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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Threesome In Austin

group Mammabear7 2018-06-04

We went back to the hotel to relax, unwind and smoke some Austin kind Bud. Vada had been topless for the last several hours so not long after we got back to the hotel she took off her clothes and sat on the bed. My boyfriend started licking the folds of Vada's, totally shaven, pussy and he slipped a finger inside her as her and I sloppily kissed and played with each other's breasts. As our clothes were stripped off, I got between Vada's knees and started to kiss her lower lips and flick my tongue against her clit. As I continued to lick her musky folds my boyfriend stood up behind me and positioned me just right so that he could fuck me doggy style as he watched me lick Vada's pussy.

My First Threesome

group slider730814 2018-06-04

Tom said “The worst part about these encounters is breaking the ice, so we like to just get to it” With that, he pulled his shorts down, revealing a nice, thick, shaved cock. I was enjoying the newly unwrapped flesh in front of me, and was about to lean in to suck her hard nipples, when Tom kneeled over her face so his balls hung down to her mouth. I sucked hard on his plump head, rubbing my tongue around it, then pushing it deep into my mouth. Tom got down with me and grabbed my still throbbing cock, stroking it slowly. He kept pumping into me, sliding in and out with long powerful strokes, his cock throbbing as he shot more and more cum into me!

Bust Stop

group bannkie 2018-06-04

I thought I was dreaming.I felt a hand, like a starfish, work its way slowly and surely into the back of my blouse, so that it was resting on the bare skin of my midriff. I tried to pull away, but his hand followed the contours of my body, pulling me closer to his body so that I could feel his hard cock, against my ass cheeks, through my dress. He got himself an even tighter grip on my hair and pulled my head up suddenly, my mouth floundering open like a fish out of water. 'She likes getting fucked up the ass,' he said to the watching boys, as if in explanation.


Waiting on Paula

group AmythystDawn 2018-06-04

I stepped into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, listening to Evan as he asked Paula about her job, making small talk, working on making her feel more comfortable. I heard her moan, and watched as her hands came up to play with her now-hard nipples, her hips starting to move gently as his tongue found a sensitive spot here or there. I teased my nipples lightly, then let my fingers dip into my own wetness as Evan worked, getting more and more turned on as Paula sighed, moaned, and encouraged him to do more, harder, here, yes, now, now. Paula finally collapsed against the bed, mumbling, gasping, and I slowed my movements to allow her to catch her breath, not stopping my hands, but removing my face and tongue from her clit.


group hotartist 2018-06-04

My body bristles with anticipation as I feel a soft kiss just below my ear, then along the sides of my face, before a tongue grazes the tips of my lips. As I feel her body tighten, I move my lips to her clit, sucking it into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue, as I slip a finger inside of her, sliding it in and out in rhythm to her gyrations, as I explore every way I can pleasure her. I can feel the body against me begin to shudder, so I catch the cock in the back of my mouth in one deep thrust, and moan powerfully, letting the vibrations massage him.

Cat's Firehouse Workout

group Cat_photobuff 2018-06-04

Steve, who was being jerked off by Cat's right hand, said, "Get out of the way Danny, the lady wants my load too." Danny finally pulled out of Cat's mouth, but his cock gave one more spasm, squirting his jism on her face and chin. Steve quickly took Danny's place straddling Cat's chest, and almost as soon as she sucked the head of his dick in, he started pumping his cum in her mouth. Mark, standing on her left side, said "Hurry up I'm ready." When Steve moved away, Mark took his place, but just before he got his cock in her mouth, he ejaculated, sending loads of sperm all over Cat's forehead, eyes, and nose.

Together again - My Austin Friends

group doer19 2018-06-04

Alan went over and started letting his hand move over Dan's butt and asked Lola if Dan's cock felt as good as she remembered it. Alan let his hand move down to the feel Dan's balls and then his cock as it moved in and out of his wife's pussy. As we could see Dan's throat drawing hard on Alan's cock Lola was licking and sucking his balls. The three of them kissed and Dan pulled out of Pam and went over to clean Alan's cock and then dove nearly ears deep into Lola's pussy. Since Alan and Lola didn't know that Pam and I had fucked before they got there they began to feel sorry for us.

Double Booked

group RejectReality 2018-06-04

This is the first time I've been able to get away in years, the place I'd reserved double-booked, and I've been driving around for two hours trying to find a place to stay. Not even the elevator ride back up to her room staring at the naked backs of two men in their fifties managed to dampen Tonya's spirits when she returned from the beach that evening. Tonya tore her eyes away just as the men stopped and scanned a keycard to open the door. Tonya chuckled, in disbelief that she was standing naked in a hotel hallway, having a casual — if a little unusual — conversation with two equally naked young men.


