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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just an Old-Fashioned Girl

group DanC32 2018-06-06

Tina stood up and started screaming at Dee, "YOU COCK SUCKING BITCH." Dee screamed back, "YOU FACE FUCKER!!!" I stood up and tried to get between the two women and get the screaming to stop, "This is an apartment with very thin walls, HOLD THE NOISE DOWN!!!" So much for my comments, the shouting continued. Tina was the first one out the door, still screaming, "COCK SUCKER!" Dee realized the party was over and grabbed her clothes. Soon after a few tries, I felt an orgasm building and warned Dee. She told Suki to watch for signs of impending orgasm and be prepared to swallow what ever was ejected into her mouth.


Husband looses me in a Gamble

group 2018-06-06

Harish said yaar, how can you imagine that a beautiful girl like this is standing top less so near to me and I don’t even touch the boobs? Anupam got up from his seat and came to me and standing behind me began touching my back and front and whatever parts of my breast were left un covered by these two guys. Pounding of my ass had again reached a crescendo, but instead of cumming in there, he took his cock out and came over to my face. The one on the pussy pulled out his cock and began stroking with his hand and in a few seconds was cumming over my belly and cunt.

Only Once

group 1977TT 2018-06-06

The smell of man juice was now filling the room and the other men around her stopped masturbating as they watched these long dicks spurt flames of cum as if they were medieval cannons. Mia came back and gave me a kiss for the first time and pushed a snow ball from the python dick into my mouth which brought the crowd to a thunderous ovation. Now with my ass full of dick and Mia covered in cum she stepped over the cock in my ass putting our asses together and his dick between her legs squeezing his prick and pulled his face between her plump breasts giving him a face full of his partner's juice.

The Road

group cods 2018-06-06

She looked at it and smiled and said, "I thought it was big, but you never can tell until you see it." Then she pushed out her tongue and licked my cock. I shouted to her that I was cumming and she sorta giggled and started sucking the head of my cock and using her hand to jack me off at the same time. The guy standing there (the hotel porter) had his mouth open staring at Aimee's hand as she played with herself. The porter pushed forward and shouted "I'm cumming." Aimee jacked him real fast and pulled her mouth of his cock letting his giant load of cum spray all over her face.

A Trivial Pursuit

group Bluesmanii 2018-06-06

Laura sat behind, looking over Cindy's shoulder, her hands idly cupping Cindy's very large tits, and watching intently as Tom lapped at Cindy's cunt making tighter and tighter cirles until he eventually licked at her clit. Laura went over to suck Jack's cock for the first time in several years, and petite Cindy crawled over to place her hand at the base of Tom's massive organ and she slowly stroked it as her tongue teased the head. Although Laura continued to suck Jack, all eyes were glued to the sensual scene that Cindy was providing as her hands steadied Tom's hairy thighs, and her head slowly rose and fell...


Penny's Progress

group pandsal 2018-06-06

During the following months, Penny became one of Intime's most frequent clients, adding to her extensive lingerie wardrobe a number of items, all chosen from Carla's second catalogue, that received Mark's enthusiastic approval.The new garments also had successful outings when Jason, a friend they had found on the internet, joined them for a threesome. Opening her eyes she saw that Sonia had turned her back on the pair on the couch and was kneeling between Penny's feet looking up at the breasts now fully exposed by Carla.


Dancing Dirty Ch. 02

group Sexyframez 2018-06-06

Ana was hardly visible buried deep between Liam's thighs, and Liam's cries were in-fact being stifled by Andreas, or rather his huge erection in her mouth. Ana came up for air and moved herself up Liam's body clamping her mouth around an erect nipple and sucking on it like a hungry baby. At that moment, Andreas thrust himself deep inside Liam and started pounding into her with such force that Sophie was afraid someone else would hear and that she would be discovered and branded a voyeur. Sophie could hardly contain herself, her hand moving faster and faster inside her clothes ready to bring herself to orgasm, her eyes fixed on the three lovers.

Swingers Delight

group Vic5 2018-06-06

One night while Glenda and I were having sex, I said, “I think it would be exciting if we found another couple, complete strangers. Glenda said, “I don’t think I’m ready for big parties. I looked around for my wife to see her on a plush couch with a our host lying mostly on top of her while their lips were locked in a wide open mouth kiss. I wanted her, but then I saw her dancing with the single guy who had come to the party. I hugged her and lightly kissed her lips, then said, “As long as I’m sitting here, no one else is going to hit on you. I danced by the couch where my wife had finished sex with two guys.


