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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Boarding House Ch. 01

group Johnsexlife 2018-06-07

Part of our boarding house services is vacuuming and cleaning the boy's individual bathrooms weekly which will come in handy for Linda's pleasure. Linda held his cock and guided it into her very wet shaved pussy and Fred began feverishly fucking her and came again deep into her vagina. The loner among the tenants was Ben. He was shy and did not seem overly interested in Linda but after reviewing the surveillance tapes he always went to his room to jerk off after talking to Linda. The story continues to this day as we are now four years into our boarding house and Linda has had 40 young men and three of their fathers in that time.

The Games People Play Ch. 01

group tonyl65 2018-06-07

Mike froze as the second and third shot continued the trail down Jo's body until the final two drops seeped out of his cock and dribbled down his hand and onto Jo's freshly shaven pussy. I need to cum bad baby." Jo leaned forward and pushed her pussy against Mike's face. Before Mike began to soften, and while he was still delirious, she pulled off of him leaving a cum trail back to his face as she sat on face and her pussy met his mouth again. Mike didn't hesitate this time and started to eat his fresh hot cum out of her pussy.


Ecstasy in San Francisco

group J_girlie99 2018-06-07

Since Adam wouldn't arrive until the following morning, we decided to go out to a club an dance with some hot guys... After teasing a few of the guys with some lustful kisses, we left the club and the guys and walked out into the cool San Francisco night, all hot, sweaty, and wanting to fuck a hard cock. I sucked on her clit and fingered her til she came all over my face, and when she did, she and Adam were kissing me again. When Adam went up to the kitchen to get some, Mel stopped him in the luxurious dining room of the suite and started vigorously sucking his long, thick, and hard cock.

The Place with Dahlia

group thplacewithdahlia 2018-06-07

Amy pushed back onto my dick with her pussy, and I was all the way in, as Dahlia found my mouth with hers, and my hands found those small breasts and her puffy nipples. I can last a long time without coming, otherwise I would have creamed instantly at the horny, freaky scene going on around me, not to mention the fact that my dick was inside sexy Amy, and beautiful Dahlia was making out with me. Just as I was at the point of no return, the other guy reached down and put his hand around both of our cocks, stroking them even as the heads were being licked and sucked by Dahlia.

Wet Miranda's Super-Bowl Choice

group 2018-06-06

boyfriend will sit and watch it all day long, game our house and watch that damn football game all day "Guys, I'll bet you wouldn't turn off the game if I Carry agreed, and then Joe said "Hell, yeah! but Fuck, guys, she's hot and offering a Lap-dance!" Patrick asked while looking right at my hands. Patrick took me up on this offer during his lap dance, I gave Joe his turn, and his hands Robert got his turn last, and near the end of the song, guys, I took the come and rubbed it on my bare chest. "Carry; are you ready to get a nice slippery hand-job?" His hot big balls got a lot of play too, as I

A True Story

group gooddoggy56 2018-06-06

I recognised this and then got into some of the juicy parts of the story, and when I said, ‘I was tongue fucking this lady, and came up for breath when my wife moved closer and kissed me on the mouth, savouring the juices from the ladies cunt’. So she said something to him and withdrew his cock, so she could get between my wife’s legs and started licking and tongue fucking her cunt. After a while, my wife did something she loves doing on these occasions......she doesn’t wear any knickers on these nights, and very quietly she slipped her hand between her legs, fingered her cunt while we were talking and then brought out her hand and offered her fingers to the other guy on the other side of the table.

First Contact

group Abelard7 2018-06-06

Sue continued to squirm until the hem of the dress rose high enough for the thong to be fully visible. Helen slipped her hand inside the top of her dress and scooped out the tit so that it sat proud on top of the folded bodice and moved her hand so that it rested on top off my rigid cock, straining to burst my pants. But as much as I wanted to enjoy it, and Helen was very, very good, I was more interested in the sight of Peters prick vanishing deep into Sue's clasping cunt, then re-emerging wetly, only to be swallowed up again by the next upthrust. Peter quickly dressed himself, Helen returned her errant tit to its lacy perfumed pouch.


Prologue to an Affair Ch. 02

group johnny_yong 2018-06-06

She looks intensely up into his eyes as she runs her tongue slowly over her thumb tasting him and then ask sweetly, giggling, "Do you want to cum in my ass?" before she begs, "Please, baby, I need your big, fat cock in my little asshole," as the thick black cock finally spent slips from her dirty fuck hole and he staggers back to rest against the wall. Then she closes her eyes and she whispers, "I need to taste my ass on that fucking cock." The man against the wall staggers forward and spares me a moment's glance but I have already turned and am slamming shut the door behind me having been given my answer.

blackmailed in a shop

group 2018-06-06

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, I mean the servant, will try to embrace you and you have to act as if you are trying to escape, but make sure that you both stay under the shower for some time struggling so as to make the scene a bit tempting. Mr. Mangeskar: Suppose in the first case you are wearing a traditional dress and the hero while making love to you first drops your pallu off your breasts, then unwraps your sari off your waist and you have to also adjust your body significantly so that he can unwrap the sari completely, then he comes back and starts opening your blouse hooks, and then he again goes down to open the knot of your petticoat… don’t you feel the whole effort would make you more embarrassed and discomfit for a prolonged period of time?

