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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Starr 2018-06-07

"I know," she said, resting her pretty little head on my shoulder. I started to get up when David grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the bed. "Very funny, David," I said, trying to shake his grip. "Listen David, this joke has gone too far," I said. "I told you this is going to be fun," he said, sniffing and wiping powder from the rim of his nostrils. "This is excellent cocaine," David said. "Now we're going to have some real fun," David said. "OK boys," David said. I loved how David's cock filled my mouth. David pumped my face until he gave me a taste of pre-cum. "I love fucking your pussy," he said. "Open your mouth and lick your lips for them," David said.

Dirty Friday

group Vixen77 2018-06-07

I've been fantasising about this all day, thinking about your cock sliding into my mouth, filling my pussy and stretching my arse, I've been thinking about you tying me up and turning me on, I've been thinking about you fucking me the way I like to be fucked...I know your thoughts have been filthy too...your eyes are full of lust as your gaze travels hungrily over me. I'm writhing against the restraints, you pull out of me, I hear you wanking furiously and, as you cum loudly, I feel your hot, sticky spunk splatter over my pussy, it dribbles down towards my arse, you lick it up and I cum over your face as Mark explodes in my mouth.


The Wrong Thing To Do Ch. 02

group loquere 2018-06-07

"Abbey that's a great name, my name's Mark Bryce." She simply laughed while shaking his hand, and he smiled remembering, yeah, she knew it was his birthday, so of course she knew who he was. I mean your twin just..." As Mark said this Abbey's twin got up and moved toward her sister, giving her a french kiss. As Courtney walked in the room, she saw Richard smiling and then looked at the bed, she was shocked for a second. "We're all senior's in high school." Abbey stated as Mark realized that Courtney's sister was four years younger than him; he wished he'd realized this earlier. "I'm glad it was with you." Abbey said with a smile, as she pulled Mark's head in for a morning breath kiss.

Settling In Ch. 01

group upforalmostanything2 2018-06-07

"Eric there is a dance that is coming up, it's an annual ball that me and Marlene used to attend every year before my accident." I started to feel like an ass, I could see where this was going and here I was irritated by Fred's phone call. "Fred, count me in, I want to help you give Marlene the best anniversary present you can give." I stood and offered my hand to Fred, he took it and pulled me to him hugging me tightly. Fred extended his hand offering the tickets to the ball to Marlene, "Because my dear, tonight you will dance the night away. The look of surprise and joy that filled Marlene's face was one that I am sure Fred will never forget in his life.


Best Friends Forever

group JayValentine 2018-06-07

Sara had always talked to Brandon about her sexual appetite, telling him stories about past engagements including all details such as positions, duration of past acts, her lack of a gag reflex and her willingness to give at all times when it comes to any sex act. Upon hearing the rules, Sara stopped Liz from speaking any further and pulled out her phone and called Brandon. The second camera was hidden in a place where it could view the entire room and what went on and Liz wanted to make sure that she could enjoy herself this time instead of watching most of the action later as she had to in the past.


Kelly's New Experiences Ch. 2

group Develish 2018-06-07

This was Kelly’s big moment, she took his hard cock in her hand, and began pulling him off again, before taking the head into her mouth. This was all happening too fast for her so she stopped sucking and began licking up and down the shaft of the guy’s cock. But he couldn’t hold back much longer and finally he grabbed her gently by the hair and began to bring her mouth back to the tip of his cock. That’s when it happened, she felt a big warm gush of fluid fill her mouth, and as she tried swallow what she could, it was only replaced with more from his streaming cock.

Round of Four Pt. 03

group RiteofSpring 2018-06-07

From my own perspective, this is a glorious fulfillment of the fantasies that have occupied my imagination every time I've had to follow Jacqueline down the hall at work and had to watch that magnificent ass swaying to and fro, imagining what it would feel like to have those hips naked in my hands and see my cock moving in the cunt furrow between her ass cheeks. I reach underneath her with my right hand and finger her pubic hair between her legs and her open pussy lips, feel my cock moving between her wet labia, rub her clitty as my cock pistons next door in her cunt.

Road Show 08

group tawriter 2018-06-07

Mickie is fisted on stage to an orgasm, when Randy whisks the girls back to the main event at the motel where dozens of johns have lined up to get laid. Jill, the woman customer, was so turned on; she switched spots with Mickie and took Jack's cock in her ass and the dildo controlled by Mickie up her cunt. "You are not going to really willing have sex with men -- you are just a tease but I am going to get you so aroused you will fuck anything and anyone right up here on this stage." Mickie challenged as she worked another finger up Alexandra's cunt.