Birthday Massage

group ChatLuvver64 2018-06-06

His cheeks are red and sweat is running down his face and he has both hands on your hips so he can fuck you that much harder...the sight of him slamming up against your big round ass is going to make me cum, too..." The filth is just rolling off your lips in a constant stream and I can hear the wet, grasping sounds of your fingers playing in your own hot box. You are standing at my side, your hand on my ass, forcing me to hold my hot cock inside your friend whose pulsating pussy is about to cum again. As I'm thrusting into her tight ass, you are holding her head and whispering in her ear telling her how sexy it looks to see me fucking her asshole.


Cruise to Nowhere

group regularguy1313 2018-06-06

Wonda knowing where I was looking teasingly whispering, "Jail bait," and then pointed out some of the hunkier guys. Wonda held up her naked left hand and said, "No, see I'm not married. As we were heading back to our room, Darryl, the blond lotion applier, said, "Our class has rented a suite on the Pro deck, room 4A for a party tonight. Wonda said, "Hey, let's check out the party." "Look," Wonda said, "they're playing spin the bottle. The group look over at her and she said, "Guys, I've got new meat for you. The guy that got the blowjob spun the bottle and it pointed to Denise. We need another couple." She turned to Wonda and said, "Will you join us?


Free Greek nude camping - pt1

group saloniko 2018-06-06

Apart from the young lady (not too sticky and the type of the beach and the gang) and the individual chubby lady around 55 years old, all the other ladies of the group were beautiful women and especially the blonde (maid of honor of my friends), the tall tawny German and the other individual, a brunette with wild beauty. Anyway, after some fun time, especially with my acquaintances, their best men and the Chubby (while I was 'checking' continuously the brunette), I left them, to go for a dip in the sea to get rid of the sweat and to lay again out of my tent to chill out. Alexandra slowly approaches her and suddenly cups the hand that she uses for masturbation and she puts two fingers in young girl’s wet pussy and accelerates and hardening the rate.

Fucking my friend's wife 3

group wzzzyzk 2018-06-06

It’s hard to describe just how a girl looks when you know she needs to fuck, but Anna certainly looked the part and she wasted no time dragging the guy she’d brought home to the bedroom. Anna’s bra came off, and the guy (Rob) buried his face between her tits. Rob reaches up and pulls Anna down towards him, and with her tits in his face again, he gets back to sucking on her nipples. Anna moans in pleasure, and Rob keeps pounding her pussy, making her tits sway back and forth in tune to the slapping sounds of his balls on her ass. A few more thrusts and Rob pulls out and blows his load all over Anna’s face, making a complete mess of her.

Two Sisters Ch. 3

group Michael B 2018-06-06

No sooner had Martha left the room than Caroling leaned over and put her arms around me and kissed me, while putting her hands on hardening dick. After she was seated I again put my arms around Martha and kissed her but this time putting my left hand on her breast. I then turned to Martha and began kissing her and moving my arms over her body. I turned toward Martha and moved over her and entered her all the way and began fucking her while Caroline rubbed up against my back. As I was fucking her I moved my hands up and down her back until I got to her tight little ass.

Lindsey's Poker Experience

group sportsfreak9182 2018-06-06

The guys vote to rotate, as Ryan takes a seat and Lindsey starts sucking him, she starts jacking Scott and Dylan while Matt starts fucking Lindsey from behind. Scott decides to take over in her ass, fucking her hard and fast right away, as Ryan moans loudly, shoves his cock as deep into Lindsey's mouth as she can take it and shoots his cum down her throat, cumming so much that some starts to dribble onto her chin. Matt takes over for Ryan in the mouth, face fucking her, as Sam screams in pleasure and cums deep in her pussy, coating Lindsey's walls with his warm, wet, cum. Dylan's huge cock starts to spasm uncontrollably shooting what feels like a gallon of cum deep inside of Lindsey's pussy.

Brianna's Surprise Ch. 03

group TX_Dude_ 2018-06-06

You can play with your little cock but, don't you dare cum." Then looking back at Jerome and his friends she added, "Try not to laugh too hard at his little dick but, feel free to make fun of it and tell him how good my cunt, ass and mouth are." Jerome and Jim began to work their cocks in and out of Brianna's pussy and ass in unison, matching rhythm as they fucked her holes deep and hard. She looked down at her daddy from between them as she said, "After they leave, you're going to lick my fuck holes clean, every drop." Howard sat back grinning and stroking his cock as he watched them finish up.


What Happens in Vegas

group mom4gurlz 2018-06-06

Before Kati could answer, Roger slid in beside Chase and put his arm around her tummy, just under her breasts. Chase had then leaned over and applied her lips to the side of Kati's neck and slid her hand under the cami to tweak a rapidly hardening nipple. Kati opened her lips to the soft sweet dance of tongues and drew her right hand up Chase's flat tummy to cup her right breast and roll the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Roger fed her what she wanted and could accommodate and with the taste of Chase's juices in her mouth and Chases tongue on her ass, she came for the second time that evening.