Used by Friend's Fuckboys

group Bimechanic 2018-06-06

Kaylie yells "there is enough of this fag to go around, Ryan you're not sucking off one guy here." I immediately turn to suck the one to my right and realize that there are six sets of legs and six cock bobbing around my head. Kaylie got down to my level as I took the cock into my mouth, she took my hair again and I pulled back, I started to talk but I couldn't get a word out as I started stuttering " i c-c-c-ant" The full gravity of the situation hit me, I was sitting on my knees giving head to a guy I never met in front of one of my best friends, they both just watched me be used by six other men I've never met, word will probably spread about my sexuality.

Gang Bang Girl

group Trialbasis 2018-06-06

Mary ran her tongue around the rim of her drink and looked into Chris's eyes as she seductively licked her lips and stroked the stem of the glass. "Let's keep it simple and use Sir. I really think that Master is overdoing it and Chris is too familiar for a maid." He stopped for a second and then added, "After tonight is over I will do anything you want. The three men stepped into the apartment and Mary took their coats and asked them to go through to the living room where Chris was waiting for them. Without even thinking about what she was doing Mary reached forward and grabbed Simon's cock rubbing it through his pants feeling it stiffen and grow hard under her willing touch.


My Second Affair Part IV

group korpus1957 2018-06-06

I came first for Ken, his cock covered with my pussy juices. I bounced up and down a few times then Stan pulled my pussy all the way down on his cock. Still in Stan's cluthes, I braced myself as inch after inch of Ken's cock penetrated my tight ass. The only other time I ever had something in my pussy and ass at the same time was when my hubby would use a vibrator in one and his cock in the other. Two men, my pussy and ass filled with hard dicks at the same time and ready to use me. He held me tighter, his still half hard cock inside my cum filled pussy.


group RedDragon68 2018-06-06

But Charlie was cut off from the voice in the back, Paul grabbed the back of the seat leaned forward and said "everyone one was wondering if those tits of yours are real, not just us three now, every single longshoreman at this port." Paul was the first one to break the stunned silence, leaning forward in his seat from right next to Nicole's ear he growled "Damn baby girl those are some fine tits" and with that his rough hands slid onto her shoulders and down her arms. She felt Paul's hand come up her left arms and grab the back of her hair, not to roughly but definitely in control, he pulled her head back against the seat and leaned down and kissed her firmly on her mouth.



group MungoParkIII 2018-06-06

She pulled her chair up to the desk, grabbed my application and said, "All things considered I can't recommend the loan for approval at this time." Anyway, when I finally got in touch with Jackson, it took a little bit of convincing, but after offering him a piece of the business and explaining the type of collateral that Rebecca was really looking for, Jackson agreed to meet me at the bank. She began to fidget a bit and her breath seemed to deepen and she finally reached over, pulled the pen out of Jackson's hand and said huskily, "Just skip those last two pages, we don't need them anyway." Rebecca didn't notice the spilled cum as she tensed her body again, grinding hard against Jackson as she released my cock and grabbed his hips, pulling him hard against her.

Tag-A-Long Ch. 02

group behindtheseeyes 2018-06-06

Maybe they were working on some kind of business together. I look to my left, and I saw two middle-aged man in their trunks, with massively hairy chests, and beer guts, chatting away as they start climbing in the pool. I grab my towel and start walking back towards my room, wondering how bored I'm gonna be when I get back. "Well, since I have no one to hang out with and you have no one to hang out with, maybe tonight you could come to my room and we could talk and get to know each other." I've got some things to do, so come by about seven thirty if that works for you."

Bastille Day Ch. 10

group leBonhomme 2018-06-06

My cock twitched, but I held still, knowing that Anna was going to arouse Marge, that her pussy was going to respond to what she was beginning to do on her clitoris. I could have waited forever to have my orgasm, but too soon their moans and twitching hips indicated that they wanted theirs, especially the repeating clutches of Marge's pussy on my cock. It seemed like it; she gave a shivering moan, and her body jerked, as I spurted again and again, feeling her warm pussy juice wet my balls and heard Anna moan in appreciation. On our way to lunch, Marge glanced over at Anna's well-tanned breasts and suggested with a chuckle that she could use lipstick to make her pale nipples more apparent for the flash mob.


