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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Camping Trip Pt. 01

group Tetris07828 2018-06-05

I didn't think it would look good if I had the bed all set up and ready to go. I head out again, business cards in my pocket, camera in hand, sun glasses on and I start to prowl. I walked up to the big Ferris wheel and paced back and forth looking at the ground acting distracted and agitated with the fake conversation on the phone. Britney was looking around, "Nice place you got here. Britney threw back another half beer in the time it took me to pull off my shirt and drop my pants and underwear. Britney reached over with the nearest hand and started half heartedly working it. She moved past me with her beer in one hand and opened the bathroom door.


Complex Family Ch. 08

group PaulStevens 2018-06-05

"Yeah," Brandon responded quickly then he put on a smile and said, "Of course, I am in paradise with the most lovely woman in the world for our honeymoon, what could be wrong?" She gave a wicked smile and said, "First off buckle up, I'm sure Mel doesn't need the ticket." Then once Katy was buckled in Ashley unzipped her shorts and pulled them, and her own panties down. Brandon just smiled and feeling dangerous kissed the upset redhead on the cheek quickly and said walking away, "I know and I love that about you." Ashley was not fooled and smacking his arm said, "Like you don't know, Katy is calming Mel down after that stunt you pulled, why must you antagonize her darling?"


Graduation Day

group Cuylie 2018-06-05

Blinded, as Ben's frantic thrusts force me to close my eyes, my fingers grasp both their throbbing shafts, working my hands along their lengths. I continue to pump Ben and Adam's shafts, I can feel their hands brushing at my shoulders and hair. I can feel Ben's and Adam's hips thrusting a bit with my pumping hands, sliding slickly along their shafts. My rational mind, in an odd alliance, works with my lustful one and slides my hands from Adam's and Ben's throbbing cocks. This allows him the full opportunity to look up the length of my body; along the curve of my thighs, soft mound of red hair, the tautness of my stomach, the rise and fall of my full breasts framed in my loose red hair, then finally the hungry gaze of my green eyes and cum stained face.


A Friendly Affair

group BrokenAngels 2018-06-05

John became increasingly excited, grabbing a fistful of her hair and fucking her face. I got back in between her legs, opened the bottle and just poured a hell of a lot of oil on my dick; I used the rest that was on my hand to start fingering her little asshole. "I can tell you that I'm a naughty boy too!" As he said this, John grabbed a fistful of hair and thrust his penis into her mouth, just enough to make her gag. She took John's dick out of her mouth and gasped for air, moaning louder and louder now. "Fuck, that was intense!" John said as he rubbed his cock over her cum covered face.

Rugby Club Adventure

group Liz2006 2018-06-05

As I was standing under the shower, eyes closed and fantasising about having some of those big strong hand running all over my body, I was stroking myself all over when suddenly I thought I felt another pair of hands on my tits... I opened my mouth and began sucking, my two hands were full of hard cock and by now I could feel something big and hard against my pussy. Then one guy stepped forward between my legs and turned me over, I thought he was going to fuck me doggy style, but instead of putting his hard cock into my pussy, I could feel his hands rubbing my ass cheeks and a finger slowly probing my ass...

My birthday present to my husband - part 2

group shirls 2018-06-05

Then the nibbling at my pussy stopped and another big fat cock was pushing its way into me, my husband said from the other side of the room "I just took our dream to another level, there are 6 of us here altogether and each one of us is going to fuck you in the mouth and in your cunt, so just enjoy" Then I heard my husband say "No need for a condom, she's had her tubes tied, it's all bareback with Shirl, she loves the feeling of cum gushing into her cunt", then he added "and her mouth" with that the cock in my mouth, which I had felt of pulsating and tensing, quivered and shot a big load of cum into my mouth, it came out with such f***e that it hit the back of my throat, the cock kept pulsating and delivering more and more cum into my mouth, I thought that I was going to choke I kept swallowing as much as I could until it finally stopped.

Santa's Interlude

group SweetPrettyAss 2018-06-05

The warm, soft and extremely smooth skin of her pussy may have been the most wonderful place his tongue had ever been and he licked slowly up one swollen lip until he reached her clit, which was engorged with her lust. Leaning against Jackie's ass, Cindy raised her body slightly, until the head of the cock that felt so good was once again at the entrance to her pussy. She continued like that, taking Santa Claus's cock into her pussy in small increments until his pubic hair was tickling her delicate skin, which she had shaved in anticipation of the visit from Saint Nick.


group funnsun2 2018-06-05

Camilles husband walked out on the back porch to talk with some folks and thats when she noticed me looking at her daughters pussy and k**dingly pushed me and laughed. Thats when Camille shocked me by telling me that she had been wanting to see her daughter get fucked by the right person her first time and that I was the perfect guy since she knew I would be gentle and make it a good experience for her. She was soft as butter and as she got wetter, I started gently sucking on her clit and was MORE than ready to fuck when Camille told me it was time to break her girls virginity and help her grow up.

