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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Idea Ch. 01

group niteowl2003 2018-06-06

Bob quickly dismounted his bed and came around behind Sandie, he then began to finger her cunt and smear the juice over her anal ring. Just then Katie came out of the trees and said "Leave this to me, Ray, I am sure once I explain these two fine men will oblige?" Quietly she spoke to the two men and with in five minutes she said to me "It's all right they have agreed to take part in exchange for turning a blind eye, they know what is expected" So Mick stood down from the role of acting and was replaced by these two park patrol riders.


And Earl Makes Three

group LadyJelli 2018-06-06

As Lynn continued to suck at Marie's clit, Earl moved his mouth licking and kissing a trail to Marie's erect nipples where he began to suck them as he watched Lynn's mouth on Marie's pussy. Earl's hands moved to gently caress and cup the rounded globes of Marie's ass as he began helping her to ride his cock. Lynn moved in front of Marie and began to suck at her hard nipples as Earl's cock moved in and out of her pussy. Earl started moving slowly in and out of Marie's ass as he watched her greedily eating Lynn's pussy. Loving the feel of Earl's cock fucking her ass, Marie reached under her body to begin rubbing hard at her own throbbing clit.

Camp X-TA-C

group Many Feathers 2018-06-06

And also unlike Joy, Cheryl's breasts were considerably smaller, though very "perky" as Bob often commented, frequently reaching over to flick the tip of one whenever he thought he could get away with it without getting smacked. As was usually the case with Bob driving, Joy took the passenger seat next to him while Dale and Cheryl shared the backseat. Bob likewise joined Dale at the bar, though he quickly poured himself a scotch, fixing his wife Cheryl a light white wine. "There's a bank of lockers right over there," she said pointing, along with a selection of sandals for you to wear." Dale wasn't too surprised when Joy, not to be outdone by Cheryl's boldness, began undressing as well.


An Evening at Christmas Pt. 01

group Amy5043 2018-06-06

"you know if you want to play tonight, you can," Dave smiled a little, looking at the twinkle in Amy's eye. Lauren had moved next to Dave and was flirting heavily with him, Sarah and the others allowed her the freedom and watched as the pair flirted, smiled and joked. Lauren turned and loudly asked him, the girls laughed at her directness but eagerly awaited him to answer, Dave smiled and simply replied, The girls watched in almost hunger as she outlined its length to them, Dave wrapped his arms around Lauren and Millie who were by his sides as the group drew in close. Lauren looked at Sarah and grinned then moved her hand down to his fly, unzipping it before he could protest, and pulled out his length for them all to see.


My Best Friend's Girl

group RiversEdge2010 2018-06-06

Just then, the model on screen pulled his massive tool from the young girl's throat and started shooting long, thick jets of white hot cum all over her face. "Though I think I look a little more dignified then this girl, she looks simply out of her league covered like this," Kendra said, calling attention to the young girl who looked oblivious on screen, reaching around for anything to wipe her face with. Why not admit that we both feel the same thing for Kendra and act on those feelings instead of having to pretend like there isn't this big awkward elephant in the room every time the three of us are together," Matt suggested diplomatically as he could.


Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 05

group GreyGoose 2018-06-06

While I was blowing him, Josh began to finger Katie's pussy, and I became increasingly distracted, watching this happen right next to me. Though I continued to bob and suck on Steve's cock, I could now see his fingers starting to stroke Heather's clit just inches from my eyes. While quite deliberately watching for Patrick's reaction, Steve began to very slowly slip his finger into Heather's pussy. Julie watched along with the rest of us as Steve melted Heather's juicy pussy with his fingers. I licked again, hearing Heather call out, "Oooooh!" as Steve slipped his finger deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Watching Steve finger Heather's pussy had only made me crave to feel it for myself.


Imprinted Ch. 02

group darcysweet 2018-06-06

I was just about to get to work, actually weeding the garden when I heard the bedroom door open and saw the light flick on. Through my khaki work pants I squeezed the head of my cock and imagined the wet heat of her mouth. "Eyes covered like that you wouldn't even know if someone was watching," she said. Drawing back, still holding his cock in one hand she asked, "Who's watching us Lucas?" Looking frustrated she shook her head and let go of his cock, letting it slap back against his stomach. I watched and jerked off, until he moaned, arched his hips off the bed and came deep in her mouth.

New Beginnings Chapter 1

group jamesfep15 2018-06-06

I watched the club entrance for what felt like hours to see who was going in and to my surprise and little to my disappointment it did appear to be lots of men. He was just another guy in the sea of cocks that had already entered but she was a good looking brunette with a pleasant face, leather coat and fuck me boots. Petra with her tight ass, and pert breasts which were now covered by a little with her long red hair and Hannah with her juicy arse and breasts that could accommodate quite a few cocks between them. I began to stroke faster, trying to take it all in, looking at Hannah, looking at her breasts, looking at Petra receive face fulls of hot spunk.