The Taking Pt. 05

group Shadow_chaser 2018-06-06

Mandy begins receiving pictures and videos that night of Laura being used by Steve. The guys that were there took turns fucking Laura except this time she almost always had a cock in her mouth while one was in her pussy. The 2 girls took plenty of pics for Steve all day long as Laura was fucked nonstop that day. After they finished cumming inside Laura's pussy, Steve told Laura she isn't allowed to shower or clean up at all. Steve told Laura to lay down on the floor and stay spread wide and arms out away from her body. Mandy told Laura to lay down on me to make me feel her cum covered body.

It Wasn't Like I Planned It

group colonelstiffy 2018-06-06

I fully swung the door open, and Kara was at the foot of the bed licking my wife's pussy clean. I picked up Kara by the hips, " I want to fuck you so badly." I laid her down on the bed as I stood up and started to pump in and out of her at full speed. Jackie was on her elbows and knees on the bed with her ass in the air, and Kara was tightening a strap-on onto her body. I grabbed my wife away from Kara and start to titty fuck her chest like there was no tomorrow. Kara started to kiss me on the lips, and worked her way down to licking the mix of my dick and Jackie's tits.

The Mistress Files 01

group JocelynX 2018-06-06

That is what you hired me for, right?" I say, walking over to my briefcase, grabbing Diane and walk back over to Wendy, who is biting her lip, as Lukas penetrates her with two fingers. Let's see." Emil say, taking off his shirt and walking over to Wen, I motion Wendy to flip over and she does, whimpering when Emil penetrates her with a finger, too. After that I stop and flip Wendy on her back-Causing Lukas to pull out-hands still in cuffs and suck on her clitoris. She lifts her vagina to my mouth and I bring my other hand to Emil's ass and rub my finger around the budded flesh. I let go of Emil's thighs and grab Lukas' cock instead and make fists rubbing up and down.

Margie Gilday Ch. 04

group Madge069 2018-06-06

You've got to measure it when it's at its hardest." Jen got on her knees and starting sucking Tom's cock head while Molly stroked the shaft with her thumb and index finger. Once Tom got settled Jen knelt between Tom's legs and worked his cock with her hand while Molly sat to his right and gently fondled his shaved balls. We got dressed and before Tom and Molly left I inquired about the teddy bear they had given Jen, They told me they had plenty in the store if I was interested and that Pedit Signs did the silk-screening on the apron. Jen gave an understanding nod and I headed back to the house thinking that if Tom and Molly were going to be regular visitors I better get back on the pill.

Fucking the Boss(es)

group Blue_shoes1980 2018-06-06

"You see what I was saying, J.W.?" Bob walked over to me, took my arm in his hand, and pulled me into the room. Meanwhile, Bob's hand was on my ass, stroking me softly through the material of my skirt, and I knew that other people in the lobby were watching. By the time we got to the door of the room, Bob was kissing me passionately, and I was really excited; I had my hands all over him. Bob wasted no time, murmuring to me as he reached for my stretch top, "God, I've wanted you for more than just the last week, Tori. I began to work my hips back and forth as Bob licked me, watching J.W. through half-closed eyes.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 06

group NewAgeErotica 2018-06-06

He knew he didn't get a chance to be around many girls in a private setting, let alone one that looked as good as Alicia or one that was dressed the way she was. Tommy shuffled the cards and took Rolan and Alicia's money and added it with his own and gave everyone chips. "Looks like it's just down to you two." Tommy said, as Rolan took the chips that he had won. She had been gangbanged, black mailed into fucking Tommy and actually enjoyed it, hung out with him and his friend wearing her panties and a shirt, now she gave up her clothes to buy into a poker game, and now she just described the finish to the sex they had earlier in the most vulgar way she could think of.


Sexy s****rs and Mom

group seanhi5 2018-06-06

She pushed me on the couch and quickly bandaged my hands, tears started streaming down my face and she wiped them away. "Please just this are so beautiful and that was amazing...besides I have to cum now or else I am going to have blue balls and besides...I can't masturbate" I tried to convince and she thought it about if for couple of seconds and nodded her head. I stroked her soft hair and pushed my tongue into her moist mouth as I gently started moving my hips rubbing against her clit. “Oh you are going to love this…” Jamie said before licking my shaft from the base of my cock as she made eye-contact with me.

Erika Blossoms Ch. 13-14

group SmoovB 2018-06-06

I wondered what it would be like to have Jana use it on me, and I made a quick mental note to grab it tonight when I was at my apartment, tagging things for the movers. "Thank you, Jerome." I gave him a sweet smile as I walked past his desk, with just a little more bounce in my step. Mr. Jackson and I did most of our official daily communication via email, and we kept a g-chat window open all day for little things. I realized I was listening obsessively to what was going on in his office and gave myself another mental face-slap to shut it down and get busy working.