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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Nor-Tea Club

group erotiquill 2018-06-05

Jack had long overcome his initial concern of seeing Sherri with other men and looked forward to watching her with Glenn and James. "The machines are popular," Tanya replied in response to Sherri's question, "and a variety of dildos is available for use on them in the bank of drawers against the wall." Jack looked at his wife and smiled, she liked to be tied-up, blindfolded and spanked occasionally and they both eyed the machines with interest again. She passed a lady giving her partner leisurely fellatio while he sat in an easy chair and a short distance away what appeared to be a wife caressing her husband's large and very hard erection as another couple looked on admiringly.


Naughty Wife

group jason1000 2018-06-05

I slowly started squirming away the closer I got to cumming but he grabbed my thighs firmly and pulled me back to him. As he slid his tongue inside and out of my hot and fire hot pussy I knew it wouldn't be long til I came all over his face. I didn't want my ex to think I was enjoying being eaten out more by Johnny than him, but nobody had ever eaten my pussy the way he did. It wasn't long before he had his dick pulled outta his pants and shoved in my mouth. My ex just stood there next to the couch watching as Johnny pounded his dick in and out of me.

A House of Iniquity Ch. 01

group kulturclub 2018-06-05

"You can't possibly expect me to just strip in front of a total stranger -" Zhenya began, her voice suddenly wavering as the musuclar, masked figure of Dominique advanced forward. "Dominique, I think she's asking for something," Enya said, smiling wickedly at the masked man who stood in front of Zhenya. Seeing how distressed Zhenya was, and what a poor, pretty and innocent blonde thing she was, and inspired by a lapse of momentary pity, Enya stroked her cheek. Then she spat on the head of it and licked it around again as Zhenya watched in amazement, with the eyes of a girl who is witnessing creation for the first time.


The women gang up.

group giggitygood69 2018-06-05

Jenni sits on her bed surrounded by her friends Jill, Anna, Nikki, Lynette and Melanie. Her married friends Jill and Anna wear sexy, slutty school girl outfits, one plaid pink and one plaid red, and Lynette wears a pink lingerie ensemble with matching stockings. I dive right in and plunge my cock inside her, she reacts just the way I had hoped, mouth wide open, eyes surprised by my size and thickness, her pussy is spread wide open, my cock fills her up, I thrust and she starts moaning which turns into screaming. She's on all fours on the bed, I fuck her doggy style while Jenni eats Jill's pussy, Lynette and Nikki 69 and Melanie continues kissing my body.

Mrs. Wood Gets Hers Ch. 02

group oldeman 2018-06-05

The trio engaged in this erotic play for a few minutes, when Valerie looked over Tom's chest and said to Erica, "Tom told me he wants to come in your ass. Crawling down the bed to Tom's sausagelike dick, Erica licked the shaft, then the head, and the shaft again, enjoying the taste of her love juices and leaving a thick coating of saliva over most of his cock. Valerie said, as she massaged the oil into Erica's asshole, "I know how much you love to suck cock and drink cum, but this load's going in your ass!" "Let me untie you so you can put that tongue to better use," said Valerie, ready for Erica to perform her oral magic on her hostesses' waiting pussy.

The Fluffer

group swingerjoe 2018-06-05

Mary's head moved back and forth in front of Rod, whose eyes remained closed in intense concentration. "Mary," Rod said a little more loudly. Mary simply raised her eyes and gave Sheila a knowing look. "Who has a magic mouth?" an unfamiliar man suddenly said, causing Mary to bolt upright in her seat. Mary concentrated on her coffee, but could feel him staring at her, undoubtedly trying to discern how such an innocent-looking, mild-mannered woman could have made such a scandalous career choice. Moments later, the closet door opened, and Mary stepped back into the room feeling like a new person. Mary was in a familiar position, on her knees in front of a naked man, his hard dick in her mouth.


The Circle Ch. 23

group SteveWallace 2018-06-05

Lynn nodded and smiled slightly, still nervous about all the sex she was experiencing and her reputation, which she had to admit had already gone down the crapper because she'd fucked three men within the past three days, plus made out with two of the women in a highly sexual way. Lynn said, "When I first started to have sex, the only way I could find satisfaction was if I was with two or three men, and maybe some women, all of whom wanted to make me cum or who wanted me to help them cum.


The Threesome

group Guardvan 2018-06-05

Karen's hot pussy juices ran down my hand while Sonya's mouth was still working on my throbbing dick. Karen reached over and spread the lips to Sonya's still dry pussy, and began tweaking her clit. I pulled my dick out of her ass, as Sonya pulled her hand out of Karen's stretched cunt with a squelching sound. Karen began talking to Sonya in a steady monotone, telling her how good it would feel to have her pussy stretched, how she would get Sonya's fuckhole all wet and juicy, how she would stick her whole hand in Sonya's tight pussy and stretch it to fit, and how Sonya would love it and want to do it again.