Our New Naked Adventure Day 02

group TXhardsucker69 2018-06-05

Boy, someone's gotta be living right, with the fantastic weather, being out in the country, being totally naked, and sharing the start to the day with good friends like you guys," I said as we walked on up. Just seemed to feel like we have been friends a long time." We were up the steps now, and Linda gave Cindy a big hug, pulling her close, and kissed her on the cheek as their breasts were pushed tightly together. It was a cool experience, erotic in ways, looking up to see Roger's cock burying into Cindy's cunt, and feeling mine being engulfed inside Linda's warm, muscular hole.

An Ideal Match - The Beginning

group kewtieboy 2018-06-05

Steve was well gone and was gripping Sue's head to push his cock in and out of her mouth, however his eyes were closed and he looked as though he was on automatic pilot. Sue was panting and fingering herself with one finger while her hand gripped Steve's semi-erect cock. Sue pulled my shoulders downwards as she dropped to her knees again and took Steve's cock in her mouth. I slumped slightly in the seat to look as though I was the worse for wear and when she introduced "Simon," I shook his hand and said, "As usual, one is never enough for Sue."


So What Do You Miss? Ch. 02

group PRNY 2018-06-05

April moved next to me, watching my fingers as they moved down the front of Char's shirt. I place my hands inside Char's shirt and slowly pushed it off, caressing her shoulders, and pulling it down her arms. "Very wet." I said, looking right into Char's eyes. I think Char need something else to look at." And April unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled out my cock. I put my hands on the sides of the panties and pulled them down to reveal Char's naked pussy, and pulled them down to her ankles. I came and Char pulled me out of her mouth so April could watch me cum. April stuck her finger in Char's mouth, and bent down to lick my cock.

Crystal Clear Ch. 05

group Romantic1 2018-06-05

"I'd like to invite the three of you to dinner at my home tonight -- informal, casual, and no preparation -- come as you are." Jill Dane put forward the invitation to Ellen, Claire, and me as the four of us stood waiting for the coffee to brew in one of the meeting rooms at Sony Studios. I also wondered about her choice of words when she said 'playmates.' Jill had mentioned Crystal's photo spread in Playboy where she was the December 'Playmate of thee Month,' and she'd been overtly flirting with me over the past week as we did many of the background things that satisfy a large corporation such as Sony, keep our agents happy, and keep things clean with the IRS and lots of others.


Threesome Becomes Foursome

group snow_angel2000 2018-06-05

While Chris is licking and sucking the juices out of Erin's pussy and Amber is slowly riding his cock, building the tension, the girls are kissing each other and moaning as they tweak each other's nipples. Once Amber and Erin have both cum once, they get off and start to trade places, but Chris stops them and leads them both to the balcony, where he props them up and licks their pussies alternately, the cool night air keeping their clits and nipples hard. Chris's tongue darts quickly in and out of Erin's throbbing pussy while Daniel puts two fingers in Amber's while he sucks hard on her clit, making her cum on his fingers.

Tease Me, Please Me Ch. 1

group Moonlight_33 2018-06-05

Tony groaned, he wanted to touch that skin, taste it, but the girls continued without him, Heather bending to nuzzle and kiss Kim's firm breast, while Kim pinched and teased Heather's hard dark nipples. Tony watched helplessly as Heather sucked Kim's nipple into her mouth, licking his lips with hungry desire. Tony watched as Kim's hot tongue vanished into the milky depths of Heather's pussy, watching as the women pleasured one another with fingers and tongues, moaning and moving together, torturing his throbbing body. With a cry of pure pleasure, Kim's orgasm was upon her, Heather's hungry red lips rushing forth to lick and suck up every drop of her sweet cum as her own orgasm set her body shuddering, her cum trickling into Kim's ready and willing mouth.

Aphrodite's Palace

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-06-05

The man stepped astride the bench where Paige was anchored and leaned into her, putting his big hard cock deep inside Paige's hot little cunt with a grunt. His fellow club member was busy filling Paige with long deep strokes of his huge cock but he knew what they had agreed on. The man in her pussy started to cum inside her as he felt the steady thrusting rhythm of the two cocks invading her. The man fucking her ass signalled his close orgasm and the two men moaned their release as they pumped simultaneously into her sex. Paige, feeling their spasming cocks throbbing inside her walls, felt her own orgasm take over in ripples of pleasure as her soft flesh was dragged and pushed in and out in unison.

Secret Liaison

group lankybacon 2018-06-05

“You are a good boy … now just think how ridiculous you are sitting in a pub dressed as you are and smelling like a women. As I bend in front of him, you instruct him to remove his blindfold and look towards you, as he does so, you take a photograph of him seemingly coming over another mans arse whilst wearing stockings suspenders and silk knickers. You put a pillow under his head and say “Seeing two men make love really turns me on, but I really need my arse and pussy licked to get the most of it, I’m going to sit on your face and you are going to pleasure me.

