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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Arab Femdom in Canada

group Samuelx 2018-11-20

At the same time, my boyfriend Dahir is slamming his big Black dick deep into my asshole. As I mentioned before, Aamina is sucking my cock with gusto while Dahir slams his dick into my asshole like there's no tomorrow. Dahir's ex-girlfriend, a lovely Somali gal named Atifah Suleiman is also getting busy with two members of our Mosque. Now the hunky Omar Khaled is thrusting his big cock into Atifah's asshole while Ben Hussein has a go with her pussy. Now Aamina knelt before Dahir and sucked his big Black cock with my approval. And just like that, I began fucking my sexy Somalian boyfriend while my gorgeous Libyan girlfriend sucked his cock and balls.


Computer Blues and Naughty Fun

group Mysteria27 2018-11-20

Tommy then pushed a few of his fingers up my pussy and finger fucked me hard. I got down on my hands and knees and drank my pussy juices like a little kitten. Tommy then shoved his fingers into my pussy and fucked me hard. Tommy kept fucking me, because I had already told him that my husband didn't care if I had sex on the side. I was fingering my wet pussy making myself wet, for when my husband was going to join the party and fuck me. I pushed my ass in the air and Tommy slid his cock into my anus. I was fucking my husband and could feel both of their cocks inside of me.

Wife Takes Husband's Ass Ch. 03

group HappyCouple74 2018-11-20

I want to watch as men fuck you, dumping load after load of hot cum in your mouth and in your ass." She was watching my cock jump in my pants as she said it. Gina-Marie removed her hand from my cock, leaving a large tent in my pants, and I looked at Darren's face. Because we were sitting next to each other, I couldn't easily touch him, but just as my fingers started to feel his balls through his pants, I looked up and watched Jennifer smiling at Gina-Marie. Now catching my breath, I saw Jennifer on her knees in front of Julius, stroking his cock, and Gina-Marie was just watching it all.

Special Dinner Part 2

group LongWillie 2018-11-20

I took the thick joint and placed it in my mouth, preparing to take another hit when Beth dropped her head into my lap and in one deep gulp, swallowed my entire dick into the back of her throat. I put my left leg on back of the couch and the right one on the floor as Beth rubbed her massive tits over my stomach and hard dick. As she began moving her hand forcibly in and out, Chrissy got slammed further and further forward until her tits were lying across my chest and her head was twisted against the back of the couch. For the next couple minutes, as I watched Chrissy and Tammy shake through the throes of their orgasms, Beth continued sucking and cleaning my still hard prick.

A Little Extra Pay

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-20

Brian and I got up on their bed and lay down in each other's arms to begin kissing and trying to forget we were with another couple and after a few minutes, it did seem a little better, he was fingering me as I jacked him, then he got up and moved down between my thighs and began licking my wet pussy. I immediately wondered what they were going to do and Irene bent over and put her hands down on the bed as Jack got up behind her widespread legs and drove into her as they both watched us fuck just inches away.

Birthday Treat

group DonAbdul 2018-11-20

Dexter unzipped his pant and released his tortured cock, which he started to rub as Kelly took Jessica's rock hard nipple into her mouth. As she let go of the nipple and kissed her way to the plumper woman's navel, she was so bent over and Dexter had a clear view of her lust engorged pussy lips sodden with her juices. The craving for pussy juice had built up in the girls so, much that Jessica couldn't wait any long, looking over at Dexter through lust filled eyes she cleared his desk and quickly mounted it. The tempo of their sex increased until they found a united rhythm, meanwhile Kelly was still kneeling by his feet caressing and massaging his balls even as he pounded Jessica's pussy, her other hand was buried in her pussy as she pleasured herself whilst watching them fuck.

Swinging Spa

group Lushlucy 2018-11-20

Jake's willpower astounded me at this point as he had not so much as placed a hand on his cock, I could see it was straining and it certainly looked harder than I had ever seen it before, when our voyeur left the sauna I asked Jake why he had not touched himself and he told me that in this state of such high arousal he felt like he would come almost immediately! I was really getting into this and getting more and more turned on, I was close to orgasm when I felt the wet soft touch of a tongue on my pussy, Andrew was licking me and finger fucking me, this sent me quickly spiraling over the edge and I came hard on his tongue and fingers.

Fun Photo Shoot for the Girls

group teninchstoryteller 2018-11-20

  Jamie was wanting more than she had gotten, and moved to my head, lowering herself to have me eat her as well, she faced Tina who was straddled my torso, her juices flowing out of her drenched pussy and dripping onto my throbbing cock and mound.   I said “I’ve got to pack up soon; my wife is going to kill me if this takes all day, and I sure as hell can’t show her the pictures.”   I unzipped the doorway enough to step out and closed it for them saying “get dressed girls, I’ll pack up everything out here, we gotta go.”   It only took a couple of minutes and the tent opened up and they stepped out carrying their other outfits.