The Soccer Match

group puttylover9726 2018-06-05

As Brock continued, David stroked his hand gently on her leg beginning at her knee and always ending up mid thigh. As the woman and David slowly kissed, Brock eased forward and found the back of her neck with his tongue. Gently running her tongue along each cock and when the time came, sucking both men as fast and as deep as she could, always hesitating to lick circles around the rim of their dripping heads. Below her Brock waited for reassurance she was ready for more and when she was, he lifted his hips and ground his cock into her hard and fast while one hand stretched her lips tight and the other worked on her clit.

Back at the Golf Club

group nickitaylor 2018-06-05

If I tried to point out that the chairman had had me suck him off under the desk, that would blow my credibility (pardon the pun) as an innocent party and make me look like I was mud slinging. "Oh yes, Sir. I am Sir. A slut who loves to be fucked." The chairman rammed his full length into my hot, tight hole. He leaned forward, grabbed my arse in both hands (and God that hurt after my spanking) and rammed his full thick length into me in a single thrust. Angus let go of my arse and took a tit in each hand, mauling them, clawing at them as he fucked my tight wet pussy over and over again.


A Salacious Surprise

group osusweetguy 2018-06-05

Tiffany walked over to me after noticing that I had entered the room, telling me that she had a special surprise for me, but I was going to have to do exactly what I was told to do. I was hoping that she would come back and do the other thigh, when I suddenly I felt a pair of legs straddling this time, and then I was pleasantly surprised by the sensation of my cock being enveloped by a moist, warm pussy. Just a few minutes later, I felt her bucking against my face as my tongue and lips mutually stimulated this woman's most sensitive areas, and when I heard my name called out in the moans and cries of ecstasy, I knew by the voice it was Tiffany.


Step mom, Step b*****r, and dad.

group DzDog 2018-06-05

me and my step b*****r were very shocked and turned on at the same times so i reach over and start playing with his cock he started grunting so i made the move to start sucking i kept sucking his fat cock fast and finally he bent me over the bed inserted in cock into me and wow it was so big but i just wanted more so he kept fucking me for about 4 hours and he cummed in my ass as i walked into the other room we did normal stuff for the rest of the day as if nothing happened later that night as im sucking my bros dick i hear my step mom again so i stop sucking him and we walk into the hall naked and peek through the door as we peak in we see my step mom getting pounded hard and she sees us and says "boys come in here and join" so we gladly came in and i stuck my cock in her pussy as my dad fucked her ass and she sucked my step b*****rs cock it was the greatest time of my life and our life has been like that every since we fuck almost nightly either we team up on my step mom, fuck her individually, or fuck each other.

My Renaissance Ch. 10

group Modern_Citizen 2018-06-05

Sharon turned around after her orgasm and raised her left leg and guided me inside her while I held her ass and helped pull her hips into mine as we kissed and fucked. "Damn," the second guy said, chuckling, now standing there without any clothes on after dropping his shorts as Sharon went out. Tracy came out a minute later and was looking pretty great, wearing some snug jeans that flattered her nicely and a black sweater. We were both getting pretty excited and I noticed Amanda was rocking her hips on Jim's groin under the blanket and they were breathing pretty hard over there. I was watching Amanda riding Jim. Amanda looked when Tracy said that and her eyes got a little bigger.


Mein erster MMMF

group 2018-06-05

Ich war zuerst völlig irritiert und als sein Kumpel ( nennen wir ihn mal Kalle ) ins Wohnzimmer kam, wurde mir erst bewusst, dass ich, bis auf meinen Tanga, völlig nackt war, und ich schämte mich ein wenig dafuer. Mein Freund fing auch gleich wieder an an meinen Tittchen zu spielen, und das vor den Augen von Kalle, bei dem, wie ich sehen konnte, dass seine Hose sichtlich zu eng wurde. Nun, da auch mein Freund mich immer intensiver fickte und ich keine Möglichkeit hatte Kalles Schwanz aus dem Mund zu bekommen, bekam ich seine ganz Ladung und ich schlucke sie, aber es war eine solche Menge, dass ich nicht alles schlucken konnte und so lief mir einiges aus dem Mund heraus.


4-5-2 Salamandy's Pad - May Party

group CopperSkink 2018-06-05

Prudence and Tiffany are wrapped in little black dresses of differing style and it's a parade of cleavage that makes me happy to have woken up that morning even if my chances to get laid may as well only exist on paper. The stupid guy part of my brain, the part currently taking a dip in all the booze I've been sipping, that part starts to forget that I'm not getting laid tonight ever since I decided to dance with my friend instead of keep an eye out for a new piece of trim to take my mind off things. "Thanks for the dance," Tiffany says, throwing her arms around my neck and taking her sister's hand with her.


Sex Therapy

group sinful_temptation_4u 2018-06-05

She didn't let on that she was curious about sex and let her husband, friend and sex therapist believe she was just going along with them but secretly Mandie wanted to know what an orgasm felt like and not feel guilty for wondering that. Both Mandie and Bill started to question why he was calling Annie in when Tom turned to them and said "Remember you do whatever I say if you want this sex session" Mandie and Bill didn't protest any further. At first Mandie didn't know what to think about this sexual position she had never let her husband do this but then she started to feel this wonderful sensation and found herself thrusting backwards to meet Tom's thrusts. Then Tom told Mandie to lick and suck her husband's cum out of Annie's pussy.


group Archer2050 2018-06-05

Spiky haired kid's dick had been out of Sandy's mouth only seconds before the brown bangs kid's replaced it. Her speed was still set at where she'd left the last kid, and so she was bobbing on Brown Bangs good and fast, her hands instantly gripping his ass, hoping he'd take over like the other kid had, but not wanting to tell him that. It was right then that marked the first time Sandy really felt like a slut; burying her feelings to please others. Sandy was still just standing up, trying to ignore the weird feeling of the quickly-cooling cum running down her body, when the guys took off to the back of the house.

