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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Horizons for Nick

group Lion24655 2018-06-04

He had been talking to DownUNDER when he had rushed out, and was terrified at the possibility he hadn't closed the website down, horrified that Nick might have seen what was on the computer. She had just given Nick a pair of her panties, pink, lacy, the crotch wet with her juices, and smeared with Paul's cum as it had seaped from her pussy for twenty minutes or so. She wondered what Nick would do with a pair of her panties, the crotch soaking wet from her juices, made even wetter by the load of Paul's cum. Probably wore them, thinking of his sister whenever he was jerking off." Nick was stunned, as Mrs Frazer paused to start cutting up the bread buns, before starting talking again.


Wet T Shirt Contest

group hotcynners 2018-06-04

They stayed there gripping my arms as they looked over at Judy and asked, "What does the winner want fulfilled?" Everyone watched with rapt attention as Greg licked, sucked, and bit her nipples until she came. Taking a chance, Rick moved his cock to Stacy's pussy lips and looked at Frank. I looked over and saw my wife, Cyn, taking the hand of Frank and pushing him onto the couch. "I think you girls forgot about me," John said as he walked up behind the scene on the couch. She returned with it, and he spread a little over Cyn's asshole as she fucked Frank and sucked Ted. Then, he eased his dick into Cyn. She screamed and then started moving again.

Bill and Mary

group 2018-06-04

I moved to lie between her legs, arranging my cock below my tummy, and began focusing on her clit as Bill moved his face over hers, alternately kissing her mouth deeply and sucking her nipples. Bill’s hard cock in my hand and he and Mary shared my cock, as they loving looked at it, as they remarked about my swollen balls, licked and sucked the shaft. As his hips moved forward Mary slipped her mouth off my cock and looked into my eyes with her face filled with rapture. Bill set a solid fast fucking rhythm as Mary alternately sucked my cock and stared into my eyes as she held that cock in a hand, Bill held his pace even as his own cum began to grab him.

Annie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-06-04

Annie reached past Perry for Joe, not wanting him to feel left out, and found his hand resting in his lap. Bea insured Annie would remain wet by fingering her until Perry sat back down on the couch and Bea helped Annie straddle his lap, even guiding her husband's cock inside her. Annie felt a twinge of disappointment when Joe pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and went directly to Bea, who was leaning over the back of the couch, presenting her ass to Joe. Annie looked on as Bea reached back and guided him into her pussy; moaning almost immediately as Joe began to briskly pound her from behind.


Eric and Mike teach Tracy.

group curiousandkinky 2018-06-04

Mike said, "Eric we will fuck Tracie until she begs for us to stop!" Mike lowered his lips to mine and he kissed me with more passion than he had showed me in a very long time! Mike looked at Eric and said "{Let her sweet lips surround your cock.. As my Eric slammed into my pussy, my mouth sucked off my husband until amazingly enough we all came at the same time... Mike rolled me onto my stomach and started to lick and kiss my back until I was totally turned on again, he spread the back of my thighs and his hand started to stroke my cunt. Eric lowered himself to the floor so that I could suck his balls and then Mike slammed into my waiting gapping pussy.

Father's Day Ch. 2

group Bob Peale 2018-06-04

Cathy's hands left my body, but I soon felt her tongue in my mouth, the same tingle on it that I'd felt on my balls. While my wife tongue fucked my mouth I felt something warm and tight swallow my cock head. She pumped hard, fucking me like we were in a race to cum, while Cathy sucked on my tongue and lips. As my tongue burrowed deeper her thighs closed tighter around my head and I started having trouble breathing. I reached between her legs and forced a finger into her ass the way she liked as I pulled on her pussy lips with my teeth. "I don't want to come, not like that!" She repositioned herself, lowering her dripping pussy onto my cock.

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 03

group BlueTang 2018-06-04

To my surprise, Chantelle had called me at work again yesterday, said that Tom had really enjoyed our night out, and asked me if I'd like to have dinner with them. Chantelle turned to me then and asked, "So tell me what you think, do you like Tom?" The other night he told me that he liked hanging out with you too." Chantelle seemed to be getting kind of fidgety as she asked me what I thought about Tom. We finally got our check, and dug around for the right change to leave. "Then let me show you the invitation I got." I moved and stood right behind Chantelle, both of us facing Tom. I put my hands around her waist, and pulled her back against me.


Sexual Roulette Ch. 01

group Azuldrgon 2018-06-04

As they stayed down there and George began to talk about the idea for this project, Missy removed her jacket to reveal the white blouse she wore under it. "oooo, looks like someone wants to come out and play," Missy said as she slowly undid his zipper to feel the organ trying to break through. George let his moan come forth as Missy's tongue began seducing him. As the guys all began to drop their shorts to reveal their bulges, George asked her if she would be willing to be blindfolded during this surprise for her, Missy was floored. As Missy's eyes were closed, she could feel a cock attempting to slide in her mouth.