You think you know someone - Our first night swinging. Chapter 2 of 4.

group Bipeep 2018-11-20

He has a huge cock, easily ten inches, enough for Chloe and me to share a couple of times," Dave told me in a hushed voice. Half in shock and half in obedience to please Chloe, Janet pulled up her silk night gown and straddled Barry's head. That's if you wouldn't mind," he said looking at me closely for a moment, "You should know by now if you pussy foot around with guys Ellen, you are more than likely to miss out." Chris said bluntly. I kissed Chloe on the cheek and while Janet said her good byes I walked around to Dave in the driver's seat and thanked him.

The Fundraiser

group maba54 2018-11-20

“And here we have Barbara, Shelly and Rita.” introduced Sandra three more ladies in saris. While Barbara massaged his dick through his pants and sucked his tongue into her mouth, one of his hands groped her tits while the other found her way into Barbara’s sari clutching her pussy. Please join in with me for a round of applause for Lisa and Peter and their performance on stage, for Barbara, Shelly and Rita, who did their best to entertain you and of course for tonight’s winner Martin.” “And next time,” I whispered in Sandra’s ear “I’m intent to explore that beautiful set of tits and whatever nether body region that sari still covers.”

I'm Happy With That

group candytales 2018-11-19

I licked her all the way from her anal hole to the top of her slit in one slow deliberate stroke then again only stopping this time to probe the moist opening of her vagina and suck on her erect clit. We swapped places and she started massaging my pussy area probing it gently with her fingers saying, "I’ve never had oral sex with a woman before Candy but I’m so looking forward to tasting you." With that, she buried her tongue deep into my slit. Wendy was gently squeezing his balls as I tugged his cock with long slow strokes and almost as though we’d rehearsed it, Wendy and I started to make our way down his body with our tongues stopping only briefly to suck his nipples.

The Bonus Surprise

group ArtMan 2018-11-19

Once inside he sat between them and and they poured him a glass of Cristal champagne but before he could say anything Stephanie on his left kissed him on the lips and as soon as she finished kissing him Cheshire pulled John’s face toward her and she gave him a kiss on the lips. John had never experienced anything like that before and soon with Stephanie riding his face and Cheshire demonstrating her vaginal muscle skills, John just could not hold back anymore and his cock exploded a torrent of hot cum deep inside of Cheshire’s pussy. Stephanie still squatting on him then began to move her ass up and down fucking John’s cock as he just lay there still but moaning out loudly in pleasure, all while Cheshire used her hands to slowly caress both John’s and Stephanie’s bodies.

House in the Woods

group tcg 2018-11-19

I'm not normally an exhibitionist, but these displays were really getting to me. I shivered as I anticipated what would happen next. I shivered with anticipation. Now he was getting his chance. Jolts of electricity were heading straight to my nipples and pussy while I wrestled with uncertainty of what would happen. A change was happening in me. We all knew what was going to happen and my husband told him to shoot his load on my tits. As I felt Mitch and Robert's hard cocks press against me, I knew they were enjoying it as well. Mitch's tongue played at the entrance of my ass as I joyfully rode Robert's cock.

Sex Slave - The Gangbang - Part Three

group Poppet 2018-11-19

I don’t have a lot of time before the group of guys are supposed to show up and I want to be ready. All eyes locked on me, watching me, making me feel like the only girl in the world. It isn't long after I’m naked, each of the guys gets up and starts to shed off his own clothing. I ride the guy I’m fucking, taking him deep inside me. Jane is here and she is telling me how she has this one guy who likes to come see her a lot. “Hey Charlie girl, I just wanted to make sure you’re doing all right,” Grayson says, his voice is low.

Melanie Gets Her First Double-header

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-19

I watched Jake's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, framed by those black stocking tops, as he did her with a steady rhythm, making Melanie's tits swing as each thrust hit home. The view over her shoulder was spectacular: her long dark hair was spread over her slim, tanned, well-muscled back, her tits were encased in my hands, her slim waist with the band of black cloth around it curved down to the flare of her hips and her lovely ass centred upon Jake's dick driving in and out of her pussy as she leaned into his thrusts.

Cum Away With Me

group Cherism 2018-11-19

One of the men pressed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy while she was having it eaten by the woman Jeff was fucking. Jeff had been able to fuck her there a few times and loved to have his cock buried in her tight brown hole. The tongue on her clit was amazing, her face was covered in cum, and a man she did not know had just filled her pussy with his cum, while some else finger fucked her ass. The man Kris was on top of said, “I want my cock in your tight little ass sweet thing.” Kris felt hands lift her, spread her ass as wide as possible, then lower her down onto the man’s cock.