Girl on Girl text

group JamesPrez 2018-06-07

She stops and lets takes you out of her mouth and ur now wet enough for me to turn my ass towards you and sit on your lap slowly letting your big cock squeeze in till im taking you all .. I stop and untie you but tell you to control yourself as watch me and her go back to the bed and kiss full tng locked and fucking eachother however we can .. I kiss you while she does till she stops and you f***e be to the bed and enter me suddenly causing me to whimper while you fuck me harders and faster and whisper how iv teased you

Showdown in Reno

group Sweet_Shay 2018-06-07

Kyle then turned to Amy and Jacob and asked, " Would either of you like to have an offer from me as to what I would pay for your shares of the cottage." Shay then reached down between her legs and took Amy's hair into her hands and held her close to her pussy as she felt a rush of pleasure go through her tiny body. As Amy begin to slide up Shay's body, Shay turned to Kyle and told him..." I am not going to ask you to take part in anything just now Kyle, I seem to have things in hand..." Shay then looked at Jacob, gave him a wink and told him, " watch me give Amy a little pull to my side."


suchitra's Home

group coolguy2020 2018-06-07

One day when I reached their home Valsala aunti is watching a hot song in TV with she lying on a sofa, when she saw me became ashamed but she regained her boldness and We had a chat about vulgarities in TV, movies, actress and she asked me to change with channel and I saw that TV remote was lying on her lap, I grabbed remote slightly touching her breast, I got some courage and I sit near to her and I started to touch her boobs as though it is accidental. Now I retain my consciousness and I smiled at Suchitra, she hugged me and she takes me to the bed and we hugged vigorously for many minutes, I removed her jetty too and I fucked her pussy that time aunty is drinking her boobs.

The Meeting

group BigMeanie 2018-06-07

This time Suzie paused her licking long enough to answer, "Fuck your naughty slut in the ass." Hearing that, Annie immediately raised her head and starting licking Suzie's asshole. Suzie started pushing back towards me with each thrust I made while Annie licked whatever she could reach. I went back to that side of the bed and told Annie she was a naughty girl for wanting to lick cum from a girl's ass, and I intended to spank her. When I reached 10 swats again I saw that Suzie was holding Annie's head down in her pussy so she couldn't call out the count.

Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 06

group Justtoold 2018-06-07

Amy and April dressing in their revealing outfits and then taunting us with their bodies was the one thing that really got the girls in the mood before we advanced to the "play time" where the girls allowed the six of us guys to use their bodies as many times and ways as we could in a night. The next week we all went to Hanks bar so the girls could check things out, and after watching all of the other half-drunk girls doing their strutting in the bikini contest, Amy, and April were giggling at the lack of competition. We had arranged with Hank for the girls to be the last act for the combined bikini and strip contest and when it got close to their time to do their thing we all went back stage to get them ready.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 15

group errant_dreamer 2018-06-07

The sight of my cum dripping down the pretty face of my girlfriend's little sister while their still-sexy mom was showering just a few dozen feet away pushed me even further, resulting in more cum flying from the tip of my engorged cock to land on Dana's forehead, in her hair, then into her eye and all over her cheek. Dana returned the favor by pulling Jana's flimsy pink top off and flicking her pointed tongue around and around her older sister's larger aereola before trying to take an entire breast into her hot mouth. Jana continued to rock back and forth, taking more and more of my cock with each cycle and constantly flicking her tongue across different parts of her sister's bare little pussy.


Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 04

group LustyWolf 2018-06-07

While kneeling next to Jen wiping the floor, Chet said to Jen, "Your boyfriend Steve is a nice guy, everyone in class likes him." Chet looked at Jen seriously and said, "My wife and I like to experience new things also, I'm sure she would love to meet you." He raised one eyebrow and cocked his head a little with a gesture of, "You following me?" "Tell you what, give me your number, I'll talk to Marie and set up a time we can meet for a drink and get to know one another." Jen gave Chet her number and soon the group broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Chet then settled on Marie's ass hole with his tongue while he finger fucked his wife from behind.


My Oddest Assignment

group ceb35 2018-06-07

As I put the stack of papers on the conference table I "accidentally" dropped the pen I was carrying so that I had to bend down right in front of Tom. I knew he could see right down my blouse and as I stood I managed to make sure that my breast rubbed against his crotch causing a moan from him and his prick to sproing into action. Mandy told me that Tom was very happy with my work and that he wanted me to be dressed as I was yesterday. I continued to review the papers, but then I felt a hand on my breast and it was Tom who pulled my face toward him for a kiss.