Stress Relief

group sandymonroe 2018-06-06

"That's it, babe...," I moaned again as she started bobbing on my rock hard cock like a pro. "Hell yes," she cried out, releasing Greg's dripping wet cock from her mouth. Then I helped Karen taking down her blouse and the bra while she went on licking and slurping on Greg's balls. I grabbed her hair again and pushed her back to Greg's cock, saying, "This is not a hotel, bitch, we have no room service. Karen noticed the tray, and smiled, releasing Greg's cock. My old buddy was completely relaxed now, leaning back in the arm chair, watching me grabbing Karen's blonde locks and pulling her lips onto my cock.

Both Go Bi

group dwl1982 2018-06-06

About eleven o'clock, Jeb said he was turning in, and soon Amber went to join him, after pulling out an air mattress for me and Connie to sleep on. He was stroking it with his hand, as his eyes looked over my wife, and he said, "You can keep on eating her pussy, Gary." The two women began to kiss passionately, and as they did, Amber's hand slid her panties down, showing me her bald pussy, the moist, red lips and inch from my tongue. I watched his large, hard cock enter my wife, as his arms pulled her close to him, and he began to pound her pussy with a passion.

Leah and I

group 0037 2018-06-06

I looked to Leah, who nodded towards the chair near me, and I quickly sat, a few seats from sunglasses, and Rudi closed the door and stepped forward. Jasmin let one hand go and slid it down inside her shorts, giving her clit a quick and very audible rub before whispering in my ear "I so want you" and winking with a smile. I looked up longingly at him, begging him with my mind to let them all do as much as they wanted to me, to fill me with every inch of fucking cock in the room, but I just couldn't get the words out. "Good girl, swallow it." Leah whispered and intensified her thrusts, and my eyes closed.



group fannyanny 2018-06-06

She looked at him as he knelt over her and fumbled with a breast for a moment before he realised it really was happening, he was having Bea, he was going to be the one to make her reach her orgasm without having to wait for Gary to recover. Gary saw his best friend failing and since he had been roused up again by watching his best friend moving over Bea, and he stroking his own cock had it hard again, he pushed Richard to one side, who was thankful to be allowed to regain his composure, not believing he had failed after less than a minute.

Laid Down the 'Laws'

group stratshooter 2018-06-06

Just before going out the door, I looked back inside and Robin was talking to hot looking chick that was also at Maxwell's contests. As Robin pushed open the inner doors, I saw that she was looking right at me. This was perfect, I thought, as I saw Robin come out of the bathroom with the dark haired chick. "Good, now have fun." Patsy said, smiling as she patted Robin's firm ass. Not knowing how to react, seeing as how I had just fucked her sister, I just smiled and hoped Robin wouldn't notice her sister molesting my ass and crotch. We took second place that night and with that announcement, Robin turned to me and kissed me hard.


Girlfriend's Summer Fun in Hammock

group sunsetadventure 2018-06-06

Andrew goes first uses his hands to massage my neck, which pushes my head into his growing cock, I can feel it under the fabric begging to be touched. As I lay my head back in Andrews back, my ass arches up slightly, here goes nothing I think, I open my mouth & play bite his cock through the fabric then flick my tongue. My body starts to swing back & forth slowly, my ass touching a tip of a smooth cock, then my lips kissing Richard's head. I turn face up, toss a leg onto Richard's shoulder, and my head is now turned sideways facing Andrew's cock for the second time today. Richard starts fucking me silly pushing my face deeper into Andrew's cock.

Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Dance

group SuperHeroRalph 2018-06-06

A swingers' dance is just the kind of fun that two, hot, single, lonely women need to make them feel wanted, lusted over, and desired, after being dumped by two losers, who didn't know what a good thing they had. The Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Day Dance is where you'll find everything from brides, to nuns, to priests, to women dressed as Victoria Secret Angels wearing nothing more than shear, sexy underwear, halo, and wings, to Satan. A way for us to forget about our reality and loneliness, yeah, hot women get lonely, too, we had a good time at the Swingers' Erotic Valentine's Day Dance.

Lena Ch. 02

group Buzzboy 2018-06-06

"You want to fuck me here?" Lena invites, turning her head to look to Eddie. "How's it going in there?" a female voice from the other side of the dressing room door startles Lena, causing her quickly pull her mouth away and look to the direction of the voice, then looks up at Eddie, equally surprised. Without a word, Eddie's hand grabs Lena's hair and forces her head back to his hard and wet cock. Lena deduces that a person like Eddie is shallow enough to feel pride walking with a considerably young girl with a great body wearing little or no clothing, which would suggest is promiscuous. Eddie rolls on his back holding Lena to him then rides his cock, she looks to Todd with hungry eyes.