Sarah - Part Thirteen A

group mike8253 2018-11-19

I ran my hands over Maggie’s ass, sarah played with Maggie’s nipple, and Maggie squeezed Sarah’s tits, pinching her nipples. Sarah eventually slid down off the couch to the floor and took my cock into her mouth sucking on it and licking around the head. Maggie energetically sucked on and licked my shaft, while Sarah played with Maggie’s tits and long nipples. When the head of my cock and maybe the first third of my shaft were a bright red, and I could feel that tingling and tightness growing in my groin, I knew that I might not be able to control myself if Maggie kept going. 

The Stalker - Part 4

group CumGirl 2018-11-19

It’s exactly the same with first dates; they promise you the earth as they spread your creamy thighs and slide their thick cock into your lustful, warm, wet pussy but come the morning the fingers that danced so adroitly across your shivering skin can’t seem to find their way around a mobile’s keypad. Deposited on Robert’s cock, my pussy lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth, arms coiled around his neck, legs wrapped around his abdomen, feet clinging to his buttocks, back sliding up and down the smooth wall, arse smacking against the plasterwork, eyes staring unseeingly, mouth agape in a silent ecstatic scream as he ravages my ejaculating pussy with his throbbing muscle.

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

After his second thrust, Steve no longer needed to guide his shaft, so he placed that hand beside Angela and pushed forward, driving in another inch of his cock. He knew she was close to cumming, and he was too, so Steve started fucking faster, still driving his cock all the way into Angela's wet and eager pussy. Ready to get down to some good, heavy duty fucking of Angela's sexy ass, Tony placed his hands, for leverage, on her soft hips, and thrust forward again. Matching the pace of Tony's cock slowly driving in and out of her ass, Mark stroked Angela's precious love button while her body thrashed beside him.

Met Through a Swing Club III

group irishmik60 2018-11-19

Looking over my shoulder I saw Mary reaching for Jim's cock and knew she didn't give a damn about the time, she wanted his cum. After we ate, I headed back upstairs to start making beds and getting the bedrooms ready. As they hugged and kissed, Jerry cupping her ass, Phyllis announced how she'd introduced me to Mary and that I'd brought her down. Mary was enjoying being undressed at the foot of the bed as she and Steve watched his wife assault my body. To my left, on the bed beside me Andrea's husband had Mary on all fours, pulling her cheeks apart and lapping her pussy. Whimpers came from Sues mouth each time Rob bottomed in her pussy.

A Black Strap-on Dildo Story

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

The short one was named Ramona and the tall one was Big Fatima, for obvious reasons. Ramona, the short one, told me how she always liked tall guys, even though this 230-pound bitch was only five feet six inches tall. Lucky for both of these bitches, I was a tall black man with a magic stick, know what I mean? Fatima told me how she once went to a party and met this white bitch named Anita there. As I plowed my cock into Fatima's butt hole, I felt Ramona's fingers and tongue playing with my anus. Man, I was shoving my dick into her ass at the same time that she was fucking my ass with her hand-held dildo!

Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 3 – Later in Bed

group Mister_E 2018-11-19

“We lay side by side kissing and tonguing each other and touching everywhere, squeezing her cheeks, grinding our pussies together. Her arse hole looked tempting so I gave that a lick to make it wet and then eased a finger gently inside her bum like you do to me sometimes.” Jayne was facing away so she didn’t know he was there, naked and his cock hard as he knelt down by my head. “Once or twice Sam took his cock out and moved it for me to lick so I could suck her juices off it. It was really beautiful to see, Jayne was still rubbing my clit and she must have had three fingers fucking my cunt.

A Night Worth Remembering Ch 2

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-19

Erin replied, “Well, I think women should have to have some secrets, the men in our lives do not need to know everything. The next day when John was at work, Kandy phoned Erin, to see if she told Jeff about their plans. On the way to the hotel, Kandy spoke up and told Erin that she could wait in the car while she went inside and checked in. Erin blushed, and replied, “Yes, I play with them all the time; Jeff loves to watch me and slowly stroke his cock. Erin sat there memorized for a few minutes then turned to Kandy and asked, “I like this movie, may I take it home with me, it will help me learn how to really make love to Jeff.

Somali MILF Gets Gang Banged!

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

Rounding up this dastardly trio was Michael Gutierrez, a tall and lean young man with caramel skin, light brown eyes and curly Black hair. The tough-looking young Black guy's life wasn't easy, especially since he was caring for his ailing father, Tyrell Vincent, who had a stroke last year. That's how Michael, Tyrone and Ernesto ended up naked in my bed, their dicks hard and aching to fill me up. I wanted to show the bisexual Puerto Rican stud that us Black women could suck dick like the best of them. I told him to get closer because I wanted to suck his delicious cock, and the big and tall young Black man didn't mind at all.