Hotel Whore

group SlutKathy 2018-06-04

One of the men took hold of a handful of my hair, yanking my head back, and said "Tell us you like having your ass whipped bitch." Ron twisted my nipples again and rammed his fingers up my cunt, "Yes" I cried, "It turns me on knowing all those people will see me naked and know I am a whore, and all I'm good for is for fucking, a slag to abuse and empty there cum into or onto. He pulled his cum and piss covered fingers back out of my cunt and said, "Look at the fucking mess on my fingers you dirty cunt, lick them clean" I did so.

Bacchanal Ch. 03

group Waiting4My3some 2018-06-04

Resuming her spot at the sink, she pulled her legs back again so Dev could slide the wand—stainless steel, shaped like a longish butt plug, but with several holes at the top for the water—into her. "That's right, baby," he said as he pressed the head of the bat past the ring of her sphincter, "told you we were gonna destroy your ass tonight...gonna shove this in so fuckin' all these nice people what a bottomless little whore you really are..." I thought about her response to the hitachi, and how she might react to several of them working on—and in—her: one filling her pussy, one stretching her ass, one vibrating against her clit...even in my worn out state, imagining her sweet little body wracked with an unending string of orgasms made me twitch, however limply.

A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 2

group chrisfromlondon 2018-06-04

Meanwhile, Anouscha and Debbie had moved so that they were positioned over Sebastian's face with each cunt close enough for him to smell the pungent aroma, each strong but subtly different. Left alone, Amanda took off her wet clothing, unaware that she was being watched; the security guard, sitting in front of the TV screen, had enjoyed the sight of the naked women by the pool and now feasted his eyes on her voluptuous body as she undressed. Amanda and Sebastian lay in a heap of sexual exhaustion, while Debbie continued licking and tasting between their legs, enjoying the subtle differences in taste and texture between the spunk from her cunt and that so much quicker still oozing from her bum.

My First Swing Club Adventure

group rsqman69 2018-06-04

I wasn't interested in bringing any of the prostitutes back to my room and a short time with a massage parlor girl wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I decided to pick up a men's magazine at the local store and read the sex stories in it while I stroked my cock to a nice relaxing orgasm. She grinned, spread her legs wide and said "Only if we can 69." I quickly maneuvered into position with her on top of me and began running my tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips, occasionally moving upwards to lick her asshole as I massaged and fondled her ass cheeks.


But Hon It Was Only Sex (A wife needs someone to c

group magas911 2018-06-04

"And, if I ever see your face again, or hear that you've said one word to my wife, I'm going to rip out your tongue and shove it up your ass." Turning around, I told them; "you two have five minutes to get the hell out of here; starting now," I said walking out the door. "Steve, there is a girl at the front door, and she says she's here to see you," Beth said with a puzzled look on her face. I tried to call her at work but Greg said that Beth had taken a leave of absence and hadn't left a forwarding address or phone number; I was getting a little worried.

Church Friends Ch. 12

group Peter Duncan 2018-06-04

At the same time, looking back at last Saturday night's experience in bed with Gary, (Charie's husband), she felt her already damp panties become wetter, feeling like she was caught in a swift current, a current she shouldn't be in, but didn't want to try to get out of. Penny came out of the bathroom and saw Charie kneeling on the floor between her husband and Gary, a cock in each hand. Obediently, as she watched John's foreskin being pushed back by Charie's lips, gathering his extra skin just behind the head, while, at the same time Charie's right hand was stroking Gary's ponderous shaft. Charie, who now felt John's cock touching the soft palate at the back of her oral cavity, shifted her eyes to the beauty of Penny's naked body.


Discovery Ch. 08

group D H LAW 2018-06-04

She explained the invitation to Dick and Nina and added that Matt and Lisa had a nice pool in their back yard. Nina said she didn't think that would be a good idea from the looks Dick was giving her. I found my voice, having been standing with my mouth hanging open, and told Nina that she should notice Dick was not the only one giving her looks. I've had sex with both Lisa and Debra and Jen has been with both Bryan and Matt." "It's been a very long time since I've seen a cock other than Dick's." said Nina. Jen and I went to the side of the pool near Matt, Bryan, Debra, and Lisa.


Anal At Last!

group C_Duke 2018-06-04

In fact, its the only thing I like more than having a lovely big cock in my mouth, feeling it stiffen up as I lick and suck it, or even better, the taste and indescribably fantastic sensation of bringing that big cock off and hearing its owner groan with pleasure as his body shudders and he lets off his climax, soft and thick and sticky into my mouth. Back on the bi' thing, as much as I can look at a guy and think 'handsome devil' I don't usually find myself physically attracted, like I said all my oral experience with cock so far had been through those wonderfully anonymous 'glory holes' as the straight and gay porno's played for pleasure.