My first threesome

group 2018-06-07

Leaning over, I pull your cock out of your jeans and its rock hard, so hard I squeeze it harder than I normally would just to feel how solid it is, and I go down on it, immediately taking you all in my mouth, its so warm, so hard, and now so wet as I suck it, lick it up and down your thick shaft, it even gets the back of my throat as you lift yourself up in time to my head going down. I do as you ask and sit on Phil and you start licking me again as I ride him, I see you licking him too and thats such a turn on for us all, I know whats coming and I'm about to experience two cocks inside my pussy for the very first time.

The New Me

group hot_sexy_cowgirl 2018-06-07

It was late when I got home so I quickly put all my things away said good night to my mother and father and headed back to my bedroom for bed. While in the shower I thought that my new sexy panties didn't look that great with pubic hair sticking out so I took a bit longer and shaved every last hair off my pussy. "Oh, god your tongue feels great in my pussy," I moaned to who I thought was Dan. When I opened my eyes I saw a mass of dark wavy hair between my legs and another blonde guy jacking off near my face.

The Vacation and then The Bachlorette Party

group NYBoss 2018-06-07

Taylor was looking forward to not only the convention meetings, but also the opportunity to catch up with her 21-year-old son, Jack. Opening the door to her room she found Lisa lying naked on her bed, legs apart, eyes closed, furiously pushing a large dildo in and out of her very wet pussy. Taylor continued to stare at Lisa's hard nipples on 34B tits and continued to move her eyes down to wear the dildo was disappearing between vaginal lips protected by a strawberry-blonde bush. Lisa did that for a few more minutes then she moved her left hand down to the tangled mass of pubic hair, seeking out Taylor's pleasure button.


My Drunk Slut-Wife

group English Bob 2018-06-07

I thought for a moment that this was a little inconsiderate until I saw the man's friend quickly replace him in my wife's arms. As my wife alternately sucked and jerked the two big cocks in front of her face, the third guy moved up behind her and, in one thrust, buried himself in her open snatch. With a quick change of position, Sheila was hauled up from the cushions that were scattered on the floor and lowered, a little too quickly, I thought, onto the guy's lap. As if almost sensing my unheard plea for release, the man buried in Sheila's throat suddenly pulled out and held his cock firmly in his fist.

Becoming a Slut at My Summer Job

group Imstillfun 2018-06-07

He said I dare you to scratch your upper thigh almost all the way to the band of your panties pulling your skirt up as you go. After a moment Bill, the sales guy I hadn't been showing off to, told me my skirt was tucked in my panties. When I caught Tom looking smile at him and say, "Enjoying the view?" When he responded I was to say, "I suppose you would really like it if I were working without a skirt on." As Tom watched and I looked at him I swell we scratched my leg and pulled my skirt up like I did before.


A Day at the Spa

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-06-07

"I just love to make him cum," Julie said, licking her lips. After he spurts his load all over my tits, I want a pretty tongue like yours licking and sucking it up and then kissing me and sharing it. "'s, well...I don't think I can hold out much longer..." Lynn's pert nipples were pointing out from her breasts like she'd been suckled for an hour. Before I knew it, a single "yes" had escaped my lips as I watched Julie masturbate right across from me. As I licked and sucked Julie's nipple, I felt her right wrist rubbing against my belly as she quickly rubbed her clit. As I sat watching and masturbating, Julie slowly licked her way down to Lynn's treasure, ending up in a full 69.

Surprise Package

group wordsmith 2018-06-07

Her ass was sticking up in the air, and I was just about to start fucking her when she straddled Rick and pushed her pussy down onto his waiting mouth. Sherry grabbed my cock with one hand and licked and sucked on the head, drooling and moaning, as she tenderly caressed my dangling balls. She pushed me so that I was standing over Rick, and now I felt Lani licking and kissing my ass. They kissed and licked their faces clean, and then Lani got up from Rick, allowing Sherry to go int a '69' position on him. I pulled my cock out of Rick's mouth, then bent down and kissed him and reached around to grab his plump ass.

Shelby's House Party

group MasterLuckyStiff 2018-06-07

The idea of watching your husband's cock sliding in and out of your pussy while Kevin's hard cock is sliding inside me just gets me hot and wet." Nicole smiled. "Maybe just a little tease to keep your mind on me." Shelby said silkily and slid her hand down between her legs to finger herself while he watched. Kevin and Nicole took up spots on our couch while Shelby sat between her husband's spread legs on the love seat with his arms wrapped around her. Shelby saw Nicole's right hand reach down and pull up her skirt to reveal the garters holding up her stockings and then close her eyes as she began caressing herself beneath the remaining cover of her skirt.