Tight Places

group Sxy_shorty03 2018-06-06

Trevor began watching as Tara continued to slowly stroke Rob. During all my adjusting trying to get the best angle, my dress had ridden up and Trevor was able to look into my lap and see the red satin peeking out from my crotch. She softly guided my hand down onto Trevor's manhood and I began to slowly stroke it as he slid a finger down my slit and past my wet lips into an eager opening. As Rob pulled into the parking lot of the club, Tara leaned back against the passenger door, with her legs in front of her and her feet on the center console; she spread her legs and began to slide her hand up and down the wet swollen lips of her heated cunt.


Melora's Gang Bang

group matcher1 2018-06-06

Another guy who was humping Melora and who was so big that he covered her small body completely started to move even faster, plunging into her with such abandon that Doc thought that the bed would collapse. Four hours wasn’t long to get one’s breath back after so much sex but Doc knew that once she was faced with a line up of guys, it would not be long before Melora forgot her tiredness and started to work her audience. Doc had known Melora long enough to realise that this was making Melora’s pussy a good deal softer and much juicier than it had been a few minutes before.


Just Another Dream

group Raelinn69 2018-06-06

His hands stopped exploring my I heard the footsteps again, moving away from me, growing more and more faint, I thought to myself - "No please don't stop, don't go." The room grew completely silent; I thought I could hear my own heart pounding. I heard a voice ordering me to suck his cock, my lips parted to accept his stiff dick in my mouth. I felt my head being pulled back by the hair and another voice telling me to suck his cock harder. Both of them teasing me, giving me just a little taste of each of their cocks in my ass, pulling out to enter my hot, wet pussy over and over again.


group 2018-06-06

She began to ride him and pushed his huge cock all them way in her cunt as she told him, "Fuck me hard and cum and push that spacer into my cunt as you shoot your wad. Then I will find a bigger spacer for that huge cock." She loved the big cock deep in her hole and soon was riding him hard. Look how hard he is." Ed sucked and licked the hard cock and the swollen balls as the old man seemed to enjoy the blow job. The twins removed the gag ball from the old man's mouth and told Ed to push his cock down the man's throat.

Rocker Girl Ch. 07

group KenJames 2018-06-05

"I've got something special for you, Baby!" she cooed, pulling her finger from Margot's pussy and dipping it in the cocaine on the makeup counter. With her other hand, Jame was slowly stroking his shaft, occasionally lubricating her index finger with the precum at his tip and rapidly rubbing his swollen cock head. and slick with your juice and my sperm." I pulled my thong aside and slipped a finger into my pussy as I stared at his cock moving in and out of Jame's snatch. My hands were on my breasts, twisting my nipples, as I watched Jame take Peter's swollen pre-cum-leaking cock head into her mouth. I had three fingers up my cunt and was close to cumming when Peter said, "Stop, Baby.


The Closest of Friends

group Happy Harry Hard On 2018-06-05

Anik used to kneel in front of me when we were watching television, and without a word she would unzip my pants and pull my shaft out, then begin licking my balls and sucking my dick like a porn star. The first time I suggested it she was a little shy, but in the end, after lubing me up with her tongue and plenty of saliva, she climbed up on her knees and ease my shaft into her ass, pushing back as she got comfortable with it in her rectum. Tony's dick, raging for release, found Anik's mouth, but she only ran her tongue up and down the length of his cock without sucking him. Standing at the foot of the bed, I was afforded the most luscious view of Anik's ass as Tony's cock pumped and stretched her pussy lips open.


BBW Abandon

group Goodmandark 2018-06-05

She kissed me once more, then hove her bulk with effort from the car door, letting in both a blast of frigid air—and Christine, who took Jennifer's place and, wordless and smiling, pressed her face to mine. Complete, all-encompassing As my tongue sought out Christine's cunt to the last extremity, and Jennifer's mouth found my cock, I felt myself focusing to the immediate experience. When the black stars clear from my vision and I become aware again of Christine's pussy in my face as she breathes heavily, and Jennifer's mouth taking my come while her grasping hands knead my ass, I feel all the strength leaving me.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 40

group mimaster 2018-06-05

Dana's eyes were drawn back to it, and Chad let out a little groan, thinking he was going to watch his wife play with my cock again. Would you like me to wash you?" Ann said, biting the edge of her lower lip as her big brown eyes twinkled in the slivers of sunlight that were landing squarely over the mattress. Her mouth's full!" Ann said as she parted her legs and started playing with her clit as she watched Dana take on Chad and me. Watching one of them develop, Ann said, "This is so hot!" She looked at me and said, "Is my last dare going to involve a threesome too?" Her face was nervous, but her eyes were hopeful.