Traveling for Pleasure Ch. 3

group alexandraaah 2018-06-05

I licked a little precum of the head of his cock and Veronica snapped, “Look at me, Alexandra.” I returned to watching her. Good girl, pinch those, yeah.” Lin was now moaning louder and gyrating her hips to the thrusts of Veronica’s hand on her clit and in her wet pussy. With her legs wide open and Veronica’s head buried in her cunt, Lin began bucking and moaning to the same beat as our fucking. She was moaning and talking, “lick my pussy, oh, yeah, sooo wet...lick my clit, make me come little slut...fuck my clit...oh,oh,oh,oh,sshitt...I’m coming...I’m coommmmiinaaaaaaaaah.” This brought Miles to orgasm and he pulled out and spurted all over his wife and me.

Tracey's Backseat Rendezvous

group NickiJean28 2018-06-04

When I felt that he was close to cumming I removed my mouth from his cock, he told me how he wanted to fuck me so he reached up as soon as I moved out of the way to get a condom from the glove box, a moment later he looked back at me with a sad look on his face when he said he didn't have one in there, and I guess I shocked him when I told him to screw me anyway. I tried my hardest not to cum as he gave me hard thrusts, but it felt too good, and there I was, in the backseat of his car, getting my cunt pounded when there was a bright light that filled the car, I came around Jeff's cock again when the rear passenger door opened and there was a uniformed officer standing in front of us.

Sissy Tom, Marsha, and Me

group cdhusband 2018-06-04

While I had been putting on Marsha’s panties, Tom was undressing revealing a pair of hot red full-cut panties that showed a nice wet spot on the front where his hard cock and leaked precum. As we continued to tongue fuck each other’s mouth, my cock gave a little jump and oozed out a glob of precum into the panties. His hard cock felt wonderful in my mouth and at the back of my throat as he began to face fuck my mouth. I had been laying there on top of Marsha for a few seconds when Tom climbed up behind me and started fucking my well used asshole again. Marsha wrapped a pair of her panties around Tom’s balls as his cock fucked her mouth.

Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 03

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-06-04

Kate pulled the wooden chair away from Gaby's dressing table and turned to Ben. As Gaby turned to Ben, Kate toed off her shoes, and then pulled her shirt out of her pants. Gaby smiled at Ben, then leaned toward Kate and took the tip of the cock between her lips. Kate looked at him, then moved her right hand to the back of Gaby's head, and pulled her hair. As she did, Gaby moved her right hand up and ran her fingers over the lips of Kate's pussy. With her left hand, Gaby grabbed the shaft of the latex cock and pulled it far up and out of her way, then leaned in and took Kate's clit between her lips.


Purely Pornographic

group piekna 2018-06-04

I scooped the cum out of my drenched cunt and licked my fingers clean, closing my eyes and moaning at the taste, but there wasn't enough and I definitely needed more. He leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and grazing it with his teeth, and his hands moved around to grab my ass, kneading it and pulling my skirt up. I rode the two cocks inside me and stared around me at all of the hands moving along hard flesh, and when I felt the first guy cum on me, I started a string of orgasms that didn't end until the last load was spent.

Tony, Tina & ... Rachel?

group OneMansFantasies 2018-06-04

Tony did as he was asked, enjoying the scenario that Tina had created for them and wanting to please his wife, he made sure to make his licks long and soft, sticking his tongue out far enough that Rachel would get a good view of what he was doing. I will get to suck on those soon for you honey, I just have to make sure its ok with Tony here." Tina said as she pulled his head up to kiss her again. It was not long after he picked up the pace that Tina was shuddering through her first orgasm and quickly heading towards another when Tony said "I'm ready to come Rachel, watch as I shoot it on Tina's ass." Forgetting himself in the moments leading to his orgasm.

An Old Head Ch. 33

group Colintall 2018-06-04

"You stay here and have a drink with the boys," said Nina to Suzie but looking into Pete's eyes, "maybe Pete here would like to carry me back to the apartment, it's just around the corner." The five young men stood around, gently massaging their cocks as they watched Pete's dad and uncle fuck Nina and Suzie. Suzie rolled off the bed and stood up, Rob's lubricated finger immediately started to wriggle it's way inside her ass, she leaned back onto it, letting out a little moan as she felt it going up her. Suzie leaned forward, Rob's finger still lodged up her ass, and taking hold of Joe's stiff cock, directed it towards Nina's dripping wet cunt.

A Night to Remember

group cleanshavedguy 2018-06-04

It feels so good to see Rich getting rock hard again, but to your frustration, he just sits there, stroking his erection, all the while his eyes roaming over your body, from your cock-filled ass, to your trembling tits, and on up to your face, which is contorted in ecstasy. Rich nudges the tip of his rock hard erection against your shaved pussy lips, and you gasp as you feel him slide inside you, joining his friend inside your body, separated by the thinnest of membranes; you are sure they can feel each other moving deep inside you, and that gives you an added turn-on.