to him, pushing his hand into my bra. I start to count...1, no cumming, 2 no cumming....I don't think I can hold out....5, no cumming...suck suck....oh feels so fucking good....Spider stops suddenly, pulling out. Spider straddles on top of my and starts using my hands like a pussy, curving them around his cock, pinning my arms back. He's got my legs splayed wide and is fucking my pussy again...thank you god...I can feel the head of his dick grazing against all the right places.


My Wife Joy On The Beach

group leglvr44 2018-06-07

I was watching them guys throwing the football around and when I looked back I saw Leon had put his cock next to Joy's body and she was playing with it! With that Leon turned his attention to Joy and started telling her how he wanted her to suck his cock. So I got up with a beer and walked down to the beach to look for Joy. After about a half hour of walking around I couldn't find her and I was getting concerned. I said to Leon, "you've got to tell me where Joy is and what the heck is a hooch?

Fresh Escort Does Bachelor Party

group KissedMany 2018-06-07

Jerome threw up his hands and shouted, "Gentlemen, gentlemen let me introduce the most beautiful girls in New York for your entertainment pleasure." After each of the other three girls were introduced by their escort names to thundering cheers, it was Clare's turn to be introduced as Celeste. The room was quieter as men looked up at the huge screen and watched as the young groom took off his clothes and revealed a seven-inch hard cock. One shouted out, "Hey guys, push back those bitches hair so we can see them sucking your tiny dicks." A roar of laughter and before the two men could comply, the girls themselves pulled back their long straight hair to reveal their red lipstick colored lips pleasuring their satisfied customer's cocks, which were not tiny by any measure.


Group Encounter I Will Never Forget

group dclark5 2018-06-07

I noticed that most of the white guys started their time with Alicia and the blacks went with Amber. I also noticed that Alicia would look at me from time to time...seemingly a little embarrassed that I was watching her suck cock and fuck guys she didn't really know. By the looks on a few of the guy's faces, I think that was a little over the top for them...eating pussy that everyone else had fucked. The 2 days I got to spend with you were the best and most exciting days of my life." I looked at her face and it looked like her eyes were watering up a bit and she said, "You are a very nice man.

Bi-curious Ch. 13

group KY ridgerunner 2018-06-07

In bed after we had fucked each other silly and we were just lying there stroking each other I told Dave about having Tina and John come down. I know you just can't wait to see me with John now." With that I took his cock deep in my mouth and all Dave said after that was some moaning. I took my head off Dave's cock just long enough to say, "I'm with you but plan on having both of you more than once this weekend." I started to put my mouth back on Dave's cock and stopped and said, "and your wife too." Then I went back to sucking off my husband.


Hot and Sweet Ch. 08

group errant_dreamer 2018-06-07

I noticed Dana's hand moving against Jana's pussy underneath my shirt just before I went back to kissing Erika as she rubbed her body against mine. Do it!" Each of the sisters had three fingers furiously working their pussies, Jana in a fast circular motion around her clit, Dana in and out still concealed to some extent by the little patch of fabric on the front of her g-string. Instead I pulled Jana away from my cock and said, "I want to fuck you while you eat your sister out." When Jana began finger fucking Dana as she continued to eat her out, it was almost impossible for me not to imagine that it was my cock she was sliding in and out of her sister.

Just Too Much Fun

group KEaster46 2018-06-07

Ester said “OK boys you buy the drinks and we’ll let you play later.” The guy who sat next to me was broad shouldered and solidly built a weight lifter was my guess. Ester cried out “Last one naked get an ass spanking.” Tony jumped to his feet as did Mark. Ester said “Wow, she dose have a pretty little ass hole guys who wants to be the first to fuck it?” Tony; Please Oh, oh, oh, oh, God; shit; damn fuck.” I cried as I felt Tony cock slide slowly into my stretched ass hole. Ester pushed me aside and took Marks cock in her mouth just as he let the first long juicy spray of sperm fly.