The House Warming

group 2018-06-04

I kept my legs straight and opened them slightly and bent over to get the wine knowing that the slit at the back of my dress would give Lou a good view of my holdups and the bottom of my bare bum. Whilst Pete loves a BJ he really enjoys emptying his balls over my face and tits and it wasn't long before he did this to Lou. I told Dan to do the same to me and within seconds I was covered in his hot spunk. Me and Lou fucked the dildo and ground against each other like there was no tomorrow, The sight of Petes spunk all over her and the smell of Dans spunk on my face quickly brought me to the best orgasm I have ever had and Lou followed just behind me.

Small Town Life Ch. 05

group PinkIris 2018-06-04

"I skipped the white knee socks and pony tails, figuring that would be a little too obvious." Both women shared a laugh and Kathy was completely amazed to see the flirting look on Wanda's face. Kathy grinned and after taking a careful glance at the front door to make sure no one was around, quickly leaned in a dropped a kiss on Wanda's soft lips. "Kathy, step in here with me a minute please." Giving Don and Wanda hopeful looks, she followed Ray into the city clerk's office. As their kiss finished, Wanda took her lips with her's and slipped her hand up under Kathy's skirt to give her bare ass a rub too.


Ex Lauras Fantasy Gangbang

group FilthyBoy10 2018-06-04

The slight awkness came to an end when Tool, the most forward and probably the real dirtbag of the lads, stood up and proudly took his skirt off and pulled his trousers/pants right off, naked on his own! The other two, Jason and Simon were clearly loving it and rubbing over there jeans when I turned and said "For fucks sake, come on lads, get involved" ! We moved Laura onto her knees on the floor and stood near tossing off around her, she looked for a bit then wanked whoever she could then sucked/licked and just loved being the greedy girl for us all.

Wanton in Wales

group wirepuller 2018-06-04

Driving down a long lane way we found the cottage with the gardens just beginning to bloom and the key in the door. She reaches over and strokes my legs then my balls and finally gently squeezes my cock with her right hand. I turn around and lift her ass up on a pillow making her cunt more exposed and drive my hard cock deep into her body. Kelly and I drank a few rum and cokes and by the time Mandy and Jerrod arrived we were both a bit buzzed. Mandy had been a nurse in London, Jerrod a real estate agent before taking over the role of host and hostess for the five cottages on the property.

Pancake Whore Sucks Off Stockboys

group SexWriter 2018-06-04

As I finished sopping up the pancake mix, I thought up a plan that would make his stomach turn so hard he'd never want breakfast again. I headed immediately for the dairy aisle where I found my a cute stock boy knelt down. "Hi," I said, shaking my tits in his face. I pushed my tits against his chest as I reached down and grabbed a handful of cock. "Time for your milk, honey," he said. The dick was telling me it wanted to squirt, to fill my mouth with cum. A few weeks later, I sent him the Polaroids of me with cum on my face and a note that said: "Here's your fuckin' milk and butter.

Camp Followers

group Walt W 2018-06-04

Not wanting to wait longer, the women let the full cocks drop from their mouths and Gen throatily moaned "Come on, show me what you fine rebs can do for a couple ladies." Laying back on one bale of hay, Charles, his cock stiff and already dripping pre-cum, assisted Genevive in straddling him with her back facing him. On the other bale, Sherry, Gen's sister was lying on her back, legs in the air with James' massive cock filled her dripping pussy. "Now" Carl moaned and both cocks pushed deep inside Gen and pulsing rapidly, emptied spurt after hot spurt of silken, sticky cum into her hot pussy.

Sex Shop Swap Swinger Anal

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-06-04

His wife was watching like I was and even though the two off them were partial blocking my view of her she had one hand squeezing one of her breast and the other was shoved between her crossed legs and it looked like she was playing with her pussy. Every time he fucked her pussy her mouth would be shoved against my stomach and my rock hard cock would go deep into her throat. His wife shook her ass at me and went on to say that she wouldn't let her husband fuck her butt with his huge cock. "Your cocks feel so good fucking my cunt and ass." my wife yelled.

St. Chester Ch. 04

group still_goin 2018-06-04

Then, after about an hour and a half on the course a flag was raised on shore to bring them in and they all sailed away from us to the other side of the lake and then began the long reach home, bringing their speed up to a point where a fall would be like landing concrete. Lucille grabbed each end of her halter in a different hand and started to twirl it up into a tube; then she looped in under her butt and mooned me as she pulled the cloth back and forth over her buttocks, turning slowly to show everyone around her, the swelling of her sex being ruffled by the friction of the rope.