Vacation Home

group jwwcarterjr2 2018-06-05

Marcus took off, Jeff popped up and returned his cock inside of his pants and stuffed Tiffany's panties in his pocket as Tiffany slid off the counter and lowered her skirt. Marta slid her hand up the leg of Marcus' shorts and grabbed his cock. Tiffany smiled as she stroked his enormous cock with Marta. "We gotta do something Marta, you got me started, now you gotta finish," said Marcus as he slid into the pool. Tiffany watched in shock as Marcus fucked this woman with half of his cock. Marcus smiled at her and grabbed her hand and pulled it closer to his cock. Marta saw Marcus pull out and immediately grabbed his cock with both hands.


group Muse of Fire 2018-06-05

Adam's lips left mine, explored my face, my neck, my shoulders, my free breast. Trapping it there in one hand, I turned my head to meet it, and as I took him in my mouth he closed his eyes in ecstasy. When he reached my cervix, he withdrew so suddenly that I cried out, abandoning Ethan to focus my eyes on Adam. As Adam moved to support me, Ethan stretched out beneath me and put his hands on my waist. Adam sat behind me, guiding me, straddling Ethan so that he could press his body against every inch of mine. Adam's lips brushed my cheek, Adam's hands fondled my breasts as Ethan's cock drove up and down so remorselessly I feared he would split me in two.

Meeting Mommy by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-06-05

Doris took a seat in the easy chair facing them, and after giving everyone a chance to get settled in she shocked the poor unsuspecting young girl when she asked casually, "So, dear, do you like fucking my son?" Amika's mouth dropped open in total shock as she stammered, "I-I certainly don't know what you're talking about!" "You know, c***d," Doris said evenly, "the thing that really makes me mad is when people lie to me." "Tommy has given me a thorough run down on all of your activities, so let's cut the crap and get down to cases!" Looking desperately to Tommy for help, Amika nearly blanched when she realized what Doris Evans had said was true!" Tommy really had told her everything!

Revenge With Friends

group yurato 2018-06-05

One time when she got up she dropped a cup and as she bent over to pick it up she gave Kevin and Tom a perfect view of her ass, barely covered by her panties before slowly rising and laughing that she may have had too much to drink. Kat looked over her shoulder at Kevin and asked, "Kevin, you really haven'y ever spanked a girl?" Kevin a little less shy now, quietly answered "yes...never." Kat said this was such a shame and asked me if I would please allow her to let Kevin spank her, "just so he can see what it's like." Of course, I had to agree and then just sit there while Tom helped her make her way to Kevin's lap.


Dee Moves to the Country Ch. 3

group niceclit4u 2018-06-05

Come on out here guys, and from behind the two way mirror stepped two tall slender black men, Wearing biker bandanas and holding there Hugh cocks in there hands, Happy Birthday Dee, Then slowly he inched his Hugh cock into her tight pussy, she had never been so fulfilled, She started stroking his cock with her pussy, as he moved her body back and forth, Missy, and the other two men came over to them, GD untied her hands and the black man carried her to the bed, The two girls embraced and started kissing, GD then got at there heads and they kissed over his cock, Each one running their tongue down a side of his cock, while each of there pussy were filled with A black cock.

Three-Way Roommate Fun

group MikesKitty 2018-06-05

Jeff nodded and told her that would be fine and was just about to ask where his other new roommate was when a door opened and out stepped a petite, olive-skinned girl, wrapped in a short bath towel, her long black hair dripping wet and cascading down her back. Jeff began to stroke his hard cock as they watched him, and Amanda ran her hands over Melanie’s breasts then slid one hand into Mel’s panties, sliding over her smooth skin and finding her wet slit. They each went to their rooms and got ready for their movie “date,” putting on their comfiest and sexiest pajamas and doing their hair quickly – Melanie pulled hers back in a cute ponytail and Amanda combed through her long, curly black hair with her fingers, letting it fall down her back.


Between a Rock and a Hard

group Clive Cromwell 2018-06-05

Michael moved back down her body a little as Bridget lowered her legs to the bed and pulled a couple of pillows under her head. With Michael’s tongue in her mouth, Lance moved a hand between Bridget’s legs to caress her pussy. Bridget was so wet that there was a slapping sound as Lance went deeply into her pussy and at his penis, she was slurping noisily at him, lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as she moved. Both men were moaning now and Bridget was panting with her efforts, bucking against Lance, who now held her with her legs right off the bed as he fucked her, while she balanced on one hand and stroked Michael with the tightly clenched fingers of the other.