Sue My Cum Loving Wife 4

group mikeron 2018-06-04

Sue went into great detail telling me how much she loved sucking Cody's big cock for the first time. For our date with Mike, my young friend from the gym Sue wore her little short jean skirt and a thin button up black blouse. " My pussy is so wet just thinking about your big cock!" she said quietly licking her lips. "My big cock is so fucking hard thinking about fucking your mouth and pounding your sweet pussy and ass!" Mike replied. So fucking hot!!" Mike groaned staring wide eyed at my wife's Small pointed tits with her large dark brown nipples hard and sticking out. I guided the mushroomed shaped head between her puffy cunt lips and he slowly eased his big cock into my wife's pussy.

Maria A True Story

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-04

Goodie grabbed them from behind and Maria used both hands to open my jeans and when she reached inside my underpants and pulled my cock out I nearly exploded. She bent over from the waist and slipped my rock hard cock into her mouth Goodie saw this and immediately dropped his daks and began pulling on his cock. I could feel my orgasm coming and as she tugged on my cock Goodie began licking at her clit and she came like a demon. Maria was still in a trance like state and when Goodie pulled out she just kept humping my cock. Maria slipped off my cock and got down on all fours on the floor presenting us with her gaping pussy and just fucked arse.


Trio at the Pools

group Clouds_and_Rain 2018-06-04

Ana tried to move her body so that Claire would be more accommodating and begin to satisfy her. Without us asking, Ana began to lick Claire's pussy and my cock as we fucked. My cock, as it moved inside of Claire, and on Ana, while she licked my cock, and sucked on my balls. Ana was taking care of Claire; she didn't need my cock thrusting in and out of her. Claire guided Ana into a position where she was on her knees, and with her face and hands resting on the blanket. I handed the champagne to Claire, and then began to alternately tongue both Ana's ass and pussy. We traded places; I sat and watched as Claire began using toys on her, pushing Ana to more orgasms.

Linda Williams Ch. 03

group Ed0613 2018-06-04

The moment we hit the room Linda took me aside and said, "Lets go in the bathroom, you've got something on your trousers and I don't want anyone to see it. She continued to wipe and must have felt me getting hard because she said, "Down boy, you got all you're going to get from me." She left me in the bathroom, my ego deflated and my swollen cock in need of attention. Barbara and Connie were deep in conversation when I went over and said, "Lets go back in and dance some more." In almost a whisper she said, "Connie told me what you and Linda did in the back of Paul's car.

What's a Little Swapping? Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-06-04

"Ooooh, that's the way to talk to your women, I can tell you that, papi!" Carly winked at me, while Bobbie rubbed against my dick a bit more and Eric chuckled some more. On the fifth stroke, going back into Bobbie straight from Carly's twat, while Eric did the opposite, we were all agreed that this was a splendid idea. "Oh, God, that feels awesome!" Eric groaned as he continued fucking his own wife in the ass and feeling my cock far inside his own butt. If Eric's asshole felt nice, hot, and tight on my cock, and it did, Bobbie's felt especially great, just as her hubby's dick hit all the right places in my ass.

Late Night Visitors

group C4690 2018-06-04

As the slatts opened they were greeted with a wondrous sight; Mike was lying naked on the bed and Mindi was sitting astride him, impaled on his prick. After watching the show for a couple of minutes, Mike went over and putting one hand on her vacant tit and the other round her back, he eased her to her feet. Mike then when back and sat on the sofa and watched, with a glass in one hand and his dick in the other, as the three men fingered and fondled his wife. By this time it was now nearly 3am and Mindi said it was time for them to go, so she went to the bedroom while the men got dressed.

My First Threesome

group PapaWant 2018-06-04

My own cock gave a little jump inside Kammi's mouth as I touched his, and it was a completely different feel than when I would take my own member in my hands. When I looked up at him, he met my eyes, and whispered, "Please, Addie, It makes me cum so hard, with a man's hot dick inside my ass while I fuck her." I couldn't believe what I heard! My cock throbbed in my hand as I grasped the base and set my helmet right at his puckered opening and pushed slightly forward, I could feel his sphincter relax as I slid my rigid member all the way in until I had to let go of it, my balls came to rest against his own balls hanging below.

It Never Rains But It Pours: Conclusion

group Bacomicfan 2018-06-04

With Randy now busy with Kristen's clit, Kevin let go of her head and wrapped his arms around her with his arms circling around her underarms and his hands finding her breasts. While the flurry of activity on the pool table slowed down, and spent cocks were slowly removed from Kristen's openings, Brendan disappeared for a few minutes. With her hands tied behind her back, Brent could do as he pleased with her head, toying with her, rubbing his throbbing manhood all around her face, putting it back in her mouth, then playing with her again. For the second time that night, Brendan climbed up on that table and slid his erect manhood into Kristen's ever hungry mouth.


Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 08

group Susie_O 2018-06-04

Sally heard Sarah speak up, "Mom you said something about not having sex with the guy you come with?" "Do we need to bring condoms?" Sally asked, remembering how the guys at the beach house hadn't used any. Jason had picked up Sally in his van, the van in which she'd now had sex twice with him, once at the beach and once at the mall after she convinced him to come to the party. The woman was Sarah's mother and the guy looked a lot like one of the teachers at her high school. There were 6 guys present besides Jason and Sarah's father, all were naked and she admired their nice-sized, though relaxed penises.


The Ad

group Alainn 2018-06-04

This time we two men groaned; him from the exquisitely silky feel of her mouth (and god, did I know how exquisite that mouth could be), and me from the unexpected surge of lust that coursed through my body as I watched my wife suck on another man's dick like it was a lollypop. I couldn't wait to watch as Dante pounded his massive cock into my beloved wife's pussy as she let me come deep in her throat. I could feel the rippling of her inner muscles tightening around me; the good vibrations of the toy from which I was only separated from by a thin membrane; the unbelievably tight encasement of my cock buried in her delectable little ass; the sweet feel of her supple skin beneath my hard body.


Glory Daze Ch. 01

group Eagle1 2018-06-04

I thought the look in his eyes was more that of a predator running down his prey, but then he said most encouragingly, "Well ladies, I've paid cash for a hotel room that's just going to waste. The nice thing about this motel, I thought to myself, as I casually leaned against the wall, one arm around Marissa's shoulders, was that you could go directly to your room without having to run into anyone else. Toby smiled and opened up a sliding glass door in the back of the room that looked like it opened up onto a small patio. "Just like the sign says out front, baby," quipped Toby, taking off his leather jacket and tank top, leaving his chest bare, "We've got everything here."


Code S

group lesserknowengoddess 2018-06-04

“Oh I think it will take a long time to teach this nasty whore a lesson, won’t it slut.” Blair asked. “Do you like that, you dirty little slut?” He asked, “Do love to have something big and black up that tight white snatch?” “I think it is time we go double on this whore.” Blair said as he took his cock from my mouth. “You love having two fat cock in you at the same time, don’t you, you filthy little whore?” Asked Blair as he rammed my cunt. “You are the best little slut I have had in a long time.” Said Blair as took off the shackles.

In Bed With New Friends

group JulianDelacourt 2018-06-04

Beneath the twinkling pixie lights the inn keeper strung above our headboard, we huddled under the blankets to watch a movie on Lee's tablet as the rooms didn't have TVs but had excellent Wi-Fi. I cuddled my head onto my husband's t-shirt covered chest, both of us naked below the waist. Steve reached over Shana and Lee to hand me my glass of cognac. Suck it.' I opened my eyes to see a close up shot of a dick in the actress' raw pink ass before the tablet disappeared in the covers between us and Shana. I could still hear the porn playing and looked up to see Steve holding the tablet in one hand while, watching it intently as he stroked his girlfriend's silky hair.

When Fantasies Become Reality

group EroticBrigid 2018-06-04

Two young men sitting nearby look up and smile, then move closer. Again, chat is so everyday that I smile at the incongruity of sitting half naked among three men while discussing the weather. I close my eyes again and feel hands gently tugging my towel down, fingers gently running down my sides, and warm breath on my chest. As my moans subside, George moves back and, without a word, I feel both of their hands urging me to sit up, turn over, kneel down on all fours. The men don't take their time, and suddenly I find two cocks in my hands, and the first man's face next to mine as he thrusts deeply into me.


Holiday fun

group dieselboy69 2018-06-04

Angela (my wife!) then got went down on the maid and it wasn't long before the maid was arching her back and moaning with pleasure. It wasn't long before I shoot my load into Angela's hole and the maid let out a moan as she came. Angela had found her rabbit sex toy and was easing it in and out of her spunk filled cunt and letting the ears vibrate on her clit. My cock was stiff and ready for some more action and as the maid was on all fours next to my wife, I got behind her and slipped my cock into her dripping cunt hole. He body arched and quivered and when she relaxed, she opened her eyes and gently pulled the rabbit from her well used pussy.

In the Name of Nude Day, a Big Orgy

group SusanJillParker 2018-06-04

Those who have given away their virginity too soon and to the wrong people, now used and abused, so much like second hand, wrinkled and soiled clothes, they could never know the pure love that Julie and Rob have for one another and will always have for one another, for as long as they shall live. Now, with college graduation behind them, they planned for a wedding at the end of September but first, wanting to live life by doing something uncharacteristically daring, they were intent on stripping naked on July 14th, in celebration of Nude Day.