The Hand

group Dominate1 2018-06-06

Nick turned to the Tony, the guy that got the voucher for Nick to play, and asked “My marker is good here for a moment right?” But the good guy, his name was James, said, ”Hold on a minute here, if you don’t have the god damned money you can’t call the god damned hand.” That’s the guys wife man.” Everyone was thinking the same thing; they all said it in the shocked look on their face and the glare at James. Then Nick looked at James as he got up and said, “I’m going to take a whiz jerkoff. James looked at Nick and said, “Listen bud, you might want to head upstairs.

Sofa So Good Ch. 02

group Lei Feng 2018-06-06

I moved myself so that I was kneeling on the sofa, my head resting on Simon's belly, and my pussy in front of Calvin's face. I raised my head from Simon's belly, and held his hot erection upright, and began to stroke it and suck it more rhythmically in time to the thrusting of Calvin's finger is into my pussy. Calvin suddenly withdrew his fingers, to my instant and loud dismay, which was almost as instantly addressed when, making me moan with pleasure into Simon's cock, Calvin put his mouth against my pussy, and began to kiss my clit vigorously. I came, loud, hard, my hips pulsing back into Calvin's face, my head falling once more onto Simon's belly.


Oil change

group BlueCollarFunk 2018-06-06

After a few minutes of this he leans over and starts to kiss the head of my dick, slap it against his face and rub and pull on my balls while also letting his fingers caress my taint and butt hole before going to town bobbing up and down on my dick. I looked up and in the doorway to the garage is Joe, standing there with his coveralls opened below his own huge hanging balls and jacking his huge dick to the site of what is taking place in his waiting room. Next thing I know Joe pulls his dick out of the man's ass, stands up and jacks off a huge load of cum all over the man's back, head neck and my work shirt.

A Evening with Dan and Madison

group blkjack0718 2018-06-06

I then leaned over and got the nipple of one of Madison's tits in my mouth, I was licking on her tit and sucking her nipple, she had one hand on my head and the other on Dan's head. I sat back and Dan moved around and moved his face down into her pussy and started licking, I moved up gave her a kiss and then started sucking on her tits. Madison was really interested now, she got up and move over so she could see my cock as it started to slide into Dan's ass. I felt him tense up and his ass muscles started to squeeze my cock as Dan shot his load into Madison's mouth.

Counseling Mike & Julie

group Sex_Junkie 2018-06-06

Mike tried to be casual about the whole thing and explained that it was just an argument that got out of hand and the next think he knew, Julie was lunging toward him with fist flying. Already knowing what I was going to do to try to help them tonight, I looked at her and told her in a more stern voice that I wanted her to tell me what happened and stop playing games with me. Mike tried to explain that he did not mean to make Julie feel like she was an embarrassment but rather was trying to help her see how making a few small changes in the way she acted when she was with another couple might help her with her insecurities of being intellectually inferior.


Adventure, Limits and Sex Parties

group RikNik 2018-06-06

I let the woman pull me closer and seconds later she was sucking my cock while the guy between her legs kept fucking her really hard. Our tongues were everywhere and it felt amazing to have my wife's tits pressed against me, my cock being sucked by another woman and my wife kissing me with all the love and passion in the world. The woman got up, turned around and moved my wife, gently, off her husband so that she could suck his cock. The guy started it, "I am going to cum" he said, politely warning my wife so she could get her mouth off his cock but just then she started to cum, I could feel it in her pussy and I could hear it in her throat.

Sloppy Seconds

group sirensong47 2018-06-06

Robert opened the door of his truck and climbed into the driver's seat, while Steve opened the passenger side and like a true gentleman helped her climb up to take her place between the two men. Colleen hardly noticed his absence for Steve had crept his hand beneath her blouse and was gently pinching her tender and oh so aroused nipples. She let her head roll back to the edge of the seat and closed eyes and surrendered to the absolute pleasure of his skillful hands. Colleen crawled out right behind Steve and walked half naked into the room with her blouse clutched in her hand and her breasts standing firm and proud and ready for more stimulation.


Margie's Big Adventure

group Erlikkhan 2018-06-06

Margie rotated her pussy against my fingers and ass against my cock until her whole body went rigid. Cum in my mouth that is," Margie whispered snuggling up to me and hooking her leg over mine, "I can't believe how turned on it made me to feel your cock squirting its stuff into my throat and all over my tongue." Margie started moaning groggily, but soon got into the rhythm and was thrusting her ass back into me every time I shoved my cock deep up her cunt. Margie fucked me back with equal vigor lifting her ass off the bed as she slammed her cunt onto my cock.